Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Beautiful hours move so quickly."



     It's always a queer feeling when September rolls around -- summer's over already? But...where did it go?!?! Believe me, I'm feeling it! When I glance over the last two months, it's ridiculous how fast the time flew by. Another summer, gone on down the lane. What did I even do in all that time?

late afternoon sunlight in the barn

     I went to rodeos with my cousins and swooned over cowboys.
     I watched Kevin Costner movies with my mama.
     I picked blueberries till I felt like a blueberry myself.
     I drove the gator back and forth from the stand to the house so many times you wouldn't believe it.
     I listened to country music till I wanted to either scream of delight or exasperation.
     I made a nuisance of myself and had a ridiculously fun time doing so.
     I laughed so hard I could barely breath.
     I lived. 

     There were a lot of things I said I'd do this summer. I said I'd finish my novel, for one thing. I said I'd finish the short story I started writing in the spring. I said I'd read the North and South trilogy.  (Which, now that I think about it, sounds like some form of suicide....! ;-P) Well, I didn't do all those things. The novel is still growing, and the N&S books are still languishing on the library shelf, calling me.

     There were a lot of things I wanted to do that I didn't. But, there were a lot of things I wanted to do that I did.

     It was a summer of country music and Ford trucks. Of flower bouquets at the stand, green onions and zucchini bag sales. Of yard sales and Amish; rodeos and cowboys; haymows, notebooks and pens; westerns and Google chats; cousins and craziness; kayaking and chalk art; straw hats, green beans, fireworks, blue fingernail polish, bunnies, Broadway songs, blueberries, dreams and laughter.

  I learned some things. I learned how to ride a horse. I learned better ways to look at my own writing.  I learned that I look better with long hair! I learned a TON of country songs. I learned what a sub-woofer is. Actually...take that back. I still don't know what a sub-woofer is. ;-D

     But maybe the most important lesson was this:

"It's not how many hours you put in, but how much you put into the hours."


     Yes, I had some very beautiful hours. I put a lot of work, laughter, singing, goofing, walking, and dancing into them. It was hard, it was fun, it was glorious -- it was my summer. :-)


  1. Oh! I like this post! "It's not how many hours you put in, but how much you put into the hours!" That is an excellent quote! Love it!

    I'm glad you had a good, fulfilling summer! It's wonderful to be able to look back and be thankful for what you accomplished, even if you didn't accomplish everything you set out to do. Sounds like you had a really fun summer!

    I just have to ooh and ah over those lovely dresses you girls are wearing in that one picture! They're SO cute! And I love the colors! Oh and that picture of you holding the rabbit! It's darling! You have such a beautiful smile, Emma! :)

    Thanks so much for giving us a little taste of your summer! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Isn't it thought? I read that quote in a little Amish remedy book my sister has. Basically sums up what I've been learning over the course of this summer. :-)

      Yes, it was certainly a fun summer!! And thank you! My younger sister Sadie (the one in the red dress) actually made all four of those dresses. My cousin Mary and I fudged together the suspenders and bowties for the boys. ;-P That was at a ball we went to. It was super fun. :-)

      Heehee. That's Ashton that I'm holding in that picture -- she loves to have her picture taken. :-) Aww, why thank you!

  2. Your summer sounds, as Angela Mitchell in Canadian Summer said, "puffickly LOVELY."

    Really, it sounds like you really had an awesome time . . . you learned to ride a horse?!!! I've always wanted to do that :) And those rabbits are SO DARLING.

    Wow, those dresses are beautiful. I love the purple and the red one. *sighs happily*

    My summer was great too - very relaxed. Basically I did whatever I wanted (reading, writing, listening to music, knitting - the list goes on and on) at my own leisurely pace. I didn't get done everything I said I would, but, hey. I had a good summer :)

    1. "Puffickly lovely." I like that! :-)

      Yes, I learned (well, AM learning) to ride a horse!!! It's a dream come true for me. And I acquired several rabbits this summer. (THAT is a long story in itself...*cough*...perhaps I will share it on the blog sometime.)

      It sounds like you had a great season as well -- reading, writing, listening to music? That sounds like bliss. :-) I know, I love how you can do pretty much whatever you want in the summer (well, to a certain extent). My freedom has been desecrated with the arrival of school. :-( BUT that's the way things go!

