Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm expected to pick ten favorite screen characters?!

   I've been tagged by Hamlette with the Ten Favorite Screen Characters tag! The only thing is, the idea of picking only TEN screen characters to represent my absolute favorites makes me stagger. I puzzled over it for a while, and finally decided: I can't do it, people. Sorry. That being said, I've decided to generalize it so that these are only ten OF my favorites, to save me the trouble of laboring over it. ;-P In other words, I'm taking unauthorized liberties.

  So here's my list! (Oh yeah, and this is excluding all Hornblower characters. I started out listing them, but I'd filled all ten and was still going, so I figured I ought to give the other characters a chance.)

 1. Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) in True Grit -- Ah, Mattie. I love her. I want to be like her. She's a girl that gets things done. She's got grit and gumption, but in some ways she's still very much a little girl. I admire her courageous determination, her firm stance to do things right. She doesn't let things scare her, either; she knows what she has to do and does it.

2. Daniel Simon (John Schneider) in Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman -- Daniel's just a great guy. But then, John Schneider can't seem to manage not being awesome. Daniel's a true friend, a gentleman, and a very hunky sheriff. ;-)

3. Tom Branson (Allen Leech) in Downton Abbey -- Something about Branson always has and continues to tear my heart to shreds. I admire him, I feel sorry for him, I cheer for him, I scold him, I him. He's changed so much since he first arrived on the show, it's almost unbelievable! I loved him then, and I love him now, though I miss the old fiery, broody Branson. ;-P He'll always be one of my favorites.

4. Ruth Jamison (Mary-Louise Parker) in Fried Green Tomatoes-- Ruth is the kind of girl you want for a best friend. She's sweet and almost fragile on the surface, but underneath she's tough, and she'll do what she has to for people she loves. She loves long and steadfastly. I also think she'd be a lot of fun. :-)

5. Mr. Cox (Robert Duvall) in The Stars Fell on Henrietta -- Why do I love this guy? Because he's crazier than a bedbug. Because he's a dreamer, with loony ideas and hilarious adventures. Because he goes around with a cat slung over his shoulder. I don't know-- because he's Robert Duvall, I guess. ;-)

6. Marilla Cuthbert (Colleen Dewhurst) in Anne of Green Gables-- Marilla's such a solid character full of old-fashioned goodness. She's tough and tender, scolding and loving when necessary.

7. Brett Main Hazard (Genie Francis) in North and South -- Brett is such a sweetheart. I love how she grows to adjust to her circumstances, however difficult they might be, but without bending to it. She goes from being a naive little southern belle to a hardworking, invincible woman whose husband is fighting for the North while her entire family fights for the South. She's one of those characters it takes a while to get attached to, but once you do, man, is she awesome.

8. John-Boy Walton (Richard Thomas) in The Waltons -- I feel like I grew up with John-Boy as my older brother. :-) He's like a dear old friend. I also feel like I've watched him grown up, haha. There are many things I admire about John-Boy, but I won't bother you all with them now because I'll just start rambling, and no one needs that. Suffice to say, John-Boy is my darling.

9. William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd) in Amazing Grace -- Ahhhh! This man is....I don't have words. Ioan Gruffudd's portrayal in this movie is one of the best in history, in my opinion. It's not every day you feel a character so deeply. William Wilberforce is a unique and complex character, with strong morals and a passion to change things, and you can see and feel that in every move he makes in this movie. Reason number five hundred why Ioan Gruffudd is my favorite actor ever.

10. Beatrix Potter (Renee Zellweger) in Miss Potter -- Miss Beatrix! She's adorable. :-) Whimsical, imaginative, cheerful, kind. I would have loved to play with Beatrix and her little brother on their country estate in the Lake District, chasing rabbits and climbing trees, or take a walk with older Beatrix and just talk about anything and everything from 'bunny books' to romance. I think we would understand each other very well.

  Well, there you have it! Those are some of my dearest friends from movies and tv shows. I really could go on and on, but, y'know, that wasn't the point of this. ;-P Who are some of your favorite screen characters?


  1. Oh, Emma...seriously my dear, you have a way with words and your descriptions of each character were sheer perfection...and quite funny too! :)
    Marilla and Miss Potter...absolutely! They're both such amazing women, each in their own way and I love them so much!
    And thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my blog...I just love having you visit and truly appreciate your sweet comments!
    Have an excellent week and much dear love!

    1. Kelly-Anne, thank you so much! I'm always glad to have made someone laugh. Your comments always make my heart glad. :-) You have a lovely week as well!

  2. Ioan Gruffud is a great actor! I think I've l liked him in everything Ive seen him in.

    1. Isn't he amazing?!? He's been my favorite actor since I started loving him in the Hornblower movies, and I think Wilberforce is definitely one of his best roles. I think I've liked him in everything I've seen him in too...except for Fantastic Four, but that wasn't his fault. ;-P

  3. A very nice list. You included two of my favorites: John Boy and Marilla. I would have to add Megan Follows as Anne, too. She was spectacular, beyond words!

    All the pictures you added with each character, are wonderful, too!

    1. Yes, I thought of mentioning Anne, but then I thought, oh, let's be different and mention Marilla instead for a change! I love them both dearly. :-)

  4. Heehee, I totally did that too, making it 10 OF my favorites instead of THE 10 favorites;)

    Mattie! Wilby! Marilla! Branson! All such amazing characters:)

    Ohhh, yes, John Schneider did play on Dr. Quinn for awhile, didn't he? Whatever happened to him? I can't remember, it's been a little while since I've watched the show...

    Great list!:)

    1. Ha. I considered trying to make it more official, then thought, bahhh! No way I can be that decisive! ;-P

      Yeeessssss, John Schneider plays Sully's best friend Daniel in season 6 of Dr. Quinn. (He's also a guest star in the first season, and then he plays Daniel in one episode in season 5.) Are you a fan? Dr. Quinn is my faaaaavorite tv show ever; I'm really quite nuts.

      Whatever happened to Daniel? Well, nothing really, he was there till the show ended, though he wasn't in every episode (including the very last one) because he often went to Denver or wherever on Sheriff business. John Schneider is one of my favorite actors, mostly because of Daniel-- he's just so awesome.

      Thanks! Yours was great too! :-)

  5. I know all but 2 of these, and I agree that the 8 I know are all awesome! And the idea of doing 10 OF instead of just top 10 was perfectly legit, IMHO :-)

    1. Right? Why stress over it? ;-P Glad we agree!

  6. Yay! Love Ioan in Amazing Grace (and his character) as well as Branson. He's really "grown up" over the five seasons, and it's been a pleasant and worthwhile journey to follow. Great list.

    1. Oh my, yes! Branson has changed sooooo much since he arrived on the scene, it's amazing. I'm going to be so sad to see him go! (But maybe America will be good for him-- I hope so.) He's kind of my darling. :-)

  7. Hey, Emma! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, though I haven't left any comments. And I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the random questions challenge!
    You can see it here

  8. Wilberforce! I love that guy. :-)

    Marilla... well, eh. I am one of those rare people that never really loved Marilla. I like her - she funny and a cool character - but she's not one of my favourites. I prefer Matthew Cuthbert. :-)

    MISS POTTER. I love her.

    Tom. Branson. He's such a chump. I get your swoons. Still though, I will always prefer Matthew till the day I die. :-) We will talk about DA on the emails, by the way. SO excited you loved the last episodes - cos I TOLD you you would and I am never wrong. :-)

    Lovely post, m'dear friend!
    ~ Naomi


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