Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Laughter and Country Music // Awk & Awe {6}


Have I really done SIX awkward & awesome's?! Wow. Yesterday I was doodling around in my journal (a scary pastime, by the way) and voila, before I knew it, I had written an awk & awe post. I thought I'd share it will y'all today. :-)


     ~ getting blisters on my feet from walking several blocks without shoes...then getting more blisters from walking without socks in cowboy boots. *sigh* I CAN'T WIN.

     ~ driving to the chiropractor's office with my sister, getting there and finding a note on the door: CLOSED TUES. MARCH 8. Guess what day it was?

     ~ walking into youth group, plate in hand, eating dinner. Be assured this does not happen often. (And to quote William Wilberforce, "They all think I'm mad already," so there's not a whole lot left to do in the way of sullying my reputation. ;-P)

     ~ making dinner for my dad and my sister and me while mama was gone. This may not sound awkward to you -- it was. 

     ~ having songs from HAMILTON stuck in my head for literally DAYS and randomly starting in with bits of them at inappropriate times. (Word of advice: don't say the word "satisfied" around me if you wish to preserve your sanity.) Don't ask me how many times I rapped Philip's part in 'Take a Break' last Sunday. Just, don't even go there.


     ~ sitting on the kitchen counter eating popcorn, as I am doing this very minute!

     ~ playing with the kitties up at the horse barn where I take lessons

     ~ remembering how much I really love Christian fiction. It's like a rascally child; you want to beat the tar out of it sometimes, but in the end it's still yours and you still love it. ;-)

     ~ the fact that the thermometer reached 70 DEGREES last week! *goes wild*

     ~ writing journal entries in the bathtub...okay, maybe that was a little too much information...

     ~ singing along to Keith Urban and Dustin Lynch on the radio in the car as dusk falls (THIS SONG)

     ~ being able to do schoolwork with my sister, and laughing our way through the drudgery of everyday assignments. (Folks, if you've got a sister who can make you laugh even while you're reading The Scarlet Letter, you've got somp'in special.) Here's an exchange we had the other day while I was sitting in a chair reading and she was at the computer doing Spanish:

Sadie: *after doing badly on a lesson* "I can do better. I can do better than that."
 Me: "It's cause you've been distracted by looking at people's faces" (referring to Ioan Gruffudd -- she was listening to the King Arthur soundtrack)
Sadie: "Yeah, I've been looking at six-foot-tall stumbling blocks" (our expression for someone who's really good-looking)
Sadie: "Actually, five-foot-eleven stumbling blocks...."

     ~ re-watching one of my favorite Waltons episodes, The Journey. *happy sigh* You know, the one where John-boy gives up going to the dance to take his elderly neighbor to the seaside for her wedding anniversary. John-boy, all the extremely high expectations of men I have, you gave me. If I never find one good enough it's your fault.

     ~ catching Naomi in the chatbox at unexpected moments throughout the day ;-)

     ~ eating apple crisp in the dark kitchen after 10 o'clock with Sadie (Some things you just don't ask about.)

     ~ finding the first violets in the woods, pushing their way up out of the ground! I LOVE violets so terribly much. I don't even know why. I think it has something to do with Archie Kennedy. (Again, don't ask.)

     ~ bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter over I don't even know what

Spring is coming!!!

     Honestly, I have been laughing so much in the past few days...and most of the time I don't even know why. I've just got a joy overflowing inside of me. The joy of springtime, the joy of my family, the joy of stories, the joy of God's grace and goodness. That's a little of the craziness that's been going on with me lately. What's been awkward and awesome in your life? (Or do I want to know...)



  1. I love that episode of The Waltons. :)

    1. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever? *sigh* One of the many, many reasons why I love John-boy is how he so often sacrifices his own interests to do something important for someone else.

  2. AwkAwe posts of yours are always lovely. :-) It's 'voila', not 'viola.' Viola is an instrument. (Yes, that's what I'm here for. To teach thee French. I'm sure you knew that, though, and that it was merely a typo.)

