Saturday, January 23, 2016

Well, I thought, why not?

...because this is pretty much the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

      I have so many posts I should be writing, and I usually don't like to get hung up on tags because of that very reason....buuuut Hamlette created this fun 'Blogging About Blogs' tag and tagged me with it and I thought, why not? Besides, I love my blogging friends and it's always nice to acknowledge them, and to share some of my favorite blogs with y'all. So here we go!

     (Note: this post is also a good excuse for me to bombard you all with my collection of Joe Black gifs that I've been waiting for ages to use but haven't yet because they don't really relate to anything.)

Blog that makes me laugh

Miss Dashwood at Yet Another Period Drama Blog almost always makes me laugh with her posts. Also Olivia at Meanwhile, in Rivendell..., whose sense of humor very often coincides with mine. ;-)

Blog that makes me think

Ashley/Eowyn's blog, Inklings Press, tends to make me think deep. Pretty much everything she writes is mind-blowingly amazing and her blog is one of my very favorites. Also Olivia's blog The Cwtch -- she writes with a fresh, wholesome rawness, and her poetry is amaaaazing.

she takes care of you

Blog that teaches me things

I used to LOOOOVE Alexandra's blog, Of Trims and Frills and Furbelows. In fact, it was reading her blog that really made me want to start blogging myself, and I learned so much from raiding her archives and reading all her old posts. (Confession time.) I'm still super-duper disappointed that she made it private and I can't read it anymore. :-(

Another favorite blog I've learned from is author Melissa Tagg's blog. I've never actually read any of her books yet, but I discovered her blog a few months back and I LOVE it. Her posts have such a happy, scatterbrained personality that makes me feel cozy and at home. I also love it that she always replies to my comments!

Blog with beautiful headers

Wonderland Creek has the best headers, in my opinion. Every time she comes out with a new one I nearly have a heart attack from the sheer beauty. (But then I don't. Because, you see, I'm still here.) 

lightning could strike. :-)

Blogger who takes great pictures

Natalie at Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens does some pretty awesome photography! Her pictures are always gorgeous.

Blogger whose recommendations I trust

Olivia at Meanwhile, in Rivendell... Our tastes in movies and books often coincide as well. ;-) Also Hamlette at Hamlette's Soliloquy (because she's seen so many westerns) and Naomi at Wonderland Creek (because we usually like the same things -- with the exception of dirty westerns, which I dig and she doesn't ;-))

New blog I'm enjoying

Abby just started her blog Lavender Spring a few months ago, and so far I'm really enjoying what she's got going!

Blog I've followed the longest

The first blog I followed was Old-Fashioned Charm, Miss Laurie's blog, and I still enjoy her period-drama-steeped posts. :-)


Blog I've started following the most recently

Uh-huhhhh....*thinking*...besides Lavender Spring, which I just mentioned, probably Julia's blog, The Barefoot Gal. Her posts are also filled with neat photography and stories about her siblings, which I find very amusing. :-)

Blog that is always a refreshing happiness

(Thank you, Heidi, for taking the liberty to add these last two categories -- I approve :-))
Probably Eowyn's blog Captured by the Word. Her writing exudes a freshness and simplicity and open-minded beauty that always makes me feel refreshed.

Blog where I revel in the words

Olivia's blog The Cwtch. Her words are alive. :-)

"What are you eating?"  "Peanut buttuh."
Joe Black agrees with me

     I'm grateful for all my blogging friends! Hey, if I didn't mention your blog, don't take it to mean that I don't like it any less -- I say this because when I read other people's tag answers and didn't see mine I turned a little bit green and was slightly disappointed for a moment, but then I thought, "This is ridiculous. Of course they like you, Emma." I really do love you all. :-)

     (So does Joe Black.)

     (Okay, I'll stop with the Joe Black stuff.)


  1. I still don't think Joe Black's terribly handsome. (YOU DON'T THINK MR DARCY'S HANDSOME. SO HUSH UP.)

    I think I'll do this one. And I'll DEFFFinately mention you. And not just to make you happy. :-D

    Thank you for mentioning me twice. YOU REALLY ARE KIND OF A NICE PERSON. Kind of. You know. Not that. I mean, I just don't know you well enough to say that you're very kind. You know.
    (Okay, enough sarcasm.)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Naomi, obviously you have problems.


      Yes, you ought to do it. And you must mention me. I will be upset if you don't. *nods adamantly*

      Aww, thanks. So are you. Most of the time.

      (Wow, this whole comment was purely sarcastic. I'm so sorry!)

    2. Naomi, I'm sorry to say that I actually don't think Mr. Darcy is particularly handsome. Colin Firth, that is. He's not bad-looking . . . but I don't think he's handsome enough to be the REAL Mr. Darcy.

      (Yep, I know I'm odd.)

    3. Colin Firth's Mr Darcy is HANDSOME BEYOND MEASURE. Stop that nonsense, girls.

  2. Very nice, Emma. I like the descriptions you included of each blog. A lot of these are new to me, but they sound awfully good.

    Oh, and dare I say it? Who's Joe Black? I must confess, I never heard of him before. The gifs were very entertaining, though. ;) I'm glad you finally found an excuse to use them! :)

    1. Miss March, I hope you found some great new blogs through this! Haha, you can ask -- the gifs are from the movie Meet Joe Black. (I'm a bit of a Brad Pitt fan, see.) ;-P

  3. Aww, you mentioned me! Thank you! (And YOU WROTE MY BLOG NAME CORRECTLY. Everyone always either leaves out the comma or the ellipses :P)

    I need to get my answers to this out...loved reading yours :D

    (And, for the record, I DID smile at that one gif. Who is this Joe Black guy??)

