Thursday, April 21, 2016

Awk & Awe // colleges, cookies and Cary Grant

     Howdy friends! Would you like to guess what I am today? Let me  give you a picture of where I am right now, and maybe you'll be able to guess. Right -- I'm sitting on the living room couch, propped up against a pillow, a lethargic cat at my feet, empty teacups and piles of random books scattered around me, listening to Hunter Hayes songs off youtube. What do you think this means?

    That's right. I'm sick.

    Not terribly sick, so don't worry -- I haven't got the ague or the pleurisy or the scarlet fever or typhoid or anything. Just the usual sore throat that likes to come around and pay me a visit every now and then. The only way I can think to describe it is that I have a sandbox in my throat. I am confident it will pass in a few the meantime, the only thing to do in these situations is read books, drink tea, watch Cary Grant movies, waste time on pinterest and listen to Hunter Hayes. (As you can see, I have a very mature attitude about the whole thing.)

     Since I have so much time on my hands (yeah, forget about the two science papers to finish up and the bunny cages to clean), I made the executive decision that a blog post would be a good thing to do. Basically the only thing I'm good for at the moment is writing (and being sarcastic), so here you are. Read on if you want to hear about the awkwards and awesomes of the past week (which may or may not include a special feature on How Johnse Hatfield Ruined Emma's Life).

    Let's start with...

     //The Awkward// 

     ~ Trying not to laugh during a concert. You know when those little bits of hilarity pop into your head at random moments and you just have to laugh, but you can't, because it would be soooooo inappropriate? Yeah. I'm convinced that holding in laughter in public places is the most difficult olympic feat ever.

     ~ When you find a bat in your grandma's house! We threw a bowl over it, got it what? *picks up phone* "Daddy?"

     ~ Driving around places when really, you know you're sick and you should be in bed. That was interesting. My sister Sadie is about the only person I know who can make me still laugh that much when I'm feeling so horrible.

    ~ So, maybe I should explain -- last week I finally watched The Hatfields & McCoys, that miniseries that was on the History channel four years ago and which I've been wanting to watch for nearly that long. Anyway, I WATCHED IT and it WAS AMAZING. (I can't recommend it, at least not without a huuuuuuge cautionary warning because there is a lot of offensive language and violence and shooting and nasty stuff, but beyond So now I'm in the aftershock of having just finished such a monumental piece of cinematic glory, which includes trying to explain to people how Johnse Hatfield is the cause of so much sorrow, which...doesn't....go....well. (BUT I CAN'T HELP IT.) *starts sobbing*

Devil Anse and Johnse Hatfield:

     Would you like to know just how Johnse Hatfield ruined my life? First, he did it by being unbelievably sweet. (We're not even going to talk about how handsome he is because that doesn't signify. IT DOESN'T.) Then he made it worse by acting like a complete idiot. Then he made it even worse by being so awfully pathetic, and coming to see Roseanna, and getting himself almost killed, and being downright stupid, and going to her grave!!!! and being so alternately wonderful and horrible that the only thing for me to do was just let my heart break clean in two. And then he moved to Oregon and married four more times. It is all Johnse's fault.

     I'm serious, if you've seen this series, please tell me, because I am in need of someone to cry with.

     ~ When you answer the phone when you're sick, and you sound like a ten-pack-a-day smoker...I feel like I need to explain myself.

     ~ Oh, here's the worst: trying to park in the little itty-bitty parking lot at ballet. THIS IS ZEE WORST, MY FRIENDS. Me parking at ballet is like trying to land a giant aircraft in a tiny backyard. I have never seen anything worse than me trying to park at ballet.

     ~ Speaking of how bad a driver I am, how about nearly running through a stop sign...heh. No, it's really not funny. I don't know why I'm telling you this.

