Monday, May 9, 2016

// liebster award //

     I've been tagged by Miss March with the liebster award! It's been a coon's age since I did a tag, and her questions looked fun, so just for kicks and giggles here goes.

1. What is your personality type?

Um...I don't know? The weird one? I did take a personality quiz a while back, but I can't remember what the result was and I don't think I found it very accurate anyway. (They said I had some kind of architect-brain. I was like, I don't think sooooo.) I know for certain I'm an introvert, and I know I have an overactive imagination, and I know I'm terrible at problem-solving. I'm also very changeable. Basically this quote sums up my personality:

"There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting." 

~Anne Shirley

2. What is one of your newest favorite movies? (As in one that you recently found, not necessarily a newly made film.)

Oh yessss, we love talking about movies. Yes yes yes. Hmmmm...*tries desperately not to think about The Hatfields and McCoys*...uhhhhh....

     The Hatfields and McCoys.

 OKAY I CAN'T HELP IT. Friends, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this show. I actually can't recommend it at all, unless you reeeeeally like this kind of thing and you (like me) have a sick fascination with movies in which the character spend most of their lives trying to kill each other. It's really sort of awful. But it's SO GOOD. There are so many fascinating characters, and moments, and's amazing. I love it. So there.

Oh sure, why not, just go ahead and tear my heart to pieces...

3. Have you ever been prejudiced against a certain movie before watching it, but then after seeing it decided it wasn't so bad?  What movie was it?

Haha. Hahahahahaha. I've done this SO MANY TIMES. The most notable instance that I remember would be National Treasure. I watched it with my cousins and for some reason swore that I would hate it. Then I started to like it...but of course at that point I couldn't say so! My pride! 

4. If you could meet any author in person, who would it be?

Well, my favorite authors are Richard Peck and Lynn Austin, but if I met either of them in person it's very likely I would be tongue-tied and probably faint from sheer reverence. It might be more fun to meet Melissa Tagg, who is pretty much one of the coolest people I know of. I haven't read any of her books, but I've scoured her blog archives and she's one of my favorite writers. I sort of want to be like her.

5. How many siblings do you have, and where do you fall in the lineup?  (Sorry if that's a rather nosey question.  You may answer it or not as you so choose.)

I have two siblings -- I am the middle button of three sisters. We are all nuts.

That's one of them right there on the right. I don't know who the weirdo on the left could be.

6. If you could be related to any fictional character (from a movie or a book), who would it be and what relation would they be to you?

Well, doesn't this take the prize for the cleverest question! I think I'd like Chris O'Donnel Jack Kittredge from the American Girl Kit stories as my dad. Not that I don't like my own dad, I'm just saying I would mind if this guy was my dad. That's all I'm saying. And....I'm going to shut up now.

7.  What is your favorite household chore, and what is your worst?

Hanging out laundry on the line! I do this for FUN, people. I will actually go downstairs to see if there is any laundry to hang out and do it without provocation because I love it so much. My least favorite is probably washing dishes. I seem to be very bad at it. How can one be bad at washing dishes, you ask? I don't know, but somehow I manage it.

8.  Anne and Diana (from Anne of Green Gables) are a classic example of best friends.  Do you have a best friend, and if so which one of you is more like Anne and which is more like Diana?

I do have a best friend, and I love to talk about her. ;-) Her name is Naomi and I'm guessing you probably know her, because we have basically the same fan base. We've been really really close friends for more than three years and she is one of the most ridiculously wonderful people I know. I'm actually going to MEET HER for the first time in less than a month. HOLD ME PLEASE.

Naomi and I have given each other countless nicknames (hers for me are better than mine for her, for the record) and Anne and Diana are actually some of them! I'm Anne and she's Diana, but in reality we're both more like Anne, because we both write and we both have wild imaginations.

9. What was one of the first chapter books you ever read?  (You know, the one that made you feel so proud because you were reading a "big kids' book"!)

The one I remember distinctly is 'Magic Elizabeth'. It was an old faded paperback on my mama's shelf that I read when I was probably about seven or eight. I can't even remember who it's by now, or what exactly it was about (there was something about a doll and an old diary...) but I remember I LOVED it.

10. What is one of the yummiest, most delicious desserts you can think of at the present moment?

My sister Sadie's homemade peppermint ice cream. :-)

11.  If you could be a character in one of your favorite movies, which movie would it be and which character would you choose?

