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Society of Literary Ladies // Miss Meg March

     Howdy friends!

     Y'all remember the Society of Literary Ladies? That interview series I started last fall that went on for a few months before it slipped into oblivion? Yes, that's the one. Well, guess what! Here we are again with another installation! This time I'm pleased to introduce to you all a dear delightful girl by the name of Miss Meg March. Miss Meg started popping up in the comment box a few months ago, and it's been such fun getting to know her! I'm happy to call her a friend. :-) So, without further ado, please welcome...

Introduce yourself! Tell us your name, your age (if you don’t mind sharing), three of your biggest passions and one thing you love about September.

    Hello! First off, let me say thank you to Emma for ‘hosting’ me. She’s so sweet. :-) Alright, now we may continue! I go by the name Miss Meg March in the blogging world, and I am fourteen years old, turning fifteen in a few months. I am a Christian saved by the grace of God, a homeschooler, and an extrovert. I have many hobbies, ranging from archery to embroidery, but my three biggest passions are as follows:
Music – Coming from a musical family, music has always been a great part of my life. I have dabbled in recorders and guitars, but my favourite instrument by far, is the piano. I play for leisure, but I do get taught, by my eldest sister, and am working my way up through the grades. I also sing on a daily basis, whether it is a Disney song, a pop song, a country song or a song from a musical (especially Les Miserables, which happens to be my favourite musical ever.)
Reading – I was always a bookworm. Classics and I get along the best, I reckon, but I love discovering new stories and characters. I used to be rather boring when it came to genres, but now I am beginning to take delight in many different types, whether they are biographies or fiction. Yet I am quite sure that nothing will ever replace a good old classic. ;-)
Writing – Only a few years ago did I discover the charm of writing. After that, I became addicted. Almost every day I write a few paragraphs because I feel like I almost need to let the words out. I write in my journal, I write letters, I write stories and I wrote poems. Sometimes I almost exhaust myself with writing, but somehow I never regret it afterwards. ;-)
As some of you may or may not know, I come from Australia, so September for me is the first month of spring! Spring is my favourite season. :-D All the flowers popping open, the baby animals frolicking in the green grass, the days warming up, being able to wear clothes that don’t weigh you down, going barefoot around the yard, feeling the fresh air blow in, knowing that our huge school holiday break is within a few months – that is what I love most about September. 

Where is home for you? (Be as vague or specific as you like.)

     My home is in the land Down Under. It is a small brick house, rather squishy as I come from a large family, but cosy all the same. I am surrounded by 600 acres of rolling hills with many trees, and a river within a few minutes’ walk. Our neighbour/land owner owns and breeds cattle which occasionally come up to our fences. We have a couple of horses and countless chickens. It is rather ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and you cannot see any neighbours from our house. But even though I’m not completely a country girl at heart, I love it for all of that.

C:\Documents and Settings\General Use\My Documents\country girl.jpg
What is your current situation academically? (For example, what grade are you in, are you homeschooled, out of school, go to public school, or take lessons from an elderly spinster aunt.)

        Haha, no, I do not take lessons from an elderly spinster aunt. (What an amusing idea!) I am home schooled by my mother, and I am midway through high school. :-)

How would you describe your writing style as?

     I have never really thought about it before. It’s almost as if I would have to ask someone else to answer that for me. :-P Well, I suppose I would describe it as simple but still somewhat stylish, and hopefully amusing. ;-) Apparently I have a strong ‘voice’, as in, several people have told me that they recognize my writing even if my name is not on it, and can tell it’s me just by the way I write. (Actually, speaking along these lines, I have a question. I have never done an entire creative writing curriculum, and seeing as you are all such excellent writers, I was wondering if you could suggest one to me? Have you ever done a creative writing course that you found especially helpful?)

Is there one author who has particularly influenced you in your writing?

     Well, several really. L.M. Montgomery is someone I like to take inspiration from, she can write simply but still so interestingly and with such amazing detail. Charles Dickens also taught me to make my characters memorable. ;-) Louisa May Alcott influenced me a lot as well. So I would say a combination of all three, really. (But if I HAD to pick one, I’d probably choose L.M. Alcott.)

Favorite book series?

