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Seven Couples I Ship Like Crazy {now that I actually know what 'shipping' means}

This is such a beautiful movie!:

     It's Valentine's Day! Do you know what that means? Well, I guess for most people it means chocolates and roses and dates and lots of mushy-gushy, but for people like me who don't have a Significant Other, we get our romantic kicks from our favorite books and TV shows. (It's great to be single, isn't it???) 

     I'm kind of kidding -- you don't have to have a Significant Other to love Valentine's Day. ;-P It's a day to celebrate love; real love, true love, steadfast love, in all its forms. Love doesn't have to come in a six-foot-tall dark-haired package that looks like Tom Cruise. Love can be from your parents, or your friends, or your cat. (That's the single life right there.) In the first place, love is from God; He loved us first, before anything, and that's the only reason why we can love and be loved by others around us.

    (Wow. A lot of love going on here.)

    ANYWAY. As is my custom on The Blog, I'm writing a post for Valentine's Day. (You're reading it right now, in fact.) If you're on the internet at all (particularly Pinterest, which is where all the loonies hang out) you've heard the term 'shipping'. You probably know what it means, too. It means "to root for two characters to get together", as in relationship. Yes, you're nodding your head. Everyone knows this. Well, for the longest time I didn't. Shipping? What the hayseed? Gradually I picked up on the whole concept, and began to understand it. Finally, someone has given a name to to what my whole life revolves around! (That's only a slight exaggeration.) Because I've always been a shipper, even when I didn't know what it meant. I've always rooted for my favorite characters to get together and live happily ever after. It's just what I DO.

     So, it being Valentine's Day, therefore I have a worthy excuse to bombard you with several Enthusiastic Exclamations on some of the couples I ardently 'ship'. (You all will love it.)


Eugene Wrayburn & Lizzie Hexam from Our Mutual Friend

"You know what I am going to say. I love you. What other men mean when they say it, I cannot tell."

     Lizzie and Eugene are a case of Poor Girl meets Rich Boy. (Which is refreshing, because most stories are the opposite, and in my opinion the Rich Girl meets Poor Boy theme is entirely overused. *coughI'mlookingatyouJackandRosecough*) Lizzie is sweet, loyal, and knows her lot in life -- which, thus far, has been helping her father drag dead people out of the river and search their clothes for valuables. (Is that gross or what?) Eugene is a lazy rich boy who drifts through life not caring about anything. Wait, I take that back -- Eugene's not lazy. He just hasn't found anything yet in his life to put his heart into. When he meets Lizzie, he finds something to believe in. (cue Newsies music). BUT WAIT -- it's not easy. Lizzie knows that Eugene is a Lazy Rich Boy and Therefore Above Her Class. Eugene is persistent in wooing her, though, and will do anything to make her realize how much he cares for her. Several walks through dark London streets and a swamp beating later, they get married. :-)

    I love heroes who don't start out as heroes, but rather grow into themselves during the course of the story. Eugene isn't really all that great. But he grows by leaps and bounds and is inspired by Lizzie to become the man she deserves, and THAT'S what I love about him. And Lizzie, well...she's just a darling sweetheart and deserves to be happy for the rest of her life.

    (Did I mention that Paul McGann with a mustache is just about more than I can stand???)

Tom Branson and Sybil Crawley in Downton Abbey

"It all comes down to whether or not you love me. That's all. That's it. The rest is detail."

     Anyone who has watched DA understands the pain and drama and passion that is Sybil and Branson's romance. (Yes, I still call him Branson. Mary may have learned to call him Tom, but to me he'll always be Branson.) So after I just said how sick I am how Rich Girl/Poor Boy love stories, let me say that Sybil and Branson's story is pretty much the most beautiful and romantic one I have ever seen. You see, I'm swept away by forbidden romances. (In movies, that is, not real life. So far, anyway.) Branson is pretty much your typical fiery Irish rebel, and Sybil is the sweet, caring youngest daughter of an earl -- an unlikely couple, but they're just perfect for each other. Branson inspires Sybil to follow her convictions, and Sybil keeps Branson in line and tries not to let him dump buckets of slop on High Ranking British Dudes. (Actually it wasn't Sybil who did that -- but that's just an example.)

