Thursday, April 9, 2015

Violets, plot holes, and tea with strange floating particles// Awkward and Awesome {3}


~ When you walk into a movie theater and there's a trailer playing, you don't really pay attention until you suddenly hear the buzz of George Clooney's voice....and then you shriek. Thankfully it wasn't very loud!

~ When you can't find a good seat in the movie theater and end up having to sit in the second row. This is coming from the girl who gets motion sickness watching a big screen from the back row. Aaahhhhh.

~When you realize that you've started waaaayyyyy too many subplots in your novel, and now you have no idea what to do with this mess you've created. Like, where did all these people come from and what am I supposed to do with them?

~ Invading your sister's Goodreads account and going crazy adding lots and lots of books. So if you wondered...all that Civil War stuff was me. ;-P

~ Reading a really funny book and laughing so hard, you spill the mysterious tea your sister made for you all over your shirt.

~ Nearly gluing your fingers together with hot glue. That hurts, ladies. Do not try it.

~ When you're listening to a playlist on Youtube and every video starts out with an advertisement. It's the height of annoying.

~ When you're driving by a house, you see a life-size cardboard cutout in the window and you jump in your seat because for a moment you thought it was a real live person staring at you.

~ Waiting and WAITING for your Copperhead soundtrack to come in the mail....


~ Watching a movie from your childhood for the first time in literally eons, and being transported back to a sweet distant time when you were a little girl....

~ Dancing around outside WITHOUT A JACKET OR TIGHTS. Pure bliss!

~ Swooning over Hornblower gifs on Pinterest.

~ Finding the entire Copperhead Soundtrack on Youtube! This calls for a celebration!!!! You really have to look for it, but it's there.

~ Listening to the 1776 movie soundtrack while doing schoolwork. This isn't distracting at all! "Sit down, John! Sit down, John..."

~ Eating brownies because you're the only one home and you can. ;-P If you leave Emma alone in a house full of brownies, you'll come home to find a house full of...crumbs. It takes several brownies and the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack to get Emma through a math lesson.

~ Listening to the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack over and over again while doing school, writing, working on random projects....I just want it to be the soundtrack of my life. :-) That music is the closest thing to heaven you're bound to hear on earth.

~ Making beautiful collages of pictures for both the novels you're currently trying to get written. This was SO much fun, and I'm so tickled with how they turned out!


Are they not gorgeous?! Are you not impressed?! I'm so pleased with myself, it's really quite ridiculous. ;-P I've put them on the wall above my desk, where I can look at them and be inspired. I can't seem to stop gazing at all the pictures of Archie.

~ There are TWO violets in bloom in the woods! I cannot even tell you how delighted I am!!! (But you can probably imagine.) :-)

~ Reminiscing with your sister about past trips to Williamsburg, all the fun things we did, all the people we saw, the beautiful memories we made....

~ Inducting new stuffed animals into your society late at night in your sister's bed, and making up the life stories of said stuffed animals. Oh my goodness, we laughed SO hard. We have a very prominent community of stuffed animals in this house. Oh, yes. :-)

~ Getting inspired to re-arrange your bookshelf in a new way. I'd give y'all a picture if I had one, but I don't. It looks very charming, though!

~ Listening to Les Mis again after literally months of withdrawal and realizing again how utterly amazing it is. I fell in love all over again. :-)


Just a little of what's been unfolding in my little valley lately! What's up with all y'all?


  1. I like these kinds of posts;)

    I knoooww! Spring is finally here!!!

    Yes. I'm very impressed with your collages. *applause* Truly, though, they're beautiful!:D

  2. I relate to you so much, Violet. :-)

    Oh my goodness, YES, when ads pop up constantly in a youtube playlist - It's SO annoying!!! It's not awkward, it's annoying. :-) I hate it when that happens. Especially the long kind of ads you can't skip in three seconds. Those are ARGHHH.

    Haha, you heard George Clooney and shrieked. :-P What did you go to watch? Or were you referring to you guys going to the Imitation Game? If you went and watched Cinderella, I'm jealous. :-) Just so you know. Really jealous. :-D

    Hey, subplots are good things. I strongly approve of loads of subplots. Don't eliminate any of them. :-P
    Your friend orders you not to.

    What was the funny book?!!! You can't just say 'funny book' and not tell us the title. That's torturing. (Well, no, not really, but you know what I mean. :-D)
    And also, what was the movie from your childhood? (I really am far too curious for a person. Don't you agree?)

    HAHA about you getting distracted during maths. That just sounds SO familiar... getting distracted during maths. (Actually, as I write, I *should* be maths-ing.)