     Eeeekk, that’s hard! I wish the word ‘series’ was in the plural. (It makes SUCH a difference.) :-P I suppose I’d have to say the Anne series or the Narnia series. (Little House on the Prairie was good too though!)

Favorite childhood book?

     Well, depending what part of my childhood we’re talking about – I had new favourites every year! There is one, though, that I particularly loved (and still do!) called “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry. It was about a little girl whose best friend was a Jew, and they had to hide their family from the Nazi soldiers during World War 2. It always gave me chills reading it. :-)

C:\Documents and Settings\General Use\My Documents\pretty-books.jpg

I know it can be hard sometimes for us bookish personalities to pick a favorite author, but if you had to choose just one, who would you pick?

     Ugh, Emma, what a nasty question. :-P If I HAD to choose just one....what an awful suggestion.... I reckon it would have to be Louisa May Alcott. Little Women and Eight Cousins are just THAT good. But still, it’s so hard to decide....

What’s your favorite book that’s been made into a movie? How do you feel about the film adaptation as compared with the book?

     Um....let me squeeze in a few. Pretty please? I was very happy with the adaption of Lorna Doone, (the one made in 2000,) as well as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped (the 1960 movie) and the first Anne of Green Gables movie (with Megan Follows). But my favourite of all would have to be Little Dorrit (the movie made in 2008). If I may be so bold, the movie may have even been slightly better than the book! I heartily recommend both, however, but the movie was basically perfect in every aspect. The cast, the sets, the music, the scenery – everything.

Who is one literary character you feel a kindred bond with?

     Haha, I think you all know what’s coming. ;-) I particularly bond with Meg March from Little Women, as I find myself strikingly like her, but of course, not entirely. We both dream of being married, and become envious of those girls who seem to be so blessed in life, tend to mother-hen our siblings, try to make a good impression, like to wear dresses and pretty things and also have a weakness for gloves. (Among other things.) ;-D Another literary character I feel a kindred bond with would be Anne Shirley, as we both somehow find ourselves in awkward situations, are hopeless romantics and can ‘talk the hind leg off a mule’. ;-D

C:\Documents and Settings\General Use\My Documents\reading.jpg

Where is your favorite place to read? What about writing?

   I don’t have a particular place I read or write – anywhere that is quiet is good enough for me! Often I sprawl out on my bed, sometimes I cuddle up on a lounge chair, and occasionally I go outside and prop myself up against a tree. When I’m writing stories, I’m either outside or on the lounge chair, but I very often write my poems outside. I suppose it’s because there is just more scope for the imagination. ;-)

 Do you normally write first drafts on a computer, or do you prefer old-fashioned pen and paper?

     For both stories and poems, I used to use computers, but after they died numerous times (and I lost several of my writing projects), I thought better of it. Now I’ve made myself a book in which I scribble away to my heart’s content. :-D

 Be honest: what is your handwriting like? ;-D

     Ahem. Nowhere near as nice as yours, Emma. ;-) (I think I studied it for 5 minutes straight when I first saw it, hehe.) It kind of depends if we’re talking cursive or print. For print, it’s readable but not wonderfully neat or pleasant to the eyes. For cursive, I have learnt a rather old fashioned one so that some people have trouble reading it, since it’s quite swirly and so different to the modern kind these days. Personally, I really like the style. 

 How long does it generally take you to read a good book? (Of course I know it depends on just HOW good it is, but in general.)

     In general.....um, that’s hard. :-P It differs exceedingly, mostly because my life is constantly changing and free time expands and decreases within each week. A good book, in general (and I only ever read one novel at a time) takes me around 2 weeks to read, of late. (I used to think I was a quick reader, but then life happened and I find that I’m not.) 

 What’s your record time for finishing a book?

I never wrote it down or anything but I suppose less than 12 hours. :-P I read “True Grit” a couple weeks ago within..... 5 or 6 hours? I wasn’t counting, but I’m sure I wasn’t reading any longer than that!

(This picture was Emma's addition) ;-D

 Name five of the best books you’ve ever read that you recommend to other fellow bluestockings.