     Point made: I love Sybil and Branson, and you should too.

Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey

"Lady Mary Crawley, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

    Mary and Matthew are just....they're just...I mean, I can't.....AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH.

    Obviously, I have no words.

    Mary and Matthew are legendary. (At least, among the circle of people known as Rabid Downton Abbey Fans, of which I am co-chairwoman, or something like that). If you were like me, you started out hating Mary Crawley. You thought Matthew was an angel, and you really didn't want Mary to lure him because, duh, Mary's awful and Matthew is perfect. But as things unfold...turns out Mary's not awful, and Matthew's not perfect. What IS perfect is the two of them together. They BELONG together; it's plain. And oh, how long we waited for them both to realize this! And then longer still for Mary to stop being an idiot, and then for Matthew to stop being an idiot, and took a really long time to get this ship sailing. ;-) BUT WHEN IT HAPPENED -- Oh, when Matthew knelt down on his knee, and Mary smiled down on him, with the snow swirling around them, it was the most gorgeous, wonderful thing that had ever occurred. It really was.

     WASN'T IT????

Declan O'Callaghan and Anna Brady in Leap Year

"Will you not make plans with me?"

     I think the main thing I like about couples in chick-flick rom-coms is that they often start out as enemies before they realize how attracted to each other they are. Anna and Declan are definitely an example of that. When she crashes into his little Irish town with her crazy plans of proposing to her boyfriend on Leap Day, Declan thinks she's out of her mind. Then he gets roped into helping her, and all these things go wrong as they try to make it to Dublin in's really hilarious. ;-) They're constantly FIGHTING and ANTAGONIZING each other and being ANNOYING and it's SO ADORABLE. (Wow, if this is my idea of perfect romance, things don't look too bright for my own romantic future...)

    There is also the fact that I'm rather half in love with Declan.


    I love how Anna and Declan are basically 'thrown' together, and how they come to know each other through such an unusual series of events. I also happen to have a thing for stories where a couple has to pretend to be married for the sake of appearances, and it's ESPECIALLY good when they don't even like each other. *rubs hands gleefully* Even after they know they love each other, Anna and Declan are still antagonizing one another and pushing each other's buttons. Yes, ma'am, this is my ideal of marital bliss.

     ...Seriously though. ;-D To have someone you can laugh with; someone you can be absolutely stupid with. Someone you can pester the dickens out of, and they don't mind because they know you don't really mean it, you're just doing it because you love to see their reactions (and also because it's fun to be annoying from time to time). Someone who takes your crazy and compliments it with their own. THAT'S Anna and Declan, and that's what I want someday.

Joel Fleischmann and Maggie O'Connell in Northern Exposure

"I used to ask myself -- if Fleischmann leaves, will I go with him?"

     Ohhhhhhh boy. These two. ;-P Maggie and Joel are the couple who aren't a couple. Right from the first they can't stand each other; they bicker and argue about everything, and they're always stressing the fact that they're NOT a 'thing'...when really, it's obvious to absolutely everyone that they're attracted to each other. Maggie is independent, excitable, and kind, while Joel is sarcastic, usually pessimistic, and skeptical. (Maggie could give you a bunch more negative adjectives to add to that.) They hate each other, they repel each other, they make each other spit nails. But deep down...they'e true friends.

     This turbulent relationship goes on all through six seasons -- by which time Maggie and Joel have finally come to understand each other, mostly -- until Joel leaves Alaska to go back to New York. (NOOOOOO!!!!) Man, that episode is extremely bittersweet. Because on one hand, I REALLY REALLY want Joel and Maggie to be together. But on the other hand...would they really be happy? Could they be? I don't know. But their final parting in that dark snowy woods just melts my heart into a puddle. There's no big fanfare-- just a few quiet tears (SERIOUSLY FLEISCHMANN IS CRYING), a gentle embrace, and one tiny little kiss. That's all. They've had five years together, they've seen each other at their worst and at their best, and they've made it through without killing each other. That's the best moment of Joel and Maggie together.