    Ugh, feet blisters are the worst. :-(
    I still can't believe you write posts on the kitchen counter. I want to sit on your kitchen counter now. ;-P AND WRITING IN THE BATHTUB? Sounds more like something that should be listed under the awkward category to me, ha. :-P Seriously, though I once tried to read in the bath, but just gave up once and for all. Everything gets wet.

    You and Sadie are bonkers. I love you guys.

    ~ Naomi

    1. Why, thanks. I'm pleased you think so. :-) Oh, and thank you for correcting me -- I actually *didn't* realize how it was supposed to be spelled. (Though that makes much more sense, because viola is an instrument, and it's also the name of June Darling's great-aunt.) ;-P

      You WILL sit on my kitchen counter. We will sit on it together and write blog posts and eat scottish shortbread and giggle our heads off. :-D

      Hey, writing in the bathtub isn't that weird. I do it surprisingly often. That's why I like taking baths -- you can write, whereas you can't write in the shower (at least, I haven't tried it, and I have no plans to.) I once did drop a book into the water, though. It was All Things New. The cover still has water creases.

      We actually are, to be honest. It's kind of scary. ;-P



  3. I love these posts! Mayhap I will try one someday? (Only if you don't mind, of course!)
    Haha, I trying to figure out if you were playing viola or doodling on your viola before I realized that is was voila! :) Sometimes I wonder about myself...
    I love that reference to Amazing Grace. Highly useful!
    Horseback riding lessons? And kittens? Sounds lovely! :)
    And yes, it reached 70 degrees here too! But now there's a slight chance of snow and it's very dreary this week...:P
    I think I will be as happy as you, just as soon as school lets out for Easter break next week! Then I'm sure I'll do many awkward and awesome things. Right now I'm stuck in school all day and distract myself from homework on Pinterest every night!

    1. Abby, I'd love to see your Awk&Awe post! Of course I don't mind -- I got the idea from someone else, who got it from someone else, and so it goes.

      Haha, yes. Naomi has corrected me. Now I know how to spell it.

      The weather has been SO luscious! There was a warning of snow for tomorrow, but I am choosing not to believe it. Today has been crazy though -- sun one minute, then rain, then rain AND sun, then hail...

      Hooray for Easter break! :-)

  4. Ahhh! This post. What can I say? Such a delight!

    Haha! Showing up to the chiropractor's office when it was closed. Oh, poor Emma. :/ And the youth group bit. "They all think I'm mad already..." Hahaha! You're hilarious!

    Sitting on the counter eating popcorn, playing with kittens, warm spring days!!! Gahh! It sounds wonderful! Oh and I LOVED your conversation with Sadie! That was great! :D Crazy conversations between siblings are THE BEST!

    Aww. John Boy sounds so sweet. I really need to watch that show sometime. "John-boy, all the extremely high expectations of men I have, you gave me. If I never find one good enough it's your fault." Haha. That made me smile. And I sincerely hope you will find one that's good enough someday, Emma. Whoever he is, he's going be a very lucky man for finding you, that's for sure. :)

    Ahh! The ending paragraph to this post! SO good! Your joy is definitely contagious!! :D Thanks for the bit of sunshine, Emma!

    1. I'm so glad it was a delight!

      Yes, sometimes I have terrible luck. ;-P Today I went to the bookstore, only to find that IT was closed. (Maybe it's something to do with me...? They see me coming and they close up.)

      I agree, crazy conversations with siblings are the best. Sadie and I had a very weird conversation about the placement of Parker Stevenson's eyes last night that sort of reprised itself this morning. Sometimes I really don't know what we're thinking.

