Tuesday, January 5, 2016

These Days

        These days in the middle of winter can be very uninspiring. They can also be thrilling, and wonderful, and exciting, and beautiful. January is weird that way. Some days I feel ready to burst with creativity and inspiration and energy to do amazing things; other days, all I want to do is curl up and watch episode after episode of Northern Exposure.

"Chris in the Morning" Reading List | The New York Public Library:
Read to me, Chris.

     Today has been one of those days. I've been in a funk all day long and haven't been able to accomplish anything of much value, so I decided, heck, let's write a blog post.

     All day I've been trying to read, and getting distracted. I've been trying to write, and find myself crossing out every other word. I've been trying to be cheerful (well, I was this morning but then I kind of gave up, heh heh), and finding that it's actually easier to frown than it is to smile. Basically...I'm blue.

     And I don't want to be.

    Come to think of it, I always get this way in the wintertime. It usually only lasts a few days. Something about January gets me really excited and bores me out of my mind all at once. One minute I'm scribbling furiously at my latest writing project, and the next I'm lackadaisically eating popcorn and bemoaning to my mother the fact that I'm such a terrible writer and in general a terrible person and I basically can't do anything right.

     Yup. This is what January does to me.

     On the good days, I love winter. I love the white freshness, the brisk cold air, the chilly sense of possibility that comes with every new year. On the bad days, I just wish it was summer and I could go for a bike ride and release all my tension, or go jump in the creek, or run barefoot through a meadow. And on some days -- like this one -- I don't even know what I want!
Give that old dark night of the soul a hug. John Corbett as Chris the DJ in Northern Exposure. | dark ride |:
     (Actually, on days like today I feel like I could be a character on Northern Exposure.)

     The purpose of this post is not to bother you all with my complicated emotions. ;-) I guess you could say the purpose is to try to restore some stability to my feelings right now, and the best way to do that would be a generous dose of the Happy Side of things right now, don't you think? Here's some things that make even the most confusing winter days something to smile about.

  • ~ emails from friends -- you girls are the best. I really mean that. I don't know what I would do without you. :-)
  • ~ beautiful and emotional soundtracks (I'm looking at you, Bruce Broughton)
  • ~ making plans for my sister Sadie's 15th birthday this weekend! Now, that is something to look forward to. :-D
  • ~ molasses cookies
  • ~ Sara Evans' old songs, this one especially
  • ~ beautiful, soul-tingling Bible verses -- I never get tired of Proverbs
  • ~ my bunnies, who are ALWAYS cute ;-P
  • ~ memories of last January, which I got through, and even think fondly on. That's a hopeful sign, I guess.
I like this because I like the quote and because I love Chris (Chris Stevens, played by John Corbett, in "Northern Exposure").:
Thanks, Chris.

     I guess that's all I needed to say. Strangely, I feel better now. :-) I hope y'all are holding your own this January, whether you're in snow-slogged Alaska or balmy, sunny Australia. Winter, this is a strange relationship we have going -- we'll be friends yet!

      Peace out,

P.S. That's hilarious, I never say 'peace out'. I told you, I'm in a funk. ;-P


  1. Aw, Emma, that's to bad you have the winter blues! If I weren't so terribly busy and procrastinating constantly, I would probably feel the same way. That feeling is so familiar; for me its so foggy and fuzzy and dull. I hate it when I feel useless and unable to do anything good. But just like you said, it passes pretty quickly! :)
    At least I have snow now! (A little after the fact for Christmas, but still). I hope you have some! Otherwise I could send some your way, we have plenty now!
    Chin up, dear! You'll get through this soon enough! :)

    1. Thanks, Abby. :-) It lifts my spirits to receive encouraging words from friends like you! (Maybe that's why I wrote this blog post in the first place....now the hidden motive comes to light! ;-P)

      Yes, at least we have snow! And it really is beautiful. :-)

  2. First of all, who is this Chris fellow?! :-P I mean, I literally giggled out loud when you said "read to me, Chris" under the picture but I'm not sure who he is. :-P I'm guessing he's a character off Northern Exposure....(Also, he was talking about Star Wars. Do you like Star Wars? I was getting the feeling that you didn't. ;-P) Anyway, back to what you were saying...
    Well, I must admit, I haven't been feeling like that, but it IS summer here, one of my favourite seasons. (Plus it's school holidays.) ;-) I'm glad you decided to make a list of Happy Things, because I love lists and I love happy things. :-D
    Well, I'm glad my little email (I am guessing I was included in that plural of the word emailS ;-D) made you happy and brightened up your day a little. :-)
    I love music! I was listening to Celtic Thunder this morning, while writing letters to three little girls we know....since nobody else was around, and I could be as crazy as I wanted, it was very fun. :-D
    Oh, Sadie is basically the same age as me! :-) I hope you have lots of fun on the weekend, then!
    Yes, I think some of the wonderful memories of last year are such lovely things to brighten up some days when I feel moody. ;-) Thinking about seeing Les Mis, for example, makes me very happy, and also puts the song "Do You Hear the People Sing?" in my head. :-P (They both go together, y'know.)
    "Whether you're in snow-slogged Alaska, or balmy, sunny Australia." Oh, that's me! *raises hand* :-P It's pretty balmy and sunny here today. In fact, it's rather hot...
    Haha. Your post script was exactly what I was mentally thinking. "She said Peace out? Emma never says that! She really IS feeling funny today...." ;-P Hehe.
    Well, your post made my day that little bit better. :-D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Haha. This 'Chris fellow' is one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows -- yes, Northern Exposure. (And no, I don't like Star Wars. I just like it when Chris analyzes things, and the quote happened to be about Star Wars.)