    2. Yes, it was awesome.

      Haha, I like that. "My freedom has been desecrated with the arrival of school." Mine, too - I completely understand. *smiles wistfully*

  3. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I know!!!!! I woke up this morning and went, "WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE????????"

    Rodeos and Cowboys? Wish I could have been there with you!!!! Ford trucks? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fords, but most of my siblings prefer Dodges!!

    Learned to ride a horse? Good for you!! It has been far to long since I have ridden one!!!

    And I love the pictures. Especially the one with the 4 girls and 2 boys. I'm assuming that it is you and your cousins.

    It sounds like you had a pretty good summer!!

    1. Rodeos and cowboys forever and ever, amen. :-) It was my first rodeo this summer, and I absolutely LOVED IT. I'm going back next summer!!

      Haha! For some reason, this summer started an obsession with old pickup trucks for all six of us cousins. ;-P Fords will forever be my favorite (my family have always had Fords), but Dodges are my second. Yes, that is me and the cousins in the picture, and my two sisters. We're a crazy bunch, we are. :-D

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. I LOVE Rodeos! Sadly I don't get to go to as many as I would like to. But every fall the local ranchers do bring their cattle down from the summer pastures and they drive them right past our house. I get to see cowboys then!! ;) It happens next Friday and I am going to do a blog post about it!! With pictures!!

      Oh yes!! Old pickup trucks are cool!! I think that we have owned more Dodges then Fords. It is a running argument between my older sister and I whether Fords or Dodges are better.

      You should see our family!!

  4. Ohh......this post made me so happy and dreamy and I loved it very much. :-D
    Since it was lots of random things put together (and that's a good thing, to be sure!) my comment will be rather mixed up and upside down. ANYWAYS.
    First, let me say that your writing inspired me to definitely make the most of MY summer coming up (it's now spring! Yay! My favourite season!) although my big holidays won't be for ages yet. But I love summer so much. It's always the time of year that I create the most special memories. :-)
    When I read the word 'gator' I was scratching my head....is that some sort of...tractor? Or four-wheel motorized bike? :-P I'm so obviously NOT American. ;-)
    Oh my gosh, those bunnies just melted me heart. They're so cute and fluffy and adorable!!
    Yes, can I just put in *my* two cents and say, although you do look pretty with short hair, I think you twice as pretty with long hair! ;-)
    I've got a book I made called "Story Ideas....and many other little things!" and I've got a few pages devoted to quotes and that one is going into mine as soon as I've written this comment. ;-) It's just perfect.
    Aww, you are SO pretty!! :-) Your eyes really do have a twinkle in them, and you looked so happy as if you were laughing in the photo (I like your top by the way ;-D)! Pardon me if this sounds rude, but you almost look like you're wearing one ear ring. :-P (And do those look like pies in the background? Haha. They just caught my attention.) I love those types of photos where you just KNOW people are having a good day. You look like you were having a good day. :-)
    All the pictures are lovely and those flowers are so gorgeous!!
    Can I just say two more things. One, you have really inspired me, Emma, to be so much more cheerful and ambitious in my life than I was before I found your blog. I know that sounds cheesy and weird but it's true. People like you who are original and know what they're doing and are happy in it, really do make me realize that our lives are so blessed and can be amazing if we have the right attitude towards them. I think one of my grandest and somewhat unreal dreams is to meet all the people (including you) who have truly inspired me. I doubt that will ever happen, but I do so wish it could. I will just dream about it in the meantime. :-)
    Two, good luck for your audition for South Pacific!! (Today, or tomorrow....it's confusing when you're in a different country, but somewhere round now! And yes, I found that out by reading your comments on the musicals post you did. :-D I hope it went well!)
    Have a lovely, sunshine-filled day!
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Oh, Miss Meg...!!! Your comments always reach somewhere inside me and warm me through, and this one especially. :-)

      Haha, I probably shouldn't assume everyone knows what a gator is!! ;-P It's not exactly a tractor; it's a four-wheeled utility vehicle, sort of like a golf cart I guess. It's awwwwfully fun to drive.

      Yeah, I'm now waiting for the day when my hair will be long enough to braid again. I loved it short for awhile, but it's just not me. I feel most like myself with shoulder-length hair. That's the way it always is.

