Saturday, February 14, 2015

Of a Romantic Nature

     Happy Valentine's Day! Well, here it is again, the day when people have love on the brain and give each other roses and chocolate and stuff like that. "The usual, flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep..." *ahem* Sorry. Anyway, I hope you are all having a splendiferously lovely day, spending it with the ones you love! (I'm overusing 'love', and I'm just getting started. Dear oh dear.) ;-P

   You all know what an incorrigible romantic I am. You probably also know how much I like to swoon over fictitious characters. Well, since it is Valentine's Day, I've decided to enumerate on some of my favorite fictional couples from my favorite books and movies. You all will love it, I know. :-) Here we go:

  Cabot Murray and Eden Day in Yankee Stranger-- I read this book and almost died. It was so amazing. Cabot and Eden may be my favorite fictional romance ever, seriously. THEY ARE SO EPIC. Civil War romances often seem to be the most captivating for some reason. Cabot is a young Yankee (stranger ;-)) and Eden is a third-generation Virginian with a big and traditional family. Their journey towards happiness together is full of danger and trials and misunderstandings and risks and all-around epicness. Why is this series so underrated?

  Violet Rose Hayes and Silas McClure in A Proper Pursuit-- Of course! One of my favorite Lynn Austin novels, this book also has one of my favorite couples. Violet is so much like me it's sometimes scary. (We have the same emotional problems over fantastical things and both dream of fair-haired lieutenants :-)) And Silas is just a charming goofball. They're adorable.

  Sully and Michaela in Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman-- Duh, people. :-) Sully and Dr. Mike are the most romantic couple put to screen. They've seen so many adventures, dangerous situations, court cases, Indian raids, and death sentences together. They rely on each other and give one another the best of themselves. Okay, maybe they kiss too much, but I think they're awesome.

Is anyone else dying right now?
  Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey-- Ah, the long, agonizingly wonderful romance of Mary and Matthew. These two had me from the very beginning, and all that they went through before they finally got together only made it more romantic. I will never forget the beautiful romance they shared....even if some people will....we won't talk about that. It'll only make me cry.

  Arthur Clennam and Amy Dorrit in Little Dorrit-- My favorite couple from classic literature. Amy is a perfect doll, the sweet but iron strong loyal daughter who's seen mostly dreariness in her life. Arthur is the kindhearted gentleman who needs someone to love and care for. I love their story of how they come to love each other, and what they overcome to be with each other. *sniffle* Excuse me while I go off in a corner to cry for a while.

  Sir Percy Blakeney and Margurite St. Just in The Scarlet Pimpernel-- Because Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. ;-P I haven't read this book, but the movie completely sweeps me away every time, especially Percy and Margurite's wildly romantic love story.

  James McGrath and Julia Hoffman in Fire By Night-- What did I tell you about Civil War love stories? Julia is a naive girl wanting to impress a man who doesn't love her, and James McGrath is a bitter man who is past caring what anyone thinks of him. And then BOOM they meet and from then on it's just wowwww. Go read it.

  John Thornton and Margaret Hale in North and South-- Because the DRAMA and TENSION and misunderstanding and long-suffering affection and sacrifice and....ohhh! *Emma falls into a swoon* It's just too much. ;-P They're both such deep, broody characters with strong feelings and convictions. I always love romances where it takes lots of drama to get the guy and the girl together in the end. So much has to HAPPEN, and then when they finally kiss at the's all the more worth it. *sigh*

  Edward Ferrars and Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility-- And of course, we must add at least one Jane Austen couple. :-) Elinor and Edward have always been a favorite. Their story isn't flying sparks and high adventure, but a quiet, steady affection delayed by misunderstanding. I love Elinor's overwhelming happiness at the end when Edward finally gives her his heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's day, Violet! :-) Oh, don't worry - *I* personally love the word love. :-) Don't apologise on my part.