     As it’s totally impossible to name all my favourites, I’ll name 5 of the books that I currently think are the best. It changes on a monthly basis, you see. ;-)

- “Eight Cousins” by Louisa May Alcott. It’s in contest with being better than Little Women. Seriously, it’s amazing! (Yes, that’s high praise, coming from me. I discovered it less than a year ago, and only read it once, whereas I’ve read Little Women 5 or 6 times.)
- “True Grit” by Charles Portis. I can just FEEL Emma beaming on me. ;-P She recommended it and I took it up – and was so glad I did! It’s simple, it’s fresh, and it’s captivating. 
- “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. They’re one of my favourite stories ever, and I know they’re a controversial topic, but I think they’re superb. People who have never read them (and have nothing against them) don’t know what they’re missing out on! But I do understand they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, all the same. ;-)
- “The Prince and the Pauper” by Mark Twain. Mark Twain is most known for Tom Sawyer, but this is also a marvellous tale and for some reason quite overlooked. (There was also a movie made on it that I highly recommend, made in 2000.)
- “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens. That man had to be put on my list somehow, and I decided to choose this one. Besides Oliver Twist, this was the first Dickens book I ever read, and my twelve year old self got hooked onto him after that. David Copperfield and Little Dorrit are the two best of his books (that I’ve read so far, and I believe I’ve read 7 of his works at least) in my opinion. The characters are memorable, the dialogue is entertaining, the storyline is clever and it’s a thoroughly good story. :-D (There was also a splendid movie made of it, in 1999.)

C:\Documents and Settings\General Use\My Documents\enciclopedias.jpeg

Tell about the things you think are most important in a good novel.

      To have a fresh plot, that is new and intriguing, to have a wholesome middle (often times books have good beginnings and endings, but the middle is a little tedious) and to have relatable characters. There are so many things that make up a good book, but those are the first things I tend to notice. Particularly having relatable characters – if they are too good (I must admit, Elsie Dinsmore satisfied me until I realized she was ‘an angel come down to earth’) it’s rather annoying. Yet they can’t be your normal, nice person with a couple flaws who happen to be pretty and talented in everything and make up your perfect heroine. There should be something gripping about them, that makes you remember them, and leave you crying and laughing alongside of them. 

 About what age did you start writing stories? Do you still have your early works?

     I think I began writing stories for fun when I was 10. I vaguely remember my first story, and it makes me blush crimson to think of it. I lost several long stories (and I mean very long) from the computer, that I hadn’t saved on paper, when our computer died (and then died again :-P), but I do have a few short stories I wrote for school. I also remember writing my first poem. Other than memorizing them for school, I had never ‘done’ poems before. When I was 10, I wrote this, on a whim, with no clue whatsoever on how to write poems:

My Mother
She is awake early in the morning; she has so much to do.
When you cry, she always comforts you.
When there is work, she does not shirk,
She is good and kind and true.
I love my mother, and always will do.

     I wrote that out from memory. ;-) I distinctly remember – I was so proud of it, I couldn’t wait 2 months for Mothers Day, I had to rush right out and show it to her. ;-D

Are you currently working on a novel/story/project?

     Well, I’m ¾ through writing a poem at the moment, which I really should finish. I am also writing 3 stories in my little story book. One is about a little girl living in modern day Australia (I thought I’d TRY modern, but I’m quite sure it’s not for me) whose life is changed drastically within 24 hours. I’m also writing another one about the author(ess) of  the song “Lavender’s Blue”, which I am completely making up (after discovering the songwriter was anonymous and being inspired from watching Cinderella) about a girl living in the 1800s. The last one is the one I’m particularly focusing on, and it’s about a Christian, 17 year old girl in a concentration camp during World War 2. You may well draw back and gasp, as it’s a huge project to take on, but I’ve been researching and using my imagination. I hope to make it as accurate as possible, but the characters are fictional (although the camp isn’t). It’s got a complicated romance thrown in there, as well. I’m rather excited to see how it turns out. :-D

     Well, I’d like to thank you (one last time) Emma, for asking me to do this. I was so stoked when you suggested it, and a little nervous. :-P Your blog is so inspiring and entertaining, you are truly a talented writer, and such a dear girl! I say, three cheers for Emma! :-D


Thank you, Miss Meg!