    And then Joel is gone. *SNIFFLE* (Dang it, if you've watched the show you know what I'm talking about.)

    Yup. Fleischmann and O'Connell have an unusual relationship, and I ship them like crazy. After Joel leaves I ship Maggie and Chris...buuuuuut we don't have to go into that right now.)

Orry Main and Madeline Fabray in North and South
"The day I met you was the day I was born."

     OHHHHH. MY HEART CANNOT TELL YOU. These two are one big long agonizing saga of passion and misunderstanding and frustration and devotion and continuous feels. (Wow, Emma, great description.) I love them unreasonably much. (And no, not just because put together they have the most amazing hair in the universe.) Actually to be honest I don't like Madeline THAT much, but Orry loves her, you see, and I love Orry and the two of them MUST be together. 

     What makes Orry and Madeline's romance so engrossing is that they are constantly fighting obstacles to be together. Things keep going horribly wrong. (Think Anna and Mr. Bates.) First Madeline marries an abominable man because she thinks Orry has stopped loving her (which he hasn't -- seriously, Madeline, you're gorgeous, but you don't have a whole lot upstairs); then when said Abominable Husband finally kicks the bucket (that is, Orry kicks him out the window) and they can get married AT LAST, Orry has to go off to war. THEN his abominable sister runs Madeline off by threatening to expose a dark secret from her past (SERIOUSLY MADELINE?) So it literally takes ages -- not to mention a war -- before Orry and Madeline can have their happy ending. 

    (And we don't even think about Book III. We just pretend like Book III never existed.)

    Despite all the melodrama, you can't help but root for these two. They'll DIE if they're not together. (And then I'll die too, which would be inconvenient.)

Far and Away (1992)  Shannon: Look, you’ve got your land.  Joseph: But all the land in the world means nothing to me without you.

Joseph Donnelly and Shannon Christie in Far and Away

"You're a corker, Shannon. What a corker you are."

     Since I wrote a review of this movie not too long ago (which I personally think was pretty great) which included my sentiments about Joseph and Shannon as a couple, I'm going to let you read that description instead of writing something else. (Because, y'know, it saves time. And it saves me from repeating myself.)

     "The chemistry between them {Joseph and Shannon} is epic, their interactions priceless. Joseph is a fairly simple man by nature, besides being raised in poverty, whereas Shannon is a bit of a spitfire and is used to getting what she wants. What I love so much about their relationship (besides everything about them) is how, through all they endure together, they get to know each other in such an intimate way. And I'm not talking about a physical way -- one of the things about this movie that made me wildly happy is how there's no sex scene -- I'm talking about the way they really know and care about one another. I'm talking about how they learn each other's little idiosyncrasies, the things that bother them, the things that make them happy. I'm talking about how Shannon got up on that platform dressed as a burlesque dancer the night of Joe's big fight; how Joe left her with her parents in Boston after she was shot, knowing it was unlikely he'd ever see her again. Their love story is completely unconventional, and completely beautiful. That's why Joseph and Shannon are possibly my favorite film romance. Ever."

     Yup, pretty much. 

     So those are a few of the couples I love to love. :-) What about you? Whose make-believe romance makes you tingle with warm-fuzzies, or jump up and down with excitement, or scream out loud because they're so adorable? Who do you ship like crazy? 

    Happy Valentine's Day, friends!!! 




    You used it! You used the gif! That gif makes me unreasoningly, over-flowingly happy inside :D

    Anywho, I WUV DIS POST.

    Sybil and Branson. Just…words fail, what. Seriously, though, I loved them. Even more than Matthew and Mary, though I certainly shipped them too *sniffle* WHY JULIAN WHY?!?!

