Thursday, January 22, 2015

A bit of Fangirling

....because that's just what I do. :-) As I recently told my bestie dearest, I just love loving things. It makes life so fun and happy and good.

    I watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown the other night, which made me extremely happy for several reasons, one being that I hadn't seen a musical in far too long, and two because old musicals always make me happy. AND THIS MAN'S VOICE. Oh my Atlanta. I've never heard anything so wonderful in all my born days. I've seriously been swooning over him for three days now.

   It's too much. I'M MELTING.

  Writing is so much fun. Duh. I will never tire of giving words to all the stories locked up inside my head. But editing is another story. I have said it many times, and I'll say it again-- there is no torment equal to chucking huge parts of your novel out the window. (Well, not literally 'out the window', although I was in such a mood the other day I might have if it hadn't been for all the snow on the ground). But ah well, it's all for the greater good! So I keep telling myself....

  Right now I'm sitting smack-dab in the middle of the living room floor, listening to The Patriot soundtrack and swooning over the beauty and epicness thereof. I've been doing that a lot lately-- swooning. Not literally, of course. Just...figuratively. There are just so many wonderful things in life to swoon over, don't you find?

Why yes, I can add random pictures of the Silverado boys anytime I please. It doesn't have to relate. We were talking about swooning, after all.
  Pinterest is awesome. Some days I spend entirely too much time on there, but really, it's such a lot of fun and makes me so happy that it's usually worth it. I don't think I knew the true meaning of the word 'fandom' until I joined pinterest. I have learned so much about being a fangirl. It's really quite an interesting business.

  I found this picture of Laura Osnes on pinterest, and it immediately made me think of Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line. She looks so classy and retro-ish. I want to look just like that. AND THAT MICROPHONE. *swoons*

  I am blessed with the most wonderful bestie dearest anyone could ask for. I wish everyone in the world could have such a friend as I have. Friendship is a truly invaluable thing. God has blessed me so much, I don't know quite what to do, so I think I'll just cry and be happy. :-)

   Guess what, you guys? It's time for Emma's annual CBD haul! Which means that Emma gets a catalog in the mail, promptly goes into crazy book-love mode and indulges her passion by picking out two or three books therein to order. In this case it was four. :-) Every year I make at least one order from CBD, usually somewhere around these bleak winter months, because that's when the urge hits and that's when the Spring catalog arrives. :-) This time I ordered a bunch of Ann H. Gabhart. Anybody familiar with her books? I'm actually not, but I love the looks of her novels so I decided to go out on a limb and take a chance. We'll see how that goes....;-P

   I LOVE the postal service. Sometimes they do weird things, but when I think of how much I owe them.....GAAAHHHH. Heaps and gobs. Few things make me happier than receiving letters from my dear ocean friend. :-)

   Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Gregory Peck is? Is that okay?

   I could tell you about the movie I went to see the other night-- the one starring Tommy Lee Jones and called The Homesman-- but I'd better not, or else I might give you all nightmares and possibly ruin your lives with my expulsions of horror. All I have to say is, do not, I repeat DO NOT watch The Homesman. It will leave you feeling utterly shell-shocked and possibly disillusioned with life, and you may have difficulty getting your mouth closed.

A pretty picture of darling Lizzy to erase such unpleasant thoughts from our minds
  I am absolutely in love with The Man From Snowy River soundtrack. I was listening to it the other day while doing my schoolwork (BORING) and somehow ended up on the floor in violent raptures. It's so happy and 80's-ish. It's also pretty awesome that I can play Jessica's Theme on the piano. My family are probably all sick to death of hearing it over and over.

    Methinks that is enough randomness for now. Isn't it nice that I have a blog and can ramble on and on about all these things and expect y'all to read about them? What a nice arrangement this is. Enjoy the privilege of observing my crazy life. :-)

  Have a good day, people! Keep smiling and singing Broadway songs! :-)

  P.S. Oh yes, and this is my 200th post! Crazy, isn't it?