  1. EMMA THE HEADER!!! (That's all I can say. Just can't.)

    Miss Meg! I was so excited to see this post pop up! I've been so enjoying getting to know you over the past couple of months *squishes you in a hug*

    Anywho. Louisa May Alcott for the win! She's my favorite female author, though I have to say that I prefer Rose in Bloom to Eight Cousins. But YESYESYES, Little Women all the way! Sigh…I just…can't describe how that story touches me. It's complicated; I don't even know why it's such a big thing for me.

    That's a pretty daggone awesome poem for a ten-year-old to write! *slow clap of admiration*

    And may I just say, puh-LEASE finish that story about the "Lavender's Blue" authoress! I want to read it. Just sayin'.

    (And I second that--three cheers for Emma!;D)

    1. Aww, thaaaaaaanks Olivia. I like my header too.

      And how sweet of y'all to give me three cheers! I just can't express my feelings. ;-)

    2. Hip Hip Hip!!!!!


  2. Lovely interview Miss March! I loved getting to know you better as well! =D Fellow Aussie *hugs* Gosh how lovely that you are in the countryish.. cities are no fun let me tell you. Isn't our countryside amazing! But not in bushfire season.....
    I loved this interview! =D Oh and Emma great new design!

    1. Hey Evie!
      (I just remembered that there's a 'reply' button. Haha, that might be helpful. :-P)
      Thank you so much! I love getting to know YOU too! :-) Hehe, yep! (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI) Don't worry, I've had my fair share of cities. :-/ Not until I was 7 did we move to the country (and been here for 8 years!), and before that we lived in the city. And yes, bush fires are Really Scary.
      Thanks for the kind feedback - admittedly, I was rather nervous about this, as I've never written a 'blog post' before, let alone on someone else's blog, haha! ;-)
      ~Miss Meg

  3. Fun interview! Great to meet you Miss Meg. That's one of my nicknames and a favorite literary character. :)

    1. Thank you, Meghan!
      Oh, that's so wonderful you get called that! :-D Yes, she's one of my favourite literary characters too. :-)
      ~Miss Meg

  4. Olivia,
    Aw, thank you so much! You're so kind! :-) *returns hug*
    Yay! You like Louse May Alcott too! :-D Actually, I haven't read Rose in Bloom! (And if I do, I may very well agree with you.) I have been wanting to read it for a year now but we don't own it....it's definitely the first thing to go onto my birthday present list this year. I can't wait to read it! I know, I absolutely love that story, and each time I read it, I discover something new. It's such a treasure of a story. :-)
    Haha, why thank you! I do hope that I've improved in my poetry somewhat, since I penned that dear old thing.
    Hehe, well, I certainly hope to. :-) I've been SUPER busy lately, and haven't found much time to write, but I finished our school term today and now have a little over 2 weeks of holidays, so I'm hoping to catch up on my stories. :-) I hope its as good as I want it to be. Thank you so much for the interest in it! It's prone to be a long story, because short stories and I are don't really go together. I'm still writing the first draft at the moment, though, so it may be awhile until I finish it. :-)
    May I second that too - your header is lovely, and that font you used is so dazzling! (And that stripes/star thing on the side/background really tops it off. Just had to add that.)
    By the way, thanks for your contribution to the pictures - the one of Mattie made me laugh! What a wonderful addition, haha! ;-D That quote is pretty darn cool. And Mattie can still look beautiful at the same time as dead set serious. Why can't I pull that off? ;-P
    Oh, and that little introduction at the start - what you said warmed my heart. THANK YOU. I'm so glad I can call you my friend too, and that I took the courage to comment and get to know you personally. It's so wonderful!
    ~Miss Meg

  5. AHHHH!!!! EMMA THY HEADER. THY NEW LOOK. It's western, but it's gorgeous and 'tidy' and I love it. :-D Seriously, well done.

    Miss Meg March! You did it! (Yes, I knew you were going to. :-P) It's so lovely to know more about you!
    Goodness, 'Number the Stars' sounds AMAZING. I would have loved that when I was younger. Is it for younger children, or could I still enjoy it? Little Dorrit is AMAZING. I completely agree - it is SO GOOD. Did you know I have visited the filming location of the Marshalsea several times? It's very close to where my Grandparents live in England - my Grandma actually remembers them filming it. I KNOWW.
    Woww. I hadn't expected your answer to that 'which character to you relate to' question to be 'Meg March.' Totally blew me away, that. :-P Haha.
    That poem you wrote for your mother is totally the cutest thing EVER. And it's clever, too. Well done. :-D

    And three cheers for Emma? Three? I say four. :-P

    ~ Naomi

    1. Naomi,

      I am pleased you like my new look. ("It's western, but it's gorgeous." Haha.) ;-D One of the things I was going for was tidy, so I'm glad it looks that way!