     ~ Climbing a tree, then breaking a few limbs (the tree's, not mine) and realizing, Emma's probably too old to be climbing trees. (No! I will not accept this! I will fight the entail! *ahem*)

    ~ Looking for a quiet place outside to write while at the same time trying to avoid your neighbor on his lawnmower. I could go out there any day of the week and he'd be mowing his lawn. (Why am I on someone else's property in the first place, you ask? Good question...)

     ~ Crying over Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy. *starts sobbing all over again*

     ~ When your mother makes cookies, and you can't eat them because you're sick...that's tragedy, right there.

     ~ So, this afternoon as I was moaning in agony I decided it would be a good time to look into colleges I might want to go to. (Please don't ask me about my thought processes. I don't even know.) I really want to go to school in Virginia (for various reasons) so I was looking at schools in Virginia....and it didn't take long for me to get thoroughly intimidated. These colleges are all so BIG and IMPORTANT and SMART. What am I thinking???


     Today is not the day to be thinking about college, I decided. Today is the day to be listening to Hunter Hayes and watching Cary Grant movies, that's what today is.


     ~ Planting peas!!!! :-)

     ~ Driving around with Sadie, listening to Josh Turner practically on replay and laughing over basically everything. Because everything's funny, you know?

     ~ Long emails from friends, old and new

    ~ Cary Grant. I'm on a Cary Grant kick right now. Yesterday I watched Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House and just this afternoon my mum comes home from the library with a whole stack of Cary Grant movies. (SHE KNOWS ME TOO WELL.) If you're feeling lousy, just watch a Cary Grant movie and I guarantee you will feel at least a little bit better. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Cary Grant's face can make even the lousiest of days better.

Cary Grant - just look at that face...

     ~ Listening to the birds chirping and thinking, how lovely it is that the same birds come back year after year and sing to us. :-)


    ~ Being able to run around barefoot at last!!

     ~ Heated arguments between me and my cat. I mostly do the talking; Oliver just stares at me with that smug expression of his.

     ~ Finding new blogs and new friends! My list is getting longer and longer...but I guess that's a good problem to have? *cue Josh Turner song*

     ~ Reading more than the assignment in the history book, because OH HEY I'M ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN THIS STUFF.

    ~ Reading over old notes and snippets of my first novel and falling in love with the characters all over again. This one needs to happen. Soon. I can write dozens of books, but my life will not be complete until I finish this one.

    ~ Long car rides = lots of writing inspiration. :-)

    ~ When Sadie makes peppermint ice cream!

     ~ That feeling of divine freedom that comes with the arrival of spring

    ~ Dreaming of publishing a book...

    ~ Eating ice cream bars at my cousin's house, then driving home and imagining with Sadie all the horrible things the police could do to me for driving "after hours". We came up with some pretty crazy stuff. I don't think they actually torture you, but you never know...

     ~ I LOVE HUNTER HAYES. A lot. He's amazing. Don't believe me, just listen to this.

   ~ Walking through the darkened halls of a school and smiling at the pictures of Disney characters painted on the walls and thinking, Hm. Maybe there are nice things about public school after all, such as passing Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys ever day on your way to class.

    ~ Creekwalking with book and pen in hand.

    ~ Laughing over this pin:

This is the funniest thing I have seen in recent memory, and I DON'T EVEN GET IT. How do you figure that?!?!?:

....and I don't even know what it means!! If you know what 'decepticons' means, please tell me.


     No doubt you've noticed the new look! This is another product of my boredom and inability to make myself useful in other facets. When I'm bored, I have a psychic bent toward making new blog headers. I loved the old one, but...I like this one better. ;-) What do y'all think?

     The picture is Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza in Poldark. Which, by the way, I have here at my house. Which, by the way, I have not started yet because of several reasons, 1) Hatfields and McCoys 2) busyness and 3) I don't like to watch really really awesome things when I'm sick unless I've seen said really really awesome thing before. Thus Poldark waits for the moment. But SOON!

     That's about all I got. I'd better go make myself another cup of strong tea and try to doctor myself up if I have any hope of improvement by the morrow.

