Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Time just gets away from us."

     It's 9:30 pm and I'm sitting at my desk, listening to the fireworks someone's shooting off somewhere in my neighborhood. It's obviously been a spell since I sat down to write a lengthy post of any kind, and in all honesty, I don't know where to begin. I want to tell you all about how much has happened this June, but it's all sort of blurred together in my mind this evening....

     This month has been a doozy. I can't even describe it. So full of excitement, first meetings, good times and bad, adventures big and small, goodbyes. Just, a lot has been happening. I finally have a moment to sit and breathe and think about everything and share with y'all a little bit of the good stuff.

photo credit: Naomi (and yes, we did ride it)

     I met my best friend for the first time ever this month. I saw her face-to-face, I hugged her tight, and we spent three weeks together. Three weeks eating strawberries, singing Newsies and Josh Turner songs, quoting Fiddler on the Roof, watching Downton Abbey and raiding bookstores. Three weeks that have already become some of the most memorable of my life. It was amazing to be together, to hear her voice, to see her smile, to find out the things about her you can't tell from just letters. Our time together was precious -- it had its kinks, of course (Naomi learned that I don't like having my blog hacked...*ahem*) but even though we may not have been exactly what we imagined, and even though I may not have seized every single moment like I wish I had now, and even though we were exhausted by the end of our visit, I know it was worth it. All of it. I can still hardly believe how blessed I am to have a friend like Naomi. :-)

     Best Moments With Naomi Which I Will Never Forget:

     ~ sitting on the couch together eating popcorn and listening to my dad tell stories of when he was a kid ;-P

     ~ singing hymns after dance class, harmonizing on 'The Old Rugged Cross'

     ~ laughing with the Cousins on the way home and singing 'Stars'

     ~ sitting on crates in the stand, eating M&Ms and talking about our different accents -- several times while she was here, people asked Naomi to try and imitate an American accent, which was always funny because every time she'd start out by saying "Hey, y'all!"

     ~ sneaking into A Hotel even though we weren't technically supposed to...THAT was fun.

     ~ sitting together around the bonfire -- on the bridge -- on the dock on the lake -- in the car at a church parking lot

     ~ riding the ferris wheel & watching fireworks

     ~ Naomi taking random selfies at inconvenient moments ;-P

     ~ MOONING over books together at Barnes & Noble, at which she bought a bee-you-tiful copy of P&P and I bought, um, the entire Hamilton cast recording. I NOW HAVE THE ENTIRE HAMILTON CAST RECORDING.

     ~ walking our bikes home while the twilight set in (then setting up our tent in the dark....that is, Naomi set it up...)

     ~ watching 'The Waltons'

     ~ sitting on Sadie's bed, talking about snowbanks....I'm just going to let you wonder about that one

     ~ watching Blimey Cow videos and laughing our heads off

     ~ making pizza and singing Newsies songs!

     ~ eating strawberries all day long :-)

       Saying goodbye was HARD. Harder than I'd thought. I miss Naomi's laugh, and I miss having her around every time I want to tell her something, like, "Hey, did you see that person? Guess what song's on the radio! Listen to what I just found out!" It puts a whole different perspective on living an ocean apart. It's even harder now. But I know we'll see each other again, someday. And hopefully that day will come soon.

     Next adventure, writing camp! I left the day after Naomi did. Talk about emotionally bereft.

     Anyway. That was interesting. (COUGH.) I'd found out I was accepted late in May, which made me extreeeeemely happy because it's so rare that I ever win/get picked for anything, heh. It was at a university and I was one of 24 other students. Interesting, but not quite what I'd first I thought I'd be eaten alive, but then I got used to it, and things turned out alright in the end. There were good moments, and I made some great friends that I won't forget. Kindred spirits aren't so scarce as I used to think.

    After that whirlwind things have calmed down a little. I'm working on our farm, catching up on my projects, making the usual mischief, and trying to get back into writing what I love. I spent a long time looking over my manuscript this evening...but didn't really get anything accomplished, except it reminded me how much I desperately LOVE this story and how important it is that I tell it. I'm still not giving up on that novel. It may take years and years, but I'll do it.

     Some things I've been loving this June....