    (No shame about the caps. :-P)

    Your collages are beautiful, beautiful dear! You're so creative. I especially like the Calico one (and I recognise a lot of pins on your Pinterest Boards, heehee) - you know, you made me believe in collages again. I've been quite 'against' them for a while - mainly because I once spent a whole afternoon making one and then gave the story I made the collage for up the following day, or something like that - but these are SO gorgeous. Well done! :-)

    And also, it's so funny how I know half of these. I'm also really happy about the two violets. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. Olivia,

    Thanks! As you can tell, I'm so excited about my collages. ;-)


    Your comment made me laugh several times. Yes, really. ;-P Your curiosity is adorable.

    The movie we went to see was Beyond the Mask, an independent Christian film that some friends of ours were involved in making. But yes, Sadie and I walked in and I wasn't even looking at the screen or anything, but then I heard George Clooney's voice and I gripped Sadie's arm and squealed. It's times like these I'm convinced I'm a very silly girl.

    I know. I want to see Cinderella too. :-)

    Oh, I love subplots! The only problem is, I've gone off on so many different rabbit trails, added so many characters with all their separate stories, and now that it's time to start resolving everything I don't know where to begin. I've been stewing on it over the past few days.

    The funny book was The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. (Remember in my review, I mentioned spilling the tea?) It really is hysterical. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

    The other night we watched Lyddie, an old movie my sisters and I've seen several times years ago, but I hadn't thought about it at all for such a long time until I happened to see it at the library and thought, hey! Let's watch that again. It was soooo lovely. It's really a very good movie, I think you'd like it. Sadie's reading the book now.

    Haha. We listened to the AoGG music literally three times yesterday. I want to live in those movies. :-)

    Thank you! I love my collages. My dear cousin was kind enough to print the pictures for me. :-) I'm also pretty proud that it was all my own idea-- I didn't get the inspiration from anyone else first. "Do things like this ever give you a thrill, Mr. Cuthbert?"

    YES WE MUST CELEBRATE THE VIOLETS!!!!! I should name the two Emma and Naomi. :-)


  4. Hot gluing fingers together! Ow! I know how much that hurts! I have done it so many times that the tips of my fingers are calloused (or perhaps just scarred).

  5. I was going. To ask what made you laugh so, but I'm glad I read the comments! XD It is a very funny book. I read it 2 years ago in homeschool literature class and then we made a movie of it. I played Butte. (And yes, we did the drowning scene!) I agree with Naomi about the soundtrack. So beautiful. I found it for free download from the library! Lovely collages! God bless!

  6. Ah, yes. Isn't watching movies from your childhood that you haven't seen since then an absolutely thrilling nostalgic experience?!? Awhile ago I watched The Rescuers, one of my FAVORITE childhood movies and it felt SO GOOD. I just suddenly felt connected to the past, you know? :) It made me so happy.
    Oh, the Anne soundtrack. So perfect. <3
    And WOW! Your story collages are SO ingenious. Now I want to make some for my own stories. :) Is the heroine of the second story collage named Adeline? One of my closest friends is named that! Isn't it such a sweet name?
    Your desk space is so lovely! That lamp...your note board (I can't recall the real name haha)....just everything. I need to do something similar with my desk space. :)
    Haha, I used to play all sorts of stuffed animal games with my brother. SO. Much. Fun.

  7. Sarah,
    Isn't it such an adorable book?! Oh my goodness, you played Butte! That's so funny. :-) I love when Butte is spouting off all the 48 words he knows for liquor. ;-P

    Oh, awesome! I'd love to get the soundtrack.


    I KNOWWWWW. *happy sigh* It's just so wonderful. :-)

    Why thank you! I'm really tickled that I came up with the idea myself. Yes, the heroine in one of my novels is named Adeline-- originally I had named her Adelaide, but then I wanted to incorporate the song 'Sweet Adeline' into the story, so I changed it. (She's mostly called Addie anyway.) I agree, it's a beautiful name!

    Heehee, I admit I'm a little obsessed about my desk area. ;-P I re-do it quite often, but it gives me such a good feeling when I get everything arranged just right! It's one of my chief delights.

    We are crazy stuffed animal people. I will still be talking in stuffed animal voices when I'm an adult. ;-P


  8. No, Emma, you should call the two violets Alice 1 and Alice 2. :-P That's more original.

  9. I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of Thor. Standing in our foyer, on top of the coat closet on this little landing thingie that has no good reason to exist except for my Thor to stand on it. You can see his head and upraised arm wielding Mjolnir through the window high above our door, and I've often wondered if people notice him and wonder why he's there. (He's there to guard me and my house and my family, of course. Dear, faithful Thor.)

    I can't be left alone in the house with brownies either.

  10. Hamlette,
    Yeah, well, this lifesize cutout was Justin Bieber, so that was a tiny bit disturbing. ;-P


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