What do you do when you're sick?
Do you enjoy crying over fictional characters?
Have you seen any Cary Grant movies?
Do you like Hunter Hayes too? (If so, you wanna start a fanclub with me?)


  1. HUNTER HAYES!!!! My sister has just got me interested in him and now he's the only thing I listen to right now. What songs are your favorites?? I really like "Somebody's Heartbreak", "Invisible", and "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me". But they're all so awesome! A fanclub isn't a bad idea at all :P

    Oh, and I hope you feel better soon, Emma :)

    1. YAY ANOTHER FAAAAN!!!!!! *high-five* Isn't he...well, perfect? ;-P I haven't listened to a ton of his songs yet, but so far my favorites are "In a Song", "Wanted", "Storm Warning", "Cry With You" (OH MY HEART) and I really like "Somebody's Heartbreak" too. Generally I don't like young baby-faced boy singers, but he's an exception. I LOVE Hunter Hayes.

      Aww, thanks! I'm a teensy bit better today. Another Cary Grant movie or two and I should be rolling.

    2. *high fives back* Yes, he is pretty perfect :) I know what you mean about baby-faced singers in general, but I have to say, he's different somehow. Maybe he seems more sincere or something when he's singing. But whatever it is, I LIKE IT :D

      By the by, have you seen this video? []

      SUPER adorable, take mah word for it :)

    3. Hoooooo boy. I just watched that video. *melts* HOW STINKING ADORABLE! Just thinking about if that was me...well, at the risk of sounding like a mooning teenage girl, I'd probably be dying. ;-P

    4. Also I think it's only fair that you know you've got me on a spree of watching videos of Hunter Hayes singing with various screaming fans. Thanks a lot, Rosie.

    5. I'd probably be dying too :D But I wouldn't be able to sing at all I bet, I'd just be so overwhelmed!

      I did? Aw, that's neat. YOU'RE WELCOME :) He is just so NICE to let them do that!

  2. I'm so sorry you're sick, Emma! Praying your sandbox-throat goes away quickly so you can Do Things again. <3

    I know you're not wanting to think about colleges right now (I've been there, quite often), but when you said you were looking at schools in Virginia I knew I had to tell you-- this fall, I'm going to Liberty University in Lynchburg (and I'm a Tennessean, so it's definitely a flying leap out of my comfort zone). I don't know if you've looked into it yet or not, but girl, it's an AMAZING school. Especially if you're looking for a Biblically-solid education. (As a public school student, that's one of the things I'm most excited about.) So, if you ever decide to visit or eventually attend Liberty, do let me know! That would be so wonderful! :)

    (Oh, and YES. I cry over fictional characters all the time. The struggle is real.)


    1. Thanks Emily! That's awful sweet of you. :-)

      Oh, cool! I've definitely heard of Liberty, but I haven't looked into it a whole lot so I don't know anything besides it's a Baptist college and it's in Lynchburg. My DREAM is to go to William & Mary, in Williamsburg, but that might not be possible since they only have a 33 percent acceptance rate and I'm not really that smart. (Ha.) Thanks for telling me! That would be amazing -- we'll see!

  3. Aaah, a new header! You'll like Poldark, I think. :) And the colors go so well with the background!
    Aw, I hope you feel better soon! (But not if that prevents you from doing all those enjoyable activities you mentioned!) ;)
    Ah yes, holding in laughter can be very tricky indeed! Once my cousin and I burst out laughing in the middle of devotion, with the whole family there. Yeah...that was embarrassing!
    I am loving the freedom of driving places myself! It's so nice to listen to country music on the radio and have the windows down and sing...but yeah, parking is super hard sometimes! And it's ok that you *almost* ran through a stop sign, because it's the *almost* that counts. :)
    "She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tear..." Maria von Trapp didn't worry about being too old to climb trees!
    My best college advice for you: pick your college based on the mascot and colors. Just pick your favorite colors and animal and find the college that fits! ;)
    But seriously, I am sooo excited for college, and have always wanted to go to a Virginia college too! Right now I'm really hoping to go to the University of Mary Washington for historic preservation. And colleges spend thousands of dollars just to look smart and big and intimidating. In real life, they're usually not all they're cracked up to be.
    That thought about birds is quite lovely, by the way. I keep on meaning to start a list of all the birds I've seen, but never get around to it. :P
    I looked up decepticon, and all I can decipher is that they are evil things from comic books. The technicalities lose me from there on!
    Hope you enjoy your tea! Wouldn't be fun if we all just set a time and date once to all have tea "together?"

