Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A night in summer long ago...


   So I sat down by the wood pile this evening, on the side facing the field, fully expecting to finish the chapter 9 re-write of my novel. But for some reason I'm in the mood for something else right now. I feel like sharing some of my adventures of late, blabbering about the funny little scenarios that make up my days, giving voice to my early-summer dreams. So bear with me, if you will. ;-)

    I'm on the edge of summer. (Not quite there yet, since our stand opens next week and that's always the official beginning of the season for me, no two ways about it.) Summer is when I come alive, really. I mean, I'm always alive (duh), but in summer I feel so much....more. The poetry in me comes to the surface. Emotions are heightened, dreams feel closer, laughter is louder and longer. It comes at me in fresh waves each year as the flowers bloom and the corn starts to shoot up in the fields. 

   Summer is also when I become pure, all the way country. I'm a country girl, folks. It's in my blood. I'm tied to the land. Most of it is being a farmer; some of it is just being overly sentimental. :-) But at this point in my life, anyway, I feel like I couldn't be as happy anywhere else. I love being a farmer girl. 

      Summer is getting my hands dirty; not just because it's my job, because I love to. Summer is leaving off wearing shoes for the indefinite future. Summer is going on extended odysseys in the diesel truck. Summer is picking daisies along the edge of the cornfield. Summer is writing stories on the bridge; reading books on the haywagon; making brownies at 8:30 PM; watching Dr. Quinn; savoring the moments of being halfway between little-girl and almost-adult in my beautiful little valley.

     So far, this June has consisted of....

~ sitting out in the treehouse with my laptop and my written manuscript, editing and re-writing to my little heart's delight....that is, until a second rung broke on the ladder while I was climbing down and I had to declare the place temporarily uninhabitable. Oh, did I mention the roof's also caving in? Yeah-- not safe. That old treehouse has seen better days. Maybe soon Daddy will get it fixed.

~ driving along of an evening with a bunch of cousins, listening to country music. :-) I <3 Brad Paisley. What is it with me and people named Brad.

~ romping around a little lakeshore town with a couple sisters and a cousin on her birthday. It was my cousin Mary's 17th birthday, and we celebrated in style, exploring a farmer's market, a library, and a very rocky beach.


No, we didn't actually go in this place. I just thought it looked kinda, um, cool.

   Oh yes, and I now have short hair! Mary wanted to get her hair cut -- short -- and being the pushy cousin I am, I pretty much said, hey, count me in! ;-P Haha. It was fun getting our hair done together. I had my hair really short when I was about eleven, but for years it's been mostly the same (like Sully :-)) so it was quite a change getting all that chopped off! I'm loving it.

~ multiple trips to the nursery-- that would be plant nursery, folks -- getting flowers for the stand and little baby plants that are ready to be put into the ground. *happy dance* The other day it was Mama and I in the truck and we stuffed the cab so full of flats and hanging baskets, we could hardly see out the windows, let alone get back out.... ;-P

~ reading Christian chick-lit. Yes, I have found a new love. Who'd have thought it, when I picked up that first contemporary romance at the library, that I'd get so hooked on this genre? Least of all me! I think it all started with those Sara Evans books. Now I'm knee-deep. It's really quite funny, if you think about it; me and sappy modern-day romances. Where, oh where did all my good sense go?

~ discovering the Inspired by Life and Fiction blog! This is my new favorite thing, folks. It's basically a bunch of Christian fiction writers blogging about their books, as well as everything and anything else. One of the regular bloggers is Lynn Austin, my favorite writer EVER. And guess what? I audaciously commented on one of her posts, and she responded! No, you don't understand: I ACTUALLY EXCHANGED WORDS WITH LYNN AUSTIN. *screaming* It was so special. :-)

~ I was interviewed on Heidi Peterson's author blog! Actually that was back in May, but I haven't mentioned it here yet, so I'm mentioning it now. I was so thrilled to be a part of her writer interview series. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd be plum tickled if you'd read it! Makes me feel very up-and-coming. :-)

~ being charmed and delighted by Tales of Avonlea! I love this adorable series SO much. My sisters and I used to watch the few episodes our library had over and over, but just recently we got some new ones (well, new to us) and watching them has been so much fun! These kids are so clever and naughty and hilarious. I wish I had grown up playing with them. Oh, and I may or may not be utterly in love with Gus Pike. Y'all can have Gilbert Blythe; Gus is mine.

