Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jane Austen Week // Tag


     What ho, what ho! My dear lovely friend Naomi is hosting a Jane Austen blog party this week on her blog, Wonderland Creek (Hey, that rhymed! You see, I'm a poet, and you did not know it...wow, that line is so overused. *ahem*) I know for a fact that Naomi has lots of lovely Jane-Austen-goodness for y'all this week. First on the docket, she's got a fun tag, so here I am to fill it out! (I do love a good tag.)

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Jane Austen fan do you consider yourself? Maybe a 7, or 7 1/2? I used to consider myself a 10, all the way, but that was back when I was a youngster and didn't really know anything about Jane Austen. I just liked the movies.

2. If "they" would make a new Jane Austen Movie, and you would be able to be cast in it, which Jane Austen character would you most like to play?  First of all, this is so cool that I'm being cast in a movie! My big break! (haha) I would love to play Emma, really. She may not be the heroine I relate to the most, but I'd have sooooo much fun being cute and bossy and annoying. ;-P

3. Is there any felicity in the world superior to a walk? Of course not, duh.

4. Who's your favourite Jane Austen 'villain'? (As in 'villain' meaning 'the bad guy.') That would be Willoughby -- because I actually like Willoughby, even though he's considered the villain of the story. He's selfish and shallow and pretty much a jerk, but I have compassion for him and I think if he gave it a little effort he could reform his ways. Plus, I can't resist Greg Wise. That's the plain truth.

5. What/Who introduced you to Jane Austen? I'd always been vaguely aware of the name, an that she was some British person who wrote books in the Middle Ages or sometime around then. I first became really interested after watching the movie Becoming Jane , believe it or not. Well, let's backtrack that -- my parents went to see BJ at a theater shortly after it first came out, and I remember hearing a little about it, specifically that some things Jane did (such as playing the piano early in the morning and waking up the rest of her family) reminded my mom of...um, me. :-D A few years later I wanted to watch the movie for myself, so we rented it, and my sister and I watched it one afternoon. After that we watched P&P 2005, Emma 2009, and S&S 95, and I became a little obsessed with that delightful world of bonnets, tea, men in tight pants and dialogue loaded with adjectives. I started to talk like a dictionary because of it.

6. Did you love/enjoy Jane Austen immediately, or has there been a time when you hated (um, prejudged) it?  I remember thinking S&S was sooooooo boring the first time I watched it, but that was clearly because I was too young. My Jane Austen craze has mostly passed by now; I still like her stories and some of the movies are very dear to me, but they're not my absolute favorites. I'd take a western over a JA movie, thank you just the same.

7. Who, in your opinion, is the funniest Jane Austen character?  MR. PALMER. Specifically, Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer. Because Hugh Laurie. Is there any further explanation needed?

8. Do you quote Jane Austen randomly in public? Yes, I do, and nobody gets it. Sad, that.

9. Are children allowed to eat cake on weddings? Heck, yes! Unless they have a gluten allergy, in which case I feel very sorry for them.

10. What is your reaction when you hear that an acquaintance (e.g. A lady at Church) of yours loves Jane Austen? Something like, "Oh, that's cute," or "I'm not surprised" or "I could have guessed that." ;-P

Jeremy Northam is not my favorite Knightley, but I love this line.

11. Who writes better letters, Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth? (If you forgot what the letters were, shame on you, instead tell me if you prefer Strawberries to Chocolate or not.) I liked Mr. Darcy's better. Probably because I have a more long-standing relationship with Mr. Darcy and can remember more of the actual letter. Though I do often quote Captain Wentworth's "You pierce my soul" line, usually to my cat. He's totally into it.

12. Which Jane Austen heroine do you relate the least to? I don't know Fanny Price at all, and I don't know Anne Eliot very well...of the ones I'm familiar with, I'd say probably Emma, actually! She loves people and people love her. That's not me. ;-P

13. What's your favourite Jane Austen house (from one of the movies)? I'm excessively fond of Barton Cottage - the big manors are stunning and all, but I'd feel like I was living in a monastery.

I think we can all tell what my favorite Jane Austen movie is...