    I want to watch Northern Exposure

    And Orry and Madeline…I remember them…vaguely…I'd have to re-watch the series :)

    JOSEPH AND SHANNON! I love how you described their relationship in the review: they really KNOW each other. Those months living in that apartment, to say nothing of the crossing on the ship, really give them time to truly understand each other, to understand each other's pet peeves and strengths and weakness and likes and dislikes, and OH MY YES THOSE SCENES!!! The fight scene, my word. And then when he leaves her, because he knows that that is what's best for her, and then the shot blurs as he just runs….GAHH MY HEART.

    I really liked this post a whole lot :D

    1. YESSSSS!!!! I had to. ;-) It was even better because I hadn't been able to find any pictures of the two of them together that I really liked, and then you sent me that and it was PERFECT. So THANKS. :-D

      I really think you'd like Northern Exposure. ;-P

      YES. I love how unusual Joseph and Shannon's romance is. (Remember the part where he teaches her how to wash her clothes? And when she won't say she likes his hat and he gets mad? And when she's jealous of him going to church with the other girl?) THE FIGHT SCENE. I'm serious, that movie is dangerous to my health.

      I really liked your comment a whole lot. :-D

    2. Jumping on the bandwagon yes Liv Northern Exposure is brilliant! :-D

  2. Declan and Anna O'Brady-Callaghan!!!! HALF in love with him? I'm all the way!!

    1. "Mrs. O'Brady Callaghan....what are you doing????"

      Yup. :-)

  3. Happy Valentines Day, Emma! Ooh, I just saw Leap Year, and I totally agree! They are so great together! And of course, the Downton Abbey couples needed to be on here! :)

    1. Thanks, Abby! OH! Did you love it? ;-)

  4. HAHA! Oh my goodness, my Dad walks around saying "Your a corker Shannon, a Corker yah are", from Far and Away.

    1. Really?! That's so funny. Cuz I walk around saying that too. ;-P (Also the "SAY YOU LIKE MY HAT!" line. Man, that movie is so quotable.)

  5. Oh, dear. There's way too much to comment on in this post! :/ I guess I'll just have to keep it simple.

    I've never seen Our Mutual Friend, but my dad read the book to us, so I can still agree! Eugene and Lizzie are a perfect couple!! Totally shippable. (By the by, I like your explanation about how you came to understand what 'shipping" a couple means. Relationship...ship...Haha! Is that really where it originated? I never thought about it that way before. ;))

    Branson and Sybil. Yes, yes! They're my favorite couple in Downton Abbey. Mary and Matthew? Heh. Sometimes, sometimes not. Actually, there were times when I really wanted Matthew to marry Lavinia, just because she was so sweet, and Mary was NOT...and I felt that Matthew should be faithful to the girl he was engaged to. However, at the same time, it really would have been weird for Matthew and Mary NOT to get together, so I guess it's good that they got married in the end. :)

    Joel and Maggie sound very interesting. How many seasons of Northern Exposure are there?

    Some of my favorite couples? Hmmm...well, definitely Emma and Mr. Knightly from the '09 movie, and Arthur and Amy from Little Dorrit. I know there's more, but those are two off the top of my head. :)

    Happy Valentines Day, Emma! Thanks for the delightful post!

    ~Miss March

    1. You do me an honor, Miss March. ;-) Haha, yes! I was so confused by the term at first...shipping? What is that? But then I read that explanation on someone's blog and realized what it meant. (Well, by that time I'd pretty much picked up on the meaning, but I still didn't get where it came from.)

      Joel and Maggie ARE interesting. (And often aggravating, and infuriating, but always amusing.) There are six seasons of Northern Exposure -- and each one is just as good as the last, in my opinion.

      OH YES! I almost mentioned Arthur and Amy. I love them to little tiny bits.

      Same to you, friend! :-)

  6. "Now that I actually know what shipping means." I know, right?? hahahaha

    That photo of Jane and Rochester!! -right clicks and saves it-

    Yes, yes it is great to be single. Not that I -ahem- wouldn't welcome my life to be otherwise someday...;) But for now, book and movie couples more than suffice. :)
    Hahahaha the Tom Cruise thing. I never found him attractive. :P
    But yes. I loved your lines about true love coming only from God. :)

    "Because I've always been a shipper, even when I didn't know what it meant." YES.

