Saturday, January 31, 2015

Society of Literary Ladies: Mary

    Here we are, back with the Literary Ladies interviews! I kind of dropped the ball on December, what with Christmas and everything, but now we're "back in business, boys and girls," as Butch Cassidy says. :-) Today it is my very great pleasure to introduce to y'all one of my dearest friends, who is also my cousin, Mary. Let's give her a hearty welcome! *applause*

   (By the way, all photos in this interview were taken by Mary, except the one from Fried Green Tomatoes and the one below, which was taken by yours truly.) ;-P

Introduce yourself! Tell us your name, your age (if you don’t mind sharing), three of your biggest passions and one thing you love about January.

       Hullo, my name is Mary Williams, and I am very happy to be interviewed by my dear cousin Emma Jane! (But that all sounds too formal, so y'all can just call me Idgie. Idgie Threadgoode (from Fried Green Tomatoes) is absolutely my favourite movie character EVER, so I've adopted her nickname)

       I am sixteen, going on seventeen years old, in June.
       Three of my biggest passions? I'll have to say photography as the first, with music and drama directly behind. I play piano, (I'm learning guitar and accordion soon) I sing, (not very well, but who cares?) and I have absolutely NO idea how to dance but I like to move about and pretend I am an accomplished dancer. (If I'm left completely alone with my imagination, it's great fun!) I suppose I must be a huge dreamer, a romanticist, and I think I have quite an avid imagination! (which I'm sure will someday get in me in a whole heap o' trouble) And of course I love reading and writing and was born into the wrong century, which is why I can be correctly interviewed at as "bluestocking"!
       I want to thank Emma so much for choosing to interview me! You ARE such a darling, and I love having you as my cousin and friend! Really, I suppose I must be the luckiest out of all your blog readers, for I get the pleasure of talking with you face-to-face! (And we'll make the best memories this summer, won't we? I'm so looking forward to it, and I thank you for being the wonderful, genuine girl that you are!)
     Well, going on about January-- I love the omnipresent beauty about January. It's the coldest of the winter months, and thus the prettiest. The sky has colours and textures and patterns that don't show themselves at any other time of the year. Where I live, the atmospheric conditions are unbeatable.

  Where is home for you? (Be as vague or specific as you like.)

         I live in the rolling hills of rural New York State. A medium-sized city is about fifteen miles away from my house, but people still say that I "live in the middle of nowhere". I am surrounded by redneck American farmers, and the rest are all Amish homesteads. The sound of the whipping wind, and the rattling clip-clop of horse-and-buggies means home to me.

  What is your current situation academically? (For example, what grade are you in, are you homeschooled, out of school, go to public school, or take lessons from an elderly spinster aunt.)

        I am in the eleventh grade. I am technically homeschooled, but I'm currently taking two classes at the local community college. English and history-- who would have guessed?

  What would you describe your writing style as?

        Relatively detailed and very blunt. I try to sound grand and flowery, but then I find that my work is unauthentic. I also like using the present tense, versus past. It makes things seem more real to me.

  Is there one author who has particularly influenced you in your writing? 

          Her name is Michelle Harrison, and she's a young British author who writes teen novels about old English manors, grumpy groundskeepers, and faeries. Sounds gross, right? But I fell in love with her books because of her writing style. It is unique, and the best writing I have encountered to date. Her content is amazing, too, despite the preconceived notions people have about all fantasy work being trash. (I tend to agree with this view, but her series is a major exception.) I have also have had some personal correspondence with her via email. I once entered a writing contest she hosted, and won the 'honorable mention' title. :)

  Favorite book series?

          As briefly described above, the Thirteen Treasures series, by Michelle Harrison.

 Favorite childhood book?

        Um, I really liked all of Bill Pete's works when I was REALLY small. Has anyone heard of him? I think he must have been a genius stuck in a man's body.
      And if you're asking about a non board-book, then it's definite the Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. I devoured those books.

  I know it can be hard sometimes for us bookish personalities to pick a favorite author, but if you had to choose just one, who would you pick?

         That IS hard. Hmmm. Well, Margaret Mitchell e is definite the most talented author I've ever read, so I'll choose her.

