Friday, October 23, 2015

Sleeping In {and other delights}

     I really do not like sleeping in.

     That feeling of opening your eyes, sensing the sun already shining boldly outside, rolling yourself out of bed, stumbling into the bathroom and looking at the clock -- and it's already, like, 9:30. Oh look, you've missed half the day. I hate it.

    I've been sleeping in quite often lately, unfortunately. I've been trying to stop it by asking my mother to please, wake me up EARLY tomorrow, "even if I don't respond, just drag me out of bed and splash my face with cold water." My mother, of course, proceeds to assure me that it's okay because (apparently?) I need my sleep, also there's this thing called being a teenager which seems to have bearing in such situations. (No idea what all that's about.) And so, with no outside help, I continue to sleep in.

    The main reason for this is that I've been staying out late nights these past few weeks. The main reason for that is because I'm in a musical -- a college production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific. *cheers die down* If you've ever been in a musical show, you know how exhausting evening rehearsals can be. Especially when you're playing a nurse and you don't really have much to do. (Is it just me, or are ensemble roles much harder than lead ones? When you're a lead, you have your character, you know your purpose in life. When you're a random person in the chorus, you're....who? It's easy to get lost in the anonymity.)

    Anyway! So that's fun. Kind of. But it also makes me tired, which leads to sleeping in.

    Another cause is this sleep disorder I have -- it's called reading.

    I have a wonderful  terrible habit of reading at night under my covers with a flashlight. And I can't stop. Lately that's been the only time of day I've had time for reading, and so I look forward to going to bed not because of, you know, going to bed, but because it means READING. And BOOKS. And BOOKS ARE MY LIFE PEOPLE. But then I get lost in the stories and lose all perception of time and then before you know it, whoa, it's almost one o'clock. And then, don't you know, I've gotten myself so worked UP about the book that it's impossible to even think about sleep for another hour at least.

     I have a hard life, folks.

     When I sleep late, I feel like I miss things. The sun's already up, my parents are already up, it's like the whole world is already up and going on with its business and I'm still lying in bed wondering what it was I did last night that made me so tired. It also makes me feel lazy, because then when I do get up I'm super behind on everything I want to get done.

    I don't want to miss things. I want to soak up every ray of sunshine I can, sing all the songs I want to, write all the stories tumbling around inside my head. I want to DO things, and SEE things, and LIVE while I can. That's why I'm not going to sleep in anymore....

    So I say. :-) We'll see what tomorrow brings!

     October is gorgeous. Every year it hits me with a whoosh and gives me this glowy, happy, thrilling sensation -- I love it. The golden meadows, the stubbly plowed-down cornfields, the nippy air, the tangy smell of apple cider everywhere. (Would you look at that, I'm a poet -- and you did not know it! *goes off cackling*) Here are some delightful things of late:

     ~ My cat, Oliver. He sleeps in berry flats. He is wonderful.

     ~ NEWSIES!!!!!! Folks, I have a new obsession. (If you follow my Pinterest boards, this is old news to you. ;-P) I cannot believe it's taken me this long to get into this musical, but MAN am I into it now. After watching the movie and listening to the Broadway recording about a hundred-odd times, I think I have a new third-favorite musical. I'M SO IN LOVE RIGHT NOW. It's beginning to annoy my sister. ;-D Just...Jeremy Jordan. I have no words.

     Is he within an inch of being perfect or WHAT.

     ~ I've been learning to drive both our red Ford trucks!!! *happy dance* Today I drove the big diesel on the highway for the first time. IT WAS EPIC.

     ~ Apples, apples, and....a whole lotta apples. :-D Our barn is an apple heaven right now.

Has anyone seen this ep? IT'S SO GOOD.

     ~ Re-watching classic Waltons episodes. *nostalgic sigh* There is nothing like this show, people! Everything I needed to know I learned from watching The Waltons. That's only a slight exaggeration. ;-P

     ~ Taking walks on warm, windy evenings....


     How about you? What have y'all been taking delight in lately? Do you dislike sleeping late as much as I do? Do you ever read book under your covers at night?