    1. Abby, your lovely long comment has made me so happy!

      Oh, I KNOW I'll like Poldark. I am already in love with it after having only seen the first episode, so I cannot wait to dive into the rest.

      Yes, driving is so much fun! (Especially with country music -- hey, I don't think I knew you liked country music! *high-five*) ...Except for parking. Parking is the bane of my existence.

      Alright, I love your college advice. That is totally a solid, workable plan. I shall do just that. The University of Mary Washington sounds extremely interesting! Maybe I should look into that? (As of right now I'm basically looking at schools in Virginia with cool I guess your advice isn't that far from the truth, haha.) My dream is to go to William & Mary, because I LOVE Williamsburg so much. But...I dunno. We'll see. ;-P

      My sister looked it up too, and that was about all she got. Something about transformers? Anyway, I still think it's super hilarious.

      Ah, thanks! Oh, that would be so very lovely. We really should sometime. :-)

    2. That may have been my longest comment ever; I scrolled all the way through and gasped at its length!
      I have slowly been getting into country music, and partly since I heard you liked it so much! I've definitely become a Josh Turner fan; I even saw him perform at a Fourth of July concert in North Carolina.
      Ohmygoodness would it be so incredibly cool or what if we went to the same college?? Yes, by all means, consider it! :) I went there on a college tour last summer and all the buildings and paths were brick, and Fredericksburg is wonderful! I also went to see William and Mary, which was of course incredible. Marble floors and gilding and whatnot. I seriously wanted to go to William and Mary for the longest time, but it's been harder to wish for after I found out that out-of-state tuition is upwards of 60,000 a year, and you have to be practically a genius to get in. I will be satisfied if I wait until after college to live in Williamsburg for the rest of my life! ;)

    3. Wait -- you've seen Josh Turner LIVE? That is amazing!!!

      Yeah, that's why I say William & Mary is my "dream"....because I don't have that kind of dough, and I'm really not a genius so the chances are very slim. ;-P But I still want to go to school in Virginia. Oh my, hat would be incredibly cool if we went to the same college!! I'm going to look up Mary Washington. You never know, it could happen. ;-)

  4. Pollldarrrk! :D Oh i got a new email (the other one is inactive although I forgot to tell you so SORRY!!! *hugs) rotten luck you're ill.. :(

  5. Well, apparently you being ill hasn't affected your writing-entertaining-blog-post-skills. (But pooor you. Not being able to eat cookies. That's terribly sad.)

    And hey, hey, the header. *thumbs up as usual* Please watch Poldark now, I want to know if it really is THAT good. :-D (Also you must teach me how you get that cool effect in the letters, 'A Lantern in her Hand.')

    All the awkies things in thy life. Ha.

    ~ Naomi

    1. Actually I'm beginning to think I write better blog posts when I'm sick. That's the only good thing about being sick. (Oh, and the Cary Grant movies.) (Speaking of which, we watched Bringing Up Baby last night and it was HYSTERICAL.)

      Why thanks! I am quite certain that after I watch it I will be constantly impressing upon you how good it is. (As for the header, 'tis quite simple really. I'll tell you sometime if you really want to know.)

      Yes, I know. Why do these things happen to me.

  6. Of course I love crying over fictional characters! (I'm a bookworm-it's in the job description.) Your sick day sounds surprisingly nice.

    1. Haha -- yes, it most certainly is in the job description. Well, I guess part of it was nice! There are a few good things about being sick.