    2. Naomi,
      Hehe, I guessed that. ;-P Thank you, I am rather overwhelmed about all the sweet comments that have been coming in. :-)
      Yes, I always loved Number the Stars. :-D Well, if you still enjoy reading the Little House books, I don't see why you wouldn't like it! :-) (It's pretty simple, to be honest. Probably ranged at....10 year olds, I'd guess. But if it's at your library or something, and you feel like reading a short and sweet story, by all means, read it! ;-D) YUS, Little Dorrit is spectacular. (And I was so excited when I first got hold of the story - if it wasn't for blogs, I still wouldn't know it existed! For some crazy, bizarre reason, it's not very well known!) I think I remember you mentioning that once.....JEALOUS. :-P
      Hehe, sorry, but I had to be honest, hey? ;-)
      Aww, thanks. My 10 year old self was highly proud and satisfied. ;-)
      Oh, beg pardon, four then. ;-P
      ~Miss Meg

  6. Alright, here I am to comment (on my own blog!) at last!! :-)

    WONDERFUL interview, Miss Meg!! I had such fun reading it & finding out more about your literary loves. :-) I still think your home sounds absolutely beautiful. (And I know what you mean about squished -- my family is only five people, but we have a rather tiny little house, and sometimes it can feel very crowded indeed.) And CATTLE....I'm still jealous. ;-P

    You know, I've actually never read Little Women...or anything by L.M. Alcott! Isn't that scandalous?! My mama read most of Little Women to us girls when we were younger, but I don't think we ever finished it. One of these days I'll get to it. (I looooove the 1994 movie, and the musical.)

    I used to write EVERYTHING on notebook paper, before I discovered how much quicker and how much easier it is to edit using the computer. Now I usually write first drafts on paper, and then type it out. But I always have this nagging fear that my computer is going to crash and I'm going to lose everything....I try not to think about things like that!!!

    *blushes at what you wrote about my handwriting* D'awwwww. Stop. ;-D My handwriting to me is like Anne with her nose -- someone complimented me on it once and I'm afraid I've thought far too much about it since!

    YAY FOR TRUE GRIT. That book will never get enough credit as far as I'm concerned.

    Wow! That poem is adorable! It reminds me of in that Little House episode, when Laura has to make a report on her mother and she doesn't know what to write down, but when it comes time to give the report she knows exactly what to say. :-)

    Yikes! All your works-in-progress sound so neat! I hope you've got lots of time for writing this summer. :-) I can't wait to hear more about them!


    1. Emma!
      Haha, that must feel weird, commenting on your own blog! ;-) (I feel that I've become a blogger for a day.....hehe.)
      Thank you very much. :-) Haha, and the cattle ranch....hey, I'm pretty darn jealous about your little creek you have, and the fact that you live on a farm! Our creek's nothing like yours (and yes, I remember seeing pictures of it) and just the idea of LIVING on a farm....*siiigh*
      You haven't?! Oh, dear me, Emma! That is disastrously scandalous. :-P I hope you remedy that soon, girl. ;-) (And I'm guilty of not reading all of them anyway - to be honest, I've only read 4 of L.M. Alcott's books, and I'm dying to read Rose in Bloom!) But the 1994 movie is pretty wonderful. The original book story I love even more (it's got lots of funny stories in it that they didn't add) but I still love the movie. And the musical......I hope to check it out SOON. (Y'know, time is a problem sometimes. For instance, it's now 11PM, I got up at 6:30, am supposed to get up early tomorrow, and still have a couple of long comments to reply to.......eek.)
      Well, I DO like to use computers (and I'm hoping to write the second draft/final part on the computer....when I get there). I know, it's an awful thought.....that's why I like to have at least SOME of my story on paper.
      Hehe, you make me laugh. ;-) That quote of Anne's is very applicable in my life, I'm afraid. It wouldn't be my handwriting, though, it would be more like my eyes or something..... ;-)
      Oh yes, I know that episode! That one makes me cry 'cause it's so adorable. When Ma is crying at the end.....*sniff*
      Aw, thanks! I hope I've got plenty of time too! :-D (I've got 2 weeks of holidays, an 8 week school term and then the rest of the year off! Yay!) Thank you, I hope they turn out as good as I hope they will. :-)
      ~Miss Meg