      YES, your email was most definitely included in that. :-) Yes, you and Sadie are about the same age! This weekend promises to be quite the adventure.

      Haha, I know. I don't know what prompted me to write that! After I wrote it I thought, "Okay, that's really weird, I NEVER say that. I've got to explain, they'll all think I've gone way off my rocker." ;-P

      Awwww, I'm glad. Your comment made mine brighter too.

  3. Aww. I hear you, Emma! I have days like this so often. It's not really a January thing for me, though. These sorts of days are pretty consistent all year round. ;)

    Isn't it funny, though? When we're in a funk like this we always think we're terrible writers...and yet we always fall back on writing as a means of getting out of that funk? And it usually works, too. :) I know you're mom probably already told you this while you were "lackadaisically eating your popcorn" (nice description, by the way), but you are a great writer, Emma! And you are by NO MEANS a terrible person! Don't even think it!

    Keep plugging away, dear friend. Winter won't last forever. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March, I never thought about that before -- how whenever I feel bad about my writing it's always that very thing I fall back on. It does usually work too. ;-) Oh, thanks -- it's times like these when I really need encouragement, so thank you so much for your comment!

  4. I totally know how you feel…especially about the bemoaning to one's mother the fact that one is a generally terrible person. I do that a lot ;P

    Looky there, it's the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding…

    I'm not having the best of days myself, but we'll get through it, Emma! One thing I'm going to try to do this year (I stole the idea from someone else's blog) is to just write down three things I'm thankful for each day. It might help drive away some of the winter blues ;)

    1. Olivia, I do too. ;-P

      Yup, it's John Corbett. To me he will always be Chris Stephens. (I didn't like MBFGW very much.)

      Yes, we WILL. Did you get that idea from Eowyn? Because I read that and thought it would be a good thing to do too. Being thankful distracts a person from their petty woes.

    2. Hehe, I don't like MBFGW very much, either, except for some of the lines, which are pretty epic. What is Northern Exposure about, btw?

      Yes, I did! I've been trying to do it daily and it really is nice.

    3. Hmm. (What IS Northern Exposure about?) It's about a young doctor from NYC who is sent to work in a little town in Alaska called Cicely for four years. It's about all the quirky townspeople he meets, and their lives, and how they all intertwine. It's VERY weird, but I love it. :-)

    4. That actually sounds pretty awesome. I'm going to have to look it up, now :D

      Oh, and that new header is beautiful! Is it you? 'Cause it looks like you.

    5. It is awesome. I think you'd like it, too -- you seem weird enough. :-) (That was meant as a compliment.)

      Thanks! No, it's not me. But that's nice of you to say it looks like me!

  5. PEACE OUT?!!!!!!!!! YOU SAID THAT?

    As long as it's a one-off thing.


    So weirdly enough, I didn't get this post in my dashboard (I didn't read it until today!). Maybe because of the URL-changing-escapade? I donno. I'll see if I can fix it, don't worry. :-)
    I'm so sorry you're having the winter blues. BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE SNOW. And three birthdays coming up. (Your sisters and your best friend all have their birthdays in the same month. That's so weird.)

    I LOVE Proverbs. GAH.

    ~ Naomi

    1. I KNOW, I KNOW, I WAS HAVING A WEIRD DAY. I will never say it again.

      (Actually I say it occasionally -- just to be funny.)

      Huh. Well, I'm glad you got it fixed! Yes, I'm thankful for the snow-- and for birthdays! I'm really excited for yours. *sly smile*

  6. Your post is on my dashboard now. It's fixed. :-)

  7. (I just hopped over from Naomi's blog, by the way.) ^_^

    Anyway, I just had the exact same day today!

    I was just bogged down and I had to remember to take a step back and pray for God to deliver from my happiness slump. I really enjoyed this. Thanks so much!

    ~By His Grace,

    1. Halee, you're welcome! Thanks for commenting. :-)

  8. That's how February is for me. Which is why I generally read LOTR beginning in January, because then when Frodo and Sam are wandering around the slag heaps of Mordor, my mood matches theirs, but as things in the book improve, it makes me feel like my life is improving too.


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