Friday, September 11, 2015

// Five Things for Friday //

     Thing One: I watched a movie last night! (What else is new, Emma?) :-D A chick-flick; a rom-com -- You've Got Mail. I've been intrigued for a while by Kara's mentions of it on her blog, and I was excited to finally see it! I liked it a lot -- it was cozy, funny and it made me smile. It also reaaaally made me want to own my own bookstore someday. :-)

   Thing Two: Any of y'all hear of the makeup company Cowgirl Dirt? They're a family-owned natural makeup company based out of the Texas hill country, and let me tell you folks -- I have a new favorite company. How can you resist products with names like 'Ponderosa blush' and 'Wheatfield eye shadow' and 'Mud-slinger eye pencil'? I plan to be a loyal customer of these guys in the future.

   Thing Three: I had the most lovely surprise this afternoon! Guess what I found in my mailbox today? An envelope addressed to me -- from my dear friend Miss Meg March!!! And inside, a note and a beautiful handmade bookmark with my name on it (literally)! I was delighted! Thank you so much, Miss Meg! :-)

   Thing Four: Another special delivery in the mail today: the Little Women piano book Sadie and I ordered last week!!!! *major squealing* Sadie's playing it right now as I type this. :-) Oh my goodness, I LOVE this musical so much. So much beauty. Gaaahhhh. I may have a lack of desire to do anything else but play these songs for the next....oh, week or so.

   Thing Five: Over at the Inspired by Life and Fiction blog (which is awesome, if you didn't know that already), Becky Wade has written a post of 4 Steps for Beginning Writers that I happen to think is pretty awesome. If you're an aspiring writer, go read it!

     And this doesn't really count as one of the five things, but I thought some of you might like to know that I now possess a ball cap with the Ford logo on it.

     Is that cool or what?!?

     Happy Friday, everyone! I'm off to do laundry now. :-)


  1. Ohmygoodness! I watched You've got mail on Friday! :-D Isn't it the most beautiful movie although it's terribly sad about the bookstore but the end.. oh my goodness!

    Letters are always incredibly exciting!! I hope to send some out to my bloggy buddies sooooon so keep an eye out for that (although I need to get my p.o box sorted and actually write to an address :P)

    Ooh that Makeup sounds lovely!

    LITTLE WOMEN!? (Sorry tad excited!) Oh oh the local theatre company youth theatre's putting it on, I'm too busy preparing for their big show of Into teh Woods and possibly... if we can arrange it a local school's doing "Guys and Dolls" so I might be helping out with that xD Have you seen Guys and Dolls?

    Anyways, sorry if that bored the heck out of you.
    Have a lovely day, I'm trying to plan to get to your email this afternoon
    How were the auditions you mentioned? :-)

    1. Evie, You've Got Mail is indeed adorable! But the part about the bookstore closing is really sad. I was disappointed when they didn't open it back up at the end, actually! Ah well, I suppose wonderful things can't all last forever. ;-)

      YES! Letters are the best. :-) Speaking of which...I still have that bookmark to send you, so whenever you can please give me your address!

      I haven't seen Guys and Dolls, but it's one of those I reeeaaally want to because I keep hearing people say it's so good. Oooh, have fun with all your performances!

      I did get a part in South Pacific! It's just in the chorus, but still I think it'll be very fun. :-) Thanks for asking!

  2. Cute! Sounds like you've discovered some fun things lately. I've not heard of that makeup company, but I must investigate. And, glad you enjoyed You've Got Mail. It is cute. :)

    1. I've sort of become an all-out advertising agent for Cowgirl Dirt. ;-) And yes! I did enjoy it very much.

  3. I actually live in a neighborhood called Ponderosa Valley. Weird.

    Looks like they have a bunch of really cool stuff!

    1. 'Ponderosa Valley'?!? That's beautiful! I wish my neighborhood had such a swoony name! :-D

  4. I love the first picture - I don't know, it's just so cooool seeing other people's dashboards for real. And also I'm so proud of you that you're reading Laura Ingalls. :-) (Although, as I said on Goodreads, "the First Four years" isn't her best books. T'is also a first draft. :-P)

    You saw 'You've got Mail!' I've wanting to see that for AGES. THE STORY IDEA IS HILARIOUS. (Also, they talk about Pride and Prejudice. Tell me you thought of me.) But I'd actually rather watch 'the Shop around the Corner' which is the same kind of story but then more old-fashioned (with letters rather than emails) and it STARS JIMMY STEWARD so yeah. I would rather watch "The Shop around the Corner." :-)

    *skips over the make-up one, because Naomi is not interested in make-up and doesn't see any difference between different makes.*

    MISS MEG MARCH MADE THAT FOR YOU!!! Ah, that's soo pretty. :-) I have not that patience. :-/ And she also seals her letters with wax - well, there you have a cool girl. :-D


    "Is that cool or what?!?" What. It's what.
    Just kidding. It's very cool. Although I'm not into ford logos. But yeah. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. I know, I think it's cool too. :-) I have heard that The First Four Years isn't up to par with Laura Ingalls Wilder's other books, but since it's one that we have, and I needed something light at the moment, I decided to give it a try. (Plus the cover is just sooooo delicously adorable.) I just want some Manly, really. :-)

      Yes, they talk about P&P!!! It's adorable. :-) I did think of you! How did you know?