 What’s your favorite book that’s been made into a movie? How do you feel about the film adaptation as compared with the book?

        GONE WITH THE WIND! The film adaption swept me away! I only very recently watched it, after having read the novel through twice. It stuck to the book like glue, (for the most part. . . That statement assumes we forget all about Will, Archie, Wade, Ella, etc.) and I think it captured the spirit of the book as well as mere filming possibly could! I was very pleased with it, and I think it shall remain my favourite movie as long as I live. <3

 Who is one literary character you feel you are most like?

       Well. . . *Mary blushes to her toes* I like to compare myself to lots of fictional characters, so I hope y'all don't think me presumptuous. . . If I may list a few: Scout, from To Kill A Mockingbird -- Red (Rowan), from the Thirteen Treasures series -- Idgie Threadgoode, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe -- Elizabeth, Pride and Prejudice -- Tom, East of Eden -- child Gracie (I'm really probably more like Emma, but I relate so well to the wee young Gracie), Eve's Daughters -- and occasionally Scarlett, from GWTW -- . . . The list goes on and on, so I won't bore you. :)

Where is your favorite place to read? What about writing?

       My favourite place to read (in warmer weather, that is) is up in a huge beech tree at the edge of my woods. It's perfect for climbing, sitting, sleeping-- yes, I've fallen asleep once in its branches-- and it's the most romantic place for finishing a good novel.
     Writing is more difficult. I don't really have a good place. I think if I did, I might do it more often. (It's a lame excuse, I know. But is IS an excuse, none-the-less. . .)

Do you normally write first drafts on a computer, or do you prefer old-fashioned pen and paper?

        I tend to write quickest on a computer, and when I have crazy thoughts trying to tumble out every which way, it helps to have the speed of a keyboard versus a pen. Otherwise I get bored, my thoughts fly out and away before I can capture them, and my fingers hurt. I DO love the romantic aspect of writing the old-fashioned way, but it's simply not very practical sometimes. . .

 Be honest: what is your handwriting like?

        My hand writing not very neat or refined-- instead it's floppy, smeared, and even rather unreadable at times! I've always been irrationally embarrassed about it, but recently a good friend told me that it is 'unique'. That statement actually meant a lot to me.


  How long does it generally take you to read a good book? (Of course I know it depends on just HOW good it is, but in general.)

        Oh, I read too fast! It is one of the saddest feelings to fly through a novel and think back, "Why on earth couldn't I have made that last longer?" Then I'll usually re-read the book and take a good long time doing so. The better the novel, the faster I go. If the novel is too heavy, though, I have been known to neglect my reading for days at a time. *gasp*

  What’s your record time for finishing a book?

        Once I read through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (780 pages) in forty-eight hours.

  Name five of the best books you’ve ever read that you recommend to other fellow bluestockings.

        Eve's Daughters, Fire By Night, Wonderland Creek-- (oh whatever! Just go read everything she's ever written for pete's sake!) by Lynn Austin
       GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell
       To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
       The Thirteen Treasures series by Michelle Harrison
       East of Eden by John Steinbeck

  Tell about the things you think are most important in a good novel.

         Characters that are 'real'. (As in, 'real' from the velveteen rabbit) They have to be able to sustain themselves, and not rely on the plot alone to make a good novel, you know? They should still be memorable to you long after you close the book.
         Also, good chronology with order of events. (You hardly ever notice this important aspect of writing until you read a book without it!) And shockingly dramatic plot-twists always make a novel worth smiling about. : )

  About what age did you start writing stories? Do you still have your early works?

         Hehe, I wrote "The Amazing Creature" (a story about a white, mythical beast that could take any form) when I was six. I do believe my mum still has it.

Are you currently working on a novel/story/project?

        Hmmm, funny you should ask. No, I'm not really writing anything formally at the moment. When the urge hits hard, I write whatever comes to mind just then. (Mostly scenes of passionate romance) ; ) Lately, I have been writing regularly in a journal, of sorts. It's little snippets of things that actually happen to me, and surprisingly, it's much easier to write than any of my fiction work. And there's no pressure involved to get anything perfect, because no one would ever read it. Funny how that works, innit?


   Thanks Mary! :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A bit of Fangirling

....because that's just what I do. :-) As I recently told my bestie dearest, I just love loving things. It makes life so fun and happy and good.