    I actually haven't seen the movies for ANY of the couples that you mentioned. But I still enjoyed reading about them. :)

    Ha. Hahahahaha. "Paul McGann with a mustache is just about more than I can stand???"
    I find that rather amusing because I can't stand him the complete opposite way that you mean. :P

    Great post, Emma! You made me laugh several times (the thing about Orry and Madeline's hair...). Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Isn't it GREAT? (The photo of Jane and Rochester, I mean.)

      I agree. I think I'll enjoy being so for a long time. (Because I like being single and because I don't see any Significant Gentleman coming along anytime in the near future. ;-P)

      You WHAT. Well, okay -- there was a time I never gave much thought to Tom Cruise either. But that was before Far and Away. Maybe Tom Cruise isn't so great, but Joseph Donnelly definitely is. ;-)

      And you don't like Paul McGann?!?!?! (Goodness, Natalie, you're not scoring any points here today. I'M KIDDING. ;-P) THAT I have a hard time understanding.

      Awww, thanks, old pal. :-) You too!

    2. Yes, it is. :D
      Hahaha, exactly!

      Weeell, I haven't seen EITHER gentlemen in any films before so....maybe my opinion would change if I saw them in character and all? But, judging from the photos...they're not my type. AT ALL. haha But, I have been known to like actors (whom I previously didn't see as anything special) after I watch something with them as a really great character. So, I'll wait until I see them in something before giving my absolute, decided opinion. ;)

      Thank you! :D

    3. THAT'S better. At least give them a chance. ;-)

    4. Hahaha! Well, judging from Naomi's comment, at least I'm not the only one. :P heehee

  7. Mah gosh.

    What a CUUUUUUUUUUUTE Valentine's Day post. Not kidding. It really IS. :-)

    Actually, though . . . I haven't seen any of these movies/shows. So . . . I can't reeeeeeeally comment except to say the couples all look super-cute and lovely and squee-ful :-)

    Who am I shipping like crazy? Mmmmmmmmmmm . . . Kit and Ella in Cinderella 2015. Marianne and Colonel Brandon in S&S 08. Anne and Wentworth in the book, NOT the movies, because none of the movies are really good enough, IMHO. Finn and Rey in The Force Awakens. (AND IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THAT LAST MENTIONED MOVIE, PLEASE DO SO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT IS EPPPPPPPPPPIC. Ahem.) Also Pierre and Cecile in Shadows on the Rock (favorite novel ever, btw).

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Jessica. ;-) The Force Awakens...that's Star Wars, right? Ehhhhh, I don't like Star Wars, but if you say so -- maybe someday I'll give it another try.

      Ooooh! I'll have to look for that.

    2. Try "The Force Awakens." Just for me, will you? Even if you don't like Star Wars, it's still a beautiful movie.

      "Shadows on the Rock" is amazing. Highly recommended :-)

  8. I was scrolling through going yes yes I ship that too and then BAM JOEL AND MAGGIE yes I'll admit I squeaked i do love them so much too and I agree with 100% everything you said! We watched it last night that episode actually *Sniffle* and the one in season 3 where Holling goes into the bar business with Chris :) I love Holling and Shelly too (although theirs is a HUGE age gap) he's caring to her and looks after her very well. I think I will need to do a post on this topic and include some NE characters. :)

    1. YUSSSSS. I knew you'd agree with me on that one. ;-P Ohh, I don't know if I've seen that one with Holling and Chris -- I haven't seen every single episode. Oh, I would totally read that if you wrote it. ;-)

    2. YAS! *genie voice* well miss Emma Jane your wish will be answered
      *normal voice*
      when I finnish my creative writing lecture ;)

  9. I still don't like Eugene's moustache. I actually don't get why you're such a big fan of Paul McGann. He's not THAT handsome. :-P (He's also too old to fit with Lizzy.) (Okay, I'll shut up.) (Maybe I should watch Our Mutual Friend before I say things.)

