Saturday, August 6, 2016

"Farewell, ladies." // Western Week Finish

Cowboy - Wyoming:

We've ridden the trail and now it's come to an end. Our Western Week is wrapping up, folks!

The week's participants were...(click on post titles to read)...

~ Rachel at Hamlette's Soliloquy:
and at The Edge of the Precipice:

~ Heidi at Along the Brandywine:

~ Natalie at Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens:

~ Eva at Coffee, Classics, and Craziness:

~ Eowyn at Captured by the Word:

~ Annie at The Western Desk:
Western Note Card Giveaway

~Elizabeth Grace Foley at The Second Sentence:
The Storytelling Score of Red River

(If I missed anybody and you want me to add your posts, just let me know!)

Into the West:

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! I'm so happy you did and I hope you had fun with this. Over the next few days I look forward to catching up on all y'all's posts and savoring the western goodness.

It's been such a wild week at home and elsewhere for me that I haven't been able to watch any westerns, but putting together this week, musing on all my favorite western movies, and paging through pictures of Lonesome Dove on pinterest (yes, I am confessing), it all came back to me. I remembered once again, and felt it in my bones, just how much these stories mean to me. These stories of brave men, cowards, outlaws and heroes. There's something super special about those movies that have been around for ages, that your parents watched before you were born and then watched again with you when you were old enough, and became so much a part of your life that you can't imagine not having it. 

Lonesome Dove:

(I may or may not be talking exclusively of Lonesome Dove....*ahem*)

Westerns are my jam. They're what get me excited, they're what make my heart sing on hot summer nights as well as dark winter ones. They're part of my history and they're my favorite. I'm so glad to be able to share this passion of mine with you guys, and I'm glad that some of you feel the same way too. :-)

It's been fun! Thank you, friends, for jumping on board with this, and thank you, Olivia, for co-hosting with me! Till next time!

"Farewell, ladies."
~ Gus McCrae


  1. *sniffs emotionally* I feel like I've just come back from a glorious adventure, except it being what it is, I'll be able to re-live it. Which is a great comfort. :)

    Second to last paragraph: me too, girl, me too. My heart just zings to everything you said!

    Thank you so much for the most lovely and terrific of times, girls! It's been splendid.

    (And Emma the photos on your little Pinterest gadget are perfection.)

    1. Eowyn, me too. But we always get to relive it, and that's the best part. :-)

      You're welcome! Thanks for your contribution. Aha, yes -- thanks, I like 'em too.

  2. *sniffles*
    'Tis a little bit sad that it's over already. :( (But you've succeeded in making me add several movies to my to-see list and obtain a hankering for movies such as Magnificent Seven, Hidalgo and The Man From Snowy River.)

    Oh, what's the picture (second to last) from?! The boy on the left looks kinda familiar...

    I'll see ya round. *tips hat*

    ~Miss Meg

    1. I know, it went really fast, didn't it?! I'm glad if you enjoyed it. :-) The picture is from Lonesome Dove -- that's Deets and Newt. Incidentally the names of our two goats, though Newt has passed now. :-(

      You betcha!

  3. I'm sorry it's over . . . but I had such a good time!!! Westerns are amazing and it's always awesome to get a chance to talk about them :-)

    Thanks for such a fun week, Emma!

    1. Jessica, I'm glad! You're so welcome.

  4. It was fun to see your posts pop up through the week! I did do one post on my blog www.

    Thank you again for this fun opportunity! God bless!

  5. Thanks again for hosting this—it was a lot of fun! If you have it again next year I really want to try and write multiple posts, because I always love writing about Westerns—I found out about the blogathon a smidge late this year so I had to scramble to get my one entry in. :)

    Oh, and I have a giveaway running too, as part of my post—I'm giving away a paperback copy of one of my own Western books, and it's open through this coming Thursday!

  6. Than you for this amazing party, Emma and Olivia! I enjoyed it. You two did a wonderful job. :D


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