  7. Wow--good luck on your Holocaust novel!! I actually am planning to write one myself once I get done with my current WW2 novel. But I don't think my main character will actually be in a concentration camp--she'll just be in hiding.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Oh, wow, good luck to you too, then! :-) I hope it all goes well! (I hope mine does, too, hehe.) :-)
      ~Miss Meg

  8. Hello, Emma. What a delightful idea for a post. Thanks for sharing. And may I echo all the other girls when I say that your new blog look is beautiful! The description "tidy" fits it perfectly. I love tidy things! :) You did a very nice job on it.

    Miss Meg March,

    Thanks awfully much for doing this interview. I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you better.

    You like Louisa May Alcott!!!! Oh, I have to give you a hug for that! *hugs* Louisa May Alcott is so wonderful! I've read all of her children's books and they are just my style! So simple and sweet and darling. And I like Charles Dickens, too! His books are excellent!

    "Number the Stars." We have that book. My dad read it to us for school quite a few years ago. I always liked that story.

    Favorite books made into movies: "Kidnapped". (That's the Disney version, right?) I agree, that is a really good movie. Isn't Alan Breck Stewart hilarious? And "Anne of Green Gables" and "Little Dorrit"! Yes! Those are both excellent films!

    Oh no! You've lost some of your writing projects that were on your computer? That's awful! I'm so sorry. That has got to be one of the most frustrating things ever! Computers can be so ornery sometimes. I guess good old-fashioned paper really is a lot safer; though for me (personally) I have a hard time writing on paper because when I'm writing fast my writing gets very sloppy and then I make endless amounts of mistakes, and a paper full of messy writing and crossed out words is rather discouraging. :/

    (Oops. My comment got too long. Sorry about that. I guess I'll have to make it into two comments.)

  9. Five of your favorite books: Oh, joy! I know some of these!
    Eight Cousins! Yes definitely! Such a good book! And the sequel is good, too.
    I've never read True Grit but it sounds like a good one.
    The Lord of the Rings! Yes, yes, yes! I LOVE those books! They're SO well written, and the characters are SO good! Aaahhh! I'm glad you like them, too!
    Oh, I agree. The Prince and the Pauper is an absolutely delightful book. It's such a fun read. Mark Twain is a hilarious writer. I've seen the movie from 2000 that you mentioned. Actually, I've seen three different versions. I don't think any of them are QUITE right yet, but they're each entertaining in their own way.
    David Copperfield is one of my favorite Dickens' books, too! I've read it multiple times. And I've seen the 1999 movie. We own it actually. That is a really good movie, though it's a bit too short, in my opinion. Why! they had to leave out one of the best characters! Tommy Traddles. (Isn't he such a dear fellow? I love his character.) Though in the end, perhaps it was best that he was not in the movie, because I can so see them ruining his character and not portraying him correctly. And if they did that I would be very upset, indeed. ;)

    I like how you described the important elements of a good novel. A "fresh plot"--yes, definitely. A "wholesome middle"--I agree! Some stories can be very slow, and kind of boring, in the middle. It's almost as if the author is just trying to fill up the pages without really having anything to write about. And "relatable characters"--absolutely! Relatable and unique...and definitely NOT 'angels come down to earth'! (Haha! Elsie Dinsmore annoyed me, too!)

    That poem you wrote for your mom! That's so sweet! And the way you rushed off to show her right away because you couldn't wait for Mother's Day! Aww! I can so totally feel your girlish pleasure. I remember feelings like that.

    Wow! Three stories at once! Your Lavender's Blue story sounds very creative. I like your idea of taking something from real life and making a fictionalized story about it. And good luck on researching for your World War 2 story. That sounds like quite a project! :) A complicated romance? (Oooh, that sounds interesting!) But, please tell me. It will have a happy ending, won't it? Oh, please say it will! Because sad endings are just too sad. :(

    This was a very good interview, Miss Meg. Thanks so much for doing it!