    1. Of COURSE I did. You're welcome. :-D Haha, I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised, as I rather do pride myself on writing things correctly. ;-)

      Who is he? "Meet Joe Black", Olivia. ("Sooner or later everyone does".) ;-P

  4. Ok. What movie (or TV series) are all those gifs from?

    1. They're from the movie "Meet Joe Black". It's a very strange movie, but I really like Brad Pitt so I liked it. ;-)

  5. Oh, this was fun! When I've got extra time to spend on the computer (ha, like that ever happens ;P) I'll have to start properly checking out the blogs I wasn't aware of. :)
    Oh, and your Joe Black is rather handsome. Brad Pitt is quite a fine looking gentleman. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg, that would be cool if you found something new you enjoy! :-)

      Haha, 'my' Joe Black -- I like that.

  6. Joe Black. Swoon. That's the movie that convinced me that Brad Pitt wasn't just another pretty face (though he does have a pretty face), but could actually act.

    Expect some western movie reviews to be popping up on my blog with alarming frequency for the Period Drama Challenge! For sure I'll be reviewing the movie version of Shane, and I'm also thinking Gunless and Hondo and something involving Zorro, and maybe a western or twelve I haven't seen yet (I'm thinking Whispering Smith for starters).

    Off to check out all the blogs you listed that I'm not familiar with yet :-)

    1. Same. You're the one who made me want to watch MJB in the first place. ;-) (Well, I mean, besides the fact that it's BRAD PITT and by that time I was already completely obsessed.)

      Ooooh, goody! I shall look forward to those!

  7. Oh my goodness, Meet Joe Black! No one ever talks about this movie, and I love it so much. So thanks for the gifs--LOVE!

    1. YOU'RE WELCOME. I love it too, as is probably evident. :-)

  8. Aww, thank you for linking to me!! I'm so happy that you like my photos. :D

    Also, I love your new background. Sooo beautiful. Where did you find it, may I ask?

    1. You're welcome, Natalie! I DO like your photos. :-D

      And thanks! I used to have it, like two years ago, so then when I randomly found it yesterday it was nostalgia BIG time. I have no clue where I found it; I just googled 'vintage blog backgrounds' or something like that.

  9. I LOVE LOOOVE the new background and shape/layout/form of your blog. It looks so PROFESH. :-D

    1. Naomi, do you recognize the background? ;-) (Well, no, you probably wouldn't. It's been like three years.)

  10. I am going to just warn you here, I have a very strong feeling that I am going to ramble uncontrollably here. ;) I was jumping from blog to blog (I started my hopping journey from Naomi's blog...after reading her WONDERFUL post about you) and was like oh what a precious blog. then I realized it was the same Emma Jane that she was talking about and the same Emma Jane that has been commenting on my blog!!! sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! I feel like I already know you... I guess I have imagined that I have been brought into your amazing friendship with Naomi somehow. I guess blogs do that. ;) ANYWAYS lol - you are now 17, what is it like?! I'm super nervous about hitting the big ONE SEVEN in August.. haha!
    So I was scrolling down this post and was like cool! You see I ALWAYS hope that I would find my name on a post like this... AND THERE IT WAS! I about fell off my seat. xD Seriously... I called my sister over and she did her normal sisterly "oh neat" and I was like "OH NEAT?!!!!". lol!!

    Two more things: I LOVE WESTERNS TOO - have you ever read the Christian books that Al Lacy and his wife write together?? They are just SLIGHTLY awesome. ;)
    And, you are super duper pretty!! Happy birthday!!!

    Sorry if I was a bit odd here.. lol!

    1. Julia, THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT!! Seriously, it made me so happy. :-) And thank you for your birthday wishes! I sort of feel like I know you too -- from reading your blog, that is, I've gotten to know you and your sister a little bit. ;-P

      AND YAY ANOTHER WESTERN LOVER. I haven't read any of those -- I almost started A Line in the Sand, which I'm pretty sure is by them, but ended up not. I'll look into those.

      Not odd at all. We're all odd here. ;-)


    2. Awww, your post made me so happy! So it's a happy day!! ;) What did you do for your birthday? :D Isn't that how it is?? I do love that about blogging though..friends are always there to share and talk with. It's a precious thing! I especially enjoy making people smile about the little things.. I guess that's why my blog is so simple. :D I adore your design! did you do it?! I am hopeless with that kind of stuff, but my sisters are always eager to help me.. I just pay them in yummy desserts. ;)

      Haha! YES - they are AMAZING!! ooohhhhhh, that one is really good! In fact, I think it is my favorite out of them all! Did you see the picture I posted on my blog with it in the photo? gosh...that was long. lol! I read it nearly a year ago and still love it. :)

      Awesomeness! I guess I fit in then.. haha!

  11. oh ! And you just got yourself a new rambly commenter of a follower LOL

  12. Ermahgursh. Somebody went on my blog from this post and I wanted to see what you'd linked to and GOOD GRACIOUS YOU'RE SO SWEET. : ) I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!!!

    Hugs and sunflowers!!!

    1. Of course, you're welcome. :-) Hugs and sunflowers to you too!!!


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