     NAOMI // my new journal, sleek and new // the pea patch // peach pie // American Cowboy magazine // this song // Blimey Cow's 'Ten Most Awkward Types of Hugs' video // the golden color of the meadow at dusk // the four little kitties we've been taking care of // geraniums // conversations with friends // driving my daddy's red Ford (I feel like such a boss ;-P) // water // The Paradise // braids // funny stories // my cat Oliver // daisies // the country station // ice cream bars //

     It's good to have those things you can always count on -- like a family who loves you, work to do, and old shows like The Waltons. These are the things that don't change. Sort of my touchstone when life starts getting crazy and I'm pulled in so many directions at once. I love my home, I love my folks, and I love my Lord who gives me all I need and usually more just because He loves me....I will never deserve all the loveliness of this life I've been given.

     So how are y'all, my friends? What fun have you had this month, and what are you looking forward to the rest of the summer? For me it's our rodeo, three concerts, and possibly finishing my book...time will tell. ;-)


P.S. Happy Independence Day!

"Time just gets away from us."
~ Mattie Ross, True Grit


  1. I'm so excited that you got to meet Naomi! All those things you did together sound so fun. You like Josh Turner!? I love his music. His voice is so amazing.
    Your summer plans sound so exciting. xD My family and I are leaving for vacation tomorrow and then staying at my cousins' for a week. After that it's all band camp and getting ready for school and more band camp.
    Have a lovely day!

    1. It was definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. :-) And yes, I LOVE Josh Turned! (Very random, but I'm actually wearing my Josh Turner t-shirt right now as I type this.)

      Have fun on your vacation! And thank you, I shall.

  2. I like that picture! (Good job, Naomi!)

    Ahh, I love the way you described your time with Naomi. I'm happy for you and the lovely experiences that you had with her. :)

    Was the "Stars" that you sang THE "Stars" song from Les Mis? If so, I do hope you sang it better than poor Russell Crowe did. ;)

    Blimey Cow is the BEST. The end.

    Ooh, writing camp sounds like fun!

    Anyways, it sounds like you had a splendiferous June and I enjoyed reading this post. :)

    1. Isn't it pretty? Riding the ferris wheel at dusk was like something from a movie.

      Yes, it was THE Stars! That was so much fun. There were six of us and we all harmonized and sang our little hearts out. It was MUCH better than Russell Crowe, God bless him.

      I have Naomi to thank for introducing me to Blimey I'm sort of addicted. My sister says Jordan Taylor is doing the work of the Lord. ;-)

      Aww, I'm glad -- thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm in a dangerously sentimental mood right now. It's Sunday afternoon (nearing evening) and I was listening to the Run Forward song and sipping hot chocolate and contemplating life. ;) This afternoon a lady is (hopefully) coming to buy our baby guinea pigs that are so darling, and I'm feeling very sentimental about that also. And I think sentimental could be a word to describe this post. I loved it.

    Just putting myself in your shoes, I can imagine how overwhelming June must have been for you. I don't know if I'd coped very well myself. ;)
    I'm so glad your visit was a blessed time. I can't even begin to imagine how overwhelmingly amazing it must have been. And by the way, Emma, don't kick yourself up for not taking hold of every single minute. I do that to myself all the time, and regret it later. I'm sure you did make the most of practically all your time, and when you see each other again (I have full confidence of it), you'll know that for next time. Just keep the memories you have fresh and beautiful. <3

    Walking your bikes home while the twilight set in... my imagine is going crazy with excitement. That sounds so gorgeous. Ohhh...

    Hey, I didn't know you liked Blimey Cow, Emma! ;D I love that hugging episode as well! You know what? I've been told I'm terrible at hugging. Isn't that AWFUL?! I was so devastated. So I'm trying VERY hard to be better at it, and people tell me I'm improving, hehe. (It's more my cousins and close friends, so don't worry, nobody creepy.) I'm guilty of doing some very awkward hugs. Ha. One thing I learnt is when you go to hug, COMMIT 100%. :P

    Oh, you have 'clogs'! My Mum would be excited to know that. She LOVES clogs. She has this massive big red pair (with windmills and tulips etc painted on them) that she wears around the yard. It's nigh impossible to walk in them. I've tried. ;P

    I appreciated the True Grit line. :)

    (I feel ssooo dumb for asking this, but hey, I don't have much of a reputation for living up to anyway... *whispers* Isn't the 4th of July supposed to be Independence Day, not the 2nd? :P Or maybe you were just saying that two days early. In which case I should shut my mouth. I'll do that anyway.)