   By the way, does anyone know where Tales of Avonlea ends and Road to Avonlea begins? They're kind of blurred together.

  ~ discovering new country music favorites, like Gillian Welch. Her voice is just pure, Appalachian country. Oh yeah, and I'm kind of into a band called Old Crow Medicine Show. They're not the kind of band you want to leave on shuffle...some of their songs are borderline-questionable, but they've got some really good ones, and I have to admit to being just a tiny bit taken with their lead singer. I mean, he sings and plays the fiddle at the same time. And his hair. I don't know. ;-P

~ practicing driving! Mama says I'm overconfident. Hmm. Wonder how that happened?

~ looking forward to starting riding lessons at our neighbor's horse barn soon!!! :-)

Me at the seaside lake. You have no idea how much my feet were hurting.

 Well, that's a glimpse of my days for you. There are so many things I'm looking forward to this summer! Picking beans (what's not to look forward to? ;-P), working on (and maybe finishing! Woo-ee!) my agonizingly drawn out labor of love (aka my novel), learning to ride horses, mayyybe getting a part in another musical (yipeeeee!!!), and just embracing each day's quirky little adventures. That could be the title of the story of my life: Quirky Adventures. Put a 'mis' in front of adventures, and you've got it. ;-P

   So many things to be glad of, so many things to thank God for. Because at the end of each day -- no matter the season, no matter the struggle -- I'm in His hand. And you are too! :-)

What's your summer looking like so far?
Do you have any funny adventures to share?

   (The title of this post, by the way, is a Mark Knopfler song. Because I know y'all were dying to know.)


  1. Lovely lovely lovely post!!! :-D I wish I could write like that!
    Oh your hair looks SUPER lovely! Really!
    Hope your summer's fun, our's is still at school. (It's winter here) SO close to graduating now eeeep!

    1. Thanks, Evie! Heehee, I'm really loving my short hair. ;-)

    2. No worries!! :D and ooh I AM tempted to cut mine like that now...?!

  2. OOOH OOOH OOOH I CAN ANSWER QUESTIONS REGARDING ROAD TO AVONLEA, PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. Ahem. The whole show is actually called Road to Avonlea. Tales from Avonlea is the name that the Disney channel gave the show when they aired select episodes in the late 1990's (and then later released them on DVD). There's a great website,, that has a complete list of all the episodes and seasons and what comes where and all that. SUCH a good show. One of my favoritest ever. :D

    1. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I was only ever familiar with Tales from Avonlea, because our library had a few of them, until a few years ago when I found out there was a whole show called Road to Avonlea. Like I said, I've only seen a few of the episodes, but I absolutely love it. :-)

    2. Ooooooh sounds lovely! :D More Avonlea.. ooh yes!

  3. Oh Emma! What a gorgeous, dreamy kind of post...I absolutely loved what you wrote, and oh! I can tyruly relate to you, for I am such a country girl and praise the Lord He has given me open spaces to enjoy and a farm to live on... This is where my heart sings and where I can breathe!

    I was in the city for a month, au pairing... I felt so cramped and unhappy and dreamt of coming home to the place I love so dearly...yep...I am definitely a farmer girl!

    Your short hair is darling, my friend! It really suits you, you know:). And driving lessons...*sigh* - I am in the same boat right now, but lots of rain has made our gravel roads undriveable...if there is such a word:D

    Enjoy your summertime, dear Emma! I shall think of you and all the delightful things you're doing when I am wrapped in layers and seated in front of the fire, toasting my chilly hands!

    Hugs and much love to you!

