Monday, April 13, 2015

a Deliciously Random Tag!

    Hello friends! :-) My adorably fun and quirky best friend Naomi created this fun little tag, and now it's my turn to fill it out! Thank you, Naomi dear! You make the blogging world such a fun place. :-)

The rules for the tag are:
~ Paste the button onto your blog post.
~ Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your question-creativity - make the blogging world a cheerful place :-) And be disastrously random.)
Now for the fun...
~Write down three facts about you - one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)
~Answer the questions of the person who tagged you - make it all super random and interesting :-D

My three facts (one of them is wrong and you have to guess which one in the comments. :-))

#1 I drove a car for the first time three days ago.
#2 I've never read a whole book by Jane Austen.
#3 I just went to see The Longest Ride in the theater.

Are there flowers in your bedroom?

    Not at the moment, there aren't, but you can be sure as soon as there are more flowers in bloom they'll be everywhere. I am like Anne Shirley in that respect; I love to bring the outdoors indoors. And I love waking up next to a bowl of tiny pale violets. :-)

Who was your first - really first - (fictional) crush?

     First ever? Joe Hardy from the Hardy Boys. Yup. I think I was about nine when we first started listening to the books on tape, and then I read a couple of them and was convinced I had fallen in love. True story. (By the way, in my mind, Joe Hardy looks like John Schneider. Someone should have thought of that before John Schneider got too old to play him!)

What is, in your opinion, the prettiest Little House Book cover?

   I have to agree with Naomi, the over of These Happy Golden Years is my favorite. I have yet to read the book, but I don't have any doubt I'll love it. :-) Because really, who reads the Little House books and DOESN'T love them???

On pictures, do you smile with your teeth or without?

     Sometimes I smile with my teeth, sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood, who I'm with, what kind of picture it is, what I'm thinking, if I'm even paying attention to what's going on....yeah. But I do smile. :-)

In 'Return to Cranford' Miss Matty gets a turban. What do you think of her in a turban?

    I think it's awfully cute that she finally gets her turban of 'sea green silk' just like she's always wanted! (Well, of course, everything about Miss Matty is adorable.) :-) It looks sweet on her, though I will say it's a tiny bit strange. But hey, Miss Matty, if you're feeling all that, you just go for it.

Did you get fooled this year on April the 1st?

     I got fooled on March 31st, actually, by Naomi's Baby Bates joke on our Downton Abbey Fan Blog. With the time difference, it wasn't quite April 1st for me. But yes, I was duped. Other than that, no one tried anything with me. ;-P

Do you think it's rude when girls re-do their whole hairstyle in public?

    I'd say it depends on the setting, and the scope of the hairstyle said girl is attempting to re-do. If there's, say, some girl sitting in front of me at a concert or a very interesting historical reenactment who's trying to re-create an elaborate up-do, yes, I'd say that's most definitely distracting. But if your'e just somewhere with friends and you want to fix your ponytail, go ahead. :-)

Keira in 'The Duchess'. Some of the most fabulous costumes in this film hardly got shown at all.
See, something like this would totally be distracting.

What's your least favourite song in 'The Sound of Music?'

    Actually I haven't seen the movie in eons, so I don't remember all the songs enough to really have a least favorite. Maybe 'I Have Confidence'-- there are just so many others I like more. My favorites are 'I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen' and 'Something Good.'

Blog post: I missed the only year of my life when I could sing, "I am sixteen going on seventeen."

Do you chew your inside cheeks when you're thinking?

   I don't, actually. Nor do I chew on the end of my pencil. I don't really chew on anything unless I'm of a mind to eat it. When I'm thinking hard on something, I tend to gaze off into the wild blue yonder, out a window if there's one handy. It helps.

Your how-many-ienth post is this?

  This is my 220th post! Wow! I'm an old-timer.

Does anyone share my obsession for bandboxes?
What's your favourite Dickens movie?