    I watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown the other night, which made me extremely happy for several reasons, one being that I hadn't seen a musical in far too long, and two because old musicals always make me happy. AND THIS MAN'S VOICE. Oh my Atlanta. I've never heard anything so wonderful in all my born days. I've seriously been swooning over him for three days now.

   It's too much. I'M MELTING.

  Writing is so much fun. Duh. I will never tire of giving words to all the stories locked up inside my head. But editing is another story. I have said it many times, and I'll say it again-- there is no torment equal to chucking huge parts of your novel out the window. (Well, not literally 'out the window', although I was in such a mood the other day I might have if it hadn't been for all the snow on the ground). But ah well, it's all for the greater good! So I keep telling myself....

  Right now I'm sitting smack-dab in the middle of the living room floor, listening to The Patriot soundtrack and swooning over the beauty and epicness thereof. I've been doing that a lot lately-- swooning. Not literally, of course. Just...figuratively. There are just so many wonderful things in life to swoon over, don't you find?

Why yes, I can add random pictures of the Silverado boys anytime I please. It doesn't have to relate. We were talking about swooning, after all.
  Pinterest is awesome. Some days I spend entirely too much time on there, but really, it's such a lot of fun and makes me so happy that it's usually worth it. I don't think I knew the true meaning of the word 'fandom' until I joined pinterest. I have learned so much about being a fangirl. It's really quite an interesting business.

  I found this picture of Laura Osnes on pinterest, and it immediately made me think of Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line. She looks so classy and retro-ish. I want to look just like that. AND THAT MICROPHONE. *swoons*

  I am blessed with the most wonderful bestie dearest anyone could ask for. I wish everyone in the world could have such a friend as I have. Friendship is a truly invaluable thing. God has blessed me so much, I don't know quite what to do, so I think I'll just cry and be happy. :-)

   Guess what, you guys? It's time for Emma's annual CBD haul! Which means that Emma gets a catalog in the mail, promptly goes into crazy book-love mode and indulges her passion by picking out two or three books therein to order. In this case it was four. :-) Every year I make at least one order from CBD, usually somewhere around these bleak winter months, because that's when the urge hits and that's when the Spring catalog arrives. :-) This time I ordered a bunch of Ann H. Gabhart. Anybody familiar with her books? I'm actually not, but I love the looks of her novels so I decided to go out on a limb and take a chance. We'll see how that goes....;-P

   I LOVE the postal service. Sometimes they do weird things, but when I think of how much I owe them.....GAAAHHHH. Heaps and gobs. Few things make me happier than receiving letters from my dear ocean friend. :-)

   Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Gregory Peck is? Is that okay?

   I could tell you about the movie I went to see the other night-- the one starring Tommy Lee Jones and called The Homesman-- but I'd better not, or else I might give you all nightmares and possibly ruin your lives with my expulsions of horror. All I have to say is, do not, I repeat DO NOT watch The Homesman. It will leave you feeling utterly shell-shocked and possibly disillusioned with life, and you may have difficulty getting your mouth closed.

A pretty picture of darling Lizzy to erase such unpleasant thoughts from our minds
  I am absolutely in love with The Man From Snowy River soundtrack. I was listening to it the other day while doing my schoolwork (BORING) and somehow ended up on the floor in violent raptures. It's so happy and 80's-ish. It's also pretty awesome that I can play Jessica's Theme on the piano. My family are probably all sick to death of hearing it over and over.

    Methinks that is enough randomness for now. Isn't it nice that I have a blog and can ramble on and on about all these things and expect y'all to read about them? What a nice arrangement this is. Enjoy the privilege of observing my crazy life. :-)

  Have a good day, people! Keep smiling and singing Broadway songs! :-)

  P.S. Oh yes, and this is my 200th post! Crazy, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Very Best of Birthdays to the Very Best of Friends

    Today, my friends, is the birthday of a very special girl. Today my bestie dearest, kindred soul and bosom friend Naomi is sixteen years old! *virtual confetti* Happy birthday, Naomi!