    1. Farmer girls unite! :-) I SO agree -- the country is the only place I feel I can really breathe. I've been to a few big cities, and I just don't like it; like you said, it makes me feel so cramped and unhappy. The wide open spaces and sweet air for me! I thank God too He has given me this place to call home. :-)

      Thank you so much, Kelly-Anne, for all your kind wishes. Enjoy your winter! :-)

  4. Lovely, lovely post, Emma! Your posts often leave me kind of happy-sad, and I don't really know why. :-)

    I don't really know whether I'm a country girl or a city girl. I'm not either. I'm definitely not a real country girl, although I love the beauty of nature, but I'm not a city girl, although I love living close to the city for shopping's sake (hehe). I'm neither. :-)

    EMMA, YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS. Can I be you? I actually couldn't open *any* of the pictures you sent me - they all needed your 'approval' haha - so maybe if you could resend me all of them that would be lovely. (I asked for approval on four of them, but then I gave up because there were so many (I want to see them all, though) and I thought I would just ask you to resend them instead of asking for approval millions of times, separately for each photo. So yeah.

    YOU CONVERSED WITH LYNN AUSTIN. Okay, now I have to go over there and leave a comment on her next post. I'll tell her I named my blog after one of her books. :-)

    Haha, I find it funny that you enjoyed Christian chick-lit. The genre sounds nice, but I think I'd get bored of it too quickly. I think it would be a bit too - I think, fluffy, for me. But maybe not. I should try some.

    YOU'VE SEEN ROAD TO AVONLEA?!! (I thought they were ALL called 'Road to Avonlea!) How haven't you told me?!!! I watched the first episode and I LOVED it. Aunt Olivia is my favourite. You should read 'The Story Girl' - it's very different to the series, and Sara is much more grown up, but it's swelllllll.
    And aren't the COSTUMES beautiful. Oh, and Marilla comes in it. And Gilbert too, I think. Have you seen them yet?

    That picture of you by the lake makes me want to visit the seaside SO badly. I love water. Sorry your feet were hurting, though! :-(

    Love you, darling!
    ~ Naomi

    1. Aww, thanks Naomi. :-) Happy-sad? Is that....good or bad? ;-P

      You don't have to be strictly one or the other; I think it's great to be able to feel comfortable in the country and the city. I'm not. :- / I like towns, but big cities....yikes. I'm definitely a farmer -- you knew that!

      Oh, sorry about the pictures! I kind of wondered what was going on when I got those requests from you to open them....I'll try something else. Well, you've seen my hair now!

      Yes! I was going to tell you before about that website, but I forgot. I commented and told her how much I loved her books, and she replied, saying I'd probably read them more times than she had. :-)

      It's okay, you can laugh. :-) I don't read a LOT of chick-lit, but some of them are really fun. But yeah, if I read that stuff all the time, my brain would probably melt.

      Well, I haven't actually seen Road to Avonlea -- just a few of the early episodes from the Tales from Avonlea collection. I loooooove it! Almost as much as Anne of Green Gables, actually. The kids are so much fun! Felix is my favorite. :-)

      Haha, you get to see the real seaside, while I have to make do with a little old lake. ;-P You're going to the seaside this summer, right? I can't wait to hear all about it!

      Love you too, darling. :-)

    2. Oh, it's good. :-) It just means that you write so beautifully I become kinda melty-goldy-sad. YOU know. :-)

      No, if you could just please re-send all of the pictures but then when gmail asks if you want to share it click 'yes' instead of 'no'. I THINK. I really want to see them ALL. :-D

      Haha, yes, I went over to the website and read your comment and Lynn Austin's reply. IT'S SO COOL. I can't wait for her next blogpost and then I'm going to write a really long weird praising comment. She'll probably find me a very weird fangirl and roll her eyes or something. :-D

      Felix is LOVELY. He's hilarious. I also love the Felix in the book. :-) He's ALWAYS eating.

      Yes, I'll be going to Dover!!!! To the pebble beach we went to last year. I shall certainly tell you all about it. Poor you about having to make do with a little old lake. :-P

      ~ Naomi

    3. Oh, good. :-) Yes, I know.

      I know what you mean about the pictures, but when I sent them the computer didn't give that option like it usually does...I'll just try it again.

