Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter {2016}

     Easter was so much fun this year.

     I always love this time of year -- the beginnings of warm weather, the VIOLETS, the birds waking up to sing their springtime songs. But Easter isn't really my favorite holiday. Which doesn't really sound like a very good thing to say, does it? Especially for a Believer! ;-P Of course it's a time to remember the sacrifice God gave for us, and rejoice in the hope we have through what Jesus did on the cross. That's the part I love about it -- the hopefulness. The deep-down gratitude I feel. The enduring joy. So what's wrong with me? Well, Easter also means doing my part in the music for our service at church, which isn't exactly my favorite thing to do...and it means getting together for the whole afternoon with my family, which can, admittedly, be exhausting sometimes. I'm not saying I don't like it -- I just don't love it. I'm beginning to see that I'm not much of a holiday person.

     BUT this year Easter was wonderful. I wasn't sick (which is worth noting because I have been for the past three years or so), it was a GORGEOUSLY sunny day (which is also worth noting because last year it snowed), I somehow didn't feel peopled-out after being at church for five hours (which in itself is a MIRACLE), and I was able to spend the beautiful warm afternoon surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world, running around outside in bare feet and laughing with my sisters and cousins. It was truly glorious.

     And on top of all that, CHRIST IS RISEN! Alleluia!!! He is the reason we sing and laugh and love. :-)

    While we were at my cousin's house in the afternoon, I somehow got in the mood to take a bunch of pictures. My picture-taking habits are weird -- I'll go for weeks without taking a single picture, and then all of a sudden I get in a mood and I want to take a picture of everything. This happened Sunday afternoon, so I pulled out my camera and started snapping candids.

     First of my cousins' cat, Rascal (who is quite the little darling, I might add)....

Rascal contemplating life

Rascal contemplating how he can bust the window

Rascal contemplating what to do next.

     Me, Mary, and Sadie sitting on a roof. (Why yes, we do this all the time.)

     Don't you love my face in this one? I look so disgusted.

     Sadie and Henry on the four-wheeler

      Sadie, Mary, and I went on an adventure with the four-wheeler, into the deep dark unknown (to me) depths of the woods. We kind of ignored the Posted signs.

     Sadie: *looking at the sign* What does prosecuted mean?
     Me: It means you'll have to go to court.
     Sadie: Cool! I've always wanted to go to court!

      Round about five o'clock, after taking a wild four-wheeler rides through a literal briar patch and getting happily scratched up and deliciously mud-spattered (and kinda-sorta-almost lost....), we decided to play baseball. The only thing is, we all stink at baseball. I couldn't hit the ball worth beans...actually, I couldn't hit it at all. So Henry got out the tennis racket, and we played baseball Amish-style with tennis balls and rackets. It was dorky, but a whole heck of a lot more fun. ;-)

     Mary being awesome without even trying.

    Henry's posing.

      (I think he's posing here too.)

         (I'm not sure what he's doing now.)

          Mary, waving to a stranger in a pretty little blue truck.

     Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. :-)

     Mary's making a 'water-egg' -- the Easter version of a traditional water-balloon. Watch out.

     Washing the mud off the four-wheeler.

     ....but why would you want to wash the mud off your feet?

          After we'd ridden the four-wheeler (I even drove it! How cool am I?), had an egg hunt, played racket-ball, sprayed the hose around, talked about random and important things simultaneously, and thoroughly tired ourselves out, we said goodbye. The sun went down on a day crammed with fun -- one of the happiest Easters I can remember, one I will not soon forget.

     I hope you all had a splendid Easter too! :-)

P.S. I don't recommend eating an entire chocolate bunny in one sitting.


  1. Aww. It sounds like you had a delightful day! And I loved seeing all the pictures! Happy Easter, Emma! :D

    (A whole chocolate bunny in one sitting? Sounds exactly like something I would do! Haha!)

    1. I did, thanks! To you as well. :-)

      (Yeah. Not a good idea. I felt sick afterwards.)

  2. How fun! I understand how it can be hard to enjoy really wonderful holidays because of the extra work and stress of getting ready for them! My main one is Christmas, which is horrid to say because it sounds like I don't appreciate Christ's birth, which is not the case! I really enjoy Thanksgiving, that is my favorite holiday, Easter being very close! Glad you had such a nice day!

    1. SAME! You know what I'm talking about! Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday as well -- it's easy and cozy. ;-) But I do love Easter too, even though sometimes I don't *like* it (does that make any sense?)

      Thanks! I hope you did too. :-)

  3. Oh, your Easter sounds delightful! It snowed all Easter weekend by me, so that was not fun at all, plus there were no cousins this year. But it was still great to celebrate Christ's resurrection at church and with family. :)
    And I know what you mean with taking pictures! I can go weeks without taking any, and all of the sudden, the mood will hit! I love all the pictures you took; the landscape reminds me of home, and it looks like you had such a great time! I want to try that Amish style baseball; it sounds fun! :)
    Happy Easter!

    1. It was delightful! Oh dear, I'm sorry it had to snow -- I was so upset last year when it was all dark and dreary and snowy, so I know how you feel. :-P I'm glad it was still a happy celebration though.

      (I recommend playing baseball with rackets.)

