Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thoughts From Sadie's Bed

I'm really not big on all those staged pictures of random girls looking off into the distance, but this one kinda captures the feel of afternoon sunlight & plus it's really pretty 
   Would you like to know what I'm doing right now?

     I'm sitting on my sister's top bunk in our bedroom, drinking in the late afternoon sunlight sloshing in the window and dangling bare feet over the edge of the bed. I sit up here a lot. (No, Sadie doesn't mind.) This afternoon I came here with the full intention of conquering the Monster Known As Chapter Thirteen, but after I opened the tab and stared a few seconds at the words and they weren't shouting any inspiration at me, I decided I do what I sometimes do to unwind before settling down to write. I went over to Melissa Tagg's blog and clicked through her old posts, just basking in the comfort of the words. And then I decided to put on the October Sky soundtrack on, and then I thought, "Heck! Let's write a blog post!"
     The follow-up thought to that was -- "Wait, I don't have anything to write a blog post about."

     But then I thought, "I have tons of things to write a blog post about. How am I going to do this?"

     I didn't come up with any answer. But that doesn't stop me from jumping in anyway. ;-P So I thought I'd just call this Thoughts from Sadie's Bed -- because I am on Sadie's bed, and these are my thoughts.

  •      First of all, up there I mentioned the movie October Sky? *NEW FAVORITE MOVIE ALERT* A few weeks ago I was listening to music on Youtube, and the soundtrack for this movie randomly popped up on autoplay. I listened to it, and it was gorgeous. So then I watched the movie with my dad the other night, and now I'm sort of in love with all four of these fellas.

     (Especially the one on the right. I'm not sure why, but O'Dell is my favorite.)

     This is one of those nostalgic, cozy, wholesome 90's movies that will tug at your heart and make you cry for apparently no reason. (Okay, there was a reason. Homer was going down in the mineshaft! Any crying was perfectly justified! *wipes eyes*) I'm telling you, all the best movies were made in the 90's. (What is it about that decade?) This is such a good story. Suddenly I have this intense interest in rockets, and I want a poster of the Rocket Boys to put up on my bedroom wall. 

     Basically, watch this movie. It's sumpin' special.

  • While we're on the groove of movies....(by the way, my sister Sadie says that's all I talk about. She says inside my brain it's just movies movies movies. I would defend myself, but....)
     Y'all know I love westerns. Yes. (Everyone knows this.) Well, one western that I've been yearning to see for a long time now is Tombstone. For the longest time, my mother said, "No." After I watched The Homesman last winter and then Open Range in the summer, she thought it would be best to wait for awhile before letting any more gunfights ensue, lest I should become maimed in some way from all this violence. *evil laugh* But NOW that I'm seventeen, I'm allowed to watch Tombstone!

     Here's the thing: back in the days when I wasn't allowed to watch it, I'd see the DVD at the library, often gazing longingly at it. In fact I saw it at several different libraries. So I knew that as soon as I was allowed to see it, I could just rush right over the library and get it. Right? Well, wrong. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I turn seventeen, I can't find the DVD anywhere. None of the places I've seen it before. I went to one library where I was almost SURE I'd seen it before, and they said, "No, we don't have it." ??? Doesn't that just figure? Now that I'm actually allowed to watch it, Tombstone has dropped off the face of the earth.

    That's an exaggeration. ;-P My mother has finally secured a copy of it, but we had to get it from a library Far Away. I just thought it was funny -- well, after I was through with my temper tantrum over not being able to find it.

  • SPRING FEVER HAS HIT. I repeat, spring fever has hit. You know how I know? Because suddenly I'm feeling very crafty. I've been making things and cutting out pictures from magazines and getting the glue gun out almost every day, and I only do that when spring starts to come. (I'm serious.) Also, I impulsively listened to the Horatio Hornblower soundtrack on Youtube this morning. That put Sadie and I both in an undeniably springy mood.
I think I've been waiting for this gif all my life.
       An extremely rapturous and giggly spring mood. *ahem*

     The other sign of spring is that the butter in the butter dish is melting. And I went out to put a letter in the mailbox today and heard the birds singing. (Or maybe that was just in my imagination...?) Anyway. SPRING IS COMING.