    ANYWAYS. I need to watch Leap Year, because those two look soooo dreadfully shippable.


    *Turns off Caps Lock*

    ~ Naomi

    1. NAOMI STOP. ;-P He is NOT too old for Lizzy -- he looks older than he is, trust me. They're perfect. And Paul McGann is AWESOME, for your information. Maybe someday you'll see.

      I'm going to watch it again on Leap Day. ;-) Hey, you should too!

      YES. YES TO ALL.

    2. ...hold up I love Paul McGann too!! :-D

  10. TOM AND SYBIL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Emma :)

  11. This was utterly charming!:)

    Your second paragraph. Yes!! Thanks for writing that--it's so good to be reminded. <3

    Couples I ship like crazy? Hmm, long list. Gil and Anne of course, Ella and Kit from Cinderella, Amy and Laurie from Little Women, Joe and Ann from Roman Holiday, Jason and Hannah from October Baby, (Isn't he SWEET??!!) Eowyn and Faramir. I wish we saw more of Eowyn's character development after meeting Faramir in the movie, though. That chapter in the book is so good!!

    Happy late Valentine's!

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Aww, thank you! :-)

      Oh yes, Anne and Gil. ALWAYS. <3 And Joe and Ann from Roman Holiday!!! I love that movie -- I can't wait to watch it again. I hope you had a happy day too!

  12. Sorry I'm a little late to the party, Emma! ;) I've been really busy lately...but finally, I'm here! (Oh, and just so you know, I got your letter yesterday...!!!)
    "Love doesn't have to come in a six-foot-tall dark-haired package that looks like Tom Cruise". Haha. He IS a nice looking package, isn't he? ;P
    I like it when there's a lot of 'love going on there'. I honestly believe love is the whole stem of Christianity. Love is what should define us. It's one of the most beautiful words ever, I believe. :)
    Haha, it took me AGES to figure out what 'shipping' meant too. And then I was telling my three older siblings about some fictional couple saying that I really 'shipped' them and they were all like, "WHAT?!" (That was only a few weeks ago.) So I gladly informed them, and then added, "I think it's a 'blogging' thing..." ;)
    AAAHHHH!! LIZZIE AND EUGENE!!! I WUVS them!!! Too adorable. They're just perfectly suited to each other, and need each other! And I KNOW! Paul McGann with a mustache?! *swoons*
    I haven't seen Downtown Abbey, as I'm sure you know, so I can't really comment much on those two...except I think Sybil looks like the sweetest Crawley sister. :D Oh, and Dan Stevens is full well in contest with Paul McGann. THOSE EYES.
    Ah, I REALLY want to see Leap Year! I shall have to put on my best 'persuading' voice for my mother, and see if I can watch it on the 29th! :D
    I haven't seen Northern Exposure, or North and South....not THAT North and South.
    And, thanks to you, Far and Away IS on my to-see list!! I really can't wait to watch that! I mean, it DOES have Tom Cruise in it.... ;)
    I'm afraid I'm rather boring when it comes to shipping couples. I mean, you know, Anne and Gilbert, Amy and Arthur, Emma and Mr. Knightley...but I also love Molly and Sherlock, Polly Milton and Tom Shaw (off "An Old Fashioned Girl" book by L.M. Alcott), Maria and Captain Von Trapp, and several couples off Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (that I won't bother mentioning since they're not your cup of tea) Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok...Frank Hopkins and Jazira...(I really can't but help feeling the chemistry between them two)...I'm sure there are others. My mind is all over the place at the moment (it is late at night) so I had better stop there.
    I enjoyed this post very much, Emma. And I can totally see how you had so much fun writing it! ;D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yay, Miss March's comment has appeared. ;-) Haha, you seem to be the only one who agrees with me on Tom Cruise (and Paul McGann)! I'm glad you share my sentiments. ;-P

      Me too! I don't use the term that much, actually -- and when I do, people usually give me funny looks, like "what does that mean???"

