Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Glorious Mess

  I eat too many cookies.

 I'm scared of the telephone.

 I torture my cat.

 I'll think I want something, then change my mind.

 I don't like to brush my hair.

 I cry sometimes just because it feels right.

 I love it when plans get cancelled.

 Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and imagine how other people must see me.

 I love to be left alone with my books.

 I ramble on and on about things no one else really cares about.

 I change my Blogger picture way too often

 I kind of require a lot.

 I like eavesdropping on other people's conversations.

 I go back and forth from crazy-romantic-swooning-fangirl to morose-hermit-writer in a matter of minutes.

 I'm scared of what I don't know.

 I lose hope sometimes.

 In short, I'm a mess. But thanks to my Lord and Savior, I can be a glorious one. I'm going somewhere, and I'm not there yet. But I'm on my way, and even though it's a mess, I will embrace it.

  And so I'll be the best gloriously beautiful mess I can be. :-)


  1. Oh Emma, Emma, Emma - you aren't a mess. :-) And you aren't plain either... but still, I think your new blogger name is very cute (but I'll miss the 'Jane'. A lot.)

    Oh. mah. gosh. This is super relatable. I guess that means we're both awesome, beautiful messes. :-P

    I eat too many cookies too. Well, not TOO many, thanks to my good mum and Daniel. :-)
    I'm not scared of the telephone, as you know, and I don't mind brushing my hair (but I only do it like, twice a week... is that shocking?)
    Hahaha. I love it too, when plans get cancelled. Of course, it depends greatly on the plan. I HAVE been disappointed many times when really cool plans got cancelled.
    Oh yeeees! I stare in the mirror too and guess what people must think of me. And it's not beauty I'm thinking of (well maybe just a teensy bit) - it's more like, 'Would people think I was fun to hang out with' or 'do I look interesting.' I like to think people think I'm very pretty, for a not-make-up person. :-)
    *I* CARE about what you ramble about.
    I always try to eavesdrop 'by accident.' Us children call it accidents-on-purpose. :-D

    Sweet Emma, don't loose hope! Spring is on the horizon now. I feel it in mah toes. :-)
    Keep calm and carry on, m'dear! Write happy scenes. :-) Those help.

    ~ Naomi

    PS My comments nowadays get so heart-felt I think I should send them in emails instead. HAHA. :-)

  2. BEAUTIFUL post, Emma!!! Entirely lovely. :)

    (And I hope you don't mind my mentioning it -- but I was laughing about "I change my blogger picture way too often." I'd noticed that! ;D But don't worry. It's not too often....just fun! ;))

  3. Why, Emma, it sounds as if you're... human! :-) Good for you for embracing your identity while allowing yourself room to mature and improve.

  4. Naomi,

    Heehee. I love ya, girl. :-) I'm actually feeling a lot brighter now. And yes, spring has sprung! Or, it WILL soon. I feel it in mah bones. ;-P

    You only brush your hair twice a week. You're kidding, right? I don't really mind brushing my hair, but it was on the list of things I wrote down the other day because I didn't feel like doing it then.

    I had an awkward telephone experience yesterday. ;-P Maybe I'll mention it in an 'Awkward and Awesome' post soon.

    You care! Thank you for caring, my dear! :-) Heehee.

    I felt like I needed a new, more clever pen name. Have you ever read the Sarah, Plain and Tall books? (They're absolutely adorable.) Yes, I kind of miss the Jane too, but I like this new name a lot. :-)

    Oh, why thank you! :-)

    Haha. It seems like my mood is always changing, and I keep finding new pictures to use. I try to leave them the same for a month, at least....;-P I'm glad you don't find it annoying!

    What do you know? ;-P Thanks. Well, I'm trying. :-)

  5. YES! Beautifully written!

    I do the mirror thing, too:-/ Whatever will we do with our silly little selves?


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