14. What's your favourite Jane Austen dress (from one of the movies)? I LOVE Jane's wardrobe in Becoming Jane. Does that count? This is one of my favorite movie dresses, period:

15. Can you turn off lit candles with your fingers? I never tried it before, figuring I'd burn meself. (Only Henleigh Grandcourt can do that, because he is made of ice and has no feeling, therefore freezing everything he touches.)

Hop on over to Naomi's blog for more Jane Austen fun! 


  1. I loved reading your answers! Except . . . you LIKE Willoughby? What, as in, LIKE him? What about what he did to the girl? Kind of rough on her, don't you think? Left in the lurch, as it were . . .

    Anywho - back to your answers. Haha, you quote Captain Wentworth to your cat. "He's totally into it." :D

    I can't put out candles with my fingers either -- not that I've tried though . . .

    Oh, and by the way, do you remember what they were doing in that field apparently gathering canes or something? (referring to the S&S picture above) You know, the scene where Colonel Brandon gives Marianne his knife. I can't remember what was going on there.

    1. Yes, I do like Willoughby. That doesn't mean I condone his behavior -- I think it's terrible how he threw Marianne over like that, but it doesn't make me hate him as a person. He made a mistake, and then he was sorry for it.

      I quote movies to my cat alllll the time, actually. ;-P That's one of the many lines I use on him.

      You know, I was never really sure what they're doing in that scene in S&S. I love Marianne's bonnet with the black veil though. :-)

    2. Oh nonono I mean Eliza Williams, not Marianne! How Willoughby treats Eliza is just NOT GOOD -- (IMHO).
      "A butterfly who toys with woman's hearts and throws them away like soiled gloves." (Wodehouse. In case you were wondering.) But in this case it's more than a heart . . . I mean just CONSIDER the CIRCUMSTANCES!! Because of that I can Never Like Willoughby. Sorry :P

      That's so cool by the way . . . :D The quote-to-your-cat thing I mean :)

      Oh yes, her bonnet is pretty :)

    3. I do like Greg Wise as Willoughby but not enough to 'like' him.

      I would much rather live in a cottage than a mansion. I feel like I would get lost in a mansion so I would have to have a bedroom in every part of my house to use depending on where I got lost. :D

      But the reason I commented as a reply rather than just a comment was I wanted to clarify the 'confusing scene'. They are collecting reeds for basket weaving. I used to think that basket weaving would be fun to learn. But then I saw Marianne's red hands in this movie and that feeling died inside me. ;)

    4. Rosie -- oh yeah, Eliza Williams. I, uh, actually forgot about her. ;-/ YES, it is very terrible what he does. Still, I can't help feeling sorry for him as well.

      And Cordy, thank you for explaining about the basket weaving! Now it makes sense. :-)

    5. Thanks, Cordy! Now that makes sense :)

      Emma, I understand what you're saying but to me what he does is just SO HORRIBLE that I cannot like him . . . You can feel sorry for him for me :) You see, when I think about the heros and villains of a story I tend to put myself in the story and wonder, "Would I like it if he did that to me?" And with Willoughby, the answer is no. I am more on the side of Eliza . . . I rather spend my time feeling sorry for her, you see.

  2. Yay, you did it! :-) Thank you, darling. I loved reading your answers.

    I know, haha. That line is SO overused. But I'll never stop using it. :-D Haha, I wanted to put the words 'Jane Austen week' on my Jane Austen header, but the reason I didn't was because it looked like it was ryhmed on purpose. "Wonderland Creek. Jane Austen Week!" :-P

    Oh, it would be soooo cool to play Emma! I'd love that too. :-)

    I relate a lot to Emma sometimes. When she makes matches, especially. I sometimes matchmake people at Church. No, seriously. :-P (But all quietly in my head, of course. Haha.)

    (Fake)-JANE's wardrobe in Becoming Jane is SO GORGEOUS. I love her silky ball gown the best. I LOVE IT SOBBINGLY MUCH. The pink one is adorable too. :-) Good choice. :-)

    ~ Naomi Valnaomi

    PS Phew! Commenting on everyone's posts is TIRING. Hosting a week is tiring. But it's Fun, too. :-)

    1. Naomi Valnaomi,
      I used to think I related to Emma lot -- but I think I just wanted to, so I pretended to, and I really don't that much. :-) Though I DO like matchmaking. (My Grandma is a notorious matchmaker. I find it a very amusing business.)

