Friday, July 24, 2015

Showered Blessings and Cherry Pits: Awkward & Awesome

     Hello, friends! Happy Summer! I hope y'all are enjoying the magical midsummer days as much as I am. :-) Anyways, I know I haven't exactly been the best of bloggers lately...(which I am not apologizing for, because chances are you weren't all just sitting around waiting for that girl to post something. You have lives. Duh). So YES. I have a life too, if you didn't know this, and lately it's been quite full. Full as in crammed with stuff to do, yes. But also full as in full. Satisfying. Meaningful. Shivery-golden. No, not all the time. But God has been good. Then again, when is He ever not?

     Here's a few of the Awkward and Awesome happenings of July...


 ~ having a conversation with a customer at your farm stand about the practical uses of rabbits. It  went something like this:

Man: Are your bunnies just pets?
Me: Yes.
Man: For...?
Me: Because we like them.
Man: Well, I could make a delicious roast rabbit with potatoes and onions and herbs and white wine--
Me: Henry, go fetch my shotgun. 

It didn't go exactly like that, but I got the idea across that I wasn't going to let him at the bunnies.

~ sitting out in the bean patch, practicing your Southern belle accent by quoting lines from the amazing movie you watched recently, without realizing that there are actually other people there who probably heard every single word you said. *ahem* And in that dreamy, sighing accent, no less.

~ sitting up in the haymow reading a book, when a hay customer shows up and says, "Wow, that's the life, sitting in the hay reading a book." Yes, sir, I agree with you, but please leave me alone.

An AMAZING book!

~ Random bouts of the 'boy-do-I-miss-being-in-a-musical' blues.

~ walking into the Athenaeum Hotel for the first time in your life and experiencing the giddy exhilaration of a small, silly dream come true. I've walked past many times, but I've always dreamed of going inside. :-)

~ changing the radio station in the barn from Christian to Country, Christian to Country, until you've got the process down to a science. This is because they occasionally play songs I like on both stations, but most of what they play is -- forgive me -- rubbish. But I want to catch the songs I do like. Hence the back-and-forth.

~ making do for two whole weeks without your dearest beloved sister Sadie, who is away at music camp. It's hard.

~ driving the gator with a bowl of popcorn on the seat beside you, when all of a sudden, as you pick up speed, the popcorn starts to fly out of the bowl! I've never seen anything like that happen before.

~ laughing your head off with your cousins in a Dairy Queen parking lot about a prank on someone else's vehicle, when you realize the likely owner of said vehicle is sitting out back of the building and can very likely hear everything you're saying...(we weren't responsible for the prank, at least!)

~ when the power goes out because of a huge downpour and you have nothing to eat but peanuts and pretzels before leaving for the entire evening.


~ Going mini-golfing with my folks on the 5th of July (it's tradition to do it on the 4th, but we had to postpone it for Reasons) This little mini-golf course is a landmark in my young life. :-)

The crazy cousins with the Grandparents

~ pitting cherries at my Grandparents' house, eating popcorn and watching The Waltons. It doesn't get much better than that.

~ chatting with my best friend online for the first time! :-)

~ listening to movie soundtracks while washing the dishes. Hey, these are the simple pleasures of life!

~ going 'swimming' in the creek (translate: sitting down/walking in shallow crayfish-infested water) with my adventurous cousin, known as Idgie, getting marvelously dirty and having a smashing time.

~ watching Kevin Costner movies with my mama :-)

~ finding someone who actually wants to talk about Kevin Costner and his movies with you and doesn't mind listening to your rambling. Folks, this doesn't happen every day of the week.

~ getting gladiolas at the stand!!!!!!!

~ visiting a bookstore I've never been to before and going a little bit crazy because GUYS BOOKSTORES ARE THE BESTEST. I bought four books. Yes, I did. Three of them are in the picture below: Lonesome Dove, Anne of Green Gables, and The Witch of Blackbird Pond.


~ the magical, golden late-afternoon sunshine peeking through the treetops and dancing across the pages of the book you're reading.

~ driving the gator back and forth from the house to the stand, loudly singing Lee Brice's 'Drinking Class' as you go. (This is what a gator is, by the way, if you don't know.)

I may or may not be just a little obsessed with this song at the present.

~ looking forward to getting more bunnies soon! Squeeeal! White lionhead bunnies, to be exact. They're going to look something like this:

Is that not the most adorable thing you ever saw in your entire life?!?!?!?!?!????

~ excitedly getting ready for Western Week with Olivia! It's going to be great, folks. Oh yes, and you've probably noticed the new header (if you haven't, you may need to see about getting glasses). Whaddya think? I'm loving it, personally. Every time I see it I swoon a little...

Getting in the mood for Western Week...:-D

What's been awkward and awesome in your life lately?


  1. Ok.ok.ok... I couldn't focus after that photo of the Bunny! :-) It's SO CUTE!
    *sighs* If only keeping Rabbits wasn't illigal in my state

    1. Isn't it?!? Actually we got the rabbits last night-- they're sitting right beside me as I type!!! :-) I hope to post some pictures soon.