    Ehhhh.....if I absolutely HAD to chose, it'd be Little Dorrit. Everything about it is amazing; the intricate plot, the characters, the acting. Oh my goodness, it's just SO GOOD. I also reeeaaaally really love Our Mutual Friend (um, EUGENE WRAYBURN) and Nicholas Nickleby (the 2002 version, you know, that one everyone else doesn't like ;-P) and Martin Chuzzlewit. Martin Chuzzlewit is. absolutely. hilarious. Mr. Pecksniff is the most disgustingly comical character Mr. Dickens ever wrote. Everything he says is so creepy, and so quotable! "Communing with nature, are we, Miss Graham?" Ewwww!

Eugene Wrayburn....I'm having serious heart problems.

What should you be doing right now?

    Well, I have a book to write. :-) Several, in fact. And the sun is shining and the birds are singing, so my natural instinct is to run outside and twirl around.

Do it. ;-)

    Thank you, ma'am, I believe I will.


    Thank you, m'dear Naomi! Randomness can be such jolly fun, when it's done properly. :-) So now it's my turn to tag some people! I hereby pass on this tag to...

Eowyn (because she's such a lovely girl)
Hamlette (because she's just so awesome, not to mention an expert authority on all things western)
Jess (because she's so much fun)
Sadie (because she's my sister and won't feel like she has to do it, haha)
Kara (because she's so cute and interesting)
Kelly-Anne (because she's such a sweetheart)

And here are my questions!

What was the last blog you visited?
What is one of your favorite movie soundtracks to listen to?
What's the absolute weirdest movie you've ever seen?
What are the first flowers to bloom in the spring where you live?
What is the longest book you've ever read?
Are you on Goodreads?
Have you ever been in a musical production before?
Is your mailbox on the same side of the street as your house, or do you have to cross the street to get to it?
Do you subscribe to any magazines?
Would you ever consider dying your hair?
Is there a particular actress you think you look like?
Do you decorate your bedroom with pictures of period dramas?
Oh boy, now you've got me in a mood.... ;-P


  1. Hello sweet Emma! Oh, thank you for tagging me dear friend!
    And do you know, I read your post before I even saw your comment:-)
    I so appreciate your kind words on my blog anniversary post and *thank you* for entering the giveaway - simply deligthful to have you!
    Much love and hugs to you!

  2. Dear Kelly-Anne, you're so very welcome! :-)

    You know, I've been following your blog for quite some time, but for some reason your posts never show up on my dashboard, so I often miss things. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix the problem. I do dearly enjoy your blog, though, and thank you for being such an inspiration to other girls! :-)


  3. This is such a cute tag! I'm loving reading everyone's answers!

  4. I LOVE the 2002 Nicholas Nickleby. Just sayin'. :D

  5. Amy,
    I love it too! In fact, that movie was my first real introduction to Charles Dickens. But I've heard people say it's not an accurate adaptation...whatever. I have very fond memories of it. :-)

  6. Oh Emma, you truly blessed my heart this evening with your kind words - thank you, dear!
    I am so happy to know God is using Beautiiful Girlhood to bless others!
    What a privilege to share in this blogging world!
    Do you know, so many readers have said they have exacty the same problem and I am starting to get a little concerned...I will have to look into it!
    By the way, sweet answers to Naomi's questions:)
    Much love and hugs!

  7. Oh! Oh! I think I know your lie-is it #2? You've never read a complete Jane Austen book?
    I love your first fictional crush. So funny.
    Hahahaha, even if they weren't re-doing that hairstyle it'd be distracting.
    This is such a fun tag!!

  8. You did it! :-)

    And I know the wrong fact - 3. Or maybe it's one, I haven't counted the exact time of days. But I kind of WISH the wrong fact was 2 - because you really have to read JA, Emma. :-)

    Oh, so your first crush wasn't Archie after all! I've never read the Hardy boys. :-O

    That is true - who reads Little House and doesn't love them? And of course we have the same favourite cover. :-)

    Anne looks a lot like you on that picture. Seriously, I thought it was you for a moment.