  1. I too hate sleeping in, but I like to stay up late so that's awkward! And because I'm the only person in my room, I tend to read above the covers :D

    Anywho, I'm glad you like Newsies! I've never seen the Broadway version, but I've seen the movie sooo many times! The songs are just epic! And South Pacific sounds like soooooo much fun! And all those apples sound delightful! Have a great fall!

    1. Well, I share a room with both my sisters and at that hour of night they're trying to go to sleep like sensible people, so I'm obliged to just keep my little vigil under my quilt. ;-) Otherwise I probably wouldn't bother, because it gets stuffy under there.

      I LOVE NEWSIES!!! I haven't seen the Broadway version either, but I bought the original cast recording and have listened to it so many times I've pretty much got the show down. :-D

      Thank you! I hope your fall is wonderful as well!!

  2. I was nodding along to your post (nodding, as in, agreement, not sleep :-P) when I read your line about your mother assuring you it's okay to sleep in. My mother is the complete opposite. ;-) We get in trouble if we sleep in, unless we've got a perfectly good excuse. I have been sleeping in this week, though. ;-) I had a good reason, hehe. I wasn't sick. The two siblings who I share the room with were. All the coughing and spluttering and waking-up-bawling-their-eyes-out did not help me sleep at all. Especially when they constantly (even in their sleep) are making noises that sound like they're choking to death. They must wake up 3 times each every night. Thankfully, last night was the first night this week they didn't wake up once! Now I have no excuse to sleep in, though. :-P
    And oh yes your musical! I was wondering how that was going. :-) I do so wish I could be in a play, but we don't have anything like that around here, that I know of. :-(
    I like reading, although I have a little lamp that attaches to my bed so I can read at night (I have to wait until my siblings are asleep, otherwise they make a big fuss) and I rarely read later than 11. My mother doesn't let me read later than that. ;-)
    I don't like sleeping in either. I like my sleep (and books, hehe) but I always feel terrible when I sleep later than 7:30. I tell myself not to sleep in when I go to bed at night, I have a little piece of paper stuck right next to my alarm that has in big, bold, capitol letters, "STAY AWAKE" and's so hard. :-P I wish I had better self control. I should be able to MAKE myself get up. Hopefully the warm weather will help get me out of bed quicker. ;-D
    You know what? Where I live, our spring is like your autumn. The leaves are all down on the ground, everything is rather brown and dry (although mid to late spring we tend to get thunderstorms - we had one 2 days ago as a matter of fact!) and it just LOOKS like autumn. But it's spring. And yet, there's no vibrant colours like your autumn - I suppose it's just because we live in a different part of the world. ;-)
    Haha, cats crack me up. They're so moody. :-P
    I REALLY WANT TO SEE NEWSIES!!! I've searched but Australia doesn't seem to have even HEARD of it! So I put it on my birthday present list and hopefully I will get it. :-)
    YOUR BARN THOSE APPLES THE BARRELS.... *slaps table* I'm done. That is just not fair. :-P
    The Waltons have just been added to my to-see list. :-D
    To answer your questions, I don't read books UNDER my covers. I do read books over them though.....does that count? ;-)
    Some of the things I've been taking delight in....
    -Booking in our seats to see Les Miserables! I'm seeing it on the 30th December! AAHHHH!
    -Using a gift voucher I've had for almost a year, on nail polish. 3 of them. :-P (It was a cosmetics+ shop anyway.) I got white (for the summer - I think it'll look good on me, because I've got naturally dark/olive skin!), light purple and aqua. :-D
    -Being able to lend a friend who's sick in hospital one of my favourite books at the moment (Eight Cousins by L. M. Alcott.) It felt very special to be able to give her the book while she was in hospital, because I knew it must be awfully dreary in there. (The poor dear has an eating disorder, and has been in there for several weeks.)
    -Planning all these lovely things for the end of the year! It's gonna be jam packed full of adventures, I just know it! :-D
    -Dreaming about this quote:
    "Do you wanna know something wonderful? Some of the best moments of your life haven't even happened yet." That gives me excited shivers. :-D
    I have a bit of a mind blank, and we are expecting guests any minute, so I must say goodbye for the moment. I'm glad you posted something - I was waiting for it. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg, your long comment made me smile! :-)

      I actually wish my mama would be like that, and keep me from sleeping late in the mornings, but she doesn't! Whenever I moan, "Oh, I slept SO late this morning and it's TERRIBLE", she says something like, "That's good, you probably needed it." And I'm like, "No, Mama, you don't underSTAND." ;-P

      Ohhh, poor you! I hope your siblings get better soon! That's no fun, sharing a room with people who are sick.