      Aw, really? That's a bummer. Well, I will gladly let you squeal over mine. :-)

  2. What a fun "awkward and awesome" collection of stories, Emma. Loved that "southern accent" story. I saw that movie years ago, and someday I should re-watch it as I remember kind of enjoying, though it was sad if I remember right...! :)

    1. You've seen True Women?!? Awesome! I personally absolutely loved it, but yes, it is VERY sad. And sometimes brutal. I wrote a review of the movie for Western Week, so look out if you're interested!

  3. Wow! You posted again. :-)

    I love these kind of posts, y'know. Actually, I DON'T like them in general, but I love them when you do them. Weird how THAT works.

    Ha! You SAID that? I mean, that MAN said that?! If you had been Hannah, you'd have exploded in FURY. If you'd have been me, I would have said, 'Oh COME ON, sir! PLEASE.'

    The Diary of Mattie Spencer looks so good. Please write a review afterwards. :-)

    Mini golf! I've never played that. My Granddad plays golf every week, but not mini golf. The 'real' golf is something VERY British, you see. :-P

    There is no SUCH thing as getting 'marvellously' dirty. Haha. No really, you and Mary's adventure sounds fun. (Minus the getting dirty. Heehee.)

    YES. We chatted. :-) *grins looking back*

    THOSE BUNNIES WILL BE ADORABLE. AHhh! I love white bunnies!!!! :)
    Those magazines are purty cool, too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    PS Oh, and what's awkward and awesome in MY life recently? I'll give one example of each. Awkward: The prospect of going to Switserland just to read books. Haha. Awesome: The prospect of four books!!!!

    1. Wow! You commented again. ;-P

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm glad you like them when I write them, though. :-)

      Haha,, I didn't actually say that. What I said was, "you'd better look elsewhere." I might have exploded in fury, except this isn't the first time someone has suggested 'eating' the bunnies, believe it or not. Though every time someone does it makes me shiver a little! But that guy is a really regular customer and we know him pretty well, and plus when he was finished talking about bunnies we talked about Broadway musicals, so in the end it was all good. No damage done. :-)

      I'm planning to write a review!

      NAOMI WE GOT THE BUNNIES AND THEY'RE SO STINKIN CUTE I CAN"T EVEN TAKE IT. I will send you pictures very soon!!! Seriously, they will melt your heart.

      The prospect of four books!!! That is awesome indeed. :-)

    2. Haha. 'Wow! You commented again.' That made me laugh. :-)

      YES SEND ME THE PICTURES. Hannah will probably die. I will melt. And it will ALL be your fault.

      ~ Naomi

  4. I will talk Kevin Costner movies any day of the week!! And I rarely find anyone to talk about his movies with either. LOL!

    "True Women" has my favorite Bruce Broughton score! I listen to the music from that all the time. Beautiful beautiful music. I think True Women was the first thing I ever saw Angelina Jolie in.

    And that bunny picture! That is one ridiculously adorable-looking bunny!

    1. DKoren, me too!!! It isn't every day that you find someone willing to listen -- and to talk WITH you. Haha. :-)

      I'd never seen Angelina Jolie in anything before True Woman, but I thought she was amazing as Georgia. Oh, and the music is SO good! In fact, I went ahead and bought the soundtrack the other day. Bruce Broughton is one of my very favorite movie composers. (I loooooove the Silverado soundtrack.)

      Isn't it?! I can't wait to share pictures of my own darling bunnies!!


    Ahem. Getting ahead of myself.

    If someone came up to me and started talking about making my bunnies into a dish…let's just say it would not end in a pretty fashion *scowls menacingly* (But then again, I'm a vegetarian, so, ya know, a bit sensitive about that;-P )

    THANK YOU. I agree about the radio stations. I've basically just given up on the radio--I don't like it and I doubt I ever shall…unless by some miracle they start playing show tunes, and THEN would I ever be interested;D

    Those gladiolas are loverly! And YES bookstores are the bestest. Amen and amen;) Aww, *I* don't mind hearing you ramble about Kevin Costner movies--in fact, since I'd like to see some of them, 't'is educational as well as entertaining:D


    Western Week…YEEEESSSS. We are gonna have SO much fun.

    1. I KNOW THE BUNNY!!! Heehee, I got the bunnies (four of them) the other night! They are SO darling. I'm going to post pictures soon so y'all can fawn over them too. :-)

      Yeah, we have a local country station that plays some really good stuff...sometimes. Mostly, it's trash. ;-P

      Haha! Well, I'm glad it's educational. :-)

  6. So speaking of westerns and Kevin Costner, I found a copy of his Wyatt Earp at the used book store the other day. I have never seen it before, but I will soon!

    1. I LOVE Wyatt Earp. :-) I guess it got some pretty lame reviews when it came out, but I personally think it's amazing! I hope you like it too!


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