    Would I like Yankee Stranger? Cuz if you tell me I would, I'll believe you, you know.
    Aww yes. Violet. I love she and Silas. She has a lot of potential suitors though, but I'm SO glad it was Silas in the end. But still, I don't think Silas and James are anything huge next to Gabe Harper in Hidden Places. You forgot Gabriel, by the way. SHOOOCKS.
    Michaela and Sully ARE romantic and awesome... but I don't like couples who kiss loaaads. But then, I haven't seen enough of Dr Quinn to judge probably. I'm sure they are really squeeful and amazing. :-)
    Nome, I'm not dying right now. But yes, in the blogging language, yes I AM dying, looking at the gify of Mary gazing at Matthew. (Haha, always when I read someone using the word 'dying' to express their feelings, I feel like saying something like, 'My condolences.' And when people say, 'I literally died,' I REALLY feel like commenting with that. Heehee. I'm glad you're not really dead.)
    Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Thornton and Margaret. I don't know why - but they just don't give me squeeful feels inside. But Edward and Elinor, THEY do. I wish they hadn't deleted that bridge scene, don't you?

    ~ Naomi

  2. Naomi,
    Yankee Stranger is amaaaaaazing. I think you'd like it. You like reading about the Civil War, don't you? Yup, I think you should read it. {But then, I say that about a lot of things.}

    Weeeel, I didn't add Gabe and Eliza because Eliza isn't really my favorite-- I mean, she's an amazing person, but I just don't like her as much. Gabe, YES. But I just didn't decided to include them. {I'm sorry, Gabe!}

    Sully and Mike do kiss a lot, especially after they're married. I usually get sick of that too, but for some reason with them I can deal with it cuz they're just so awesome.

    Haha, maybe I use that phrase just a little too much. ;-P But there seems no better way to describe my deep emotions...!!! But no, I'm not really dying, and neither are you, and we should be glad of that. :-) Thank you for your condolences.

    AMY AND ARTHUR. Totally agree!!!

    I know, I love that scene of Edward and Elinor on the bridge!!!! Why didn't they leave it in? Sometimes deleted scenes are the best. Like in Jane Eyre, which you haven't seen. The deleted scenes are the most intense and creepy and awesome.

    Oooh, John and Margaret give ME squeeful feels inside! But I understand why you don't like them as much. They are a little MUCH, if you know what I mean. ;-P

    Happy Valentine's Day, Naomi! :-)

  3. Emma,

    Yes, I LOVE Civil War Stories. So yeah, I think I want to read Yankee Stranger. No, no, I DO like it when you recommend stuff. I just finished to KillaM, and thank you for recommending that. It's BRILLIANT.
    Well yeah, Eliza's not my favourite too, so I understand. :-) But still, Gabe is worth the couple, I think. :-P
    Haha, don't worry - I use the phrase 'dying' too, a lot. You probably knew that, didn't you. :-) Talking about 'condolences', my favourite quote ever from Amazing Grace is the part where Pitt goes to Barbara after her wedding and says, 'My condolences.' SO funny. (Haha, that was off-topic, but I'm sure you didn't mind.)
    I know, so deleted scenes are just SO good. Have you seen the one of Downton Abbey (I think Season two)? Where Mary (or praps twas Matthew) thinks forward about her married life with Matthew? That's very sweet, although not as amazing as some of the ones they DID put in.
    Yes, I see what you mean about John and Margaret. They are MUCH. I can't really explain why I don't squeal so much over them. I just... don't.

    ~ Naomi

  4. What a fabulous post! And so many awesome couples. :)

    First, I haven't ever heard of Yankee Stranger, but you've convinced me to try it. Just added to goodreads!

    And yes to Violet and Silas! SUCH an adorable couple. I haven't read this one for a while, think I need a reread soon.

    Sully and Michaela, Matthew and Mary, Arthur and Amy? All I can do is....*swoon* Love them all!

    As for Percy and Margurite, I haven't read the book or even seen the movie. But I keep seeing so many bloggers just swooning over this story. Guess that means I'd better find a copy pronto! :)

    Edward and Elinor are SO wonderful. And John and Margaret?! Oh my heart. I love those two to pieces. I cannot get enough of them!!! The book is wonderful, but the miniseries....!!!! I just watched it last week, but now I think I need to rewatch it again. LOVE it sooooo much!