      You've never watched The Waltons!!? Oh that's right, I think you've mentioned that before. Well, you MUST remedy that! Watching The Waltons has prepared me for adulthood more than anything else. And John-boy...well, I'm going to marry him. ;-P Oh my goodness! You are so sweet. Thank you so much for saying that, Miss March -- it brightened my whole day. :-)

    2. Oh dear. The bookstore closed on you, too? Now that's just wrong! A bookstore can't close on Emma! That's positively unfair. ;)

      Haha! It sounds like you and Sadie have a lot of fun together! :)

      Actually, I have seen The Waltons before, but only a few episodes...and that was a long time ago so I don't really remember what the characters were like. Haha. John-Boy's spoken for already? Oh, bother. He's probably the kind of guy I would like. :P

      Aww. Really? Well, then I guess we both brightened each other's day! :D

      ~Miss March

  5. Random posts are always fun and Awk + Awe are some of the neatest; I think it must be how much they ring of daily life. :)

    Playing with kittens is so refreshing, I've never really done it at an actual barn (there isn't any barn anywhere in my life, which is rather sad. :(, someday perhaps!) I'm so happy that you have the chance to take riding lessons! How are they going?

    Hey, journal entries in the bathtub, aren't that strange, I've had some of my best ideas that way. :)

    I love studying with my sisters, you're right that it makes studying SO MUCH more enjoyable and almost easy in a way, but not quite. :)

    Your conversation with Sadie *inwardly laughs very heartily*

    I love what you said about all the joys, Emma. It is truly very uplifting indeed. Thank you!

    1. Eowyn, I've always thought so too, reading them on other people's blogs. Real life is just so awkward and awesome, every day.

      Playing with kittens is one of the sweetest simple joys in the world, I think. ;-) Oh, I hope you can have a barn in your life someday! They really are grand. Riding lessons are going very well! I'm so glad it's getting warmer, so I can ride more often.

      Right? That's what I think. Write wherever you can, is my philosophy. ;-P

      You're welcome! Thanks so much for your comment!

  6. YAAAYYYY!!! :D I think you've almost filled up all my requests from the survey! ;) I love these posts of yours. (Prepare for a long comment!)
    I do that too - writing awkward + awesome's in my journal, when I'm just 'doodling around'. ;)
    I don't really have time to go through every one... but I enjoyed ALL OF THEM!! :D
    I'm pretty sure I giggled out loud when I read the quote with William Wilberforce "They all think I'm mad already"... haha! Yup, I can relate to that feeling. ;)
    Very well, I shall not say the word 'satisfied'. (Oh, whoops...)
    WHAT?! You're making me REALLY want to be able to sit on our kitchen bench and eat popcorn. :P (I really can NOT see my self doing that here... haha. I'd get MANY strangle looks.)
    Aww, I love playing with kitties!
    70 degrees? My dear girl, that's what our minimums are here. ;) (And that's after it's cooled down! Ha!) Juuust teasing... ;P
    Goodness, I second Naomi - isn't writing in the bathtub better labeled under awkward? :P I've tried reading ONCE in the bath, but I was too terrified of wetting the book that I stopped. Besides, there's always SOMEONE waiting to use the bathroom when you're in there...
    Wow! I'd never heard that Keith Urban song! It's beautiful... (and singing to it at sunset... *blissful sigh*) I'm proud to think he's an Australian. ;D (He actually grew up where my family used to live years ago!)
    Oh, I always wish I had someone to giggle with over school... I do have my two younger siblings, but they don't tend to have the same humour as I do over those kinds of things... ;) Yours and Sadie's conversation sounds so funny! It actually sounds a lot like one me and my elder sisters have. I always know all this useless trivial information that they're shocked I know. ;D
    John-boy? What about Archie? ;)
    Wow, all the things you do with Sadie - it sounds like you two have SO much crazy fun! :D
    Archie and violets? *scratches head* Well, I guess they can both be similar to each other... I mean, they're both lovely. ;D
    I'm SO glad you're happy, Emma. :) I know how that feels! I always feel like that when spring is coming... at the moment, I'm more hopeful than joyful, but I really should try to be more cheerful. It certainly can't hurt. :)
    I'll have to spread this into two comment spaces, I think...

    1. Oh, good! I remembered someone had asked for an Awk&Awe....I wasn't sure if it was you. ;-P

      Okay, apparently it's really weird to sit on the kitchen counter. I never knew this before. I always thought it was normal.

      Yes, I know. ;-P But 70 degrees in March is something to celebrate about!!! Yesterday was gorgeous -- two of my cousins and I went out on a bike ride, our first of the season. The sunshine made my heart sing.

