Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, John Boy

     June 13th is Richard Thomas' 64th birthday, the actor who will forever be immortalized in my mind as dear old John Boy. :-)

     I've grown up watching The Waltons from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and they all seem like family to me. John Boy has always been my imaginary older brother, my childhood crush, my hero. There are so many reasons why I love him. Here are a few of the many...

  John Boy's a dreamer. He has big ideals, high hopes, and he hopes to be a famous writer someday.

He may be upset for a while, but it's never long before he's smiling again. :-)

He wears nerdy glasses and argyle sweaters.

He isn't afraid to be bold for what's right. He yells at people when he needs to.

He loves listening to stories, and gets inspired by his family all the time.

John Boy knows how to have fun. He's really just a kid at heart.

He's kind and considerate to every girl he's ever met.

He gets really excited about things.

He knows how to argue well.

Olivia's not smoking, just so you know. I think that's a pen or something.
He sits cross-legged on the sofa. 

He prints his own newspaper.

He calls Elizabeth 'honey'. He's nice to all his sisters.

He's always so earnest about his feelings.

John Boy really loves his family.

     He also sings  'Loch Lomond' with old ladies, helps deliver babies, wins horse races riding on mules, helps his family keep business deals, makes speeches, and writes books, and is pretty much the nicest guy you're ever bound to meet.

Happy birthday, John Boy. You'll always be my darling.


  1. Happy Birthday John-boy! You are a jolly nice chap, although I have to say, I don't like you QUITE as much as Emma does. :-)

  2. This is so Beautiful! I LOVE it! I hope Richard Thomas sees this wonderful tribute you made for him! You should tweet it to him - to be sure. All the pictures & captions are wonderful... You certainly brought out the true spirit of John Boy!

    Happy Birthday Richard Thomas... A.K.A. John Boy!

    1. Thanks! Wow, the idea of Richard Thomas himself ever reading my little blog makes me go a bit weak at the knees. ;-) I would tweet it to him, but the thing is, I don't have the slightest idea how. But thanks -- I hope I brought out the true spirit of John Boy!

    2. Darling, you need a Twitter acount to tweet things. :-) You should find his e-mail adress and e-mail it to him. :-)

    3. Yeah, I know. And I'm not about to get a Twitter account. ;-P If I could find his email, that'd be amazing!

  3. Oh my! This really makes me want to watch the Waltons! I've only seen a handful of episodes, so I've never gotten to know the characters, but from your description John Boy sounds like a character I would very much enjoy. :)

    Sweet post, Emma!

    ~Miss March

  4. Happy birthday, John-boy!
    He's always been a favorite of mine!!B-) thanks for posting this, Emma! I enjoyed it!!:D

  5. Oh oh oh, The Waltons is one of my favorite shows! When I was smaller I always imagined myself as one of the Walton siblings.
    And I always wanted a older brother like John-Boy!
    Happy Birthday!!

    DreamaCrochet on

  6. I identified with John Boy a lot as a kid. Still do, come to think of it :-) Loves to write, feels the urge to prove himself, gets hot-tempered over things he feels are important even if other people don't think they are...


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