  4. Awww, such fun!! Great pictures, too! Happy Easter!! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope you had a good Easter too. :-)

  5. Your house is gorgeous! "Rascal contemplating how to bust the window." I love it!

    1. Actually it's my cousin's house, but thanks. ;-P Yes, Rascal is adorable.

  6. LOL! I actually hate easter bunny chocolate. haha! Did you really eat the whole thing? ;) I love how you uploaded probably all of the photos you took. We got to be part of your easter! How fun!! I wish there were more photos with you in them ;) You're so pretty!!

    4-wheelers are AMMMAAAAZZZZING.

    1. Well....I ate the ears and head one day, and the whole rest of it the next, which still wasn't good. ;-P

      Haha, yes -- and it took a loooooooong time, so enjoy them! (I didn't upload absolutely all of them, because some of them I took of Henry he wouldn't have wanted anybody to see. :-P) There aren't many photos of me because I was the one behind the camera the whole time. Oh, thank you!!! You're so sweet. :-)

      I know, aren't they?! And I often get a chance to ride one, so when I do it's CRAZY FUN.

  7. Happy Easter, Emma!! I love the photos you took! It looks so beautiful and spring-y :-)

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I'm glad you like them. :-)

  8. *squeals*
    A PICTURE FILLED-TO-BURSTING POST! (How do you DO that? You just know exactly what I feel like reading. Thanks for reading my mind. I appreciate it.)

    I'm so glad you had a lovely Easter. Seriously, yours sounds cooler than mine. ;D I loved reading about yours. And all those pictures = the utmost splendidness. And I'm really glad you got into the mood of taking pictures. Because I like looking at pictures. ;D

    (Haha, you do look pretty disgusted in that photo. :P)

    AH COOL! You've got a four wheeler! (Or rather, your cousins do.) One of my friends that I've known for 10 years or more lives on an organic beetroot family her family runs (my eldest sister works there, actually, and my other sister is going to work there also this year!). Anyway, they have this really cool four wheeler (and it's BLUE :D) and I've ridden it before. They're SO fun. :) (I've only ridden it with at least one other person on there with me. Trying to squish three on there is a bit hard. And also, we don't wear helmets. :P)

    Haha! It's funny, for YEARS I confused the word 'prosecuted' with 'persecuted' so whenever I saw those signs... well, I'm sure you can imagine. ;P

    We are AWFUL at baseball too. We tried it once. We've actually got the kit, (or at least the gloves part :P)... maybe because my uncle is an American? Come to think of it, I'm not sure why.

    I laughed so hard at the 'Mary waving to a stranger in a pretty little blue truck'. *picture of pretty little blue truck* ;D

    Goodness me, Mary and Henry have such ROSY cheeks! (Maybe that sounds creepily weird... but I couldn't help noticing. ;) I don't see people with cheeks like that around here, haha! Probably because it's waayyy too hot. ;P) And also 'cause we all have such tanned skin.
    I really liked the picture of your saying goodbye to grandpa and grandma. I can relate to that picture well and truly. ;)

    Ah, I loved this. I was totally in there, with you. :) (And that part about throwing the hose around reminded me of a Christmas I had with my cousins in 2014. We were all wearing our good clothes, but somebody had bought a huge bottle of water balloons, so we used the water balloons until there were none left, got pretty wet, and then somebody (one of the boys, probably) had an idea of using the hose. So, pretty soon, we were using hoses, buckets (seriously, someone even used a WATERING CAN on me!) and anything we could get our hands on, to spray the water around. The yard was very small, and we all were rather soaked at the end of the day. Even though we were in our good clothes, none of us regretted it. That was SUCH a good Christmas, even though that was the one (and only) Christmas we didn't do presents. ;))

    I bought an Easter bunny on Tuesday, actually, 'cause there are always REALLY good sales afterwards. I ate the ears today. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Oh, and I forgot to mention - WE BROUGHT BELLE IN FROM THE LIBRARY TODAY!! Yaaay! And Something Special also came in the mail. ;D

    1. p.s. MISS MEG YOU GOT BELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Miss Meg, HAHA. You're welcome. I don't know how I do it sometimes. ;-P I'm glad you enjoyed looking through all my pictures.

      Four-wheelers are so much fun! Actually it doesn't belong to my cousins -- they have a neighbor who lets them borrow his. Oh, you confused those words TOO? I used to be so confused. Now I know what it means. ;-P Haha, I guess my cousins do have rosy cheeks.

      That sounds like so much fun! Playing with water is the best, especially with a bunch of loud and rowdy cousins. ;-)

      EEEEEEK YOU GOT BELLE!!! You will LOVE it. Just see if you don't. I'm excited for you!!

  9. Happy belated Easter! He is risen! :D

  10. Your photos are so joyful and fun-it looks like you had a wonderful time!!

    Are those mountains I see in the distance??? Your view is ah-mazing.

    Okay, I have to ask...who made that ADORABLE card in the second photo? It is soooo pretty and sweet and just...I love it. :)

    Thanks for sharing your Easter Day! :D

    1. Natalie, you're welcome! Thanks for your comment. :-) Um, they're not really mountains -- just hills. But yes, it is beautiful.

      Heehee. That card was sent to me by a very dear girl who is terribly creative -- Naomi. :-)

    2. You noticed my card, Natalie! Thanks! :-)

    3. Ah, well, hills are still beautiful!

      I wondered if it was Naomi's handiwork, but I wasn't sure. :) And Naomi, you are welcome! It is so lovely!


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