Thursday, February 19, 2015

Literary Heroine Blog Party!

      Over at Accordion to Kellie, it's time for the annual Literary Heroine Blog Party! I'm so excited to be participating this year! It's going to be great fun, and I'm excited to see what else Kellie's got planned. There's also a fun giveaway going on, and encourage y'all to hop on over to Kellie's blog and take a look-see for yourself!

   So here are the tag questions for the party.

Introduce yourself! Divulge your life's vision, likes, dislikes, aspirations, or something completely random!

Howdy! I'm Emma Jane Violet Anne Eponine Anderson Kennedy, but you can just call me Emma. :-) My life's vision would probably be to use everything the Lord's given me for his honor and glory, to make the most of the time He's given me on earth, to love, laugh, grow, and imagine things. I like summer and sunshine and flowers and 90's movies popcorn and straw hats. I dislike Nicholas Sparks books and wasting time and math (which is the same thing) and being tickled and talking to people I don't know in public settings. Yes, I'm an introvert.
   As for my aspirations, they are extensive. Foremost among them would be to glorify my Lord, write good books that make people feel deep, warm and happy, live in a pretty little house, keep in contact with my best friends in the world and be an inspiration to other people.
   Something completely random: Aidan Quinn is my third-favorite actor.

What, to you, forms the essence of a true heroine? 
    A strong personality; in other (and less delicate) words, guts. She has to have courage and convictions and strong feelings. I don't care a bit for wishy-washy, oh-let's-do-this-but-I-don't-know, nothing-really-matters type heroines. They have to know what it is they're aiming for, or at least have a desire to know and eventually find the truth by the end of the book. They've got to be so genuine that I start to think of them as being real people. So yes, that's what I'd say makes a true heroine: she has to be real.

Share (up to) four heroines of literature that you most admire and relate to.

     "Relate to" and "admire" will not always be mutually exclusive. :-) Okay, four heroines of literature I most admire: 
  • Mattie Ross (True Grit): she's got true grit. She has strong principles and the courage to confront evil and do something about it. I love her spunk and her determination and her perseverence.
  • Christy Huddleston (Christy): she's a naive city girl with a passion to help people, and she learns so much in her journey of getting to know the mountain people, and getting to know God. I love her desire to learn and her to do good.
  • Abbie Deal (A Lantern In Her Hand): she's a pioneer woman, a mother, who faces incredible hardship and comes through it all weathered and strengthened by her trials. She's a fiercely devoted mother and an amazing woman. I'd love to just sit down and talk with Abbie for hours on end.
  •  and Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables): because Anne's just so lovable. :-) She's spunky, imaginative, kind, honest, and you can't help but feel a strong kinship with her.

  And four heroines of literature I most relate to:

  •  Violet Rose Hayes (A Proper Pursuit): she's a daydreamer, an adventurer at heart, impulsive, and sometimes her wild thoughts run away with her. Also we both have an affinity for fair-haired lieutenants. ;-P
  • Ellis Eton (Love Comes Calling): she's well-meaning, easily distracted, gets excited easily, also worries easily, always seems to somehow get herself into the most awkward situations, and doesn't understand a lot of things.
  • Lizzie Glick (Lizzie Searches For Love trilogy): she's sometimes grumpy and impatient and, like me, there are so many things she still has to learn. When reading these books, it's often startling how often Lizzie says something or think something that makes me go, "Wait...haven't I said that exact same thing before?"
  • Emma Smallwood (The Tutor's Daughter): she likes things neat and orderly and in their proper places, and she likes to have things planned out just the way she wants them. Yup.
Five of your favorite historical novels? 

       My favorite novel EVER is Hidden Places by Lynn Austin. Other favorite historical novels: By Dawn's Early Light by Elswyth Thane, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, True Grit by Charles Portis, and Yankee Stranger by Elswyth Thane. Lotta Elswyth Thane going on. :-)

Out of those five books who is your favorite major character and why? 

    Ehhhhh. That's tough. These are all my favorite books, so of course they're all my favorite characters! I'm going to say Atticus Finch, because he's amazing in every respect. But also Mattie Ross, Cabot Murray, and Gabe Harper.

Out of those five books who is your favorite secondary character and why? 

