Friday, April 3, 2015

A girl needs a hero

    April 3rd is Jamie Bamber's birthday. Which makes it not exactly Archie Kennedy's birthday, but close enough. At any rate, I've sort of dubbed it "Archie Kennedy Day." (Because we needed one, right? ;-P)

    You've probably heard me gush about Archie to some extent. I do rather a lot. Archie Kennedy is my first and, really, only love from all of literature, or cinema, or anything. I love his vulnerability, his whimsical side, his caring nature, and how he's willing to lay down his life for his friends. I also love his blue eyes. :-)

   Happy birthday, Archie.



  1. Oh, who's Archie Kennedy? It seems there's a TV show here that bodes looking into...;)

  2. Olivia,
    Archie is from the Horatio Hornblower movies, my favorite movies of all time. Yes, it's definitely something I'd recommend!

  3. "A Girl needs a Hero" - That title is so true and I just love it, Emma!

    My sister Arwen and I have an elite list of actually *ahem* five heroes that we think are the Best of the Best, but the funny thing is, is that we don't like them because they are exactly romantic or terribly handsome (though several are nice to look at :)), but simply because they are wonderful people that we feel would be terrific to have as a brother or mentor or would be simply jolly company.

    Anyways... I thought you did a wonderful tribute post to "your" hero! :)

    BTW: I LOVE your new header! I have been in the mood to see Charleston and all those ocean-y type places so I think it is just perfection. :)

  4. Eowyn,
    You know, Archie's not exactly romantic or terribly handsome either. He's just....well, wonderful in his own imperfect way.

    This wasn't exactly an adequate tribute to him, at least I don't think so; I kind of did that last year, and I didn't want to re-iterate myself too much. ;-P Though I'm glad you liked it!

    Thanks! I'm in a Colonial/Georgian/Hornblower mood, so of course it had to come out on my blog. ;-P

  5. Hurrah for Archie Kennedy! He's such a stalwart, brave, lovable guy.

  6. Hamlette,
    Stalwart? "A little prone to panic..." But yes, he is the one who jumped off a cliff with a man who can't swim and another who's afraid of heights. :-)

    Hurrah indeed!

  7. Yes, stalwart! "Staunch, loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, steady, constant, trusty, solid, hard-working, steadfast, redoubtable, unwavering."

    Has nothing to do with bravery or panicking.

    But I do think he's brave too. As the John Wayne quote goes, "Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway."

  8. Oh yeah! Archie is such an amazng character:)

  9. I can't believe I missed his birthday! Archie is a wonderful character, and I wish he was in the original books more. :) I just found your blog and have been having so much fun looking around!


  10. Bethany,
    Isn't he though? :-) I know, I was so disappointed when Archie was such a minor role in the books-- he wasn't even 'Archie', he was just 'Kennedy', and then he was gone! Very unfair!

    Aww, thank you! I recently had lots of fun looking through your old blog posts as well. :-) In fact, I read somewhere that you have/had three goldfish named Horatio, Archie, and Mr. Bush-- can I just tell you how awesome that is?!? Pretty much the coolest thing ever. ;-D

    Thanks for your comment! :-)


  11. Hello Emma!
    It was very awesome, until something quite tragic happened. Archie died. It was true to character, I guess, but we were very sad.

  12. Bethany,
    Oh dear! But I'm sure he died honorably. Probably to save Horatio from some untimely end. ;-D Heehee.


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