    A rodeo, three concerts (so you're actually going to all THREE?!!!) and finishing your book... sounds excellent. :D Well, I don't plan ahead THAT much, to have a plan for my SUMMER just yet, so... yeah. ;P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Ha, well, I was feeling sentimental too, so we're in the same boat! Thanks for everything you said -- you've got a way of putting my thoughts into better words than I could sometimes, you know? It's really quite amazing. :-)

      Naomi got me into Blimey Cow, and now I'm hooked for life. They're so good. I like them because they're just like people I would know. Oh no, you're not good at hugging? How can that be? Well, I don't *like* hugging, actually, so I'm probably not very good at it either.

      They're actually my mom's clogs. I have a, uh, habit of stealing my mother's shoes. ;-P I wore them up in the pasture last night and accidentally squished several slugs in them, so I wouldn't recommend doing that in future.

      Oh yes, it is the 4th -- I'm just saying it early because I won't post again before then. Don't feel dumb for asking.

      YES I'M GOING TO ALL THREE. Hunter Hayes, Lee Brice, and Dustin Lynch. I'm so excited I don't know how I'm going to handle it.

    2. Aww, really?! Wow. I'm so flattered. :) (Also, I could say the exact same thing for you. I guess we compliment each other. ;))

      Haha, Naomi may be a bad influence on you. ;P You just got through telling me that you didn't really have enough time to watch new YouTube Channels, and then she got you onto Mind the Gap. And now Blimey Cow. Just you wait, she'll have you watching the Bates videos next. ;D

      It's true. I'm way too self conscious about hugging, and I don't go in and give a hearty embrace, it's more like a timid, awkward little pat. Although I'm trying to change that. ;P Aww, you don't like hugs? (I like them. :D) It does depend on the people sometimes, too, hehe.

      Oh, I see. ;) I don't fit into my mum's shoes, so I can't really do that. (I actually have VERY small hands and feet. Compared to my friends and even my sisters! I'm just a very petite kind of person.)

      Oh, phew, that's a relief. I was hoping I hadn't lost my mind. ;)

      WHAT THE HECK YOU LUCKY THING YOU!!! ALL THREE. All THREE! (There's a tour of one of my favourite pop singers (who 'appens to be an Aussie), Delta Goodrem, coming near us in November, but the tickets are so jolly expensive. >.<) I'm definitely most interested in the HH concert. Naturally. :D (He's the most good looking.)

      Today is going to be such a good day. It's completely free and I can write and read galore. I'm actually home alone right now. ;)

      ~Miss Meg

  4. You are your friend sound so awesome!!!!!!!!! I LOVED this post! #bestfriendgoals


    1. Why thanks! We think we are, heehee. ;-) I'm glad you liked it!

  5. I'm so, so, so glad you and Naomi had such a wonderful time together. Relationships like that are precious, believe me :-) (Of course you KNOW that already. I'm just sayin' it because I like to pretend to be Old and Wise sometimes ;-) ) But yeah--it's AWESOME that you got to be together!!

    THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS. I'm probably going to be listening to that all day tomorrow. I mean, hey, it's the Fourth, right? Good enough excuse? ;-)

    And just to make sure absolutely everybody knows: WE WON 11 TONYS. WE RULE THE WORLD. #HAMILTRASH FOREVER. :-)

    1. Jessica, thank you for your Old and Wise sentiments. :-) I never want to forget how precious it is -- I want to remember it every day. (Naomi's away right now so I can't TALK to her. It's HARD.)

      YUSSSSSSSSSS. Is good stuff. If I couldn't sing the whole thing before, I can probably do it now. Hamiltrash -- I love that.