  7. I LOVE these kind of posts, Emma! They're absolutely delightful! And they make me feel happy inside. :D

    What do I do when I'm sick? Hmmm...I haven't been seriously sick for awhile so I'm not quite sure. Probably read or take naps. :P Do I cry over fictional characters? ABSOLUTELY! That's the best part of getting involved in a story--being able to feel for the characters! Granted, it does cause a lot of heartache sometimes, but it's a good kind of heartache. ;)

    Your header is lovely! I like it!! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Oh, good! I'm glad I brought some happy into your day. :-) Crying over fictional characters is good for the soul. It's a good kind of heartache, even if it does make you moan and sigh dramatically at random moments throughout the day and cause your family to give you weird looks.

      Thanks! I like it too!

  8. uuurrrgh! The computer refreshed on me..lets' see, where was I?! oh yeah..I'm sooo sorry that you're sick! It is literally the worst thing about spring. :P (and the first thing I noticed was your new banner and everything in me melted..) I laughed so hard over the bat!! What did you end up doing?! lol I really want to watch The Hatfields & McCoys now!! I'm guessing though, that it is pretty near impossible to find a copy of it.. *sniff*

    oh gosh. Parking!!! I used to hhhhaaattte the thought of it, but now I actually like it.. not big parking lots though. Like Walmart or something, it's literally like being in outerspace with meteorites coming out of nowhere (aka cars)... yeeah. And YESS! long emails rock ;)

    I LOVE MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE!!!!!!! that's all I can say, or else I'll end up fangirling beyond belief..

    You need to watch Poldark..soon. ;)

    okay.. I'm done now. :P Splendid post, Emma! This sickness makes you extra fun. ;)

    1. (Haha. Dontcha hate when that happens? Silly computers.)

      I know, it really is. I'm thinking what I've got now is actually something allergy-related, which just figures. (I am the Queen of Seasonal Allergies, to my own sorrow.) I'm glad you like the header! I thought you would.

      Ah yes, the bat....well, we had it trapped under a bowl and then slid a thin cookie sheet underneath to seal it, then carried it outside and let it go. It was all very high drama.

      Oh boy. The Hatfields and McCoys is brutal. ;-P But if you're a really die-hard history/western fan, it's incredible. I couldn't find it for the longest time either, so we finally just had to buy it. 'Twas worth it though!

      I find it muuuuuch easier to park in big parking lots! Because then I'm not so scared of backing up and hitting another car -- I drive a really long car so this can be a problem. Someday I want to drive a little Ford Ranger truck. ;-)

      Really?!? You've seen it? Isn't it darling!?! CARY GRANT IS SO WONDERFUL. I just watched Bringing Up Baby last night and I'm still laughing over the absurdity of it.

      Thanks, Julia! Haha, well, I'm glad to hear that. ;-)

  9. I kind of loved this post a lot :D (Who am I kidding, though; I love all your posts.)

    I wish I knew THatM; I know how it is when you're perishing for someone to sob with but nobody's available. It stinks :P

    *gasp* You're looking at colleges in Virginia? Well *cough cough* Don't that spark interesting possibilities? ;)

    THAT PENNY SERENADE GIF. GAAAAHHH MY HEART. (Have you seen Penny Serenade? It's that one I was choking about a couple months back--it's simultaneously darling & humorous & heartbreaking.)

    But seriously. Cary Grant is bae ;D And oh! I see from the other comments that you watched Bringing Up Baby the other night? I love that one. "That is a masterpiece of understatement." ~ "I wonder if Mark means he eats dogs or is fond of them? Mark is so vague sometimes..." ~ "The riverbed's changed!"

    Oh, btw, did you ever watch The Philadelphia Story? You can tell me if you didn't like it. I will be mature, I promise ;-P

    I love the new look! T'is beautimous, as always :)

    Get better soon, dearie <3

    1. Olivia, I've got this feeling you would really be into the Hatfields and McCoys. I don't know why, I just do. ;-P

      YES! It certainly does spark possibilities...