  • Something amazing happened last week. I got my driver's license!!!!!
Grace & Cary - To Catch a Thief 1955:
...but unfortunately I have not had the extreme pleasure of driving Cary Grant around. YET.
          It still seems a little unreal, haha. ;-P After driving about nine months, almost hitting a tree, enduring an unsavory five-hour course in the company of a handful of delinquent teenagers, and navigating a nightmarish turn around a huge semi-truck onto a busy street during rush hour with the stiff tester grinding her teeth in the passenger seat, I have GOT MY LICENSE. It's a relief, and it's exciting....but also, now that I've actually got it, I feel overwhelmed. Because....responsibility. ;-P And now there is even further proof that I am on my way to becoming a grown-up person, and we don't know how well we like that yet. Oh well, I'll just take it one hop-skip at a time. :-) And for now, I can drive!!!

  • I keep thinking about spring, and summer, and green grass and blue skies and warbling birds and tangy breezes and bare feet. :-) Earlier today I was thinking of all the things I'm going to do this summer. Here are some of them.
      ~ sleep in the haymow in the barn
      ~ watch the sun come up from the deck
      ~ go swimming in the creek
      ~ go walking barefoot at night
      ~ spend hours writing on the bridge
      ~ make daisy chains and violet chains to wear in my hair
      ~ drive places with my sister :-)
      ~ just generally do awesome things

friendship ↣⋇:

  • Sadie and I were talking last night about the first chapter books we read. The conversation started something like this:
     Sadie: "Hey Emma? What was my first favorite chapter book?"
     Me: (without hesitation) "Six Silver Spoons."
     Sadie: "You KNEW!"

     Of COURSE I knew. She read that thing like five times in a row. ;-P So then we talked about the first chapter books we read -- how much we loved the Hidden Diary series -- how I used to have such a hard time finding books that I actually liked (heehee) -- and how Lynn Austin's Candle in the Darkness was the book that changed my life. And I remembered what my very first favorite book was: an old paperback we used to have on the shelf in my parent's bedroom, called Magic Elizabeth. I haven't thought about it in years, but oh, how I loved that book.

Jo March, Little Women | 22 Strong Female Characters In Literature We All Wanted To Be:

  • Lately I've realized that I'm much more like Jo March than I ever thought before. I'm actually a lot like her. We both have these huge dreams for the future, but then when it comes to actually growing up....we're scared. We don't want things to change. We want the people we love to remain around us, and always care about us, and never leave. We can't help being hurt when they do leave us to go live their own lives -- but soon enough, we'll have to strike out on our own adventures.
      I've never been the one who welcomes change easily. I usually fight against it, to be honest. And now as I'm getting older and having to embrace changes more it's getting harder, because I still don't like it any more than I did. Sometimes getting older stinks, honestly. ;-P (Wow, and I'm only seventeen. This is depressing.) Maybe I'm just feeling a little blue about it because I've been surrounded by teenage drama this past week. Maybe I'll learn to cope better soon. And maybe, growing up won't be so bad after all, once I learn how to handle it. Maybe I'll flourish, just like Jo does. I hope so. :-)

Lady Mary and Henry Talbot in the Downton Abbey Season 5 Christmas Special:
      Well, I AM. One night my mother decided she couldn't stand the suspense of waiting any longer and did a very impulsive thing and went out and bought it. ;-P We've been trying to make it last, and not gobbling it all up at once (which is the natural instinct). Ohhhhhhhh. No matter what happens, no matter who dies, I still love this show.  It's true, it's not the same as it once was -- but that's the whole point, life goes on, and things change. (Weren't we just talking about that?) I'll still love my first and second seasons the bestest, of course. But we're still cooking. The drama goes on. :-) And I'm loving every minute of it.

     Those are just some of the things tumbling around in my mind and in my world. And now I really do need to be writing, so I will bid you all goodbye. :-)

     *clicks 'publish' without even reading back through post to check for errors*


  1. I totally agree with every single thing you said about Jo March, I am scarily like her too (even the temper) and I'm looking forward to seeing what uni brings. Ha funny tale actually.. well it might not be that funny but oh well. My head of english before I graduated called me to her office and presented me with an umbrella and a card inside "dear ev/Jo may your love of literature continue to burn brightly for a long time yet. Much love and don't go sharing this umbrella with the wrong person, wait for your professor (even if he is 15 years older than you) love Natasha (Dr M) xx" basically we looked at each other and laughed. So far I have met someone very much like Laurie and there is a couple of older students in our English/Writing course :-D
    Anyways that's what's up with me!
    Hope you're well! We've been marathoning NE too!