    I'd say Scout Finch, but she's not a secondary character. *thinks hard* I really like Mr. LaBoeuf in True Grit. He's rather stuck on himself, but he's a man of morals and he's brave and he eventually gives appreciates Mattie for who she is. Any friend of Mattie Ross is a friend of mine.

If you were to plan out your dream vacation, where would you travel to - and what would you plan to do there? 

     Well, of course I would want to go to Europe and visit my very best friend Alice who lives there! What would we do? We'd laugh, talk, watch movies, take walks, swoon over fictional characters, take pictures....we'd just have the time of our lives. :-)
     But if I couldn't do that, I'd love to go out to Montana and stay on a real ranch. I have this sort of fascination with Montana right now (blame it on Brad Pitt movies). ;-P I want to see the wide open country, the endless sky, the majestic mountains in the distance, and feel the never-ceasing wind.

This is Montana.
This is also Montana.

What is your favorite time period and culture to read about? 

      It's a toss-up between the 1930's and the Civil War, but right now I'd definitely say the 30's. I'm infatuated with the era, the styles, the life people lived back then. Most of my favorite books are set during the 30's, actually.
     I haven't read many books about the 1910's period, but if I could find a good one, I'd definitely love reading about that time. I've seen more movies about that era and it's one of my favorites. The novel I'm currently writing is actually set in 1910.

You have been invited to perform at the local charity concert. Singing, comedy, recitation, tap dancing… what is your act comprised of? 

     Oh, singing. That's a no-brainer. I'd probably sing something classic Broadway. That's just how I roll. ;-P

If you were to attend a party where each guest was to portray a heroine of literature, who would you select to represent? 

     How fun! Someone needs to make this a thing. :-) Let's see...maybe Violet Hayes, because she lives in the 1890's and wears gorgeous clothes and she's one of my favorite characters. Or Mattie Ross, but I didn't want to use her for my answer because I've been mentioning her too much already.
   Wait....did I just imply that it was possible to talk about Mattie Ross too much?! Perish the thought!

Favorite author(s)? 

     Boom, Lynn Austin. I didn't even have to think for that.

In which century were most of the books you read written? 

    This one. I'm woefully unaccomplished with classics. They're just so loooong. And most of my favorite authors are alive today and still writing, so...yeah.

In your opinion, the ultimate hero in all literature is… 

    Gabe Harper needs more credit. I don't know if I'd say he's the ultimate....but he's pretty darn awesome. Horatio Hornblower is not my idea of a hero in the books, but in the movies he's about as dashing and heroic as they come. That was confusing; my answer is Horatio Hornblower.

In your opinion, the most dastardly villain of all literature is... 
   I'd have to say, Rigaud (Blandois) from Little Dorrit. The man's a terror. He's a murderer, a swindler, and a creep. Yuck. Let's not talk about him.

Describe your ideal dwelling place. 

    A comfortable little house, small but roomy, with a historical flair-- it doesn't really matter what time period, just as long as it's got the feel of days past. It would have to be in the country, preferably somewhere with both flat open spaces and trees and creeks. A sunny little house with flowers and lots of windows and books everywhere. A place where creativity abounds.

   Definitely something smaller than this, but I just love this picture and the setting. :-)

Sum up your fashion style in a short sentence. 

     "I WISH it was vintage." ;-P Heehee. Simple, practical, sometimes slightly impractical, pretty and neat. Unless I'm in a weird mood, then I might wear a flowered scarf on my head or pain my fingernails blue or something. You never know what's gonna happen.

Three favorite Non-fiction books? 

     I really don't read non-fiction much....but I'll say the Bible, Nellie Bly, and The World of Downton Abbey.

Your duties met for the day, how would you choose to spend a carefree summer afternoon? 

     Writing fiction outside in the sunshine, drinking in the smells and sounds of the earth.

Create a verbal sketch of your dream hat - in such a way as will best portray your true character. 

     A wide-brimmed straw hat with an earthy-colored ribbon around the band, adorned with real flowers that somehow have the power not to wilt. ;-P

Share the most significant event(s) that have marked your life in the past year.

    Last summer I started writing a novel, the first novel I've worked on seriously. I had to seriously re-think things in November, but I'm still working on the novel and it's been one of the most exciting things that's happened to me. 