      Well, it is a pretty big lake-- one of the Great Lakes. I can pretend it's the ocean. :-)

  5. Oohh! This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The way you describe summer where you live makes me think I would love it there and makes me sort of wish I was a farm girl. Your hair is gorgeous, and I can't wait to hear more about your summer (mis)adventures. (-: The biggest thing for me this summer has been starting a creative writing club at my library. I'm also working on a new novel which I hope to finish before school starts again. (But that's being very hopeful, knowing how I procrastinate. XD) Keep writing, you do it marvelously!
    Best wishes,

    1. Aw, thank you, Elizabeth! A creative writing club sounds so awesome -- I've always wanted to be part of something like that. :-) And a new novel is always exciting! I hope it's a wonderful adventure for you -- and wouldn't that be awesome to finish it before school starts! :-)

  6. Oh, this was such a delicious post, Emma! I must admit, they're my favourite posts of yours I think. I love to imagine what life in America would be like and how different it would be to mine. :-)
    I don't believe I've mentioned it, but I like writing too. :-D I am writing three books at the moment and I'm enjoying it more than I ever have before. I kind of stopped off and on (poetry, which is another of my hobbies, took it's place) but now I've decided to take it up again, (and still keep up with my poems) which was inspired by all you blogging people (namely, you, Naomi and Natalie) and I'm so glad I did. I have HEAPS of room to improve but it's so much fun making up characters and feeling as if you're in another world! I find it hard for my fingers to keep up with my thoughts!
    I actually got surprised when I saw you with short hair! I think it looks pretty (especially in the photo you were wearing red) although I think long hair (in general) is always nicer. But it does suit you. :-)
    Aww, I'm sorry you only have a lake! In Australia we have fantabulous beaches and I love visiting them - with all the soft sand and cool water! It's a bit cold now, though, as we are starting winter. *sigh* My least favourite season. I always feel dull and so boring in winter, compared to spring and summer. I mean, we don't even get SNOW to go with our cold. Not where I live, anyway. ;-)
    I have to go, but thanks for the post, I greatly enjoyed it! :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Miss Meg, that's awesome that you're a writer too!!! :-) You have to know, I feel so blessed to be one of the people who inspired you to take it up again. There's ALWAYS room for improvement-- but that's the great thing, isn't it? You know you can always work harder and get better. :-) Oh, I know, it's SO much fun.

      A lot of people were surprised by my short hair! Heehee. I do generally prefer long hair, but I wanted something different for the summer. Well, thank you. :-)

      I am quite happy with my lake -- actually there's several not far from me, and I love going there, but I do yearn to see the ocean someday!

      Winter is my least-favorite season too. Well, I hope it's not too dull for you. There are always rays of sunshine to be found on the dreary winter days, if you just look for them. :-)

      Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)


    2. Aww, thank you for your comment. They always make my days so much better. :-D
      Oh, I think lakes are nice too, though! It takes hours to get to the beach from our place, but only 10 minutes walk down our back paddock is a River, (although it's really only a dirty stream) and that's exciting to explore. I'm from the country too - living on one acre, we are surrounded by 500 acres, and we are allowed to go and explore them! There's lots of little holes, so that when it's been pouring, there are numerous little pools and puddles. I am not a full on country girl, really, I'm more indoorsy than outdoorsy, but I still like the country and it's what I call home. The city and I get along fine, but sometimes I need fresh air, and a sky full of stars. :-) I hope you can go to the ocean in the summer - it's such a charming place!
      Thank you, and you are totally right, there are always rays of sunshine to find, if you keep your eye out for them. I know just reading your blog (for example) makes my day more warm and fuzzier. :-D It's certainly a little ray of sunshine to me. :-)
      As a matter of fact, Emma, I watched True Grit last night! It was the old one with John Wayne, but it was my first proper introduction to the story. It was wonderful! I really loved her personality and her determined lines really cracked me up a lot. I was really sad when a Certain Person died, because I had grown to like him. :-( But anyhow, I'm making plans to see the new one as soon as I can! :-D I just wished the ending was little more....happy? I suppose it's more like what real life is - not just a perfect everything-ends-well place.
      Have a nice weekend! (I suppose you'll be starting yours now. :-P I'm already halfway through, hehe.)
      ~Miss Meg March

  7. THIS POST!!!!

    Okay, I'll calm down, but honestly I felt as if I were there, relishing the days alongside you. :)

    I think the big city (think Michigan Ave. in Chicago) can be really thrilling, but I'm a country girl born and bred, and I think for living "my" rolling hills and farm town is the place to live -- so that's that. :) Going barefoot is such a free, wonderful feeling! I love reading about your life as a farm girl, it is really almost like reading a Montgomery. :)

    And riding lessons! Definitely something to look forward to! In fact, I have a feeling that they are going to be one of the best things of your summer. :)

    Your hair cut is super cute! :) We have very similar colored hair and my hair is nearly the exact same length now so we could almost be hairstyle twins. :) I just love the light heart freedom of short hair don't you?