    1. Haha! That's awesome! She must be a pretty cool English teacher. :-) Thanks! I hope things are looking bright for you at university.

    2. Really?! :D Yes yes she is! and she's only 5ft so we're all taller than her by a mile but Tasha is seriously dry witted funny and very much like.. hmm.. Meg from Little Women my old English teacher and also our deputy principal is so like miss stacey she signs off as that and calls me Anne when I go dreamy and Diana when I'm not (yeah we have a weird school :P) No worries! Yes they are thanks for the well wishes!

  2. I checked your blog this morning and it was still the same 'Brooklyn' one. Then I was bored this afternoon so I checked it again and to my surprise, there was new one! YAY! :D
    THAT GIRL'S DRESS IN THE PICTURE. :O CAN I HAVE IT?!! That looks like my dream kind of dress! Wow...it's SO pretty!
    Oh, you linked to Melissa Tagg's blog...haha. ;) Actually, I was just reading a few of her posts (thanks for the link!) and yeah...I can REALLY see why you like her writing. She writes very well - it just makes you want to keep reading, and she writes as though she understands you, and she makes exceptionally good points. Very encouraging. :)
    I haven't listened to the October Sky soundtrack, 'cause I'm suppose to be in bed and I'm trying to hurry. ;) I'll probably listen to it tomorrow! (Well, if my conscience will allow...Naomi made up this Monthly Challenge about not watching videos and man, does it kill me. ;P)
    "So I thought I'd just call this Thoughts from Sadie's Bed -- because I am on Sadie's bed, and these are my thoughts." HAHAHA. ;D
    Oh, I've never heard of October Sky! It looks really cool. :D
    Ah, Tombstone! I remember my parents talking about that movie last year... hehe. I know next to nothing about it. ;)
    YES! Just YES! I have that ALLL the time! Or I'll go to all this effort to get a movie from the library, and wait and wait and wait for it, and finally see it...and then the next time I go to the library, it's there. Just sitting there. That's happened SO many times it's not even FUNNY! :P
    OH MY HEART I THINK IT JUST STOPPED.....ARCHIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! <3 <3 <3 *sits there and stares at the screen with a dumb smile on my face for several minutes* (EMMA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME.)
    HAHA. Cary Grant. ;P
    Goodness, by the description of your driving test, I'm slightly panicking about how I'll manage mine. :P But never mind, that's two years away yet...
    Haha...well, tell me once you think you've become a grown up. ;P
    Also, THAT PICTURE OF THE TWO GIRLS IS SSSSOOOOO PRETTY!!! *faints from exhaustion of all this excitement*
    You know, I've lately begun to realize how I'm a lot more like Jo March than I used to think, too. :P (How terrible of me - and here I am, masquerading around as MEG March! Dear me! :P Well, I think I'm still more like Meg than Jo, though...) I just feel so much more awkward like Jo is, haha, and I like writing like she does (although Meg likes writing too, and she even writes poems in the book! :D) and I get scared of changes too, I want my life to always be the same, and always have the same people in it, like Jo did. But I'm learning to let go, just as Jo did, too. ;) (Oh wow, I just realized I basically re-stated what you said. :P)
    Oh, Downtown! ;) Matthew isn't in that one. I don't think I'd want to watch that one. :P
    *gasps in horror to think Emma didn't double check her post* ;P (That's CONFIDENCE right there. I have to check my comments alone about three times before I publish them, haha. Obviously I'm not confident? :P)
    And I'm off to bed! (Which probably sounds weird to you...hehe. I've already had your-day-that-you're-still-having. Weird, huh?)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Ah, well I remember the days of not being on blogger and having to check my favorite blogs individually every day. Those were good times. :-) Oooh! I'm glad I surprised you.

      Yeah, Melissa Tagg is pretty much my role model right now. :-) Yesterday I was scouring all her old posts -- it's relaxing and motivating at the same time.

