Sunday, July 31, 2016

"I was born game, sis, and I intend to die in that condition." // Quotes Game

What's one of the reasons we love westerns? Why, because of the dialogue, of COURSE. Those salty, gritty, soulful lines that stick with us and sometimes find their way into our conversations.We love the way cowboys and ranchers and outlaws and inlaws talk. It is a truth universally acknowledged that westerns should be quotable. So, in preparation for Western Week, how 'bout a Westerns Quote Game?

(You're supposed to say "yes" to that.)

    Here we are, then. All these quotes are from Western movies or TV series, all of which I happen to love dearly, and I'm sorry they're only from movies I've seen, but then you can't really expect me to know any lines from a movie I haven't seen, right? Anyway, that said, I hope these are some of your favorites too. Take a gander and see how many you can name!


"You're lucky this gun's got blanks."


"A man could die of thirst around here before anyone'd offer him a drink."


"I'd pay forty dollars just to watch you hang laundry."


"I said to myself, 'Striker, you've done a lot of fool things in your day, but you ain't done any lately, and you're overdue."


"I have lapped filthy water from a hoofprint. Was glad to have it, too."


"You're getting the hang of it. I'll be back later to check on your work."


"I said I didn't have much use for one. I didn't say I didn't know how to use it."


"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."


"I've got two guns, one for each of you."


"Somebody back east is sayin', 'Now, why don't he write?' "


"This man wanted to shoot me down, for nothing. He lost. I am taking his gun."


Answers will be posted next Sunday!


  1. Well as you know, my Westerns education is sadly lacking, but I know #6 quote. It's from Crossfire Trail. And isn't the bottom picture from there too?

  2. all I can guess is that one of these is from Lonesome Dove -- just guessin' ;)

    *sobs in corner cause my family hates westerns*

  3. I only know two of these . . . well, one, actually:
    #3 is Print Ritter from "Broken Trail."

    #7 sounds almost EXACTLY like Eliot Spencer from "Leverage," but I know it's not because that's totally not a Western . . .


    #1: Frank T. Hopkins, Hidalgo (Why does even THAT evoke such feelings??)

    #3: PRINT RITTER, Broken Trail (STAAAAHHPP)

    #5: Either LaBoeuf or Rooster Cogburn, True Grit

    …Aaand, that's all I got, which is rather disappointing. I feel like I know what #2 and #4 are, but it's not coming.

    Excellent game, m'dear :)

    *whisper-screams* I am so excited for tomorrow!!!

  5. "Yes."


    Well, 'tis a pity, but I only recognize two from these. Some of these I vaguely recognize but I can't quite put my finger on it. Grr... (Some of these lines are too good, though. "I'd pay forty dollars just to watch you hang laundry." HAHAHAHA.)

    Oh, darn it, #2 is SO familiar... I KNOW it... Hidalgo... or some John Wayne movie... ah! I don't know! I'm just gonna say Hidalgo. But I don't think so. :P

    #5 is from True Grit (2010). I don't know if we are supposed to add the character's name but just in case it was MATT DAMON- excuse me, Mr. Labeouf who said it.

    #9 is from Tombstone. Good ol' Doc Holiday. That line cracked me up. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

  6. Love it!!!

    My guesses:

    1. No idea!

    2. Horribly familiar and I'm going to kick myself when I see the answer.

    3. No idea

    4. "The Sons of Katie Elder" <3 <3 <3

    5. Feels familiar, but can't place it.

    6. "The Man from Snowy River" <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    7. Hmmm. Maybe I should play this when I'm more awake.

    8. I think I've seen YOU quote this, but I don't think I know what it's actually from.

    9. "Tombstone" :-D I quote this so much, my kids quote it even though they won't be allowed to watch the movie for a decade yet.

    10. Kind of familiar. Hmph.

    11. "Silverado," I think?

    VERY fun game! BTW, I started my western giveaway this morning here.

  7. Haha, I know none of these, but they're great quotes. :D

  8. #4 :) That line from The Sons of Katie Elder is so great! The first time I heard it it actually made me laugh...and it never fails to make me grin even now.

  9. Like Natalie said, I am unfamiliar to the Western world, but they are good quotes!

  10. I've got kind of a feeling these must be from later Westerns than the ones I know. Is #6 from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by any chance? #2 and #10 feel vaguely familiar, but I can't place them.

    Incidentally, I did one of these quizzes on my blog two years ago—you should take a gander at it and see if you know any of my picks! Only don't look at the comments because there's correct guesses there. :)


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