      That photo of me and Ashton was taken by my dance teacher, actually, when she came to our produce stand. I probably was laughing at the time. :-) (I'm hardly ever NOT laughing.) Ha, it does look like I'm wearing one earring, doesn't it?! Well, I was wearing the other one -- not sure why it's not visible in the picture. And yes, that's the pie case behind me. Did you notice the bags of sweet corn? :-D

      The flowers were arranged by my cousin, so she gets the credit in that area. :-)

      You have NO idea how much it means to me to know that I've inspired you! Really, that's been my greatest hope for my blog. (I know that sounds cheesy and weird but it's true. ;-P) Believe me, I'm not always original, and I don't always know what I'm doing, and I'm sure as heck not always happy about it -- but I do my best, and with the Lord's guidance, I'm learning. I'm so happy I can be an inspiration to lovely girls like you! :-) It's one of my dreams to meet all my wonderful blogging gals too -- you're one of them! We'll keep dreaming.

      And thanks so much for your well-wishes on my audition! You were right on -- it's tonight. (Wait, TONIGHT?!?!?!?!?) Eeeeeeeehhh!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited, I'm starting to have heart palpitations. It's going to be great. I hope. :-D Your encouragement has given me confidence!!!

      You have a lovely day as well!! :-)

    2. Oh yes, and there was something I was going to ask you....I have a proposal for you and I'd like to email you about it, but I don't have your address. Would you shoot me an email sometime in the next few days? It's missemmajaneanderson@gmail.com. Thanks! :-)

  5. I KNOWWW. (Well, you know I know, because we've talked about this.) I'm glad you've had a lovely summer, despite not-doing-as-much-writing-as-you-had-hoped for. (Same as me, heehee.)

    I LOVE that picture of you and Ashton - you look so beautiful and tanned and summery. Also, gingham suits you so impeccably well. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thank you, Naomi, old girl. I'm glad too. :-)

      Awww, and thanks for the darling compliment!! Heehee, I love that dress, but it's really getting too small for me. One of these days I'll have to stop wearing it. ;-P I will give Ashton a 'hello' from you!

  6. I'm surprised no one has made a Von Trapp Family Singers comment about the picture of you, your sisters, and your cousins. :)

    Happy you had a great summer.

    1. Haha. We shall take that as a compliment! :-)

  7. It sounds like you had a really beautiful summer! I enjoyed all the pictures so much....the one of you and your rabbit (Ashton is his name, I guess, from reading the other comments?) is so adorable! And I second Naomi-it's too bad that dress is getting small for you because you look perfect in it!

    I can relate with not getting everything done that you hoped to get done during summer....but at the same time, I did accomplish things not on my list! And summer is so wonderful-to just do things at your own pace and enjoy the lazy, sunny days. :)

    I had the perfect summer day yesterday. After working at painting the inside of our new church building downtown, my friend and I hung out and watched the cars go by, walked down to a thrift store, and then went to the store and got some little ice cream cups. It was just such fun and wonderful break from the "everyday" routine. :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! :-) Yes, the bunny's name is Ashton -- actually she's a girl. I know it sounds like a boy's name, but she and her sister (Brett) are named after two sisters in the North and South miniseries. Everyone thinks they're boys when I tell their names. ;-P

      Oh, that sounds like a wonderful day!! I'm glad you had such a fun time. :-)

  8. Dawwwww:D

    I know how you feel. Usually, I'm actually ready for school to start, but this year? Nah. I'm fine with most of what I'm doing, but…then there's math. And math is tedious and takes me FOREVER. Blehh:-/

    BUT yes, I'm so happy you had a wonderful summer! Mine was purty good, too;-P WESTERNS AND GOOGLE CHATS YES. Those were the bestest:D (Oh, by the by, so if you do that again next year, I'm thinking about holding a giveaway! D'ya think that'd be well-received?;) I just bought this awesome thing at our local book fair that has a little "catalog" of Western movie trivia, and then it also included several posters. So yeah. Anyway.)

    Beautiful pictures!:D

    1. It makes me feel slightly better when someone else says they hate math too. It shouldn't, but it does! ;-P

      Oh yes, I definitely want to do it next summer! Oh my, a giveaway would be great! AND THAT BOOK YOU DESCRIBED. I am overcome with jealously!!!! ;-D

      Thanks! And I'm glad you had a purty good summer as well. :-)


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