    Have a lovely day, Emma!

    1. It means so much to me that you say that! I hope my words can reflect what I feel and experience. :-)

      Yes, the city is very thrilling -- I can only take it in small doses. ;-P Going barefoot is one of my chief delights.

      I'm sooo excited about riding horses! The word is, possibly next week....:-)

      Short hair is so fun! Yes, it feels very light-hearted and free.

      Thank you, Eowyn! I hope you have a lovely day as well!

  8. Oh, Emma, what a lovely, lovely post.... Your words just kept catching at me. It's so beautiful!!!!

    (And I was so happy to have you for the interview! Thank you again and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ;)) I'm going to have to check out that other author blog/site you found.

    Also, Gillian Welch, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mark Knopfler -- all familiar names! ;) I haven't actually listened much myself to date, but my Dad and brother have for quite a while, so -- you know -- they're round the house and in the car and there's plenty stashed in with the general selections. ;)

    1. Thank you, Heidi. :-) Oh oh oh: you've heard of Mark Knopfler?!?! He's one of my favorite musicians, and I've never come across anyone else who's even heard of him! His songs remind me of my childhood. :-) I love Gillian Welch too. Old Crow Medicine Show is a newer favorite.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. :-) It means so much!

    2. Oh my goodness! Mark Knopfler!!! He's one of Dad's favourites! :D Have you seen Local Hero?

    3. He's one of my daddy's favorites too. :-) I haven't seen Local Hero, but we have the music on a soundtrack compilation.

  9. Aww, country girls unite! Although I was never a farm girl and am no longer even technically living in the country, I still love it and will always consider myself a country girl at heart. You can take the girl out of the country, but.....;)
    You have a diesel truck?? My friend would be so jealous. She loves diesels! And I love Brad Paisley's music too. :)
    Your new haircut is adorable-it actually makes you look older!
    Haha, driving mom says I need to be more aware...I have a tendency to...ahem..overlook stop signs once in awhile...scary as that sounds.

  10. ....You can't take the country out of the girl. :-)

    We've had a big red diesel truck since before I was born. It has a big ol' box on the back (because we haul produce in it during the summer) and it's louder'n kingdom come. I love diesel engines; they sound like my childhood. Listening to Brad Paisley music while riding in a diesel truck is pretty much as good as it gets.

    Thank you! I know, I thought that too. First time I looked in the mirror....who IS that?!

    My mom says that too. I've had that same tendency once or twice. ;-P I also tend to narrate while I'm driving; say, we're going to stop here, I'm going to look both ways, then we're going to go....this is where we we're going over the that. ;-) Sometimes I just need to say it out loud!

    1. :D I've never ridden in a diesel truck but it sounds fun. Do you get to practice driving in it?
      Hahaha, your narration is great. Hopefully we'll both be perfect drivers before long. :P

    2. Well, it's a standard, and I've only ever driven automatic so far. I want to learn how soon, though!

  11. You look to be having such a lovely summer! Right on!

    Congrats on exchanging words with your favorite author! I've also conversed with my favorite living author, via Facebook and in person at a reading a few years ago, and it's just such a thrill, isn't it? And not the kind you get when you find those white grubs in the garden, sorry, Matthew Cuthbert. A very different kind of thrill.

  12. Hello there! I found your blog linked on Meanwhile, in Rivendell and I've enjoyed it thus far. :) You're writing a novel? I am too! It's only 26 pg. so far, and needs tons more work, but I really enjoy it. My blog is at

    1. Hi Meredith! Nice to meet you! Aww, thanks. :-) I will definitely check out your blog!

    2. Awesome! Is there a way I can subscribe to yours?

    3. You can join with Google Friend Connect or follow by email, both of which you can find on the sidebar. Thanks! :-)


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