      I remember you loved Penny Serenade! I haven't seen it yet, but it's at my house right now sitting on my tv, so with any luck I'll be seeing it soon. I did watch The Philadelphia Story a few months back, and I liked it. I don't know why, but Katherine Hepburn really annoys me, so I didn't love it, but Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were legendary. (My favorite part is when Mike comes to Dexter's house in the middle of the night and starts telling him the story, and then the phone rings and he's like, "Don't interrupt me!") ;-) Heehee. My favorite Cary Grant movie, though, is still My Favorite Wife. Sooooo funny.

      Thank you! I'm feeling much better today. :-)

  10. Hunter Hayes . . .

    *grins sheepishly*

    Rosie and I actually just got ourselves hooked on Hunter Hayes . . . thanks to you. And I DO really mean "thanks." Because he is a GIFT, peoples. That's all. :-)

    What's your favorite song? Mine's "Invisible" and "I Want Crazy."


      You mean it was MY fault? Yay, I'm honored. :-) My favorites so far are "Wanted" and "In a Song." I don't think I've heard "Invisible" yet, but I just listened to "I Want Crazy" and now I'm sort of in a puddle of happy fluttery feelings. ;-)

    2. Yeah, it was all your fault. *pouts* ;-)

      Oh, Emma, you MUST watch the music video for "Invisible." GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH IT'S JUST SO GOOD. It's an anti-bullying song, and I know this might sound a leetle weird, but I absolutely love it. He does such a great job and he's so sincere.

      "I Want Crazy" makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy too. Cuteness personified.

  11. Aw yes!! Another Cary Grant lover!! There are wayyy too few of us. ;)
    I actually just watched Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Twice. I LOVE it!! Soo glad to "meet" another Cary Grant fan!! :D
    Have you seen Arsenic and Old Lace?
    I hope you feel better soon! :)

    1. Megs, likewise! He's such a great actor. I haven't seen Arsenic and Old Lace yet, but it was one of the ones my mom brought home from the library so I hope to soon!

      I am feeling better, thank you. :-)

    2. It's kind of silly, and dumb, but I think it's hilarious. ;)

  12. I'm sorry you're sick. I was recently and felt like someone had stuffed gravel down my throat and torn the skin off my nose. If that wasn't rather gross it would be quite eloquent. ;)

    *gasps* HEY, I LIVE IN VA. I haven't decided for certain about college yet. I think I'll go to Liberty and get a fashion degree. *shrugs* Dunno.

    I haven't seen Poldark yet, but it keeps popping up everywhere.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

  13. I hate when I have to laugh in quiet spots. It's so hard not to laugh when you know you can't!!!
    Looking at colleges is like the coolest/most scary thing ever! And I'm living at home!!!
    CARY GRANT IS AMAZING!!! I love, love, love the Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, but Arsenic and Old Lace is probably his best. But you can't forget Charade but they're all awesome!!!!
    Arizona's curfew is 12 - 5 but that won't apply to me cuz I'm 18 now.... *grin*
    I looked up Decepticons and it looks like they're bad Transformers who like transform XD
    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Poldark!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  14. These posts are so fun to read! I especially love your "driving adventures". As for the stop sign..I've done that once or twice myself....:P haha
    My favorite recent driving story was when I drove myself, my brother, and my friend into town to go bike riding downtown. To fit all the bikes I had to drive our minivan (usually I drive our CRV) and it's a rather rickety old vehicle..haha. The brakes work fine and all that, but they have to be pressed harder than the CRV and so I may or may not have panicked for a moment when I touched the brake lightly and nothing happened. :P I felt very proud of myself for successfully driving the van though. haha!
    Cary Grant movies are the best!! Have you seen "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer"? It is quite possibly one of the FUNNIEST movies I've ever seen. I highly recommend it!!

