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Life-Ruiners// 7 Fictional Men Who Make Me Swoon

      I saw this idea on Kara's blog, and it looked like too much fun to resist! After all, I'm quite the swooning type, and I love to dwell on fictional characters; therefore, what could be more fun? :-D So here's a list of seven fictional fellers who have metaphorically ruined my life with their swoonworthy ways. These are the men that make me stay up late at night with a flashlight under the covers, holding my breath and just hanging on their every word. They're the ones who give me overblown dreams of romance, high ideals for men in general, and just a shivery-wonderful feeling inside. I've also added a few from movies and shows, too, simply because I can. They were in books first, after all. ;-P

     {Oh, and just so we're clear-- my sister looked at this list and said, "where's Archie?" These aren't necessarily my favorite fictional men, but they are the ones who make my slightly ridiculous fangirly heart beat twice as fast as it's supposed to. As to Archie, he is in a class all his own.}

#1 Cabot Murray {Yankee Stranger}~ I've probably mentioned once or twice or ten times just how much I adore this series. Eden meets Cabot one rainy day when they both seek refuge from the thunderstorm in a post office, and it didn't take long for me to fall just as head-over-heels in love with him as Eden did. He's gallant, dashing, a bit brash, but very determined to hold to his strong convictions of what he believes is right. And one more thing-- he's absolutely wonderful. :-)

#2 James McGrath {Fire By Night}~ He's always reminded me a bit of Mr. Rochester-- moody, troubled, misunderstood. (I have a weakness for moody and misunderstood men.) But as you chip away at his crude exterior, you start to realize what a good man he is beneath it all.

#3 Luke Ansell {Celia Garth}~ Oh my soul! Let's see if I can even be coherent. ;-D Luke is....he' do I describe him? Imagine Rhett Butler, only with principles and a firm belief in a worthy cause that he'll give his very life for. Then add in a slightly naive but iron-willed girl whom he loves passionately, a spy ring, a man called 'The Swamp Fox', a secret room under a bakery, and....I'm sorry, you've lost me.

#4 Eugene Wrayburn {Our Mutual Friend}~ Alright, I haven't read the book, so this is based entirely on Paul McGann's portrayal of the character. But OH MY. That's about all I can say.

#5 Tom Branson {Downton Abbey}~ Something about Branson is absolutely irresistible. No, make that everything about him. His fiery Irish temper, his brogue, his rugged features, the way he rolls up his shirtsleeves when he's working on the Crawley's car...but I'm getting carried away. Let's just simply say I'm not completely immune to the shirtsleeves being rolled up. ;-D

#6 George Hazard {North and South}~ George is such a loyal, dependable, stalwart, honest, true-blue guy. I could fill a whole post with his merits. (Hey, there's a great idea!) He's a solid friend, a loving husband, an able leader, and I'm rather half in love with him. :-)

I'm a really terrible person.

#7 Tristan Ludlow {Legends of the Fall}~ Should I put him on the list? Should I? Well, I did. ;-D Tristan is definitely a piece of work-- that is, he has lots of issues, and basically everything he tries goes badly for him through some unfair twist of events. But...there's just something about him that draws me in. He's another of those broody, misunderstood types. He's terribly wild (he is part grizzly bear, after all-- HAHA) and not someone to take example from, but....well, I couldn't very well resist mentioning him. Thank you for giving me my little moment, now I'm content. You can go on with your life. ;-D

Can you relate?
Who are some of your favorite fictional men?


  1. I LOVED James McGrath from that book--incidentally one of my favorites. And George Hazard's a favorite too, naturally. Him and Constance are wonderful together.
    Tom Branson. My heart. The poor man.

  2. Meghan,
    You know George Hazard?! *heart flutters* Someone else who's seen North and South! Let me just drink in this moment. :-)
    I know, isn't he wonderful? And Constance, oh my goodness! They're actually one of my favorite couples, period. (I was SO mad at what happened to much that I just pretend it never happened.) *shudder*

    Yes, poor Branson. His life is so unfair! I loved him when he was rough and wild-- now he's kind of...domesticated, you know. Less exciting. But I will always love my Tom. :-)

    Thanks for your comment! You just made my evening sweeter. :-)

  3. The only one I know from your list is Tom Branson, who I agree is great.

    But my favourite male fictional character is definitely Mr. Knightley from Emma.

  4. Hmmm, let's see...
    The movie version of Horatio Hornblower (basically him in the first six books- after that, ehhh...)
    John Thornton - North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
    Henry Tilney - Northanger Abbey
    Peaceable Sherwood & Richard Graham - Sherwood Ring
    Aragorn - Lord of the Rings
    There's probably more, but that's who I can think of at the moment. :)

  5. Julia,
    Oh yes, Mr. Knightley is also one of my favorites! I didn't put him on this list because, well, I couldn't add everyone. ;-P

    I agree, Horatio is the most wonderful in the first six...I love him in the seventh, too, but not as much in the eighth after he becomes more hardened and less sensitive. It's not true to his character! *stomps foot indignantly*

    I love Henry Tilney! One of my favorite Austen heroes. :-)

  6. Hmm…I think I shall have to steal this;)

    It's been so long since I've seen that North and South that I don't really remember George Hazard, but he seems awesome;)

    That gif of Brad Pitt as Tristan is rather adorable =D

  7. I feel quite bad on my part, because I don't know many of these. Well, I do *know* them, because of a friend of mine who talks about said men a lot on emails she so graciously sends to me. :-P

    Tom Branson, of course, I know. And LOVE. But you can have him because I prefer Matthew. Matthew is MINE.

