Friday, January 9, 2015

In Which We Celebrate a Very Special Girl on her 14th Birthday....

    Today is a very special day, people! Do you know why that is?! Because today is my dear sister Sadie's 14th birthday!!!! :-)

   With only two years between us, Sadie and I have always been inseparable, the very best of friends. (Most of the time....of course I had to add that, or else I'd be hearing it from Sadie later.) There's so much we share-- so many interests, so many memories, so much laughter, not to mention many of the same fandoms. ;-) As little girls we did everything together-- and I mean, everything. We have so many stories we could tell you, but most of them are probably only amusing to us so we won't waste your time. :-)

   Sadie is one of the only people who knows just how out there I really am, which comes as a result from living together for fourteen years. (And of course, there's one other person who gets her fair share of my weirdness...poor girl.) We're really quite a hilarious pair, Sadie and I. Sometimes people think we're very odd when we randomly start conversing in movie quotes in public places. Not that we do that very often, and when we do it's probably my fault.....;-P

   Sadie and I are really very different, and as we get older, it seems we're finding out more and more who we are, and we're not the little girls anymore who were practically the same person. :-) But we'll always be the very best of friends, and I know we'll always be able to learn from each other because of our different gifts and abilities. I'm very grateful for that.

    Sadie's very talented at many baking, styling hair, playing practically any stringed instrument she can get her hands on, and being an absolutely AMAZING violinist. I'm so proud of my little sister! :-)

   Sadie and I love period dramas and classic literature. So in view of that, here is a small literary tribute to my dear sister.

   Sadie is the Jane to my Elizabeth...
 ...the Miss Emily Baldwin to my Miss Mamie...
....the Hastings to my Poirot....

 ....the Sybil to my Mary....

...the Amy to my Fanny (but only sometimes :-))...

....the Melanie to my Scarlett (again, only sometimes, haha)...

This is seriously what would happen if I tried to do Sadie's hair, and not the other way around. ;-P
....and the Meg to my Jo.

Sometimes we give each other looks like this...


....and other times we make each other feel like this...

...and other times we get giddy and giggle together hysterically at things that aren't really funny...

   ....but despite all our differences, all the petty little things about us that annoy each other, we really are a pretty epic pair, and most of the time get on quite nicely. I couldn't ask for a better sister, sidekick, partner in crime, fellow giggler-at-random-things, or friend. :-)

“For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands”  
~Christina Rosetti

Happy 14th Birthday, Sadie! I love you to the moon and back! :-)


  1. Happy birthday Sadie!!!!!! Isn't January a great day for birthdays?

    Aw, what a sweet post. Loved it a lot. I can't wait to meet Sadie Ann-spelt-without-an-E one day. IMAGINE HOW MUCH NOISE WE THREE WOULD MAKE TOGETHER. (Or no, maybe you shouldn't imagine that. HAHA.)

    Haha, poor me. Sadie and I, we bear a lot. (But Sadie even more, because I get to avoid you when I from the laptop. :-PPP)

    For a moment, in that picture where she plays the violin, I thought she'd dyed her hair blue. :-P And then I thought it was Mareid in Celtic Woman, and only THEN I realised it was Sadie with lights on her.

    Haha. You are very humble, my dear. Comparing yourself with Fanny and Scarlett. :-)

    (Couldn't you have put up a P&P95 picture instead of a P&P05 picture? For me?!!?!) (Well... I guess it's Sadie's day today. Haha.)

    Anyway, again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND'S SISTER. You seem like such a sweet, happy, genuine girl. I can't wait to meet you one day!

  2. By the way, I think Mr Hastings is wearing the same knitted vest under his jacket that Bertie Wooster wears in Jeeves and Wooster. It looks a lot like it.

    (Okay seriously. That was interesting.) :-P

  3. Happy Birthday Sadie! I've always wanted a sister (although my brother is beyond amazing and I wouldn't trade him for anything!) so you two are really blessed! :) Hope your birthday is fantastic!

  4. Awwwwwwwww! What a simply lovely birthday post to Sadie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! XD.

    I do wish I had a sister! I was going too. She would have been a year younger and named Lilian. *sighs* sorry for telling you this. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Oh and, do you watch poirot too?!??! I love it!!!! xD

  6. Dawwwwwww:D

    This post was beyond adorable.

  7. Emma Jane, you and Sadie have given me reason to hope. (Quick, what's that a reference to?) My daughters are not quite two years apart, and right now they're very good buddies, but I have seen a lot of sisters either drift apart or become enemies when they reach adolescence, and I really don't want that to happen to them. Any good advice on how to help them stay friends as they grow up?

  8. Thanks so much y'all! Sadie appreciates all your kind wishes. :-)

    Haha. I KNEW you would say something about me likening myself to Scarlett and Fanny. ;-P

    Oh, it does look like Bertie's vest! Hastings stole it!

    Weeeel, I could have used a picture from P&P 95, but I liked this picture because Jane was doing Lizzy's hair, and plus I like her Jane SO MUCH better than the old one. We're not talking about Lizzy here. ;-P

    I know, lots of close sisters grow distant as they get older....I wish I had some really good advice to give you, but I'm afraid I don't really know what to say. Sadie's and my relationship has taken lots of wear and tear over the years, and there have been *brief* times when we absolutely were NOT the best of friends. But we're sisters, and we like each other too much to give up this friendship we share. You've got to be patient, pray, and accept the other person for who they are.
    Okay....that probably wasn't helpful, but that's the best I can give you. ;-P

  9. Well, at least you're living proof that sisters don't have to wind up fighting and snarling at each other, or ignoring each other. I shall always think of you as a benefactress ;-)


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