      OH! I don't consider listening to soundtracks on youtube as 'watching videos' -- otherwise I'd go mad if I could only do that on Saturdays (I listen to soundtracks allllll the time). I'm trying to do Naomi's challenge too, but not with soundtracks. I don't think there would be any point. ;-P

      October Sky IS really cool. And yes, Tombstone!!! I can't WAIT to watch it. (Because I've been waiting for literally years for this to happen, though that may sound strange, haha). Ahhhh, I know, the library system can be quite frustrating sometimes. BUT then I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by libraries, because some people don't, and THAT would be a terrible tragedy. I love my libraries, even though they annoy me sometimes. ;-)

      EMBRACE IT, MEG. :-) Like I mentioned, Sadie and I were listening to Hornblower music off youtube, and the videos were taken straight from the movies so there were some voices recorded on there too....and when Archie shouted, "JUMP! YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT!"....well, I 'bout passed out. ;-P *sigh* This happens EVERY spring....

      Oh, don't panic -- the driving test wasn't that bad. (And it only lasted about ten minutes). I'm sure you'll do FINE when your turn comes. :-)

      Haha. I do usually read over my posts before publishing them, but I didn't with this one because it took me kind of a long time to write it and I didn't really care that much, since I knew it was going to sound a little discombobulated anyway. ;-P Thankfully there wasn't anything too shocking that I missed!

      You're living in the future! That's still weird to imagine. ;-P So, how was today?


    2. Well, I was hesitant to listen to the soundtrack because I'd already watched a few other videos that afternoon, and I didn't want to overdo it too much, haha. (I can make up plenty of good excuses if I have to. I am very good at convincing myself. ;P) I'm listening to it now... my, it's very FEELSY, isn't it? (It reminds me a tinsy bit of the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack. I don't why.)
      Yes, I love my library too, even though I sure as heck can get annoyed at it. :P (I booked in three movies last summer, over the phone, and said DVD as clearly as possibly, and lo and behold, when I go to pick them up, they're all books. HA. "But that's the POINT! I've already read the books, now I want to watch the MOVIE!")
      OH YESSSSS! I LOVE that part when they jump!! :D I love Bush's face when they do, haha. ("I CAN'T SWIM!!") :P Oh, you're making me want to watch them again! We own them, actually... maybe I should. :D But no, I want to watch Lark Rise too. ARH! I just want to watch them ALLLL!
      (Also, just noting, I just got up to the part where the October Sky turns into singing...haha, this is NOTHING like the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack. ;P)
      Okay, I'll try to stay calm when I take my driving test. (I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel, but if you have, for some reason Zoe's driving lessons come to mind. :P "Oh my gosh, there's A BEE!!!! *screams* *crashes*)
      'Discombobulated'. Haha. Only home schoolers use words like that. ;D If I didn't check my things, there'd be waaayyy too many flaws in them. I tend to type really quickly, and also make a few mistakes. :P
      I know, it's weird for me to imagine too... haha, well, at the moment I'm living tomorrow, right? ;P (Or maybe by the time you read it, it will be today.) Well, today's been quite nice. :D I finished my story for school, and I played a board game that my sisters just bought called 'Code names' and it's SUPER fun. How is yesterday? ;)

    3. Okay, I understand. ;-P I'm glad you listened to it though! YES, it's very feelsy. (Especially near the end. *sniffle*)

      Haha. That's really funny. Several years ago Sadie and I were trying to get the DVD of Great Expectations -- we specified which adaptation it was, from which year, but they still gave us a VHS copy of the really old version. ;-P I guess we all make mistakes! (Though library mistakes can be pretty funny.)

      OH MY GOODNESS THAT'S JUST ABOUT MY FAVORITE PART IN THE WHOLE SERIES. "It's only water, you won't break anything." "Really?" Sadie and I have this thing we do while watching the Hornblower movies where we put our hands over our hearts to gauge how fast they're beating. In that scene, my heart near about jumps out of my chest. (And then when they come back on the ship, and Wellard goes, "Well done, Mr. Kennedy!!!!" *flops*)

      HAHA. I know exactly what you're talking about. "You made -- BOOM BOOM -- me cry -- BOOM BOOM -- when you said -- BOOM BOOM -- goodbye..." It's fifties music. It's great. ;-P

      I've never seen The Pacifier (I kind of really don't like Vin Diesel, for some reason) but I have seen a trailer, so I know what you're talking about. ;-P

      I actually use the word discombobulated a lot. Huh. Maybe that's because I so often am....

