Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Announcement!

       Hello all! My dear little sister Sadie has just begun a lovely new blog, Buttermilk Sky! Isn't that a darling title? I love blogs with book titles for names, and it seems so do quite a few others in my circle of influence *ahem*. Sadie and I had an absolutely grand time putting the design together and making it lovely. I highly recommend hopping over and checking it out-- and not just because she's my sister (though that is a great big part of it ;-P). I'm so excited to see what Sadie's got in her bag of tricks! Do pay her a visit, and she'd love some followers. :-)

 (By the way-- what do y'all think of my new look?) :-)


  1. Very nautical looking, but that's not a bad thing. Looks perhaps a little more bright & crisp than the old layout.

  2. I love your new look Emma! It is so pretty! I also like you button for your book review blog. ;) I can't wait to check out your sisters new blog!

    God bless,

  3. Congrats to your sis for her new blog! It's darling!
    And as to your header-I saw it the other day and literally freaked out. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    The colors, the sea theme, the girl in the dress, the boat, the water, the map......gaaahh, it's so gorgeous.
    I love it. In case you couldn't tell. ;)

  4. Wow, your new look is amazing!! Love it!

  5. Hello Emma!
    Your new look is just gorgeous, my dear!
    Oh! And I saw Belle for the first time last week - oh my! How I adored this gorgeous period drama! So glad you used a picture from it in your post:)
    And I will visit your sweet sister's blog right now!
    Hugs and dear love to you,

  6. Thank you everyone! Your sweet comments make me smile. :-)

    Oh, isn't Belle simply scrumptious?!? My sister and I are really into the Georgian period right now. We've been listening to the soundtrack over and over. :-)

    Sadie will be so happy to have you visit her blog! :-)

  7. Lovely lovely lovely xD


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