    And yes, three cheers for you, Emma! Your blog is beautiful. And such a lovely place to visit! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March, (of the same last name - hey, maybe we're related?! ;-P)
      Thanks so much for your kind words. :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! (Sometimes I feel confident about things, and sometimes I'm like 'oh my gosh, maybe no one will comment and everyone will think it's boring'. :-P) Yay, I love hugs! I think you've read more than me, then. :-) (I wasn't allowed to read Jo's Boys, and have yet to put my hands on Rose in Bloom - but all the others I love very much!) And yay for Charles Dickens! :-D Haha, yay, that's the first person who has said they know Number the Stars. :-D
      Yes, I'm pretty sure that Kidnapped movie is the Disney version. And YES Alan Breck is so hilarious! He's such a die hard Scottish person, and full of pride but is still so lovable. ;-)
      I understand how that can be, but I find I can still read my writing even though it's messy (although no one else can, haha :-P) so I don't really mind. But I do want to write my second drafts up on the computer. :-)
      No, thank you for the long comment! It was very exciting to get such a long one! :-D
      Oh, and you know Prince and the Pauper too! Yes, Mark Twain is very unique and original, and has SUCH a strong writing way about him. I know the movie isn't perfect, but I really like it. :-) (I haven't seen any other versions, however, so I can't judge.)
      Haha, oh yes, I almost forgot about Tommy! He's so cute. :-P Hehe, well, I think they did a pretty good job with the movie, myself. (And Maggie Smith as Aunt Betsy Trotwood was perfection.)
      Thank you. :-) I hadn't really thought about it before asked the question, actually. Yes - that's one of my weakest points - having the middle a little saggy. I never have QUITE enough information for my story idea to last the length I want it to, so that I must make up a part to fill it in, which doesn't sound very good and messes things up and yeah.....I need to work on that. :-P
      Hehe, thank you. :-) Yes, I've had several occasions where I just COULDN'T WAIT. It was too exciting I couldn't contain myself. :-D
      Yes, I know, 3 AT ONCE. I couldn't help it though - I had to write it down before I forgot! Yes, I was excited when I thought about it. :-D Haha, yes, I hope I haven't 'bitten off more than I can chew' with the WW 2 story. And (in case you were wondering, and as I told my Mum), I am aware that the men and women were separated in the camps. It's a different kind of complicated. ;-D I am still actually deciding on EXACTLY how I want to end it. I HAVE to have hope, but I was originally thinking of making it a 'bittersweet' ending. Because, y'know, those times in life WERE sad, and to be realistic, not many had happy endings. But there is hope, and I want it to finish on a good note. :-)
      Thank you very much, Miss March!
      ~Miss Meg

    2. Oh, and I just remembered! I WOULD comment on YOUR blog, Miss March (I read it!) but it doesn't allow Anonymous comments and that's the only reason why. :-) So I do like your blog!
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Yeah! We must be long lost cousins or something! ;)
      Oh! I KNOW that feeling. I worry that people will think my writing is boring every single time I post something. I really need to get over it...but it's hard. I second guess myself all the time.
      Maggie Smith as Betsy Trotwood! YES! Total perfection! She's the only character in a movie that I ever remember thinking, "Wow! That is EXACTLY how I imagined her to be." :)
      Oh! That sounds so much like me! I never have enough information for my stories either. It's easy enough to come up with a large, general plot...but all the little connecting plots...boy, that's hard.
      Yes, I know...it's important to be realistic, and with a World War 2 story the ending probably has to be somewhat bittersweet. But it's true, there is always hope, and so there are definitely ways of making a sad story end on a good note. :)
      It was fun having this opportunity to talk with you, Miss Meg! :)

      ~Miss March

    4. What? My blog doesn't allow Anonymous comments? How silly of me, I didn't even realize that! Aww, thank you. I'm glad you like my blog. And I'd love to have you comment, because it's been a lot of fun talking to you!

      There, I just checked my settings and I think I've fixed the problem. :) Thanks for mentioning it.

