Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All The Things That Wouldn't Have Happened {If I'd Never Started Blogging}

Oh to have the time to dream a novel up and write it down! Maybe in my room by the sea I will find the novel in me (or at least a poem) :D  Cozy Canadian Cottage: Pink Saturday:

Do you know what happened on this day, three years ago?

     Maybe you do, but that's probably only because I post about this every year, not because you were there. ;-) None of you were there. The only people who were there were me and my sister Sadie. I still remember the day, and how revolutionary it seemed to me -- my excitement as I picked out my first Blogger profile picture, the giddiness I felt, how I held my breath and clicked Create Blog. And thus started a new, long-awaited, in many ways unexpected journey in my life.

I have thoughts! Love this quote. :-):

     Yes, friends! Today marks the third anniversary of This Blog. (Which, when I started it, was called For the Beauty of the Earth and got renamed A Lantern In Her Hand in August of 2014 without asking anyone's permission or consent.) Three years ago today, I 'took the plunge' into a new world -- a world that meant, for me, countless period dramas, life lessons in creative writing, and the meeting of so many friends that my head is still spinning with the reality. (Really, my head is spinning with all this. Like the genie in Aladdin. It's spinning all the way around. You don't believe me, do you?)

     Maybe this sounds a little over-dramatic to you. (It is perhaps true I have always had a tendency in that direction. ;-)) But honestly, blogging has had such an impact in my life -- an impact I never would have imagined. Yes, I was wildly excited when I began this blog, but I really had no idea where it would lead me. I had no idea so many people would start to read it, and actually like it, and stick around for more. (Seriously, you guys amaze me.) I had no idea I'd get so good at it, to be honest, or ever come out of that shy-beginning-blogger stage where everyone else seemed so high above me and I was merely a little toad longing for attention. (I have come out of this stage, thankfully.) I had no idea I'd meet so many wonderful people, and NO idea they would become such dear friends to me. And not just internet-friends -- real friends.


     I love blogging. I'm so glad I started, and I don't foresee a time when I shall give it up. (Unless I have to. Or unless I move to a remote mountain range where there is no internet access and take up yak farming. But fear not, that probably won't happen.) Who knows, I might still be here when I'm eighty-four, still writing on. And I probably still won't have gotten over Matthew Crawley's death by then either.

     ANYWAY. To commemorate, I've decided to compile a list of books to read of all the things that never would have happened if I'd never started this blog; all the things I would have missed, and all the things I'd never have learned about.


     ~ One thing is for sure, I DEFINITELY wouldn't be as good of a writer as I am now. (Seriously, have you read my first posts??? *shudders*) In many ways, this blog has been one big long writing exercise. My poor readers have seen it all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think I've grown extensively in these three years, and writing is just one of those areas, but it's a BIG one (because, y'know, that's what I do). 

     ~ I probably wouldn't know what Goodreads is, and thus would never have found my beloved Williamsburg series (which PERISH THE THOUGHT) or Celia Garth, or so many other books I've discovered through that Wonderful Online Metropolis of Books.

     ~ I would have no online life whatsoever. Ha. Ha.

     ~ I wouldn't know all these hip terms like 'feels' and 'ship' and 'fangirl'.

     ~ I would have nowhere to vent all my feelings in writing and probably would have exploded by this time.

     ~ I never would have been prompted to watch a lot of movies I otherwise wouldn't have touched. Seriously, romantic comedies? Me four years ago: YUCK. Now? YEAH, BABY.

     ~ My imagination would not have so much fuel as it does now, through reading the musings of other imaginative people and hearing about their escapades. The stories of my life have been richly expanded by all the blogs I read.

     ~ Where would I get all this inspiration?! If I didn't read writing blogs-- and didn't write one myself -- I would be missing out on all this encouragement and inspiration I get from other writers. I would be so dull. I'd probably still be writing about orphans and little girls in Sweden who go to school, dig potatoes and not much else. (#insidejoke) (Wow, I do believe that's the first time I've EVER used a hashtag!)

     ~ It's very likely I wouldn't be on Pinterest, and therefore would never have wasted so much of my life browsing through pictures of Downton Abbey and Jeremy Jordan.

   Of course not. Don't be absurd. That's  ridiculous. :-P:

     ~ My fangirly side would be STARVED for company. I wouldn't have all your crazies to bemoan fictional characters' deaths with. *hugs*

    ~ I wouldn't have so much practice writing book reviews. Or movie reviews. And I'd miss out on all the FUN therein. (And so would you, don't you know it.)

     ~ In general, I'd be a less-interesting person. 

    ~ If I'd never started blogging, I'd probably still be wanting a blog today. ;-D

     ~ But here's what would be the saddest thing, if I'd never started blogging:

I wouldn't have all of you.

      I wouldn't know what it is to have these crazy-weird-amazing friends. I never would have met my best friend in the whole entire world, or this awesome girl and fellow Robert Duvall fan, or the girl who taught me to write good movie reviews, or my thirty-something friend and western-watching inspiration, or ANY OF YOU. And that, friends, would be a shame. Because if I didn't have you, my life would lose some its color; I'd laugh a little less, be a little more lonely, and I wouldn't have near as much fun.