  6. June has been a whirlwind month for me too. From a wedding to Girls State to a Colorado youth group trip, I've been super busy! Sounds like you made some amazing memories!
    Ooh, are you watching the Paradise right now? I love that series. and wish they'd make a new season!
    The country station has been one of my favorite things recently too. :)

    1. Sounds like! We've both been having crazy summers.

      Well, Naomi and I got to see the first two episodes of The Paradise on Netflix at my aunt's house, but I don't have Netflix and it's not at my library so I don't know when I'll be able to see the rest of it. And now I really want to finish it with her, so I don't know....:-( We really loved it!

  7. I love your new header! And trust me, as someone who's seen her best friend for a total of two weeks in three years, being apart from your BFF is hard. But it's survivable. Also, what is this Blimey Cow you speak of?

    1. Thanks! :-) Yeah, it's tough, but we'll survive it. Right now Naomi's on vacation with her family so I can't even talk to her, and THAT's hard! (But she's coming home soon. *fist pump*)

      Blimey Cow is a Youtube channel, two brothers who make videos mostly about homeschooling, God, and relationships (to quote someone else). They're hilarious.

  8. Why did this post may be want to CRY? Maybe I'm just emotional, but GIRL. What you guys got to do is GOALS. And I want it so badly <3 <3 I'm so happy for you though, OF COURSE.

    I'm missed you!!!!

    1. Uh, maybe because I was crying? I KNOW. I'm so grateful. ;-) Now we need to find sometime we can get together!!! We're really not that far....well...sort of...but it'll happen!

      I've missed y'all too! But don't worry, I'm going to email you tonight. Promise. :-)

  9. What a thrilling summer you've had! Did you learn anything cool and useful at writing camp? I hope the rest of your summer is pleasant -- sounds like you have more fun in store :-)

    1. Let's see, cool and useful...well, for myself, I learned I don't want to go to college for writing because English classes are BORING. :-P I think I learned to be more direct and subtle and not so wordy, which I was already working towards. (One exercise we had to do was write a story in exactly 103 words. IT WAS AWFUL.) But, yes, in the end it served to be an enriching experience.

      We do, actually. It's getting closer and closer to the time I get to go see Hunter Hayes. ;-) Thanks so much -- same to you!

    2. Hee! I got a minor in English, but I also didn't want a major in it. I liked learning about many things, not just one same thing all the time.

      A hundred and three words would be tricky! But a fun challenge, I think. I used to write a lot of flash fiction, which had to be super short.

  10. SHUT UP RIGHT NOWWWW. This post seriously made me cry... almost. Just... yes. About everything. Don't worry about 'not seizing every moment' (like in week 3, you mean? :-P) - I completely understand and sorta did the same, right? And we can learn. For our next visit. :-D (AND I MISS YOU SO. Come visit me.)

    Singing Stars in 6 voices was the best. :-D

    I love you, darling. Tell me ALLLL about zee writing camp. TALK SOON BECAUSE IT'S BEEN AGES. :-O

    1. YOU ARE BACK -- YOU ARE BACK!!!!! I didn't know you'd be back today!!! For some reason I was thinking it'd be tomorrow....I HAVE MISSED THEE SO MUCH. Now I'm going to go write you right away. :-)

      YES, we learned so much. When we see each other again it'll be like a long-awaited reunion -- and oh my goodness, I am looking forward to that so much. No matter how long it takes.

      I will! I'll tell you ALLLLLL. :-D

  11. Awwwwwww <3

    I'm so glad you got to have those experiences--visiting with Naomi and the writing camp, even if there were some "unexpected"s thrown into the mix ;-P

    Y'know, I didn't use to like Hamilton all that much--and I'm still not a full-fledged fan yet--but I am starting to really like some of the songs :D (Like "Burn." THESE FEELS.)

    I loved the last few paragraphs of this post especially--they were so cosy and happy :) WELL, since you asked and all, I'm looking forward to a certain blog party that'll be coming up sometime soon…I'm co-hosting it with its brilliant inventor…;D I'm also actually looking forward to school starting back up in the autumn.

  12. I loved this. I'm so happy you two had such a splendid time together and now have a store of memories you'll never lose! :)

    I hope you can finish your book soon. I know you can do it and I can't wait for the day you'll be a published author!


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