Thursday, June 16, 2016

If we had instagram....

     ....this is what you'd see.



Gator rides.


Popcorn and sunshine.






...and more strawberries.

Orphaned kittens.

the Yellow Barn.

the Lake.

Favorite books. (#yeswestagedthis)

Naomi is here. :-)


  1. You had me at kittens. I hope they do okay.

  2. + popcorn and sunshine (yes please!!)
    +yellow barn

    This post is so full of good things!

  3. These are all so I need to go buy some strawberries.

  4. I LOVE YOUR INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, such a cool blogpost idea. ;) Your hair is always so cute! do you do it yourself?? I've got my 3 hairstyles. lol!! Sock bun, down, or high ponytail. :P

  5. Enjoy Naomi time! :D And thanks for letting us tag along on your adventures!

  6. This is an AWESOME post! Love the pictures!!!

  7. Aah these are lovely! And I just looove Naomi's hair in the last picture!! :)

  8. So. Stinkin'. Cute.

    (HOLD UP JUST A COTTON-PICKIN' MINUTE. There is a sign in one of these pictures that bears the legend 'Woodrow and Gus.' "I MUST KNOW." Aren't they your mules or something? BECAUSE I APPROVE OF THAT SIGN.)

  9. This is lovely :-) I'm so glad you guys are having such a wonderful time!!

    But UGH how can you be wearing jeans and sweaters right now???? Here in Tennessee it's 96 degrees out--hot and humid and basically AWWWWWWFUL. (I mean the weather, of course. The rest of my life isn't awful. It's rather nice. ;-) )

  10. Love love love this so much!!!! :-DDDDD

  11. Well, some (as in both) of us are going to have to get Instagrams, so that you can post amazing pictures like that, and I can see them! I picked like 6 tiny strawberries off the bush today, and I thought that was a lot! Did they grow in your garden, or did you go to a strawberry farm? They look delicious!
    *gasp* Are those lights hung for a party, or just because? Either way, it looks so magical and country chic! I love your headband, and those geraniums are really cool! I've never seen them striped like that; it gives them a classier look, I think. :)
    Aww, what adorable kittens! Are you going to keep them all? Have you named them? Sorry, I'm not a crazy cat lady, but I've never had a kitten of my own because I'm *sniff* allergic! :(
    I am very jealous of your amazing yellow barn. ;) And Naomi's hair! It's so pretty braided like that!

  12. HILLS!! (Haha, that reminded me of Mrs. Bennet.;)) Where I live there tragically aren't any, so it's kinda funny to think that there actually are some in the same country!!
    Really lovely pictures, Emma! You should do more of these.:) (Naomi's hair in that last one<3)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  13. Yum!! Strawberries!!


    Awww!! Those kittens are adorable!!

    Sweet barn.

    I wish I lived near a lake!

    Lovely pictures!

  14. Love the pictures, Emma! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you're having some gorgeous weather. Has it been pretty warm?

    Oh! And that yellow barn is awesome!! :D

  15. Okay. So, I have a lot to say. First... YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING. I love photos that tell stories and yours certainly did. Also, that yellow barn. THAT YELLOW BARN. I now suddenly wish I lived in a yellow barn. How enchanting is that!? So cute. Andddd that hair...the braided hair... just like the comments above, I agree that is absolutely gorgeous and is giving my curly untamed hair unrealistic hair goals. lolol but really I love this post and I love this blog and I'm a fan. And follower now;)

  16. Okay, so I'm a little late to the party here, but that doesn't lessen the enthusiasm. (Plus I've been sick, so I thought I had a fair excuse.)

    I was very excited to see that title!! (I really like Instagram. Not that I have it. Not that I wish I had it. Not that I stalk other people endlessly on it. Oh, no no no no... why ever would you think that?)

    All these pictures. GAH. I appreciate it, I really do. (But you already knew that, no doubt.)
    I love your feed, haha. ;D
    Also I can't get over your 'gators' (and what a weird name that is :P).
    Or your strawberries.
    Or Naomi's hair.... like whaaat. My hair is the COMPLETE opposite. *sniffles*
    Also, your barn dances look amazing. A lot like OUR bush dances. ;D

    All in all, this post was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    ~Miss Meg

  17. You guys need to get an Instagram. I love this post!!!

    Kittens!! <3

    Naomi, your hair is BEAUTIFUL in that last photo! I mean, seriously. How did you do that??

    Is that Naomi or Emma in the yellow barn photo?

    That lake looks so beautiful....I really want to swim in it. It's super hot where I live right now. :P

    Lovely, lovely post! :D

  18. Thanks so much everyone for your comments!!! :-)


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