      Yesterday is great! It's a gloomy, gray, romantic, Irish-tea-drinking morning and I'm sitting up on my sister's bed with a bunny. :-)

  3. Ach, how you described daydreaming of spring and summer and things to do therein. Yes, yes indeed ;)

    You got your license! Congrats! *sigh* SOON…

    I enjoyed hearing about what's been going on in your corner of the world, girl! :) (Oh, and btw, I just recently rewatched Far and Away with my parents, and HEAVENS ABOVE. Anywho. Just thought you should know ;D)

    1. Yes, these days in late February are usually when the dreaming-of-spring phase hits full-on. It's fun. :-)

      YES! Thank you! Heehee, we'll see how I do with it....

      YOU DID!!! (And you didn't wait for me?!) I'm glad you told me. :-) Ahhhhhhh. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you ever saw in all your livin' life?

    2. It totally is. Except for Shannon, of course ;D (Btw, this is random, but does anyone else just LOVE how they picked Joseph and Shannon for the names?!)

      The new look is beautimous :)

  4. Ooh, the October Sky soundtrack sounds nice! Guess I'm adding it to the to-watch list! :) And I've had that happen to me too, where you see something at the library, then you're finally ready for it, and poof! It's gone! But that's good you got it. I love inter-library loans. :)
    Gah, I should be crafting things too! :) I can't wait for spring!
    I HAVE to see Horatio Hornblower!!! I've seen, like, the first episode a long time ago, but I need to see more!
    Ahh! Congratulations! I got my licence last fall. Haha, "enduring a five hour unsavory course with delinquent teenagers". I had that experience too. :) And I had to quickly pass a semi with my driving teacher yelling at me...it was intense! But congratulations again, driving is fun! Plus you can sing in the car. :)
    I love Jo March, and always want to be like her. Her spirit and energy is amazing.
    Ah, season six! It's great, but at the same time I'm getting very vexed with a lot of characters. I think you'll see why. Especially Mary; it's just like "make up your mind already!"
    And I love that last picture. Spring and Little Women. :)

    1. Yes, you MUST watch Hornblower. Every person with a good appreciation for solid historical drama should watch Hornblower. :-) (Plus it's COMPLETELY AND WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. Heehee. My sister and I are literally the biggest Hornblower fans there are, to my knowledge.) ;-P

      Thank you! Yeah, the five-hour course was the worst part. ;-P Driving IS fun. I expect I'll be doing a lot of singing in the car.

      You're watching season 6 too! So far I'm not really vexed with anyone...no more than usual, anyway. ;-) Is it just me, or is Branson way too happy and smiley in this season? I mean, it's nice he's cheerful, he's just....so different from how he used to be. Right now I'm worried about Lord Grantham, and happy for Edith, and laughing over Spratt and Denker's hilarious arguments. ;-)

    2. ...we're only on Episode 3 here in Aus..

  5. The Hornblower gif though. :-P
    (Yeah. I love it passionately.)

    I loved this post. :-D
    October Sky sounds AWESOME. The soundtrack is beautiful, and I went to see the trailer and some scenes (yes, I'm failing so badly at my own challenge - oh the shame of this allllll) (but I HAVE been a good girl SOME days so hush) and it looks really good! Surprisingly so, even.
    Heh. Tombstone sounds terrible. Good luck.
    My advice is: If you don't think about growing up, it isn't too bad. I try not to analyse stuff too much - always when I DO, I get so upset and down-struck. So to avoid that, I just get along with it and try not to over-think on stuff like that. (Although I DO do it, but I don't think it's been too hard so far, growing up. (But I'm not driving yet, sooo.)))
    Ah MAN I used to NEVER find books I loved!!!! I always reread the same stuff at the library. There were two or three books I always reread - the library lady once said, 'You really like these, don't you?' :-P (I think I might be a library lady when I grow up. I've suddenly got the urge.)
    Magic Elizabeth sounds SO CUTE AND I WANT TO READ IT.
    (What on EARTH are first chapter books???? TELLME.)

    I love Jo. She and Scout are my two favourite literary tomboys. (We're talking about TKAM tonight, btw. Stay tuned.)


    ~ Naomi

    1. I basically replied to everything here yesterday, soooooo.....yeah. ;-P

  6. October Sky!! Love that move!!!! I watched it for the first time when I was about 8yrs... Jake Gyllenhaal's great. Have you seen Prince of Persia?
    Yeah, MOVIES are so awesome. It's like living someone else's life... Without having to move a muscle. ;)
    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    1. Yay! You've seen it too! Doesn't it just get you? ;-) Jake Gyllenhaal IS great. I did see part of Prince of Persia, but it was so long ago that it doesn't count, so this is pretty much the first movie I've seen him in. I love all the Rocket Boys. :-)

      Haha, exactly. And sometimes that's just what you need.