      I usually read till about eleven too -- unless I'm reading a reaaaally good book and am close to finishing it. In that case, I'll just finish it. :-)

      Really? That would be strange, to have the trees bare in spring. It's really interesting to me how our seasons work differently. So, you don't have all the brilliant colored leaves? Do they change color in your autumn season?

      YOU MUST SEE NEWSIES!!!!! Go on Youtube and listen to the music. It will take over your life. You'll love it.

      The pumpkins are out front of our stand, down by the barn. (We sell them, ya see.) I know, I love them. :-) Sometimes I forget how fortunate we are to have apples all the time -- cause we sell them, so I can eat as many as I like whenever I want to.


      I hope all your adventures do come to pass! Oh, and I hope your friend is able to get out of the hospital soon -- I'm sure she appreciated you lending her that book (I certainly would). I hope your spring/autumn/whatever continues to be dreamy and wonderful. ;-P

    2. Yes, Miss Meg March, go and listen to Newsies songs on Youtube. I haven't seen the movie yet either, but YET I'M OBSESSED. The Music is AMAZING. :-)

    3. Emma,
      Why thank you! I love making people smile. :-)
      "No, Mama, you don't underSTAND." Haha. That made me giggle, I can totally picture it. ;-D
      Well, my siblings are well now - but unfortunately now I have it! :-P I'm fighting it still, however - but I feel awfully tired and hot (and consequently cross). >:-/
      I know, I find it interesting too! No, we don't have the brilliant coloured leaves in spring OR autumn. In fact, if I took a picture of what our yard looked like in autumn, and then one of what it looked like in spring, it probably would barely look any different. :-P Because we live so close to the equator, there isn't much of a change with the seasons - so basically, we just have summer and winter! Our winters are cold and dry, and our summers are hot and wet. Very different to yours, I'd imagine. ;-)
      Oh, dear me, after reading yours and Naomi's comment, I MUST listen to Newsies now! I'm afraid I can't see it RIGHT now because we're about to have tea, but I shall HAVE to see it soon. Which ones should I listen to first? :-)
      YES IT'S IN TWO MONTHS OH MY GOSH IT'S IN TWO MONTHS I CAN'T WAAAAIIIIITTT! No, I can. I shall have to. I want to enjoy my holidays. :-P But still, it's gonna be hard not to think about it ALL THE TIME. (My siblings are going to go crazy hear me blabbering on about it and singing the songs and listening to them!) Aww, that makes me so happy knowing you're excited, although I'm not sure why. I shall have to describe it to you once I see it!!!! :-D ('ll be able to guess what my letter around that time will be filled with. ;-D)
      Hehe, so do I. I love adventures. ;-) I hope she'll come out soon, too! I know she's getting a lot better. Hehe, yes, my spring (or autumn or whatever) SHOULD continue to be dreamy and wonderful. ;-D
      ~Miss Meg

  3. Oh yes, I hate sleeping in! This is literally the first time I can remember hearing of someone who shared that sentiment!

    1. Meredith, I know! A lot of people don't seem to care -- but it really bugs me!

  4. You wroooooote. :-)

    Haha, you're funny. Because the title is "Sleeping in and other delights" and your post starts off by saying that you don't delight in sleeping in. :-P I don't like sleeping in eeiiiiither. Also I slept in a teensy bit today. Um, a half-an-hour more, that is. :-D I just can't do it! :-)


    I think one day we'll look back and say, 'Remember in October 2015, when we discovered Newsies?'

    Goodness, all the apples and the pumpkins! They make for such beautiful pictures, did you know that? All the Autumn-y colours.

    Oh, you know, talking about the Waltons, I'm pretty positively sure that Grandma Walton (a very young Grandma Walton) was in Sabrina! It was so funny to see her in a black-and-white movie!