    I don't dare to say this... well okay then, I will - I'm not that crazy about James McGrath. He's so... well, he is, in the beginning - so mean. And yes, I get it, he changes, but I'm never really crazy about him. Maybe this is because I imagined him super old when I started reading it first and could never get the picture out of my head. Little did I know he'd end up being the hero or I wouldn't have pictured him that way!

    Julia VD up there, I agree with you. Mr Knightley is the best hero in zee world. I'm married to Johnny Lee Miller's Mr Knightley, by the way, so he's booked.

    I also love Henry Tilney (HOW CAN ONE NOT) and Matthew Crawley and Gabriel Harper (hey those are the names of the main characters in my two latest books! Wonder how that happened... :-P) and Mr Darcy and Edmund Ferras (by Dan Stevens) and Roger Hamley (man, I love that guy) and... yeah, I'll stop. :-)

    Oh, and I'm so glad you posted about Period Drama's again, Emma, t'is been too long.

    ~ Naomi

  8. I....know...none of these guys. :(
    But I do have my own list (not sure I could narrow it down to 7...? haha) including random favorites like Gilbert Blythe, John Thornton, Robin Hood, and Luke Talley (from the Fireflies in December book)...just to name a few. ;)

  9. Olivia,
    Go ahead! I just love it when people steal my post ideas! And this wasn't even mine to begin with, so feel free to take it. ;-P

    George is really a treasure. North and South is really hard to get through at times, but it's OH so worth it. There are so many good characters and epic parts. Despite all the trash in it, I have to recommend it! (To older viewers, of course, and with discretion.)

    *giggles foolishly* I know, right? ;-D

    Of course I DO love Matthew to the moon and back, there's something about Branson that draws me...he's just....oh, I can't even explain it. But yes, this works out nicely because you can have Matthew and I'll take Branson. ;-) We're so silly.

    Really?! Actually, I remember thinking James McGrath was really old at first, but somehow I came around to really love him. He's just got that rugged, rough-hewn, broody quality that I can't resist. Plus I have a thing for wrongly accused characters, if you hadn't noticed. ;-P Gabe will always be my favorite Lynn Austin man, but I decided to mention James for a change, because I really am crazy about him.

    It has been too long since I posted about period dramas, hasn't it? :-D

    Oh, it was hard, narrowing it down to seven! :-P

    Gilbert Blythe is such a dear. He's like my childhood friend. I was never really in love with him though-- he's the kind of guy I would just love for a friend.

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies!

  10. Emma,
    Really? I guess you can relate to Anne's desire of only being friends with him then. :) I, on the other hand, can't understand her at all when I watch the movie and she rejects him not once but twice.
    How could you say no, Anne?????
    Especially when he says, "please say yes." Oohhh....heartbreaking. :'(

  11. Thanks for the shoutout! This is a fun post to write, isn't it? :) The only gentlemen I know on your list are Tom and Eugene. Tom is fun! While he's not a favorite of mine, I still really like him a lot. I loved he and Sybil's romance! As for Eugene, I only know the miniseries version as well. But oh my! His steadfast and gentle love is so wonderful! A true gentleman indeed. And most certainly swoonworthy! :)

  12. Kara,
    Yes, it sure is! :-) Branson and Sybil are actually one of my favorite film couples-- I love the hopeless drama of their romance. Yes, I'm a little over-the-top. ;-P

    And Eugene! Oh my! What really won me is the way his love for Lizzie changes him from listless and bored to compassionate and sincere. He just needed something to believe in. And I admit, I'm a huge Paul McGann fan. Anyone played by Paul McGann is pretty much in with me. :-D


  13. Well... *blushes*
    I love Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility 2008.
    And Jack from Speed.
    And Albert from Young Victoria.
    Sometimes I feel like an idiot swooning over fictional characters. But hey... It keeps me going. ;)
    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    1. Speed....that sounds super familiar. *goes and looks it up* OH! That movie. I've never seen it, but I've heard of it. Oh, I LOVE Albert from The Young Victoria -- one of my first favorite period dramas. :-)

      I know, sometimes you wonder.."Is this weird?" But then you can't help it. ;-P And like you said, it keeps you going.

    2. Yeah, Speed is great. It has a large amount of swearing. But if you're okay with that, then it's an AWESOME movie. (Oh, and one seen with gore. My mom thought it was disgusting, but I didn't think it was that bad. Just thought I'd warn you.)

      Yeah, sometime I think I like fictional men more than real men. :)

      -The Girl with the Gold Pen


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