  1. "A pretty picture of darling Lizzy to erase such unpleasant thoughts from our minds."
    Ohmyword. That just totally made me smile because I know you did that for me. :-)
    I love the first picture! You look so grown-up and... different in it. Oh! Your camera is blue? I never knew. (There, I'm a poet and...) I suppose this means you've loaded up the pictures. :-)
    YES FANGIRLING IS FUN. I personally don't specifically love the term 'fangirl', I must admit. I personally just don't like the sound of the word because it sounds so cool and modern. Yup, I'm weird that way. I think of myself as an enthusiastic swooner. :-P
    I know. Me too. I love the postal service. I've thanked the postman more than once on my envelopes. :-D
    ~ Naomi

  2. This was delightful! :D
    *Scrolls back up for long comment*
    We have the same camera.. spoooky! :P

    *Witches voice from Wizard of Oz* "I'm MEEEEELTING MEEEEEEEELTING"..
    ahem :D

    Yes Pintrest is so much fun! oh and thanks for following! :-)

    Take a moment.. *rubs eyes* it may have been several for me :P (This gal loves GP)

    I love "Man from Snowy River" It's so Australian and and the music aaaaaah so so good! May I recommend "All The Rivers Run" It's on Youtube and it has the same lead female.. who graduated from my brothers school. (Evie's fun fact of the day).

    You can play "Jessica's theme" WOW! I'm still trying too ahha.. it's presenting a challange for me.

    *Waves* I'm off to play some broadway songs on my viola.. hmm Phantomm or Les Mis?

  3. Happy 200th post!

    You already know of my love for The Man from Snowy River :-) Did I ever tell you that all three of my children were born with that soundtrack playing in the background? Completely perfect music for all occasions. That was actually the first CD I ever bought.

  4. "Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Gregory Peck is? Is that okay?"
    HAHAHA, yup that's more than okay. He's one of my favorite old time actors. Have you seen him in Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn? I LOVE that movie...

  5. Naomi,
    Yes, I kind of did that for you. :-) But it IS a lovely picture, and Lizzy IS a darling.
    Yup, my little camera is blue. Thank you! Oh, snap! I was going to send you the pictures from the ball in my last email...but I forgot at the last minute. Rats. I will next email. :-)

    Oh yes, that sounds so much better. I shall be an enthusiastic swooner. Of course, I already kind of use the word 'swoon' very liberally... but you're right, it does sound better than fangirl.

    Haha, I know you've thanked the postman. I'm sure he appreciates it. ;-P

    Really? We have the same camera? How cool is that! :-)

    Yeah, I don't know why I didn't follow you before, but you're welcome. Y'all have great taste. ;-P

    Wait a second....Sigrid Thornton graduated from your brother's school?!?!?! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT. I know, I LOVE that movie so much. It's really growing on me. :-)

    Well, I can play an arrangement of Jessica's Theme...not the exact one on the soundtrack, sadly. I found a way to get the music for free off some weirdie website-- I felt kind of like a criminal, haha.

    Oh yes, I know allllll about your love for TMFSR. :-) That's awesome! The soundtrack is next on my (very long) list of Ones to Buy.

    Yes, I just watched Roman Holiday for the first time the other night! It was perfectly darling, and Gregory Peck....ooohhhhhhhhhh. :-) He is SUCH an awesome actor. I love him as Abraham Lincoln in The Blue and the Gray (which I will be recommending until the day I die. ;-P)

  6. Emma Jane,
    Oh yay! So glad you've seen it. I recommend it to everyone, haha.
    Except for the sad ending. I pretend to forget the ending. In my book, it ended VERY differently!
    I know, isn't he?? I've never heard of The Blue and Gray! I'll be checking my library for that!

  7. Yes indeed! :D It's SO cool!

    Aww thanks! That means a lot.

    YES SHE DID AND IM SO EXCITED.. sorry Emma.. tad fangirly.. but yes considering it's a co ed school :-O

    All Rivers Run =Superb! I must review it soon.

    Oooh sounds fun! I'm trying to do it by ear.. very hard..

    Congrats on 200 posts btw!!


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