      ~Miss March

  10. Oh, this was SUCH a delight to read! I felt I like I really got to know you better, Miss Meg!
    So glad you've got spring where you live! Spring is so wonderful. :)

    We have so many favorite stories in common. Oh! You liked the movie of Little Dorrit better than the movie? So did I! The book was very good, but overall I like the movie much better. :)

    Aww, I'm so sorry about the loss of your stories! That's one reason I prefer real notebooks for my writing. Plus, I can take a notebook anywhere...it's a little harder with a laptop. ;)

    Ooh, I love old fashioned script!

    Lord of the Riiinnggs! Now that I'm reading them I get all excited whenever someone mentions them! haha

    Aww, your poem for your mother was so sweet!

    Your "big" project sounds so intriguing! Exciting...and probably sad. Am I right? I love sad stories, although not so much if they're too depressing. :(

    Lovely interview!

  11. Aw, thank you Natalie. (By the way, your profile pictures is so pretty! Arwen is SO gorgeous and her dresses are beautiful. I wore a dress like hers (we made it!) when my friends/family went to the movies and we dressed up to see it.)
    We've got stories in common?! Yay! That's so nice to know. :-)
    Yes, I think I may have liked the movie a tad more than the book. But all the same, I'll definitely be re-reading the book. :-)
    Haha, yes it's easier to take a notebook, plus I don't have a laptop - I share a computer (that's in several huge parts and a desk and chair to go with it - so old fashioned I know ;-P) with 4 other siblings, and I certainly can't take THAT places. ;-)
    Haha, yes Lord of the Rings is epic. I'm so glad you are liking them! :-D
    Well, yes, it is rather sad. It's a rather depressing kind of backdrop, (I mean, how much more depressing can it get than a concentration camp?! It's not that I love depressing stories, I just had an idea for a story in there) but since the main character is a Christian, there is always hope and not half as depressing then if she wasn't one and was without any kind of hope. I am trying to make it bearable and not too sad, although there are definitely lots of sad parts in it. I find if I am feeling rather 'down' in writing it, I take a break and write about my Lavender's Blue authoress story, 'cause that's a bit of a light, fluffy kind of story that is super fun to write and imagine. :-D
    Thank you, you're a dear!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thank you, Miss Meg! Isn't she just beautiful? -gasp- You made a dress like Arwen's?? How wonderful! That sounds like a lot of fun. Which of her dresses was it? The purple one in the picture?

      Heehee, I understand. Until about 2 years ago we had only one big desktop computer as well. Then we got a laptop and it kind of became "mine" for blogging and school-work. :)

      That's so true. If a character has hope in Christ then the story won't be nearly as depressing as it would be otherwise!
      That's such a good idea about taking breaks from it, though! Aren't light fluffy stories fun to write? I have one like that but it's mainly for my benefit. I probably won't ever publish it or anything. :)

  12. Well, I didn't actually make the entire dress. (Sorry, I should have written it more clearly. Overall is LOOKED like one of her dresses.) We had a long dark royal purple dress, and my mother made sleeves (gorgeous long, hanging ones, that were almost as long as the dress!) and we simply slipped them on my arms, and secured them by sewing a gold braid at the top of it, with a belt made of that same braid around my waist. (The sleeves can be pulled on and off, which is very helpful for future times.) I wore a little jewel on my forehead too, so I felt very elvish. :D It wasn't a particular dress of Arwen's, we just made do with what we had (although in my opinion it looked remarkably like her kind of dresses). :)
    Yes, light fluffy stories are so fun! :D As long as one doesn't get carried away and there's basically no plot or any foundation, haha. (Yes, I'm guilty of that. *ahem*) Oh, I don't think I'll ever actually publish my stories. :-) I mean, I don't want to be careless about how I write it, but I don't have dreams about coming a published authoress as some do, I just love writing stories for the fun of it. I suppose it would be lovely to publish a book, though. But I reckon I'd have to get a good deal better before I start even thinking about that! ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh, I see. But still! It must have been so pretty! Ooh, dark royal purple? And those sleeves sound gorgeous!
      Yes, sometimes getting a similar look is just as good as if it were a copy!

      I know exactly how you feel! Writing has always been more of a hobby to me (although, as you said, not in a careless way!), and although I'd like to self-publish my book when it's done, I don't have any dreams of being a world-famous author. I mean, it'd be nice, but it's not a goal right now. :)


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