     That's why I'm glad I started blogging. :-D Here's to many more adventures!!!



    Basically, thank the Lord you did start blogging. (I mean that genuinely, of course.) And congratulations love, for 3 years of amazing-ness.

    Haha, I was reading through the list and waiting for 'I wouldn't have met all of you' one. And there it was. :-) The "I probably still won't have gotten over Matthew Crawley's death by then either" thing made me laugh, btwwww. AND YOU USED A HASHTAG THERE'S MY MODERN FRIEND.
    (You know what else wouldn't have happened without The Blog? Wonderland Creek. T'would be dead and gone.)

    Well, this post is scary and it made me kind of emotional, so thank you. You're a good friend. :-)

    Happy Birthday to my Favourite Blog On The Entire Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Naomi

    1. i KNOW, RIGHT???? I'm sooooo grateful, because without my little bloggie and without YOU (cue My Fair Lady music) I wouldn't be who I am. And you wouldn't be who you are, and...just, it doesn't even bear thinking about. ;-P

      Well, I WON'T ever fully recover from his death. :-( HAHA. That really is the first time I've ever used a hashtag.

      Thank you!!! :-D

  2. Aw, so cute, Emma. CONGRATS on three years - and YES! I can relate to so many of these things-that-never-would-have-happened. It's fun to have fellow fan girls to hang out with - especially when no one in your real life relationships "gets" why one likes some of the TV or ships they do. :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi. :-) I know, it's SUCH a blessing to find those kindred spirits who understand you and your weirdness. I'm so thankful for that.

  3. I'm so happy you started blogging, too!!! I love reading your stuff--you have so much enthusiasm, you make me smile when I'm feeling tired and generally Old and Jaded ;-)

    Yak farming??????? WUT. EVEN. (Seriously, that made me laugh so hard.)

    You know what else would never have happened if you'd never started blogging? I'd never have gone to see Newsies. PERISH THE THOUGHT.

    Happy blog-iversary! (Is that a thing? It is now. ;-) )

    1. I'm so glad I make you smile! Really, I couldn't ask for more than that. :-)

      Yeah, I don't know where the yak farming came from. It just popped out of my brain (which is deep and dark and scary and contains mostly useless information and weird ideas). Don't worry, I would never do that.

      OH RIGHT!!! Then I'm so glad, for your sake!

      Yup, it is a thing. :-) Thank you so much!!

  4. Congratulations on your three years, Emma! Your blog is simply darling and I always look forward to your posts!:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Oh, thank you so much, dear! I'm so glad. :-)

  5. Haha! Probably the best 'Keep Calm' I've ever seen. So relate. ;) But hey? Where'd life be without fangirling? (guys must think we're so weird!)

    I haven't seen Downton Abbey, (yet) but I love Dan Stevens. Have you seen the BBC Sense and Sensibility?

    Romantic comedies! I love Confessions of a Shopaholic! (no... I'm NOT a shopaholic. But I would be if I could.)

    I haven't been reading your post long, but they're perfectly wonderful. :) Happy anniversary!

    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    1. That's what I thought. ;-P But we girls need our heroes.

      YES, I've seen Sense and Sensibility! I don't love it as much as the old '95 version, but I do like it a lot. And Dan Stevens makes a darling Edward. ;-) But then, I've yet to see Dan Stevens as anything but darling...

      Oooh, I haven't seen that one. (It sounds familiar, though.) My favorites are Leap Year and You've Got Mail.

      Thank you! That means a whole lot to me. :-)

    2. I saw parts of Leap Year when I was really young. Oooh, I'm excited to see You've Got Mail. I love Tom Hanks. :) Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle?
      -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    3. I love Tom Hanks too. Yes, I've seen Sleepless in Seattle! I didn't like that one quiiiiite as much as YGM, but it's definitely a classic. :-)

  6. I feel like this post was written to convince me to get a blog.
    But ANYWAY! I think you have definitely grown as a writer a lot, through the years. ;) I remember reading your blog for a few weeks in 2014 and (I'm very ashamed to admit) I stopped reading it after awhile. But then I came back, for your Period Drama Costume Week thing, and I never stopped reading it after that. :D Even though it didn't come BAM! now you write differently, it was a slow and gentle thing that happened over time. It's almost like people who are 'growing up'. It takes experiences, and time before they are different to when they were 3 years ago. And just like that, I know there's plenty of time (Lord willing) to improve. I'm not saying your writing really NEEDS improvement though. ;D 'Cause it doesn't.
    Browsing through pictures of Jeremy Jordan? *blushes* I was doing that only a few hours ago. :P AHEM.
    I'm so glad you started blogging, too. Otherwise I would never have 'met' you. :)
    So, now I feel like I should get a blog, otherwise I'll take a LOT longer to be a better writer, I'll know of less books and movies, I will have no online life whatsoever (?), I will be ignorant of hip terms, I will explode with feelings, I will never be prompted to watch movies I wouldn't normally watch, my imagination will be less, my inspiration will be less, I will save time (oh, there you go - a PRO!), my fangirly side will be starved, I won't have as much practice writing reviews, I'll be a less interesting person, I'll WANT a blog, I won't meet as many fun people, I'll laugh less, be more lonely and have not nearly as much fun....
    Dear me, I'll just HAVE to get a blog. ;D
    Okay, enough of being silly. I'm glad you started your blog, and I hope you'll keep writing until you're 84 and still aren't over Matthew's death. (And maybe by that time I will know the feeling of never getting over Matthew's death.) ;)
    There I go again...sorry, I'm in a very whimsical mood today. :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Dear Miss Meg, your comment made me laugh. ;-) (As usual.) I seriously was not trying to pressure you into starting your own blog...though you know I DO think it's a great idea. ;-P But really, even though I feel like blogging has helped me as a writer, I don't think you NEED to do it to become an amazing writer.

