Saturday, August 6, 2016

Western Quote Game // Answers!


"You're lucky this gun's got blanks."

~ Frank Hopkins, Hidalgo


"A man could die of thirst around here before anyone'd offer him a drink."

~ Emmett, Silverado


"I'd pay forty dollars just to watch you hang laundry."

~ Print Ritter, Broken Trail


"I said to myself, 'Striker, you've done a lot of fool things in your day, but you ain't done any lately, and you're overdue."

~ Charlie Bob Striker, The Sons of Katie Elder


"I have lapped filthy water from a hoofprint. Was glad to have it, too."

~ Mr. LaBoeuf, True Grit


"You're getting the hang of it. I'll be back later to check on your work."

~ Jim Craig, The Man From Snowy River


"I said I didn't have much use for one. I didn't say I didn't know how to use it."

~ Matthew Quigley, Quigley Down Under


"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

~ Capt. Woodrow F. Call, Lonesome Dove


"I've got two guns, one for each of you."

~ Doc Holliday, Tombstone


"Somebody back east is sayin', 'Now, why don't he write?' "

~ Timmons, Dances With Wolves


"This man wanted to shoot me down, for nothing. He lost. I am taking his gun."

~ Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp


Players' Scores:
Annie: 1 point
Hamlette: 3 points
Miss Meg: 2 points
Olivia: 3 points
Jessica: 1 point

Thanks for playing, folks! :-)


  1. That was fun . . . even though I only knew ONE of them . . . *sigh* ;-) Thanks for the game, Emma!

  2. Ah!! Man From Snowy River!! I knew I knew the quote! Now I have to go find out what the quote from Crossfire Trail is the I was mixing up with this one.

  3. Ah, darn it! I knew so many more. :P I've just forgotten! (It's been YEARS since I've seen Man From Snowy River, and I can't even remember when I saw Hidalgo last... oh I know, excuses, excuses. ;))

    Haha, oh well. I got the 3rd highest score. :P

    ~Miss Meg

  4. Apparently this game was quite hard. :-P
    I love this quote the best: "I'd pay forty dollars just to watch you hang laundry." :-)

  5. Haha! I did so poorly x'D But I don't care, cuz it was FUN :) Thanks for hosting it!

  6. AGHK! I missed a Silverado one (I knew I was going to get mad over that one) and mis-atributed another. Sigh. Well, it was fun, anyhow :-)

  7. Wow, you make me ashamed to call myself a movie critic. I went through all your games and I pretty much don't know any of them!! You have made my to-watch list longer! AWESOME blog!!!!!


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