Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Ramblings

   Well hi there! It's me again! (Of course, you say. Who else would it be?) You probably didn't think I'd be back before Christmas, did you? Well, neither did I, but here I am! I'm tucked away in my little house on this cold winter afternoon, reveling in my own nonsensical thoughts and the exciting reality that CHRISTMAS IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY PEOPLE. Eeeeee!!!!! You probably couldn't tell I'm excited, could you? Well, I am. Yes, ma'am. Despite the fact that there is practically no snow on the ground (but there's a forecast of an absolute blizzard on Christmas day! I'm counting on it! ;-)) I'm feeling very happy and full today-- here in my little warm house with my little family, and all the other lovely little things that make up this quirky little life I call my own. :-)

 So! You're probably wondering where this is leading. The answer, truthfully, is nowhere! :-) I'm just in a very creative, silly, random mood, so here are some nonsensical holiday blatherings for you all to either completely ignore or read at your leisure. ;-P Heehee.

  We finally got our Christmas tree decorated! Here it is in all its glory. It actually took about three evenings to get it completely decorated because one or the other of us always had somewhere we had to go, because we're that pathetically busy. Plus we had to wait for the popcorn to get finished, which you know if you've ever strung popcorn, is an extremely tedious business. Guess who strung all the popcorn on this baby. ;-P

   Another view of the tree. It's very skinny and tall, but I think it has character, don't you? Unfortunately the poor angel on the top looks about ready to topple, though.

  Sadie got our printer to work the other day, and this is what we did. :-) We've had the printer for several months, but we just recently got ink for it and Sadie, being the brilliant young whippersnapper she is, got it all fired up for us. I went a bit nuts at with the wonderment of being able to print full-color pictures, as you can see. My fangirly side got a little carried away, but JUST LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES. And I may or may not have used up the vast majority of our ink on Matthew's black coat, heehee. I'm sitting on Sadie's bed right now, admiring them on the wall. Richard Armitage is staring meaningfully back at me. Oooooohhhh.

  This right here is the most infuriating and equally adorable cat in the entire universe. I could tell you all the impishly adorable and hilariously devious things Oliver has done in the recent past, but that would probably bore you, so I'll just say, here he is. Isn't he adorable?

   I watched Somewhere in Time again over the past two nights.....LOVE that movie. I told Mama I needed to watch it for research for my novel...haha. Not quite true, but it was inspiration. Truthfully, I was just feeling dreamy and romantic, and what's more dreamy and romantic than Somewhere in Time?! It was beautiful, of course, but the thing is, no matter how many times you watch it, it always ends the same way.....

One of my favorite ornaments on our tree. :-)
     I'm so excited that Christmas Eve is tomorrow! :-) Over on her blog, my bestie Naomi made a list of things she loves about Christmas, and I thought it was such a sweet idea that I'm going to copy her and do the same thing. ;-P So here are some of the things I love about Christmas...

~ the Joy
~ having the Christmas Tree in the house :-)
~ Snow (it'll come!)
~ the Presents (hey, I'm being honest)
~ getting together with Family
~ Christmas Movies
~ the Excitement
~ giving your sisters their Gifts ;-P
~ Christmas stories
~ THE Christmas Story
~ getting Exciting Things in the Mail
~ Christmas Decorations
~ Christmas Music
~ the Laughter (with my family, there's always laughter :-))
~ Christmas Traditions
~ waking up early to the sound of the Charlie Brown Christmas Album
~ being able to Squeal like a Little Girl ;-P
~ God's indescribable Gift to Us. I was reading my Bible this morning and came across a verse that said "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift to us." It wasn't referring to the gift of Jesus, but I loved it and it made me think again of the awesomeness of God's sacrifice. :-)

   That about does it! I'd better scurry-- there is still much to do before Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful, magical, joy-filled holiday. :-)



  1. Happy Christmas Eve, dearest!

    I love your Christmas tree... hanging strands of popcorn on it is so American. I have never ever seen a single tree with popcorn on it where I live -- of course, I've heard of it, from books and all that. We Brits and Belgs don't do that. I know, we might be boring.

    Oh! I LOVE the things you printed out. That sounds like something I've done loads of times before... haha.

    Oliver looks so cosy and comfy and lazy in that picture. He's eyes are like, 'Life's so boring. Why is everyone so excited?'

    I want to see Somewhere In Time SO BADly.

    You know, we have the same Christmas lights you have on your Christmas tree. Well, Hannah has those in her bedroom. :-)

    I like your list, dear. Of course we like presents. I know I always will. Heehee, it tickled me that you wrote 'hey, I'm being honest', and I wrote 'hey, I'm still young.' I know you don't consider yourself 'young.' :-P
    Oh, I hope you've received my package! I'm SO worried that it won't arrive on time.

    "I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful, magical, joy-filled holiday."
    Mmm! All those adjectives! That's Naomi-approved. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  2. Merry Christmas Emma!

  3. Your new blog look is too adorable for me to bear. Fantastic job, dearest. That header picture... so sweet. :-)


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