    Lovely to hear from you again, dear. :-) I mean, via blog posts. HAHA.

    ~ Naomi

    1. I wrooooooote. :-)

      Well, I started out with the title 'Sleeping In', but then I thought that was too much of a downer, so I tried to make it a little more appealing. ;-P

      I KNOWWW!!!! This is the October the Newsies took over our lives. We will remember it always. :-) AND YES I'M GLAD YOU FOUND THAT GIF. You don't know how much pleasure I've taken in it. (Actually, you do. :-))

      Heehee, I actually took these autumn pictures last year, but I never got around to posting them on The Blog so I'm using them now. They ARE lovely, if I may say so. :-)

      Oh! That was probably really funny. ;-) Grandma Walton is also in It's a Wonderful Life -- for, like, five seconds.

  5. I hate sleeping past 7:30 and if I get up at 8:00 I am like OH I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON and all my siblings are awake and my parents are awake and it seems as if I've missed about half the day already. And then everybody goes, "You're up kind of late, are you feeling all right?" ARGH. I always think I should be able to just roll out of bed but it's hard :P

    Oh yes I read in bed too! Not usually under the covers because that gets kind of stuffy. And I share a room with my older sister so we both go to sleep a little later than our siblings. Which means I get to read. It works :)

    P.S. I love the photographs!

    1. Rosie, I know how that is!!! We're so hard on ourselves.

      Yes, reading under the covers does get stuffy. But I have two other sisters in my room who like to go to sleep at reasonable hours, so I try to let them do that by keeping my light under my covers. :-)

      Thank you!

    2. Mmm, I understand completely -- I don't have to do that but there are other things I have to live with like that -- I do have seven siblings you know :)

      You're welcome :)

  6. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggg. This post is SO ironic because I just stumbled out of bed like, six minutes ago, and precisely at the (deathly embarrassing) hour of 10:29 o'clock. Then to have my sleepy eyes read this post and. . . gahhhhh. I HATE SLEEPING IN AS MUCH AS YOU DO. *sighs loudly and flops over onto sofa with hand covering eyes* It's like, WHAT DID I EVEN DO LAST NIGHT?? :-P

    ~ Sincerely, Murry Murry Quite Contrurry (that's how they say it in the Hood, you know)

    P.S. My night with this deep coma-like sleep left me dreaming these really-real dreams. . . I dreamed all night about him, silly me. Only I was always searching for him and I couldn't find him. It must be my Destiny to never find him. *laughs and sobs at the same time*

    1. What DID you even do last night??? Maybe you should go back and lie down....:-/

      You were searching and you couldn't find him? You mean like Scarlett? Was there fog involved?

      Now, don't you fret. I told you, it's a classic case. You'll see.

      (In the meantime, did you even want me to publish this comment??)

    2. What did I do? I dunno, I think I might have had a few influential talks (lectures) with a man from the hood. :-P

      Oh, hahahaha. Ah-- publish whatever you want to, Ems. I don't think I was quite awake yet when I wrote this, actually. I certainly wasn't 'all there', if you know what I mean.

      And that dream really messed me up. I couldn't focus until noon, at least. Something about it was horribly involving. . . and I never did find him, though I *knew* he was there. Nope, no fog, but it was almost as bad. (It actually took place inside your barn, inside all the dark creepy places. I thought he might have been hiding behind the cooler with the bushel baskets, but I never actually looked there. . . )

      I won't fret. I'm done fretting. "Que Sera Sera." (Whatever will be, will be)

  7. I'm a night owl, so I tend to sleep in; not too much though. And winter generally makes it easier to, what with it being a much darker and colder world out there, haha :)
    I looooove reading books at night with my flashlight. For me it's a ritual type thing that soothes me. But, I've very firm about finishing at chapters - but it took me five minutes once to finish the last page because I was falling asleep every other sentence, and kept having to start over again.
    Pumpkins and apples! Fall is such a pretty season! I've been delighting in rain and baking, two things rather lacking over the summer.
    Lovely post!

    1. Mary, I used to be a night owl too. Now I'm more like an afternoon person. :-) Winter certainly does make it easier for one to lose one's motivation to get out of bed!