  7. I absolutely love reading your blog posts! They are so uplifting and make me excited for the things you're excited for. :)
    *adds movies and soundtracks to list of things I need to watch* They all look beautiful and ahhh that ship gif...
    Ugh yes, I recently visited the DMV and ugh. The "adolecants" are quite horrendous here too.
    Spring spring spring spring springgggg aw yes, you summed up the mood perfectly. =D
    Thank you again for the lovely post! You should write posts on Sadie's bed more often, haha. ;)

    1. Aww, why thank you! I'm glad they make you excited. Comments like your make me excited.

      SPRING!!!! Ahhhhh, yes. How will we wait?!

      Actually, I write a lot of my posts from Sadie's bed. It's my perch. (Right now I'm up there, with a bunny twitching its nose beside me.) ;-)

  8. Thanks for writing about the teenage/growing up thing, Emma. Things haven't been the easiest for me lately, and it's just nice to know you're not alone. Sometimes it helps to try not to think too much about how you're feeling. It's super hard to do that,though! But hey, teenage years aren't forever!! ( Right?????;))

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Rilla Blythe, it IS such a comfort to know that we're not alone! Things have definitely not been the easiest for me either, but I try not to worry. We'll get through this. :-) Yes, I think so too -- try not to stew over it too much, and just move on, and make sure to keep doing things that make you happy.

      But....yeah, I'm glad teenage years aren't forever. I am going to make one awesome forty-year-old, let me tell you.

  9. Loved your bit about the unsavoriness of drivers ed. You had me smiling at that part! BTW, I nominated you for the Happy Tag if you care to do it. Blessings, Lexi

  10. Good job getting your drivers' license!!!

    I need to watch October Sky too :-)

    1. Thanks! And yes, you do need to watch it. Take it from me. ;-)

  11. I am WAY more creative in spring and fall too -- crafting and writing both. I think it's because summer and winter are both kind of stagnant, but so much changes outside in spring and fall that it makes me want to change things too.

    1. That's a good way of putting it. I think that may be part of the reason. (The other reason is that I've been pretty much stuck inside our little house all winter and I NEED to do something creative. ;-)) And I LOVE the changes that take place in the spring and the fall -- the beautiful growth in the spring and the austere maturity of the autumn.

  12. I got my driver's license last summer! Taking the test was rather hard, I agree. Though yours sounds harder than mine. I just had to drive on a main stretch, take some winding roads, go through a neighborhood, get on and off the highway, and that was it.

    That picture at the top, by the way, is GORGEOUS. I love red and gold and cream. The sunlight looks almost edible, don't you know . . .

    I'd write more, but I'm really tired. I just wanted to let you know that this post made me very very happy :) Your posts always make me smile!

    1. The test itself -- that is, what I had to do -- wasn't that hard, but the tester lady was a bit scary. ;-P

      It DOES look edible, you're right!

      Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad you did take the time to comment. :-)

  13. Erm, I hate to break it to you, Emma, but Cary Grant is dead. :P
    But your caption actually that made me laugh aloud. CONGRATULATIONS! Getting your license is so exciting!! :D And haha, all the stuff about drivers ed-I relate and sympathize. :P

    Although...be grateful you passed your test the first time. -whispers- I had to take mine twice. -shameful face-

    Spring is exciting too. It's not coming yet for us (SNOW everywhere), but we had one very warm and fresh day that made me so happy. :)


    This was such a fun post. :)

    1. I know he's dead. I was living in a dream world for the moment. ;-P Thank you so much!!! I know, it's EXTREMELY exciting. (But it's so weird being in the car by myself now. It's like, what do I do? Who do I talk to?)

      Yeah, well it's not really come for us either...that is, the snow did melt yesterday, but it's still barely above freezing. BUT I AM HOPEFUL! It just feeeeeeels like spring, so I know it's coming. :-)

    2. Heehee. ;) That's okay. Dream worlds are sometimes the best!

      I know!!! Hahaha. It was so strange when I drove by myself the first time! It felt very insecure with only one person in the car. :P

      I hope it comes soon for both you and I! :D


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