  The friendship Naomi and I share has come up many times here on my blog, so I imagine you're all familiar with her to some extent. Most of you have probably visited her blog Wonderland Creek. Some of you know her very well. Well, friends, I want to tell you the story of how I came to know this girl, and how we came to be such dear friends. So pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and I'll tell you. :-)

~How it all Began~

   It was the winter of 2014. I was fourteen, a happy little blogger just going along my merry way of my happy little life, when one day a girl named Naomi left a comment on one of my posts. I didn't think much of it, merely thanked her and thought, oh, there's a nice girl. Then Naomi commented again, and again, and I realized, hey, this person is actually interested in my writing! How splendid! But for a long time, Naomi was still a mystery to me. Gradually I began to learn things about her-- she liked Pride and Prejudice (the 95 version of course, not the 2005 rot), she spelled favorite with a 'U', and she loved English Country dancing. Then came the discovery that Lynn Austin was her favorite author, AND she watched Downton Abbey, and I thought, alright. Who IS this girl?!?

  Then, in March, I hosted an event here. A Period Drama Fashion Week. (Y'all remember that. This is just a very important part of the story.) Naomi gushed incorrigibly in the comments-- being the fan of period fashion that she is-- and I invited her to guest post for the event. That was how the emails started. She emailed me, at my suggestion, I emailed back....and we've never stopped since. :-)

    Sometimes, a friendship takes years and years and eons to develop. Sometimes it comes from two people who've been around each other for a long time, but never really knew the other person. Or, it can happen like a bolt of lightning-- almost all at once, before you even know what's happening. That's the way it was with Naomi and I. We clicked immediately. When we began writing to each other, we discovered just how much we have in common, which is really a startling lot. We're both writers. We're both crazy fangirls. (The question of which of us is the crazier is open to debate.)We both have lots of ambitions, huge dreams, things we want to accomplish. We're both remarkably silly girls. The more we emailed, the more we liked each other, the more we wanted to know about each other. And then suddenly, it happened: we had become bosom friends.

   Naomi is a gem, people. And I'm not just saying that because she's my best friend, although that does automatically make her an awesome person. She really is one amazing girl. She's kind, enthusiastic, passionate, and talking to her is never dull. Naomi is anything but dull. :-) She's also an amazingly talented writer, and the best critic I could ask for to read what I write. She's a wealth of information-- if there's anything I don't know about literature, period dramas, anything like that, chances are Naomi does. Between the two of us, we pretty much cover most things.

   Naomi is also a good listener. By that, I mean she is very patient with me and puts up with my rambling on and on about westerns and other things she doesn't particularly care about. She's an awfully good sport, that girl. :-) As much as we DO have in common, Naomi and I don't agree on everything-- such as P&P, the Waltons, Les Mis. We're actually very different in some ways. But that's what makes friendship so beautiful: people who are different finding joy in one another through the ways that they are the same, as well as the ways they can learn from each other. And oh, how much I've learned from Naomi in this last year. I've never had such a good friend, and I've never known anyone quite like her. (Because, duh, there IS no one like my dear Alice.) She's inspired me so many times, made me laugh so much, given me so much to be happy about. I'm eternally grateful to God for giving me the blessing of such a wonderful friend.

  Some people think it's strange that I can have a best friend whom I've never met in person. They say, "Well, if she lives in Belgium, and you've never actually met her, how can she be your best friend?" I know it might sound far-out, getting to know someone so well over something as wild as the world-wide web, but hey-- miracles happen. They happen more often than people realize. No, I haven't met my best friend in real life. Yes, she lives miles and miles and an ocean away from me. And yet, I'm closer to her than just about anyone else. Writing to a person can bring you even closer than talking to that person face-to-face, I think, and I've found it to be true. Through our emails and our letters, I've really gotten to know who Naomi is, and she knows who I am. And that is how we became the bosom friends we are now.