      I KNOW!!! The dresses in that movie are gorgeous -- the ones that aren't horrifically inaccurate, that is. I LOVE that ball gown. I almost said that was my favorite, actually.

  3. These answers are hilarious;D "Some person who wrote back in the Middle Ages" and YOU QUOTE THAT LINE TO YOUR CAT?! That is so awesome. It's sort of made my day XD

    *breathes a sigh of relief* So I'm not the only one who isn't wildly crazy about JA who's doing this tag?! Well, that's a mercy, anyhow. It seems like we have about the same opinions on her:D

    I had a lot of fun reading your answers!

    1. Olivia, I think we do have pretty much the same opinions on JA -- which makes me glad too. :-)

      It's funny because I've only watched Persuasion once, but for some reason that line stuck with me and I use it all the time. "Oliver, you pierce my soul, I am half agony, half hope..." ;-P

      Thanks! I'm glad!

  4. Greg Wise that is all..
    Lovely lovely tag answers and my goodness that dress is SO beautiful!

    1. Evie, I knoooowwwww -- it would be so much easier to dislike him if he didn't have black curly hair and brown eyes. ;-P I am pathetic. And thank you!

  5. First off, I LOVE that picture of Emma! (I may have to use it in a post sometime.)

    Your answers were highly entertaining, Emma! I'll just go down through all your points, and comment on the ones that stand out to me the most.

    2. Heehee. I agree. It would very enjoyable to play a cute and bossy and annoying character. Emma is an excellent choice. (And your comment about your big break! That made me smile. By the way, would you like to act in movies someday?)

    4. "He's selfish and shallow and pretty much a jerk, but I have compassion for him and I think if he gave it a little effort he could reform his ways." That's what I was trying to say in my post. You worded it perfectly. I feel the same. He did some awful things, but he could have been a redeemable character. I really think he could have.

    5. "...some British person who wrote books in the Middle Ages or sometime around then." Hahaha! :D

    11. You quote Captain Wentworth's "You pierce my soul" line, to your cat? Oh, Emma! You're hilarious! "He's totally into it." Hahaha! (I know. I'm just throwing a bunch of your own words back at you, but, really! You say it so well, there's no use my trying to reword it!)

    ...I AM getting a SLIGHT idea of which Jane Austen movie is your favorite... ;)

    14. That is a lovely dress of Jane's. I like fabric with small flowered prints.

    Excellent post, Emma! Despite you're not being a HUGE fan of Jane Austen you really had VERY good answers all around! Thanks for doing the tag. I greatly enjoyed reading what you had to say on the subject. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March, your comments always make me so happy. :-) I'm glad it was entertaining! And thanks for all your lovely compliments -- you have no idea how much it tickles me to be called hilarious. ;-P

  6. (I feel sorry for Willoughby too. It's true.)

    I would rather watch a western than an Austen movie too, but I would rather watch a western than just about anything. Hmm. I wonder what would happen if they made a western retelling of a JA novel? This is seriously an entrancing idea...

    1. Hamlette, saaaaaaame! I'd rather watch a western than pretty much anything. ;-)

      Didn't you say Edna Ferber's Giant was sort of a western P&P?

    2. Um, did I say that about Giant? If I did, it was very perspicacious of me! It's an apt comparison.

  7. YES, finally someone who also thinks there is nothing superior to a walk! ;) I was starting to think I was the only one who liked walking, judging from everyone else's answers. :)

    I'm also finding most everyone, including me, has a soft spot for Willoughby. ha

    "Some British person who wrote books in the Middle Ages"...heehee. I found that amusing. ;)

    1. I know! Everyone else's answers have been something like, "There are TONS of things better than walks", but to me there is no greater felicity in the world. ;-) I'm glad you think so too!

      Yes, Willoughby has that effect on people. At least, on me. ;-)


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