      I'm firm about that too! I have to finish the chapter -- or at least the page, if it ends the sentence. And I usually have to stop reading on an even-numbered page, just because. I'm very weird.

  8. Hello dear...oh, I do so love visiting your blog! Such a delightful post! Ooh, so you've been working on a musical - how wonderful and I understand you've needed a little extra shut~eye *smiles*
    I hate sleeping in too...most of the time, my idea of sleeping in is sleeping till 7:30am - usually I'm up at 5:30am or earlier! Ah...there is just something lovely about being up and about when the birds are just waking and the day is so fresh! I grab my Bible, coffe {love my coffe!} And head outside!
    Aww! Your kitty is so adorable and just like ours, Sarafina - she also finds the oddest places to sleep...the fireplace is one! Haha, not when it is lit, though!
    Well done on your progress is slow and steady, I am afraid but oh, do I love it!
    Well, Emma! I should bid you goodnight as I have a wee sister asking for me to read her Madeline...then I'm hoping to read a bit!
    Hugs to you and oh, have the most wonderful of Sundays, friend!

    1. My, you are an early riser! ;-) I like to be, but I'm not always.

      Sarafina is such a cute name for a kitty! (You didn't by chance get it from the Barbie movie The Princess and the Pauper, did you?) Sometimes it's hilarious where Oliver chooses to sleep -- I remember once finding him in the bathroom sink. ;-P

      Thank you for your kind comment!


    *Olivia calms herself* Emma, that is AWESOME! Two college musicals within, what, two years? That's amazing:)

    Aaaaaaaand I'm also just a wee bit jealous. Because I'd LOVE to be in a musical, but unfortunately the opportunity just hasn't come up yet. But mostly I'm just happy that you're in one;D *end of the poor-pitiful-me violins*

    Haha, you have such a good attitude about sleeping in. I, on the other hand, don't really mind sleeping in that much. (Well, sometimes, when it gets really ridiculous, it does irritate me.)

    I have noticed about of a Jeremy Jordan influx lately…;D I haven't watched Newsies YET, but I NEED TO. I've seen JJ in another musical movie, Joyful Noise, and while I wasn't crazy about the story or his character, HIS VOICE. YES.

    1. YES I'm in another musical!!!!! It is pretty awesome. I haven't been extremely enthused about it, as it's not a show I particularly adore and I don't have a very important part, so thank you for reminding me how awesome it is. ;-P Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to have this opportunity at all!

      Well, I don't really see it as a *good* attitude....I just get annoyed with myself. ;-P I think I need to be less hard on myself.

      Oh, you've noticed, have you??? *giggles ridiculously* HE'S JUST SO WONDERFUL. *swoons* Hmmm...Joyful Noise sounds super familiar.

  10. Awww, I'm sorry how hard sleeping has been for you lately..I actually sleep in a lot. I'm NOT a morning person...but the thing is, I'd love to be one! Something about getting up with the dawn and having plenty of time to get done what you need to get done is exhilarating.
    But, when it's 7 in the morning and I'm cozy in bed my brain thinks otherwise. :P

    Ha, I too read in bed at night...with a flashlight...when I should be getting my sleep. I've been trying to break the habit.

    But wow! Good for you! That's great you're in another musical..even if it is only ensemble. I would LOVE to be part of the ensemble in a musical.

    EEek!! All my friends are discovering Newsies!! First Naomi now you! I need to do a Newsies post....I don't think I've ever really talked about it much on my blog.

    But OH. YES. Jeremy Jordan!!!!! -sigh-

    1. YES NEWSIES. It's the latest thing. ;-P Actually, *I* discovered it before Naomi did -- she got so sick of me going on and on about it that she finally just listened to the songs herself, and now look what's happened. ;-) "Watch what happens..." *ahem*

      I am very glad to be in another musical. It's definitely not the wondrous experience it was for me last year, but it is fun. :-)

  11. Oh, I agree. It does feel a lot better to get up early. I feel so much more energetic in the mornings and capable of accomplishing things. However, I'm horrible at getting myself to bed early, so of course that makes things difficult. I used to read in bed before going to sleep, but I haven't done that in years. Probably because I hardly ever get to bed before 11:00 and by that time I'm just ready to sleep. :)

    Oh, those apples look delicious! Did you pick them yourself? Must be so cool to see the harvest pile up like that! :)

    I want to watch The Waltons! I've only ever seen a handful of episodes, but I'd really like to start from the beginning sometime and get to know the characters properly.