      Isn't it gorgeous, though? She's so very talented. And sealing your letters with wax automatically makes you cool. ;-D

      Heehee. I was pretty sure that was the response I'd get from you about the hat! Sadie and I both bought caps the other day at Tractor Supply (which is pretty much the coolest store ever), just for fun. Hers is Carhartt and mine is Ford. Because I love Fords. :-)

  5. Oh, I've heard of "You've Got Mail." I haven't really seen chick flicks, so I don't know much about them. :-) It's just not normally something we watch. (However, I do have Leap Year on my to-watch list - it looks really funny! :-D)
    Ooh, yes I've heard of Cowgirl Dirt! (Via a blog called Fresh Modesty.) It looks really good, even though I don't wear make up. Do you wear make up? :-)
    Aw, you put my bookmark on your blog. :-) I'm so glad you liked it! (Seriously, it TOTALLY made my day! And I was so pleased that you got a surprise! I LOVE giving people happy surprises! :-D)
    My, what a lovely piano book! I'd love to get more piano song books, but at the moment I'm working on a technical Beethoven piece (*groan*) which is rather painful. But then, I'm also playing "Dawn" off the '05 P&P soundtrack, and it's SO NICE.
    I read that blog post you referred to - it was very interesting! I must admit, I'm not sure I'd be keen on joining a writing group via the internet or as such (I've already found friends who write anyway! :-D) but the other tips were helpful. I feel like I've already learnt so much just by reading multiple, well-written blogs. :-)
    Haha. That hat. Rather typical of you. ;-) But no, it's really quite pleasant to the eye, and I 'appen to have one of the exact same colour. :-D (And your shirt made me giggle. Even though I can't see all of it.)
    Haha, you mean, happy Saturday? ;-D Well, for me. It was a very happy Saturday, thank you. But then, most weekends are. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Meg, I don't watch a lot of chick-flicks either. They're mostly too sappy for me. ;-P BUT I did really enjoy You've Got Mail! (maybe because it was so much about books and bookstores, haha). Not quiiiite as much as Leap Year, though. Leap Year is...well, wonderful. Matthew Goode. What can I say. :-)

      I was hoping you wouldn't mind my sharing a picture of the bookmark -- it's just too pretty not to show off! You're very talented, girl!

      I love playing 'Dawn' from P&P!!! Oh, poor you, having to play Beethoven. I feel you. ;-P

      Yeah, I don't know how much I'd like an online writer's group, but the other tips she mentioned were very good. I thought I'd pass along the knowledge to fellow writers.

      Why, thank you! I'm glad SOMEBODY likes my hat. *raises eyebrows at Naomi* Haha. I'm quite fond of it myself. Oh, and you noticed my shirt! What is says is 'Roses are red, mud is brown, country music up, tailgate down.' It makes me giggle too. ;-)

      Well, it was Friday when I posted it. But whatever day it is, I hope it's a happy one!

    2. Haha. You raised your eyebrow at me. I like it. The eyebrow, that is.


    3. Oh, and I forgot to answer one of your questions, Meg -- yes, I do wear makeup! Not very much, but I'm having fun experimenting with it. :-) My sister Sadie loves the Fresh Modesty blog!

  6. This is a fun post:D

    Oh, you liked You've Got Mail? My family and I tried it a while back and didn't really finish it, but maybe if I tried it again I'd like it more:D

    Hahaha! That makeup company does sound pretty fabulous, and definitely 'you'!

    The mail deliveries were both lovely! Lucky you, a bookmark and note from Miss Meg, PLUS a book of musical show tunes! *sigh* I really need to try the LW musical…

    Again, fun post, and have fun with the hat!:D

    1. Yes, I really liked it! As far as romantic comedies go, it was pretty good. I liked the characters, so that made me like the movie. You should try it again. ;-)

      Thank! I will. Have fun, I mean. With my hat.

  7. Hooray! You've seen You've Got Mail! I love that movie. It makes me want to own a book store too, or at least work in one. I guess instead I just buy lots of books at book stores and fill my house with them so it looks like a bookshop :-D

    1. Hamlette, I feel you!!! Kathleen's little bookstore is just the cutest thing ever. I want one just like it. :-)

  8. Another Cowgirl Dirt fan!! Yay! I tried their products recently and have been LOVING them. They're a little pricey, but I feel so much more comfortable putting their makeup on my skin then the non-natural stuff. Plus it's all good, quality products. :)
    Miss Meg March sent you a letter--with a seal!! Ah, that is so cool. She did a beautiful job on the bookmark!
    I have not yet listened to the Little Women musical. Should I? ;)

    1. I'm with you, Natalie! Cowgirl Dirt is just so much more FUN than other makeup. It makes me feel good to wear it. :-)

      Well, I personally LOVE the Little Women musical, so I recommend listening to it. There are a few songs that are kind of oh-oh (not as in inappropriate or anything, just not terribly exciting), but then there's so many REALLLLY good ones! 'The Fire Within Me' is my favorite.

    2. Yes! It definitely is that.

      Okay, thanks! I'll definitely have to check it out as tie permits. :)

      And, by the way, I LOVE your new header! It's so beautiful, wide open, and lovely. :)


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