      Sybil is the sweetest Crawley sister. She was my favorite for a looooong time. And Dan Stevens is a perfect darling -- that is, Matthew is. (But I still like Branson just a teensy-weensy bit better. It's the Irish.)

      I'm really so excited for when you finally see Far and Away. We will have so much squealing to do. ;-)

      What do you mean boring? :-P I love Anne and Gilbert -- they were probably the first couple I 'shipped' (waaaaay before I knew what it meant). Haha, I like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill. I never really liked the idea of Frank and Jazira, though -- I'm not sure why, I just don't really like her. I like their friendship, though, how she helps him, but I was never holding my breath for them to get married or anything. Honestly, Frank seems pretty cool going solo. ;-)

      Thank you, I'm glad you did! (Tee-hee. You could tell that, could you?)

    2. What?! That's crazy! Oh well, you can have Paul McGann, and I'll have Tom Cruise (unless you'd prefer it vice versa - I really could go either way). ;) Actually, that reminded me of something. It's not that amazing, but I feel in the mood to recount funny stories, so I shall tell it to you anyway. ;) Well, my eldest brother had two of his friends over...(they're very old friends. We've known the family since before I was born)...we were deciding on a movie to watch. I kept saying 'we should watch this one!' whenever there was a movie with Tom Cruise, Christian Bale or Matt Damon in them. I was particularly eager to watch a Christian Bale movie that night, and one of the guys commented on that. This is what he said: "You are worse (he meant with Christian Bale) than my Mum is with Orlando Bloom." As a matter of fact, the main reason his Mum likes Orlando, is because she met him! (I know right?! My brother's friend's parents met Orlando Bloom! Claim to fame right there! Haha.) His parents were on holidays overseas and were on a bushwalk or something (I don't even remember where they were - it was quite a number of years ago) and they bumped into Orlando. They had a photo and quite a long conversation with him. I'm rather jealous. ;D (He's in lots of movies I've seen and enjoy - mostly the Lord of the Rings series, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.) And then someone picked up a movie with Tom Cruise and I was like, "Oh yeah, he's not bad either!" Dan's friend walked out of the room with a 'officially freaked out now' face. (He was just teasing. He's that sort, y'know. He only has two movies he cares to own, and he has one favourite actor. That shows you how unreasonable he is, haha. ;P)
      Sybil was your favourite for a long time? Is Mary your favourite now? :) (I haven't met one person who likes Edith the best, haha.) Oh, so you don't actually like Dan Stevens that much - you like his Matthew? ;)
      SO AM I!!! Actually, guess what?! Mum said my elder sisters and I can watch Leap Year on the 29th. :D I'm planning on it - my mother even expressed interest in seeing it herself. Score! ;) (And when I reminded the girls of that movie, they thought I was talking of Far and Away at first...which means they've not forgotten that one, which means they were interested in it. Yay. :D) Haha, yup, I bet we will!
      Aww, you don't like Jazira? The first few times I didn't care for her, but after awhile (probably after the fourth viewing or something, hehe) she started to grow on me. Then I thought her and Frank (what a ghastly name) really worked well together. But you DO have a point - Frank IS pretty cool going solo. ;) (And even though I was hoping they'd 'come together', I always rather liked the ending. Of her walking off into the distance on the beach, and he went back to his horses. I like to imagine they met up again, and married. :D (But you may imagine what you like, of course, haha.)
      ~Miss Meg

  13. AWW! How cute is this post!?

    Sybil and Branson, Mary and Matthew = 100 x yes! (Matthew and Mary ARE legendary. Well said.) Also, Declan and Anna!? Those two are darling. I'm actually writing an article about them for this weekend (speaking of which I should be working on that) spotlighting that end scene. It's so cute. :)

    I ship way too many couples, but then I already gushed about them as you did, so I'll refrain from more here. Really fun list, Emma.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Rissi! :-) Oooh, good luck with your article. That would be fun to read!


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