Nobody in The Hatfields and McCoys, that's for darn sure. I'm not keen on the idea of people trying to kill me.

I don't know. I'd like to invent a character for myself and put it into one of my favorite movies. I'd like to be Ni's girl in Copperhead. But if I were to put myself in a role that already exists, I guess I'd like to be Anne Shirley. Anne has such a splendid outlook on life; everything is beautiful to her. She has dreams and goals and people who love her and is just generally happy about living. 

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ see the new header. Let's talk about how changeable Emma is and her psychic bent towards making new headers every two weeks, shall we? I promise, guys, this is the last one for awhile. I really wanted to do something with pictures that I'd taken myself, and I was just feeling...bored about the way The Blog looked. (I also needed a creative outlet, *hem*) Anyways, this is what we've got. It's the last one, I promise. :-)


  1. THIS WAS FUN. I loved it. :-)

    So the personality type thing is not what you think it is - basically there 'are' sixteen different personality types, and everyone kind of belongs to one. It's called the Myers-Briggs Personality types. (Don't worry, it took me AGES before I'd figured it out. :-P)

    Stop it about The Hatfields and McCoys. :-P

    I LOVE the picture of you and Molly. :-) Hanging out the laundry is fun but NOT if they're really heavy and the line is really high. I've done that. :-/
    TWENTY SIX DAYS. AND TOMORROW ONLY TWENTY FIIIIVE. What is this madness??? (We basically had the same answer about the Anne/Diana thing. Duh.)

    Sadie's peppermint icecream sounds divine. :-) And the header reminds me of OLD TIMES!!! I remember when you sent me that picture of you reading on the couch! And I also remember that dress in the bottom right corner. Do you still have that dress? It suited you SO well, I remember. :-P

    ~ Naomi

    1. GOOD. I'm glad. :-)

      No, I get it -- the Myers-Briggs personality test was the one I took. I just can't remember what I got. I didn't agree with it anyway.

      HEY. These are my feelings you tread on! (Have I been bothering you with more moanings over Johnse Hatfield lately? No. So be grateful.)

      We will make ice cream for you when you come. ;-) And we'll hang out laundry and take more goofy pictures. TWENTY-FOUR DAYS, GIRLY.

      (That's kind of what I was going for with the header -- old times. I've taken a few nice pictures in my time, haha. Yes, I still have the dress! I haven't worn it in ages though. We'll have to find some reason to dress up when you come.)

  2. Ohhhh! *squeals* Thank you for doing this, Emma! Your answers were awesome and I LOVED reading them!! :D

    1. About personality tests...yeah, sometimes I'm not sure those things are very accurate either. :P (An architect-brain? Haha! I never would have thought of that for you. ;)) Aww. That Anne quote. I like it!! :)

    2. This answer was hilarious! I can't say I have the same fascination with "movies in which the characters spend most of their lives trying to kill each other" but hearing how much you like it made me smile. :)

    3. Haha. Love this answer. ;) I can totally relate!

    5. Hahaha! That picture of your sister and...yeah, that other girl (whoever she may be)! ;) SO funny! It looks like you girls have a lot of fun together. (By the way, is that a straw bonnet you're wearing? It looks really cool.)

    10. Homemade ice cream! AHHH! DELICIOUS!

    11. *Miss March chuckles over that first line* Hatfields and McCoys again. Haha. I understand what you mean, though. And I really think it might be a better idea to try for something safer. ;) Hey, that's actually a neat idea to make up your own character. Very cool. :) And, just for the record, I think you would make a good Anne.

    About the new header. Don't feel bad that you change your headers so frequently. I'm sure nobody minds in the least. And besides, it's fun to see what you come up with each time. As for this particular one...I REALLY like it! That picture of you in the top corner is adorable! And all the other pictures go together so well! Very nice job, indeed! :D

    Well, must be off! Thanks for a very enjoyable post! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank YOU, Miss March! I had fun with it. ;-)

      Yeah, I don't put much stock in personality tests. I'm still figuring out who I am -- how is a computer going to tell me?!

      That's okay, not many people share my fascination. (And dear me, I hope I don't sound too morbid. I'm not really. I tragedy.)