      You like Keith Urban too! *high-five* Oh, so he is Australian? My cousin keeps telling me he's British, but I didn't think so. Now it's settled. I'll have to tell her. And that's so cool you used to live where he grew up!

      Yes, but useless trivial information is so FUN. :-)

      Archie and John-boy are my Two -- I love them both about equally. I love Archie slightly more. But most of my ideals for a man, I got from John-boy, because he has so many traits I admire. Haha, the story about Archie and the violets is rather a long-winded one...perhaps I'll tell you in an email. ;-)

  7. I love lists, and I love writing these, so I thought I'd add my list! :D
    -Last week, I was shopping with my mum, and we were both walking down a shopping centre, when suddenly I heard someone grunting/squealing and making weird noises, so I looked up, and I saw a policeman pointing his finger exictedly at me. (#freakedout) I looked down, because he seemed to be pointing just below me, and it turns out I was just about to step on some huge sticky mess on the floor. Then I realized he was carrying a 'Warning: slipper floor' sign and embarrassed, walked to the other side of the shops. :P
    -The fact that we were going to our cousin's house for his birthday for dinner, and it was supposed to be a surprise, yet when we got there he was calmly sitting on a chair watching us come in, with a look the opposite of surprise.
    -When you sneeze JUST as you're parting your hair. Seriously, you should try it. It makes your hair look the worst it could possibly look. ;P
    -I went to get the road rules driving book to begin reading, and discovered that the latest one we got was made in 2008... O_O Slightly outdated, perhaps?
    -Less than two weeks ago, I was jumping with my youngest sister on the trampoline, and it ripped beneath me! I quickly caught myself in time, and thankfully didn't fall through... it only ripped on the side, but still, it was pretty scary! :P
    -We got a new trampoline mat! ;D
    -The fact that I'll soon have a second cousin in less than a month! :D
    -When the library has most of the books blogging friends recommend! (It has most of the books you recommended in your last few posts, and I also happened to get a letter in the mail today, saying they had the DVD "The Book Thief" waiting for me... although, I DID wait 4 months for that one. >.<)
    -Realizing you know a song off by heart, that you didn't know you actually knew! (Ha, that's ONE way to put it...)
    -Seeing first hand God open doors that I never thought would open. It's amazing, what's going on in my life... things I didn't dare to dream of 5 years ago, are happening - it's such a wonderful feeling!
    -Getting my hair cut short today! I told my Mum I wanted a trim, but then I decided I would like her to cut some more off. So she cut off a little short of 2 inches. It's just down to my shoulders, and it's so light and silky feeling now. :D
    I loved this post. It was JUST what I needed. Thank you. :)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thanks for sharing some of your awkward and awesome's! I quite enjoyed reading them. :-) Ha! Okay, I will never try to part my hair if I feel a sneeze coming on. I have never done that, but it sounds terrible. And I have never ripped a trampoline, but I have been on a swing when it broke, so I can imagine the feeling.

      Isn't it so wonderful when the most unexpected of your dreams come true?! God is SO amazing. I am so, so grateful too -- especially right now, because my very dearest of dreams is about to happen!

      Thank YOU for commenting! It was just what I needed. :-)


  8. Ohhh, this post is so great but my favorite part is undoubtedly the conversation with your sister about six-foot-tall-no-wait-five-foot-eleven-stumbling blocks. It made me laugh aloud! :D

    1. Haha. I thought it was funny too. ;-D Sadie and I have been fans of Ioan Gruffudd for years, so the trivia we've accumulated over that time is a little staggering.

  9. Teehee AwkAwe posts are THE BEST. :D

    We just hit 70 degrees too!! I'm EXCITED!
    But the stupid weatherman says that it's going to SNOW ON SUNDAY. Like, SAY WHAT?! But anyways. I think this is Indian Spring right now, whatever people call it. Enjoying the 70deg weather before it STARTS SNOWING.

    1. I'm excited too!! :-) Yeah, they said it would snow here too....I'm not believing it. It CANNOT. I must have a sunny Easter.

  10. I loved this post. The end :)


  11. Basically my entire life is awkwardly rapping Hamilton songs


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