  5. Heehee, we had the same idea! I haven't heard of all the couples on your list, but I see we totally agree on some-Arthur and Amy, Mr. Thornton and Margaret, and Sir Percy and Marguerite.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Oh my...oh my...oh my...! You have THREE of my favorite romantic couples EVER!!! One is Silas McClure and Violet Rose Hayes ("Make sure you marry for love, dear!"), another is Julia Hoffman and James McGrath. Oh my goodness, Julia and James!!! They're so perfect for each other!!! I did get incredibly bored of Nathaniel Greene, or whatever his name was. (He's not important enough to me to even remember his name!) Ugh. He was...definitely not suited to Julia. But James!! James!!! Oh. *wince* Sorry. I...umm...sometimes gush too much about people I love. *raises chin* But I really don't care. They deserve my praise. All except Nathaniel Greene. Ugh. Bleh! And now my THIRD favorite couple...Percy Blakeney and Marguerite St. Just!!!!! Love them. You really should read the's quite good. And the whole time you read, you can just hear Anthony Andrews' voice saying, "Sink me-e-eh!" Ah...he's just amazing. Also, I looked into one of the books you mentioned -- "Yankee Stranger" -- and I think that it looks like a really good book. I'll have to check our library and see if they have it.

    Anyways...Happy Valentine's Day to you!


    P.S. By the way, I agree with Naomi that Gabe Harper is fantastic!! But I can't agree that Gabe is better than Silas. You just don't get better than Silas. Or James. Gabe and James and Silas...all of them are just as amazing, but for different reasons. Ah, Lynn Austin will never know how much she has contributed to my life!! Oh, also...I really enjoyed Mack from Wonderland Creek. Maybe not quite as much as the others, but he suited Alice well, I must say. Kind of balanced her out.

    Anyways. Enough of my raving.

  7. Kaitlyn,
    I loved your comment! Gushing is totally appreciated around here. :-) Oh, I know, JAMES!!!! And Silas! It's all too much to handle. ;-P Lynn Austin will never know how much she has contributed to my life either! {Although I'd love to tell her someday. :-)}
    I really want to read TSP...I have it on my bookshelf, and I'll get to it eventually.
    Gabe is actually my favorite Lynn Austin man, but for some reason I just didn't add him and Eliza this time. James is my second-favorite, and Silas comes third. And then maybe Mack. And then there's Charles St. John....*floats away into dreamland*

    Anyway! Thanks for your comment! :-)

  8. Looooooove your new header!!!! Is that our dear friends Natalie's work?

  9. Naomi,
    No, actually your darling Violet made that herself. :-) I wanted my blog to look 1920's style. What dost thou think? :-)

  10. Oh, my darling Violet did it herself! Good job! It's absolutely marvellous and sunny and GOLD. There is definitely a vintage picknick-ish look about it, although I couldn't pin an exact time (blame my crude history knowledge.) No seriously, it's looovely. Congratulations dear. :-)

  11. Oh my, I LOVE your new blog look!! So fresh and pretty...and spring-ish. The header is super cute! Love it.

  12. Ooooh, your new blog header is gorgeous!! I don't why you asked me to make a header for you-you do such a lovely job yourself! :)

  13. Natalie,
    Thank you so much! I always love your designs so much, but then I decided I should probably make my own. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. :-)

  14. I'm glad you liked doing it! Making your own headers is so much fun-I think so, anyways! :)
    Also, I LOVE your "About Emma Jane" picture. Who is she?

  15. Natalie,


    That's Jessie Burns from the movie A River Runs Through It. I chose it because I'm really into the 1920's era right now and I want my hair to look just like that. :-) Oh yes, and I love the character. It's a really great movie.

  16. Emma Jane~ I'll have to check that one out, thanks! Her hair is definitely very pretty! :)

  17. Just thought you might like to know I requested Yankee Stranger from the library. As soon as I get it in my hands, I plan to devour it! Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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