Monday, July 18, 2016

You're gonna want to hear this...

Y'all, we have an announcement.

And when I say 'we' I mean myself and my pal Olivia, who is a good friend to ride the river with.

Do you remember, way back in the day, in July of 2015 when we hosted our Legends of Western Cinema Week? How much fun it was? Well, guess what, folks. We're doin' it again.

Robert Duvall as Gus McCrae. Lonesome Dove. 1989:
Gus is happy!
You should be saying to yourself, "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!" because you waited for this day to come again, right?! (Right.) Olivia and I had so much durn fun with the last week, we looked forward all year to doing it again (and that's not really an understatement). Just like last time, this will be taking place on both our blogs, A Lantern In Her Hand and Meanwhile, in Rivendell... 

     Basically, there will be everything from movie reviews to western-themed games to giveaways and perhaps some explanations as to why we love this genre of film in the first place. (For more logistics on what this is or how to participate, see last year's post.)

Here's some buttons to get the word out....

See y'all August 1st!!!


  1. So. Darn. Excited. :)

    Whaddya know, we both used Love Comes Softly pictures for one of our buttons ;-P

  2. "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!"

    I'm totally doing a giveaway. A super-cool giveaway of western TV shows on DVD. Multiple shows. It's going to be epic. No idea what else I'll manage to do, cuz I kind of have some VERY busy weeks coming up, and that's one of them, but yes, it will be fun!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

  3. Sounds fun! I just found out that my Dad was in a musical of Calamity Jane! :D (Oh I created a Period Drama blog too.. just saying :D)

  4. Oh! this is so cool that you and Olivia are doing a Western week again this year!! This should be fun! And your blog buttons are lovely, Emma. It's going to be hard to decide which one to pick between yours and Olivia's! :D

  5. I was expecting this. *grins*

    Well, you know my opinion on westerns. I have seen quite a lot, but I know for a fact that I haven't seen several of your favourites. There are some westerns that I really love, and there are some westerns that drive me up the wall. Ahem. But anyways, I trust your taste, so I needn't worry. ;) (Also the fact that you have True Grit as your first blog button guarantees that fact.) (Also, I can't decide where I've seen that second blog button picture from... she looks like Missie, from Love Comes Softly series.) (Also, that last picture looks like a modern Clint Eastwood. :P)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      yes, it is Missy, from the fourth movie I think? (THAT IS THE BEST SCENE, btw.) And no wonder he looks like Clint Eastwood -- that's his son, Scott. ;-)

    2. Yes, I've seen that one I think, only I don't really remember that scene... ? I think I may have to watch it again. :D That one was my favourite, out of the lot.

      Oh, *snort* I knew that. ;P Of COURSE it's his son... *facepalm* Hehe.


  6. Well, here we go again... HAVE FUN GIRLS!!!! <3

  7. YAAAHHH!!! I'm so excited!!
    I can't waited until August!

  8. I love Western Week!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!! :-)

    (Did you know I'm about to watch "Hidalgo" for the first time? Because you guys said last Western Week that you loved it? YEP. ;-) )

  9. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to join in on this, but I'm posting a button to my blog!

    (If I hadn't already picked out the Willie and Missie one from Olivia's blog, I'd be tempted to use that one of Scott Eastwood... ;))

  10. Sounds like fun! I enjoy westerns although I don't make a lot of time to watch them, but my favorite western tv show is Wanted, Dead or Alive so I'd love to write for that if I may! Thanks!

  11. August 1st is my birthday! I can't wait! Good luck :)

  12. Ah, I'm so glad you're doing this again! I'll definitely be contributing something; I've just got to buckle down and think up something good.

  13. This looks fun. I added a list of Westerns to my movie list. That is a almost entirely neglected genre for me. I have tried a little of almost everything else (that isn't vile or violent I mean), sports, animals, animated, period drama, fantansy, sci-fi, etc.

  14. I'm glad you're doing this again! I'm planning to participate this year as well! Looking forward to reading all the posts!

  15. Great! I dont want to miss this!

    Also, last year I hosted a "blog chain" where bloggers signed up to post about a certain topic each month. I want to start it up again in August and am brainstorming to make it amazing. I have a survey here: and I would love if you would fill it out with your ideas :P

  16. Being 54 years old has the distinct advantage of having a lot of time to see a hell of a lot of westerns. My maternal grandfather inspired my love of John Wayne. I'm over booked for blog entries over the first ½ of August, but I wish you luck in this one.

  17. Oh my goodness, this is going to be so much fun! I think I'm going to review High Noon (the original version). Just watched it last night, so my love for it very strong right now. :) Thanks for hosting this!


  18. Eeeeh! So excited!! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3


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