Share the Bible passage(s) that have been most inspiring to you recently.

   This is one of my favorite verses that continually inspires me in my daily life.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you. So that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

Thanks Kellie, for hosting this delightful event!



  1. Wow. This post informed me of SO many things I never knew before. :-P


    Now, let the comment start.

    I'm so pleased you chose the button with Lizzy Bennet on it when you COULD have chosen other ones. See?! You have more P&P95 love than you realise. One day I'll make a fan out of ya yet. :-)

    OH I HATE HATE HATE BEING TICKLED. BEUGH. And MathS. Yup. It's the same as wasting your time. Haha. That made me laugh, though. :-D

    Haha, yes, you do talk about Mattie Ross a lot. I feel as though I should watch True Grit just so I can know what you're talking about. You even use Mattie as your Pinterest picture, for goodness sake.

    Awww. I always smile when you link to me. Just. I just do.
    Montana is beautiful. Seriously.

    Oh it's 1930 you're interested in? I thought you told me it was the twenties? Me, I'm DEFINATELY into the 1930 too. Ever since Perri and Dobbs. :-D

    BOOM Lynn Austin. HAHA.

    Aww poor you and your tackling with classics? Are you bouncing off the walls yet? (By this I mean to ask, have you finished GWTW yet?) Heehee, and you said you were going to try to read GWTW in two weeks 'even if it killed you.' :-)

    SWOON. Mr H.H is handsome.

    That house looks like Green Gables! It's lovely! You know, that's a realy AMERICAN house with wood and a porch. Houses in Belgium and Britain NIVVVER (well, not that I know of, anyway) have porches and are RARELY made of wood.

    I love that Bible verse. Duh, I love SO many Bible verses.

    Great, m'dear! (Yup, I'm back to m'dear cuz I'm into Sir Percy at present.)

    ~ Alice

  2. Alice,
    Haha. Yes, I chose the Lizzy button. You may make a fan out of me yet. :-)

    MATTIE ROSS IS AMAZING. You might not like the movie so much (violence, ya know), but I just know you'd appreciate the book. It's SO cleverly written.

    I'm kind of into both the 20's and the 30's right now-- just that general era. So yes, I am really infatuated with the 20's. I just said the 30's cause that's what I usually like best.

    Yeah, Perri and Dobbs are the cause of my latest obsession with that era. :-) Also a few of the movies I've watched lately. Ahem, ahem.

    No, I'm not bouncing off the walls yet. *sad face* I WILL THOUGH. I shall conquer this. I SHALL. I know, I said I would read it in two weeks! What a wretch I am! I did read three books in between, though, which makes me feel slightly less like a literary failure. ;-P When I finish it, believe me, you're gonna be one of the first to know. :-)

    Houses over there don't have porches? *in Lady Grantham's voice* "Oh, how sad." Really, that's a shame. I wish our house had a long porch, but alas, no. Someday I'll have one. :-)

    Odd's fish, m'dear! Thanks for the comment! :-)


  3. I read a few sentences and thought..."Wow! We have a lot in common!" I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book but I hate (I mean I can not stand) wasting time! But being in a big family I usually never have time to do nothing :)

    I do not being tickled and I'm not a fan of math (though I don't mind it so much if I know how to do it properly).

    I do enjoy talking to some one I know in public settings. But... To strike up a conversation with someone I just met? That is quite another story. :) I find it very hard to come up with some good interesting subjects to talk about.

    I believe I'm an Introvert too :) Do you know your Brain Type?


  4. Mattie Ross is amazing. I do not believe she can be talked about too much. :)

  5. Emma,
    Your posts are just too much fun!

    I greatly liked your summary of a heroine. "She has to be real", so true, and the constant struggle of the ages to achieve in literature.

    Montana is one of my favorite places in the world and you should by all means go there! If you do, make sure to visit Missoula. Its a really neat town and (at least when I last visited) they had an "adult" size playground. I know, one enjoys crazy things when one is on the road. :) But truly it was great fun! And to stay at a real ranch... *dreamy sigh*... now that would be truly wonderful.