   Of course, we have dreams of meeting each other one day. It WILL happen, we believe. It may even happen much sooner than we think (isn't that a delightfully giddy notion!) When the Lord wants us to meet each other, He'll make it possible. So we wait. And dream. And giggle. And talk about all the awesome things we'll do and how much noise we're going to make and how much of a mess we're going to make on Naomi's bedroom floor making, I made that part up. ;-P

    Seriously, my life has been made so much brighter, so much more interesting, and incredibly blessed since I've known Naomi. She's a truly wonderful girl, and the dearest friend anyone could ask for. I know everyone says that about their best friend, and I suppose it's true in everyone's case, but seriously guys-- I have the best friend ever. :-)

I've heard it said, that people come into our lives for a reason
And we are led to those who help us most to grow
If we let them, and we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today because I knew you....
So much of me is made from what I've learned from you,
You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart...
And now whatever way our stories end,
I know you have re-written mine by being my friend.

   Happy birthday, Naomi!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Friends, writers, countrymen, lend me your ears..."

     ....Hello there! Good golly, this is my third post three days in a row. What madness! Anyway, I've just popped in to tell y'all a bit of news: my friend Heidi Peterson has recently started a new writing blog! You can find it HERE. In honor of her new blog, Heidi is hosting a swell giveaway of two of her books! Heidi is a great writer and I'm excited at the chance to win some of her work. Do head on over there and check it out! :-)

A random lovely, I've been hanging around Naomi's blog too much. ;-P

  That's all I wanted to say! Now I'm off to do important literary and domestic things....;-P

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"The act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world."

   I recently realized, I really don't talk about writing much here on my blog. You may say Ha! What are you talking about? You're always talking about writing! Well, compared to the amount of time I spend thinking about writing, and actually doing it, I don't share much about it on my blog. I was thinking recently, I would like to change that. I generally like to keep my writing very private-- no one but my best friend  has ever read any of my novel, and I don't even talk about it much to my family-- but recently I've felt the need to just get out some of this unbearable passion and excitement that's building up within me. It can become quite too much for one person after awhile, as any writer knows. :-) As I've been reading friends' writing blogs, I've realized I really should express my writing more through my own little corner of the web here. So I guess you could say I've been inspired. Unbelievable, isn't it. ;-P

   I've been writing more in the last year than ever before in my life, and even more since the new year started. I feel more inspired and more determined than ever before. As you might know, I'm currently working on my first novel-- my first REAL novel. It's a project I started last June, and worked on steadily throughout the summer. But then, around November, I started feeling uninspired, and I lost my motivation. I let it rest for about a month, before I realized that the problem was I was going about it all wrong. The story had turned from its original planned direction, the characters' motives were all wrong, everything was just wrong. That was the reason I was getting so bored with it. 

 So. I did the only thing I could do. I changed everything. Which, in this case, meant starting over at the beginning, re-writing the first chapters I had written, rearranging paragraphs, and cutting out huge parts. People, you do not know pain until you have to cut out huge chunks of your novel, especially when you recall how much time and effort you used up in writing it. There were times when I felt like, okay, just kill me now please. But like I said, it was absolutely, totally necessary. It had to be done. And you'll never guess what.

 It was all worth it.

  I'm now about 60-something pages into the revised version of my novel, and I couldn't be happier with it. I was afraid of making changes, afraid of what would happen, but when I actually bit the bullet and did what deep down I knew I HAD to, things started coming together so fast it made my head spin. 

The famous American actress Lily Elsie-- she's kind of my model for Addie

  The main thing I had to change was my main character, Addie. At the very beginning, I'd started out with a very definite idea of her and her personality, her dreams and her motives. It went along fine for a while, but then she started to change into someone I didn't want her to be. Her character was weak. My writing was weak. I finally realized I was making Addie too much like myself. Addie's not like me. She's Adelaide Jane Taylor, a starry-eyed girl with a dream and a desire to destine her own future, to be the mistress of herself and have the wealth and privilege she's always wanted. That's not me. Before, Addie was just too nice. People who are just nice are boring. I want Addie to be captivating, infuriating, memorable, strong, immortal. And it took awhile for me to understand her-- my own character I had created-- but now I do.

   My writing journey of the last month has been amazing. I've started keeping a sort of writing journal, where I write down the things I want to express in my stories, all the things I'm concerned about, all the things that need to happen, and it's helped me more than I'd have ever imagined. Because sometimes I just get so full of everything and it's unbearable for me to keep it inside, so I more or less have to get it out in some form or another.