      Yes, that picture is one of our better times together. (Molly and I don't always get along swimmingly...*cough*) That was a fun day. :-) The hat I'm wearing is an old-fashioned straw boater I bought at a second-hand shop. I think it's actually a man's hat. I like it because it looks like the hat Anne wears in Anne of Avonlea.

      Haha, thanks. I do feel kind of bad, because of course it would be more mature to leave The Blog as is for a reasonable time, but I just have too much fun making headers! I really really like this one though. It's comfy. :-)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your comment -- your comments are always so fun and enthusiastic and make me happy.

    2. Oh no! You don't sound morbid. Not at all. I totally understand. I like tragic stories, too. I'm not a huge fan of violence just for the sake of violence, but if it's a well told story, with good characters and a good ending...well, that's different. I like tragic stories that rip my heart out. Only, I do prefer it when they have a happy ending and put my heart back together a bit. ;) (Is The Hatfields and McCoys tragic the whole way through? Or does it end well?)

  3. Oh bother, my computer won't load the new header! (But I'm sure it's delightful all the same :)
    Oh, I really like National Treasure. I like that there's an Abigail in there. :) I want her job! (Well, kind of. She doesn't get to dress in period costume. Never mind.)
    Aw, that's a really cute picture! I wish I had a sister. :P
    Hanging laundry seems like such a quintessentially "country" thing to do, and I am so drawn to the idea of letting clothes dry out in fresh air and sunshine. Putting clothes in the dryer is not nearly as fun! And yes, one CAN be bad at washing dishes. Or at least be very slow, like me. :P

    1. Aw, rats! Sorry. (Probably because it's all photos I took.) I hope it loads sometime.

      I want Abigail's job too! Except I wouldn't want to work in a big city -- I'd rather be in a small town like WILLIAMSBURG. ;-) Or Gettysburg or basically anything that ends in 'burg' will do.

      Haha. I deliberated for awhile about whether or not I should put that picture up, as it's not very flattering! But it shows we were having fun. That two summers ago, and I have matured about this much. Heehee.

  4. Aww... that first picture. <3

    Haha, I laughed at your answer to the personality question. ;) As Naomi said, the Myers-Briggs test is not actually that complicated. Of course, you'll never be squished into a category and that's YOU, but normally they are pretty accurate. I'm an ENFJ/ESFJ, but honestly, I'm sure when I'm in a different mood I'm a different person, hehe. ;)

    Hmm... you DO like your Hatfields and McCoys. :P (Sorry I'm not very sympathetic about your heart being torn to pieces, but I just haven't seen it, that's all. Nothing personal. :P)

    WHA?! National Treasure is the BEST. I love those movies. :D (But I understood about the whole pride issue... *cough*)

    THAT PICTURE. THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND MOLLY. I LOVE IT. (Seriously, that's got to be one of my favourite pictures I've seen of you. Haha.) I couldn't pull your expression half as well as you if I tried. And your scarf and your hat... where were you?! (It looks as though it's near water.) There must be a story behind this, right? ;)

    Haha... I remember you mentioning that fellow (you wouldn't mind for your dad) in your letter... something about him looking rather fine... (He's Buddy off Fried Green Tomatoes, correct?)

    Wow, you ENJOY hanging out washing?! Can you please come over to my house?! You'll be able to enjoy yourself about 4 times every day. ;D
    And yes, washing dishes is not as easy at it looks... you'd be surprised how many different ways you can do it. ;) I was washing up the other day, and my elder sisters said, "Hey you wash up like (my eldest brother)!" I was like, "huh?" How can you wash up like someone else? :P I mean, I know I'm ridiculously like him, but as far as washing up goes...? (I think it has something to do with stacking. We have to have great stacking skills in our household, because of the amount of dishes we go through...)

    Anne Shirley is almost what you could call my role model. If there were more Anne Shirleys in this world, the world would be a far better place. :D (But not EVERYBODY can be an Anne... otherwise it would get boring.)

    Your new header! I LOVE it!! As I have told you before, I think your photography really is pretty neat, Emma! :) And the way they all fit so splendidly in your header - it's darling. <3 And I think it's captured the main things you want to know about Emma: She loves books, she's quirky, she's a country girl and she loves her bunnies. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yes, I decided I DO like The Hatfields and McCoys. I don't recommend it to anybody but I love it terribly. ;-P (And yes I am aware this makes very little sense.)