    This was a darling post, Emma. And by the way, and I love your blog layout. It gives me a warm and cozy feeling, and is such a pleasant place to visit. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March -- the struggle is real. ;-P

      No, I didn't pick the apples; we don't grow them ourselves, but we buy them from a wholesaler and sell them at our stand. It is delightful to walk in the barn and see the aisles full of bushels and bushels of shiny apples.

      The Waltons is basically my childhood. :-)

      Thank you! I've been experimenting with it lately -- for a while I just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it to, but I'm quite content with it now. I'm glad it's a pleasant place to visit -- that's what I was going for!

  12. No sleeping in??? That's my life, y'all! I probably sleep in more and later than I should (especially on Sunday mornings...and then I'm rushed... :() But until I have a 'real' job and I have to get up at a set time 7 days a week, I'm going to enjoy it. ;)
    Great post just the same, Emma! :)

  13. I love the post. And I love the new header. :) And I love hearing what dear Emma's been up to of late!!! (Um sorry, that wasn't intentionally a pun. :P) Actually, I tend to stay up waaaaaay too late myself and then sleep in past six (which is when I'd LIKE to get up) to like seven or eight -- so I totally need to reset my internal clock. It's an ongoing struggle, though, 'cause often I start getting a lot done at night -- writing, sewing, etc. :P

    And... indeed, it wasn't a great surprise as I follow you on Pinterest :), but that Newsie gif! I haven't seen it, but that.... that.... oh my. :)

    And (if you feel like it) I've tagged you here: Enjoy!

  14. Haha, I actually looove sleeping late! I love the feeling of waking up in the weekend and being able to turn around once more, because I don't have to get up yet. So I'm afraid I can't follow your feelings about sleeping in! Your feelings about staying up late with a book, I can totally follow however and ofcourse your delight of October.

  15. First off, HOW DO YOU GET DO MANY COMMENTS?! :D lol!! Whatever your secret is, I think it's wonderful. ;) Secondly. I literally just watched that episode of The Waltons 3 days ago. No joke! I got season 2 today. Kinda backtracking. ;) Lovely blog!

    1. Julia -- I don't know why I get so many comments! It surprises me too. ;-P I didn't know that what I wrote was so interesting, haha.

      Wow, that's ironic! My family watched it recently too -- I LOVE that one. John-boy = <3

      Thanks! I really like your blog too. :-)

    2. Aww, well I think you're gentle spirit reaches out to people and they feel drawn to comment. :D
      Hahaa!! I know!! The Waltons are the best ever! I personally adore Mary Ellen.. she's so cute and spunky (hehe like me!) and she became a nurse (like I'm looking into!). She's pretty awesome, and I love her relationship with Johnboy. So cute! :D

      Oh! Thanks! :D

  16. South Pacific! That must be fun. It's not altogether a favorite musical of mine—I watched most of the Broadway revival online and thought it was amazing, but did skip a few parts I didn't care for—but I adore several of the songs. "A Wonderful Guy" is my favorite.

    "The Book" is one of my favorite writer-ish Waltons episodes! I did a post on my top three writing-themed episodes a few years ago, and that was one of them:

    1. Yeah, South Pacific is definitely not a favorite of fact, I'm starting to get really sick of it. ;-P But there are things I love about being in a show at all, so I'm enjoying being in it. Most of the time.

      I've read your post! It was a long time ago, though, so I'm going to go read it again now. :-)

  17. I HATE sleeping late. I also hate napping. It makes me feel wasteful. I have So Many Things To Do, and I can't do them if I'm asleep. Wow, do I hate that. The only time I can nap guilt-free is when I'm pregnant or really sick.

    I love The Waltons :-) My mom loves it so much, the theme song is her phone's main ringtone!


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