Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Her One and Only // Review


 //by Becky Wade//

     Gray Fowler, star NFL tight end, is being pursued by a stalker, so his team hires a protection agency to keep Gray under the watch of a bodyguard at all times. When Gray meets Dru Porter, an agent assigned to him, he's indignant. How can an attractive young female half his size possibly protect him? 
     But Dru's a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt. She's also ferociously determined to uncover the identity of Gray's stalker. And she's just as determined to avoid any kind of romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past. But the closer they get to finding the stalker, the closer they grow to each other. As the danger rises, can Dru and Gray entrust their hearts--and their lives--to one another?

     This is my third Becky Wade book, and by this point I have established three things. 1) the woman deserves better book covers. All her book covers are hopelessly girly and spirally and sappy-looking and give a false impression of how good the book actually is. Plus, I think they could get more attractive cover models. These people look like you could find them in any business office anywhere. 2) couldn't you maybe come up with a little bit less-cliche title, Mrs. Wade? I mean, Her One and Only???? Sounds like a dime novel. Not exactly the thing I'd be tripping over myself to get my hands on.

    The third thing, though? Becky Wade is actually a really good writer.

    I've made almost a complete turn-around; last spring I reviewed the third book in this series and pretty much wrote it off as fluff. Then I went back and read the second book and surprised myself by loving it. So with so much of myself now invested in this Porter family, there was no way I wasn't going to request this book for review when I got the chance. ;-P

    I've developed an appreciation for Becky Wade's writing, and I genuinely like her. I'm not going to deny, this is pure romance. Is it sappy? Goodness, yes. Is it cliche? Eh...a little bit. Total contemporary rom-com? Uh-huh. But it's enjoyable. A year ago I disliked all books in this category. Now, I can take them once in a while, and I'll even let myself enjoy them. I liked this book. It was fun. :-)

    Of course, I'm the farthest thing from a football fan there is, so all the stuff concerning Gray's NFL career was boring as heck. Actually the main thing that bothered me about the book is how stinking rich Gray is. Can you really get that rich just by playing football? And he seemed kind of lazy to me, sitting around in his great big mansion and driving his expensive cars and not really doing anything. Seriously, dude, get outside and work. Build some fence! Clear some land! Get your hands dirty! The rich football-star persona is completely unattractive to me, so I'll admit I'm not a huge Gray Fowler fan. He's too mainstream. I'd rather have a Porter brother.

    Another thing I often encounter in modern fiction...the setting is just so "modern" and so different, at times, from my actual real life that it seems kind of fantastical. I know I'm an old-fashioned person, but I'm reminded just how behind the times I am when I pick up a contemporary novel. But that doesn't really matter, when it comes down to it; I've come to love the Porter family, and I care about what happens to them. Becky Wade knows how to write about a close-knit family, and that's my favorite thing about this series -- the camaraderie between the brothers, the family gatherings, the way they rely on each other and care about each other.

     I really did like it...but methinks that'll be the last romance I'll read for a long time. I need to give my system time to clean out. ;-P

    I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


  1. haha, I'm not a big contemporary romance/rom-con fan, so I probably won't read this one--although I have heard lots of good things about Becky Wade. It's just not my preferred genre (and I couldn't care less about football, haha).

    I actually do like the cover model on this one, though. Maybe because she vaguely reminds me of a modern Peggy Carter?

    1. I'm starting to be more a fan of the genre, but still I can only take it in small doses. ;-P

      She does, rather! Both of the models look better on the cover, actually -- it's on the back that I don't like them. I prefer not to see cover model's faces, so I can imagine them for myself, buuuuut that's just me.

  2. I think you're right. She DOES need better titles. AND better covers.

    Do they let you choose your book-cover when you publish a novel? I sure hope they do . . . if they don't I shall be ANGRY. I already have a splendid idea for the cover of my new novel, and if they make me use some ridiculous color photo of a random person instead, that would simply be awful.

    1. Jessica, I'm glad we agree. Oh, I'd think so! I'm pretty sure you get SOME say in it. How could you not?

  3. I am not a rom-com fan either, but I love the premise of the women being the security guard for the man for a change! Nice to have something fresh.

    Ps love the new design!

    1. Yes, it was a pretty interesting story. And thanks! I'm glad you like it. :-)

  4. This book sounds super interesting! It reminds me of this book series I read by Dee Henderson. THEY'RE SO GOOD!! But in most of these, the problem is opposite and the girl is the one being stalked and the guy has to save her life. I kind of like the idea of the opposite way around!
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    1. Amanda, it reminded me a little of a Dee Henderson book I read too! (Except I personally like Becky Wade's style better.)

      By the way, I'm just starting to get acquainted with your magazine (through Julia Ryan) and so far I really like what I've seen!

  5. The plot sounds interesting... but I agree. A better cover is needed.

  6. Right? Right. (And hey, you've got yourself a regular blogger profile now! How cool is this?!)


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