      Oh, I know! I LOVE National Treasure now. In fact, it was my absolute favorite movie for a few years. I really don't know why I was so against it at first -- probably just because all my cousins like it, haha. And yes, that's Buddy in Fried Green Tomatoes. (*SOB*)

      Okay, yeah, I've heard about the Myers-Brigg personality test. That's the one I took, actually, but I can't remember what I was. Something that started with "I" for introvert!

      YES I LOVE HANGING OUT WASHING! Because I love being outside in the sun and breeze and it's one of the best times to plot books. ;-P And it makes me feel useful.

      Awwww, thanks. :-) I really wanted to add some of my own pictures to my blog, and I have such fond memories attached to these ones (most of them are from about two years ago). I thought that too -- these are the things I write about. I'm glad you like it!

  5. I'm afraid I don't have time for a long comment, but I wanted to say two things...
    1) Your new header is GORGEOUS! I honestly love each of the ones you put up (and am consequently a little sad when they don't stay up for long hahaha ;)) but this one is especially beautiful. The photos are all so lovely!!
    2) Ahem, hahahaha, I could never want Chris/Jack as my dad. Maybe when I was younger. But, I recently rewatched Kit Kittredge and was laughing at myself because I developed a little crush on the heroine's dad. I was probably around 9 years old the last time I watched that movie, and consequently didn't realize what a handsome and nice man Kit's father was. :P Until now. I guess this means I'm growing up....sigh. haha

    1. I'm glad you like it, Natalie. I hope to keep this one up for a long time. ;-)

      Oh! Well, yes, there is that. He's pretty much my favorite movie dad ever. (All the hunky actors end up playing dads in American Girl movies.) *sigh* I love those movies so much. ;-)

    2. Yay!

      Haha, I haven't seen the Felicity or Molly or Samantha movies for awhile, but I LOVED them when I was younger. I need to watch them again. :D

  6. Oh, you like hanging out laundry too! :-D
    It's funny how you can actually LIKE doing chores. I used to hate washing dishes but now I find it calming and I can say I like it - at least a little bit. ;-)

    ~Felicity King~

    1. Felicity, yes, I do! (And can I just say that I love your pen name?! Felicity King and I are kindred spirits. :-))

  7. Aaack, what fun answers :D

    That picture of you and Sadie (is that Sadie?) is awesome sauce.

    And yes to the Kit Kittredge movie! One of the few American Girl movies that's actually intrinsically charming and plot-driven-but-also-character-driven ;D Just kidding. I like the other AG movies, don't get me wrong, but I think I like the Kit one the best :D AND EMMA JULIA ORMOND IS IN THAT MOVIE! As if you didn't know that :P

    I especially love your answer to the last question xD

    And I really, really like the new look! The fact that those are all your own pictures is quite impressive, and it's beautimous! I also like the sidebar a lot :D And can I just say, I'm SO glad I'm not the only one with a psychic bent toward changing headers too often xD

    1. Aaaaack, thanks. :-D No, that's actually my older sister Molly. That was a few years ago. I'm much more mature than that now. Ohhhh, yes.

      I LOVE the American Girl movies. Well, I haven't seen them all -- I stopped watching them when they became modern cuz I knew there would be no end of sappiness. (Aren't I smart?) I didn't like the Molly one very much, but the Samantha one is sweet, and the Kit and Felicity movies MOVE my very SOUL. *gasp* You like Julia Ormond too?!? Julia Ormond is the best! She's one of my favorite actresses to watch cry. It's true. :-)

      *goes back to see what the last question was* Oh, heehee.

      Thanks! I'm glad you identify with my creative struggle. ;-P I feel good about having my own pictures. Before it seemed, I don't know....too generic. These are my own photos and they reflect my life and make me happy. Glad you like it!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention National Treasure! That movie ROCKS, man. I love it a little too much, probably. It's just so fun :D And I wuvs the characters (like all of them). I just realized recently that the guy who plays Neil MacNeill in the Christy series plays one of Ian's sidekicks. That was a happy day xD

    1. YUSSSSSS. Oh my goodness, I fangirled so much when I saw Dr. MacNeil in that movie! I was like, "HEY I KNOW THAT GUY!" (Although he didn't have much of a part. Certainly nothing like Dr. MacNeil.)


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