      Haha, I do not blame you AT ALL for not reading my blog at first. ;-P Even I concede, I was terrible. (Sometimes I think about deleting a bunch of my old posts, but then I, in a way that's my history. I want to keep it there.)

      Well, it's not like I TRY to waste time looking at pictures of just kind of get sucked in and then forget what time it is. YOU KNOW.

      Heehee. Well, I guess you'll just HAVE to. ;-)


  7. Oh, I am so glad that you have a blog too! I love reading your posts! Thank you so much - if you hadn't started, not only would all of the items on your list be true, but a very important bit of sunshine would be gone out of my life :D Sorry if that sounded cliche. It's really how I feel :)

    1. Thank you, Rosie!!! Oh, you're so sweet. :-)

  8. A belated Happy Blogoversary!! Keep up the great writing. No pressure, though. :)

  9. Happy blogiversary, you dear thing, you! I am SO thankful you started blogging…and that we met…and that we're friends. I'm lucky, is the plain and simple truth of it, as we all are who know you!

    PLEASE don't ever stop blogging. Don't even joke about it ;P

    It's your three-year anniversary too?! This October will be mine :D We've been blogging roughly the same amount of time (give or take four or five months)! Weird, huh?

    AWWW! GOSH! You mentioned me :' ) That makes me feel so special, thanks <3 And oh, I know, Miss Dashwood taught me how to write movie reviews, too. Absotivelyposilutely.

    Again, a very happy blogiversary to ya!

    1. THAAAAANKS. :-) Aww, you're so sweet. Don't worry, I'm not thinking about ever stopping!!!

      Oh, neat! And it took us two years for us to find each other. (I wonder if your old archives are as terrifyingly bad as mine?)

      You're welcome. :-) I know, right?! I remember when I hadn't even made my own blog yet and I read Miss Dashwood's religiously and thought her movie reviews were just the bestest and though, "Now, couldn't I do something like that someday???"

      Thanks so much, old pal. :-D

  10. Sorry, this is late, but I just wanted to pop over and congratulate you on three years of blogging! I'm so glad you started a blog, and I'm extremely happy that you have no intention of giving it up anytime in the near future. What you said about being here when you're eighty four (and still not over the death of Matthew Crawley) made me smile. :)

    Thanks for all the lovely posts, Emma! Your blog is a delightful place. Truly. :)

    1. Thank you, Miss March! That's really SO kind of you. :-) I'm so happy it's a delightful place.

  11. Congrats! And Happy Birthday, blog! While I'm still relatively new to your blog, I know it's a lovely place and look forward to seeing more!

    This post made me smile. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you're here (and that you commented)! I look forward to more blogging too. ;-)

  12. Awwww, this is so very sweet! I'm very thankful for your blog, it's such a delight to read. =) You're inspiring me to start one of my own! One of these days...

    1. Thank you! :-) And ooooh, how cool that would be if you started your own blog! I approve the idea. Blogs are awesome. :-)

  13. I'm sorry this is so late! But OH!! Happy Anniversary!!!! I'm so glad you started a blog. I enjoy your posts very much. :)

    I know exactly how you feel. I think I'd be a very different person if I never started blogging and reading other blogs! Besides getting acquainted with so many lovely bloggers, I think that reading others' thoughts and opinions has really shaped how I see certain things. For the better. ;) haha

    I could relate to many of your points (not all, but many ;)) and the one about not having fellow fangirls to bemoan fictional characters' deaths especially!

    Awww! That was so sweet! -hugs- I hope you have many, many, MANY more years of blogging! :D

    1. Natalie, thank you for popping in! Your comment made me smile. :-)

      I definitely think I've been shaped for the better too. Thank you! *returns hug* I hope so too!

  14. Happy (late) Blogiversary!
    No Goodreads!! *GASP*
    Congratulations on your first hashtag! It only gets worseBETTER from here!
    Congrats again! I can't wait to read 'till I'm 84! #KeepBloggingPlease

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley!!!! :-)

      I KNOW. I shudder to think what my life would have been like. Haha, I hope we'll both be reading each other's blogs till we're 84.


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