    Isn't it interesting what great changes such a simple thing as writing can make in your life? Commissioned by one of my younger sisters, I started seriously to work upon a novel this year, and it no less than wonderful what the steady dedication to it has done to my brain. :)

  6. Kristalyn,
    I guess we do have a lot in common! Haha, I've actually never read an entire Nicholas Sparks book, but I tried to read The Notebook and I've watched some of the movies based on his novels and they're all terribly mushy-wushy. I don't know why I thought of that. ;-P

    Oh, I do like talking to people I know. Just, trying to hold a conversation with someone I don't know well and don't have anything to talk about with...that's uncomfortable.

    No, I don't know my brain-type, but I know I'm an introvert. It's just....apparent. :-)

    Why, thank you! That's so nice of you! I'm so glad we're getting to be friends. :-)
    Oh, you've been to Montana!!! You know, I almost screamed when you mentioned Missoula because I recently watched the movie A River Runs Through It, which takes place in Missoula, and I have a slight fascination with it at the moment. ;-P An adult playground! Now that sounds cool.

    It really does make such a huge difference when you make up your mind to just DO it-- write. And yes, having a steady ongoing project and knowing that it's actually coming to something has been such a blessing. (Heehee, that's funny that you were commissioned by your sister! Oh, the joys of sisters, right?) :-)

    Thanks for your comments, ladies!


  7. Having seen a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book, I have determined not to read his books. Not that they're necessarily bad, they just hold no interest for me.

    And I have a great hatred of wasting time. This is one of the main reasons I hate taking naps -- it's a waste of time!

    Mmmmmm, Horatio Hornblower :-) Movie HH, of course. Far superior to Book HH.

    I've put "A Lantern in Her Hand" on my TBR list :-)

  8. Hi Emma! This was an interesting read! :) I'll have to look into Lynn Austin books. I like your ideal house and scripture verse.

  9. This is so fabluous and OHMYWORD your design is simply AMAZING! *grabs viola* gotta run to orchestra!

  10. Great answers!
    Also I love your "I'm an unashamed Sir Percy Blakney Fan" button. :)

  11. Love, LOVE your answers, Emma!!! Beautiful and delightful as always! As a note, I (personally) tend to get all tingly in Wyoming ;D . . . but those Montana pictures are gorgeous!! :D

  12. Aww!! Such cute answers sweet Emma! I just adore Horatio Hornblower too - in fact...he may actually be one of my favourite heros;).
    Oh! And you like Christy Huddleston too - she is so amazing and courageous!
    What fun this party is - I am already a happy reader of your blog, but it is lovely to stop by and read your entry in Kellie's party! And I love your header, my dear!! It is just gorgeous!
    Hugs to you and much love!

  13. Oh, I love this post!! I always like reading things like this to get to know you better, since I've never seen you in person. And don't worry about the introvert stuff...I'm one too, and it's not a bad thing at all! least, *I* don't think so. Oh, and I wanted to ask you...have you ever seen "Amazing Grace"? It has Ioan Gruffudd in it (the guy who plays Horatio Hornblower, in case you didn't know...which I'm sure you did). I noticed that you had a picture out of Amazing Grace on our side bar, but didn't know if you'd ever seen the movie or not.

  14. Kaitlyn,


    Yes, I have!!! Several times, in fact (like, maybe seven or eight). It's one of my very favorite movies. Ioan Gruffudd has been my official number one favorite actor for a few years now. :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed this! thanks for commenting! :-)

  15. Yay for Anne Shirley! She's just awesome. :)

    And The Tutor's Daughter is just so good, isn't it? I love Julie Klassen's books.

    Also, I completely agree that someone should make it a thing to host a literary party where we dress up as characters. That would be amazing!

    Fun answers. :)

  16. Emma Jane,
    *happy sigh* I'm so happy we are becoming friends too! :)

  17. Sorry this comment is a bit late!
    I haven't read any of the books that your "relatable" heroines are from-I'll put them on my TBR list! :)
    What?? You can actually choose ONE favorite novel? Out of them ALL? Wow. I highly commend you. :)
    Oooooohh.....that picture...of Montana. It's SO beautiful. Now I want to go there....
    Yup, your dream house is my dream house. And the picture is perfection.
    Oh, I love that Bible verse!
    Great answers! :)


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