    *Naomi smiles wickedly about the Baby Bates joke*

    Oh goodness no, I certainly don't chew on the end of my pencil (also because I rarely write with pencils) - it's quite bad for ones teeth. And tis distracting, too!

    Ugh, I hate Mr Pecksniff. No, I don't find him the most comical character Dickens ever wrote- Sam Weller in The Pickwick Papers or Sparkler in Little Dorrit at much more comical in my opinion. But yes, he's DISGUSTINGLY comical and the other two I mentioned are more kind of adorably comical. :-)

    Haha, you keep on making me regret we stopped Our Mutual Friend. In fact, Reuben and I were saying just a few hours ago that we should have given it some more time.

    Oh, and thank you for your lovely words about me. :-) And your questions are great, Emsie.

    ~ Naomi

  9. Haha! Your answer to the chewing question made me smile;)

    I'm guessing your lie is #3?

    Okay, now I must watch Our Mutual Friend... That last I want to watch it...

  10. I'm gonna guess the lie is #3.

    Joe Hardy, huh? I've always preferred Frank. So that's perfect! We don't have to fight over them.

    And um... I'm not really an authority on ALL things western ;-) I just fake it real well.

  11. Naomi,

    The Hardy boys are really fun mysteries. They're kind of for boys, but we loved to listen to them on tape on long car rides when we were young. :-)

    Yeah, I rarely write with pencils either. I just said that because that's what people do in books. ;-P

    Haha, well, I guess I tend to like disgustingly hilarious characters. *guilty smile* I find creepiness really funny sometimes. And Mr. Pecksniff is just so....well, creepy! Oh my goodness, yes, give OMF another try. It is brilliant. (Like I haven't told you that a dozen times already. :-P)

    Yes, watch Our Mutual Friend!!!! I cannot recommend it enough! :-)

    Frank, huh? That works perfectly, then! :-) Heehee.

    And girls: The lie is #3. Y'all are too smart. ;-P

  12. Oh, you know what, I was so caught up in realizing I knew you HADN'T read a JA book that I put that down as my answer to your lie. -facepalm-
    What I MEANT to say is I know that was TRUE and I will guess your lie is...erm...#3?
    Sorry for the confusion, I can't believe what a silly mistake I made!!

  13. Thanks for the tag! My post should go up tomorrow. :) Also I had no idea which was your wrong fact. I'm always terrible at these sorts of things! And turban or no turban, Miss Matty is just awesome. End of story.

  14. Emma,
    Here I am at last! I meant to comment long long ago, but Spring gets in my veins and computer stuff rather goes out the window so to speak.... But enough with excuses! ;)

    Flowers in the bedroom.... so romantic. though somehow I have never actually done it. Have you ever thought of doing a room tour post? From the snatches you have shown on here so far (namely your character collage and bookshelf posts), it looks so cozy.

    Henty heroes and the Hardy boys were the first "real" heroes I ever met. (However, though I liked Joe Hardy, I always preferred Frank -- I think it was the dark hair. :))

    I have listened to Our Mutual Friend, but never seen it and (reading so much of your praises for it of late) I think I really should do so soon! (And I know what kind of heart problems you mean. Such a delightful difficulty. :))

    1. Eowyn,
      Thank you for your lovely comment, friend! :-) Yes, the lure of spring can make everything else seem trivial...I understand!

      There's hardly ever a time when I don't have flowers of some kind in my bedroom! Oooh, I never thought of that. A room tour would be quite diverting indeed-- maybe sometime!

      Everyone seems to prefer Frank, haha. I'm not sure why I liked Joe better, because back then I went more for dark hair.

      Oh, yes! Our Mutual Friend is rapidly climbing to my favorites. Just, Paul McGann. Aahhhh.



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