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Beautiful People ~ Addie and Jimmy

    I've never been in on the whole Beautiful People post thing, though I've seen it all over the place ever since I started blogging. Normally I don't really like to divulge much about my characters on my blog while I'm in this stage of writing-- because right now they're strictly MY characters and nobody else's. ;-P But I saw this set of questions on Eowyn's blog and they looked like fun, so I thought, hey, let's do it. :-)
   The theme this month is love, which of course is a popular subject with me, as you all probably know. :-) So, friends, may I introduce to you the heroine of my novel and her long-suffering lover-- Adelaide Jane Taylor and James Hamilton. Otherwise and more commonly known as Addie and Jimmy.

How long have they been a couple? 

   As far as most of the townsfolk are concerned, ever since Addie came of age she and Jimmy were practically halfway to the altar. Addie fights this, though, for most of the story. She likes Jimmy a lot, but she has no intention of giving all the town busybodies the satisfaction of having matched them up, and besides, to Addie's way of thinking, Jimmy is a 'boy'. Addie is only interested in 'men', and she has a very definite idea of what a man is. Jimmy doesn't fit into her dream.

    Jimmy was one of the few young men around Old Ripley whom I actually liked. He was just a year or so older than me, though an only child, and he lived with his parents on their farm, just a little nearer to town than we did. Jimmy would one day inherit the family farm from his father, something which gave him a great deal of pride. He obviously liked being a farmer, and was always so excited whenever anything went well and optimistic when it didn’t. He and I didn’t have very much in common, except a shared childhood and the fact that we’d grown up on farms less than a mile from each other. He was a nice boy and I liked him. He was still a boy though.


How did they first meet? 

    They don't remember. When they were both very young children, at any rate. They've never thought about it because they've just always known each other.

What were their first thoughts of each other? (Love at first sight or “you’re freakishly annoying”?) 

   They don't remember that either. ;-P They've always been fond of each other, but as they grow older Jimmy's love for Addie becomes more steady and Addie gets increasingly annoyed with his countrified ways and persistence, not to mention his boyish enthusiasm for everything.

What do they do that most annoys each other? 

   Addie's always dreaming, wanting what she can't have, which doesn't exactly annoy Jimmy as much as it just bothers him. Jimmy is content with whatever life gives him. Jimmy whistles all the time and sings silly songs off-key, and as mentioned before, his indefatigable optimism.

Are their personalities opposite or similar?

  They're not very similar, though when it comes right down to it they ultimately care about the same things. Jimmy is easy-going, Addie is dramatic and sometimes given to unnecessary panic. Also Addie is always chasing after some wild dream, while Jimmy is happy-go-lucky and takes more pleasure in the simple delights of life. Addie tends to be rather nearsighted. She doesn't see obvious things that are right under her nose. Jimmy is more assertive than Addie in that way.

     I sat up as straight as I could, tried to still my fidgeting hands in my lap and waited as patiently as I deemed humanly possible for him to speak up and tell me what on earth this was all about.
  “Hey, Addie,” was all he said.
   I lifted my eyebrows expectantly. “Hey yourself.”
  “It’s good to see you.”
   I just kept smiling, wondering what in the sam hill that was supposed to mean.
  After another considerable silence, I decided I had to prod things along. “Listen, Jimmy, is there something you wanted to tell me? Because if there is, I wish you’d just come out with it instead of making me sit here and try to read the look on your face-- which would be a sight easier, I might add, if you got a haircut so you didn’t always have so much hair falling over your eyes all the time.” There. I’d said it. I hoped he wouldn’t be offended by my bluntness, but someone had to tell him.


 How would their lives be different without each other? 

     Go listen to "If I Never Knew You" from Pocahontas. Basically, yeah. :-) Jimmy, being Jimmy, would probably marry some nice girl and have a family. Addie might go a little bit nuts without Jimmy's steadfast personality to keep her in line. ;-P

Just so you know, Jimmy's not a cowboy. Though he probably would have been, if he were born farther west.

Are they ever embarrassed of each other? 
   Oh my, yes. That is, Addie is sometimes embarrassed by Jimmy. Jimmy is just so good-natured he just rolls with whatever.

 Does anyone disapprove of their relationship? 

    Addie does, at first! But everyone else thinks Providence matched them up. :-)

Do they see their relationship as long-term/leading to marriage? 

   Jimmy definitely does. Addie has far more 'important' things on her mind than marriage.

If they could plan the “perfect outing” together, where would they go? 

   Addie would want to go someplace glamorous, somewhere with lots of flowers. Jimmy would want whatever would make Addie happy. If Jimmy could afford it, they'd go to some fancy hotel by the lake and stroll together down by the water....but more realistically, they'd probably just go for a picnic in the meadow or something, and Addie would just imagine the rest about a lake. :-)

   "Tell me what else you'd like me to say," he said. His hands were dirty and felt rough through the light cotton bodice I wore. It felt more wonderful than anything I could have dreamed of. Suddenly I felt shivery, even though the sun was still shining valiantly as it descended in the sky and the temperature hadn't dropped.
   "Well, you could say how much you've missed me," I went on.
   "Terribly, he said, lifting one hand to tuck a stray wisp of hair behind my ear. "More than you can imagine. You could fill two grain barrels with it and still have some left over. That was poetic, wasn't it?"


  1. Ooohhhhhh Emma, those excerpts are positively enchanting and I can't wait to read more!!!!!! Your writing style is so fluid, strong and clear, and also quite lyrical!

  2. Emma,
    First off, I am SO glad you did this!

    Second, I totally understand about the "not sharing your characters thing".:)

    "Addie is dramatic and sometimes given to unnecessary panic." Hee hee! But panic can sometimes be SO MUCH FUN!

    If you wouldn't mind telling - what time period is this set in and who is that actor? Because I feel as if I have seen him before, but I can't quite remember the exact place, and it is driving me crazy. :)

    Have a beautiful evening!

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWW. They're so STINKIN' adorbs. I just love these two.

    Addy looks just like I imagined her - oh, and look, in that picture she wears her hair like I sometimes do (milk braids, that is.)
    I have to say that I pictured Jimmy with darker hair, and more like the guy in 'It's a wonderful life.'

    I want to read more of your book, by the way. But duh, you know that. :-P

    ~ Naomi, with love.

  4. Eowyn,
    The story is set in 1910. That's Tom Burlinson in The Man From Snowy River-- he's basically the closest to what Jimmy looks like that I could think of. :-)

    Characters who are given to unnecessary panic are the most fun to write, in my opinion. They're so rich in material!

    AHHHH you said 'adorbs'! It's just funny because Sadie and I have recently been joking about abbreviations people use and that was one of them. I said it and Sadie was like...!!!!!! So when you wrote it I laughed. ;-P Anyway.

    Yeah, I wrote that Jimmy has blond hair. No, he doesn't look like Jimmy Stewart. He's much younger looking.

    Be patient, dear. In time you will. :-)

    Awww, thank you for such a sweet compliment! Y'all are too kind. :-)

    Can I say how awesome it is to have you all giving such positive feedback? Sometimes that's just what a body needs to inspire them. I think I'll go write chapter nine all in one sitting. ;-P

  5. Tom Burlinson!!!!!


    I've never been into that series either, in that I don't write posts for it, but I surely do enjoy reading them from others :-) Your Addie and Jimmy sound very sweet!


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