  15. I'm so amused. So very, very amused.
    When I came back from holidays, I typed in your blog, and before it loaded, my train of thought was something along these lines:
    "I wonder if she's posted something since then? Yes, I'm sure she has. She normally has a pattern of posting. I'd say she's posted twice. I bet one of them is an Awkward and Awesome."
    *glances at the post title* *sees it's an Awk and Awe* *smiles at self*

    Aww, poor Emma. I hope you're feeling much better now. :)

    That first awkward. OH MY GOODNESS YES. I can think of so many occasions where my friends tease me like that - it's often a very serious occasion where laughing would be deemed inappropriate, but they whisper something SO hilarious, or give me a look or sign, and I have SUCH a TERRIBLE struggle to keep it all in. (That used to happen a lot during Sunday School. I'd hate to think my friends and I were rebels, but they made such funny comments during the singing that I had to choke down my laughter while attempting to sing (which never worked) and it ended up sounding somewhere between laughing, choking and singing. Not a pretty sound.)

    Haha, I was a bit worried at first when you said you broke a few limbs while climbing the tree. :P (Glad you specified.) I have that happen sometimes. But I still do it anyway, and look positively ridiculous, I have no doubt.

    Oh, I wouldn't dream of thinking about colleges. They're not for me.

    Wow... I really need to get me a Cary Grant movie. (I have "To Kill a Mockingbird" booked in from the library, so I am hoping Gregory Peck may be able to substitute for Cary Grant. Going by looks, I think yes. :D)

    Oh my gosh - YES! When you're actually INTERESTED in the history, that you read more about in on your own free will. That IS something to be celebrated.

    I shall have to listen to Hunter Hayes sometime. I can't right now, as my Mum is in the same room as me, on the other computer, listening to a recording of some homeschooling interview thing. It's very LOUD. (As a matter of fact, I've got my little ear plugs in listening to loud pop, to drown it out. :P And I'm also eating my leftover Easter bunny, but that's beside the point.)

    Of course I like your new header. She's got pretty hair. :D

    What a silly question! Of COURSE I enjoy crying over fictional characters. How could you think otherwise?

    Since I've got a tradition of adding my own Awkwards and Awesomes, and I've got a little pile, I couldn't resist adding my own. :D
    -When earlier this week, when I was getting into bed (with all the lights out and everyone else asleep), I heard a blood curdling scream in the dead of night. Naturally, I froze in terror and my brain thought of every possible scary thing it could think of. Then it came again. My brain clicked. It was a calf anxiously calling for it's mother. :P
    -When your Sunday school teacher (/brother) tells you the exercises are easy... but you still can't guess them.
    -When (yesterday, actually) Mum came home from grocery shopping, and I was helping carrying things in. We were in a hurry, so I grabbed as much as I possibly could, got to the front door only to find it was closed. Yes, I did open it with my chin. Yes, it did feel ridiculous.
    -When you go to the city, all dressed up (which you hardly EVER do) and you meet your great Aunty, who is also dressed up, and you go to give her a nice hug... she blinks, looks down and announces that 'she's wet.' And THEN you realized you were holding your water bottle, and it's lid was unscrewed and water poured over her. *hides face in shame*
    -When you can recognize the library secretaries by their voices and way of talking, because you call up so much!
    -The fact that I now have a second cousin! :D
    -Getting all these great stories ideas... (even if I did get them in odd places.)
    -When friends or family ring up and say, "hey, can I come over?" (As in, RIGHT NOW.)

    There we go. I'm happy. :D
    ~Miss Meg

  16. YES! Go to college in Virginia! *I* live in Virginia! We could meet up and, I don't know, watch a western. Better yet, go to college Near Where I Live, and you can come over on weekends and we can pretend you're my niece and bake cookies and, I don't know, watch westerns?

    1. Oh my goodness! Are you serious?! That sounds like SO much fun! (You'd have to show me The Magnificent Seven, I'd have to show you Lonesome Dove.) I heartily approve of the idea.


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