   I write because I love to, but also because I have to. Sure, I could go for a while without writing, but if I neglected it altogether for too long I might just go mad.  Passion is unbearable sometimes! That's the thing about having such powerful emotions; you can't always keep it locked up inside. Sometimes you just have to let it out, or else you'd explode. That, my friends, is why I write. That, and because I love it and I know it's what God wants for me. I've never been good at expressing my feelings or thoughts vocally. I can't think that fast and my tongue trips over the words and it hardly ever comes out as I want it to. But writing is different, because somehow, strangely, when I have a pen in my hand the words just flow out of my like water from a spring. Suddenly I know exactly what I have to say. I can't understand it, but there are just some things I'm not meant to understand and I think this is one of them. Sometimes I think the Lord likes to keep me guessing, just so I don't get bored or lose interest in what it is I'm really meant to be doing. Just imagine how boring life would be if I knew everything; there would be nothing left to learn, never any new ideas to explore, no exciting bursts of new inspiration. Boring! Nope. Never doubt for a moment that God knows what he's doing.

  I'll never be a natural speaker-- so be it. I don't even want to be anyway, because then I wouldn't be me. But I am a born writer, and I'm good at it and getting better. I can feel it, when I write; a satisfaction, a fullness, a resonance of pleasant contentedness, while feeling forever discontent because there will always be more stories to write. :-)

   So that's just some of what I've been feeling lately as far as my writing. I'm so excited, impatient, hopeful, and I have a new determination to do this thing. It's giving me goosebumps as we speak (wait, maybe that's just because I'm in the basement and it's cold down, couldn't be). It's so nice to have a place like this where I can share my crazy, scattered thoughts, and I know there's people out there who actually care enough to read it. Congratulations if you got through all that! Now go back and count how many times I used the word 'writing'....just kidding. ;-P

Friday, January 9, 2015

In Which We Celebrate a Very Special Girl on her 14th Birthday....

    Today is a very special day, people! Do you know why that is?! Because today is my dear sister Sadie's 14th birthday!!!! :-)

   With only two years between us, Sadie and I have always been inseparable, the very best of friends. (Most of the time....of course I had to add that, or else I'd be hearing it from Sadie later.) There's so much we share-- so many interests, so many memories, so much laughter, not to mention many of the same fandoms. ;-) As little girls we did everything together-- and I mean, everything. We have so many stories we could tell you, but most of them are probably only amusing to us so we won't waste your time. :-)

   Sadie is one of the only people who knows just how out there I really am, which comes as a result from living together for fourteen years. (And of course, there's one other person who gets her fair share of my weirdness...poor girl.) We're really quite a hilarious pair, Sadie and I. Sometimes people think we're very odd when we randomly start conversing in movie quotes in public places. Not that we do that very often, and when we do it's probably my fault.....;-P

   Sadie and I are really very different, and as we get older, it seems we're finding out more and more who we are, and we're not the little girls anymore who were practically the same person. :-) But we'll always be the very best of friends, and I know we'll always be able to learn from each other because of our different gifts and abilities. I'm very grateful for that.

    Sadie's very talented at many baking, styling hair, playing practically any stringed instrument she can get her hands on, and being an absolutely AMAZING violinist. I'm so proud of my little sister! :-)

   Sadie and I love period dramas and classic literature. So in view of that, here is a small literary tribute to my dear sister.

   Sadie is the Jane to my Elizabeth...
 ...the Miss Emily Baldwin to my Miss Mamie...
....the Hastings to my Poirot....

 ....the Sybil to my Mary....

...the Amy to my Fanny (but only sometimes :-))...

....the Melanie to my Scarlett (again, only sometimes, haha)...

This is seriously what would happen if I tried to do Sadie's hair, and not the other way around. ;-P
....and the Meg to my Jo.

Sometimes we give each other looks like this...


....and other times we make each other feel like this...

...and other times we get giddy and giggle together hysterically at things that aren't really funny...

   ....but despite all our differences, all the petty little things about us that annoy each other, we really are a pretty epic pair, and most of the time get on quite nicely. I couldn't ask for a better sister, sidekick, partner in crime, fellow giggler-at-random-things, or friend. :-)

“For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands”  
~Christina Rosetti

Happy 14th Birthday, Sadie! I love you to the moon and back! :-)

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