Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today I Am.....{3}

    It's a cozy, snowy, quiet Saturday (well, quiet except for the soundtrack of The Scarlet Pimpernel musical), and I'm sitting here at my desk looking at the beautiful snowy wonderland outside. Yes. It's snowing. :-) So here I am to tell you all a little about my life in the past week or so.

    Besides Les Miserables, lots of musical soundtracks. I've just recently discovered the musical version of Bonnie and Clyde, and I'm a little obsessed at the moment. :-) I don't know much about the musical, and it's a little naughty but there are some really great songs, and Laura Osnes is Amazing with a capital A. I've been singing this song for days:
    I'm also really into The Scarlet Pimpernel musical right now. There are so many beautiful songs! Oh my goodness! Sure, it might not be as epic as the 1982 movie (well, duh), but it's purty awesome. I'm really loving Douglass Sills voice.

  I'm halfway through Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek (for the third never gets old, I tell you. :-)) I spent about an hour at the library the other day-- bliss, people-- and came home with a bunch of books that I'm really excited to read. One of them is Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow, a story about a young girl in South Carolina during the American Revolution who works as a spy for Francis Marion. Francs Marion was also in my beloved Dawn's Early Light, so I'm excited to read another book about him. :-)
  Another book I got is called Paint the Wind by Cathy Cash Spellman-- it's a post-Civil War saga about the west. Yeah, people. Right down my canyon. ;-P

   Ummm.......not much. Heh. Blame it on Les Mis. :-) I'm still working on my novel, but it's going very slowly, and some days I don't get to write at all. (Which is no one's fault but my own-- I just don't make time sometimes.) Hopefully after Les Mis is over I will get right back into the groove of it and get more inspiration. I'm on the right track, but it's just....slow.

     Les Miserables. Live. Over and over again. :-) Besides that, not much, although we did recently watch the old musical Calamity Jane. It was cute, but not my favorite. Howard Keel's voice can make me swoon, though.

   Playing Eponine in Les Miserables, good friends, books written in the 40s and 50s (they're sometimes the best), the snow outside, my ridiculous cat Oliver. Yesterday I was lying on my des (don't laugh, Naomi) reading a book, and Oliver just jumps right up and settles down right on top of me. Then he had to get off eventually because I was laughing so hard. It was quite a picture, I tell you.
     Rather tired, but still VERY excited about the rest of the Les Mis performances. We have six more, through this weekend and next weekend.
     I also feel very blessed and flattered by all the praise I've gotten for playing Eponine. It's such a good feeling to know that I've done well, and it feels so nice when people are so kind and complimentary. I'm just so overwhelmed. :-)

    The show tonight! Wo-hoo! :-) And Thanksgiving! We're going to my aunt and uncle's house, as always, with my grandparents and cousins. Thanksgiving is such a fun time-- it's so wonderful to spend the whole day with my family, who are my favorite people in the whole world. This year my contribution to the food will be popcorn and peanut butter cookies-- the two things I can make. Haha.

    Well, Les Miserables, but that goes without saying at this point. ;-P I've been singing the songs from Bonnie and Clyde and The Scarlet Pimpernel, as well as Calamity Jane and High Society. So mostly show tunes.

{Laughing at}
    My sister Sadie....the other night we were both in her bed re-enacting the Barbie movie Rapunzel, with all the different voices, which was the most hilarious thing ever. Sadie never fails to make me laugh, whether we're singing Fantine's Death while I'm gargling, or playing old colonial songs on the piano and singing in high-pitched voices, or just being silly together. Also my bestie, who is another person who can always make me laugh. And all the Les Mis funnies on Pinterest. It's ridiculous how much of a kick I get out of some of these.
 Read that. It's precious. :-)

   Life has been just a leeetle crazy lately, with all the shows, and a topsy-turvy sleeping schedule (coughcoughcough....*ahem*) and trying to do everything else that I normally do, which is not really working. I am so grateful for my family, who really are the ones who keep me sane. And good books that are like old friends, being such a comfort when things are stressful. And all of you, my readers! You're all such dears, and I'm so happy to have run into some of you through this journey of blogging. I hope you're all having a wonderful week! Farewell for now!

P.S. I'm working on ideas for a new blog look for winter....coming soon! :-)

What have you been up to lately?
Is it snowing where you live?


  1. You have snow!!! I'm so jealous!! It's a high of 77 here today...

    I started Celia Garth and didn't finish, but I'm planning on reading it again. It is soooo good! And Francis Marion is one of my favorite Revolutionary War heroes!!

    Peanut butter cookies!! Yum!!

    The only thing it's snowing here is cotton :P
    Good luck on the rest of your performances!!

  2. Okay this is going to be a long comment because I have lots of time right now.

    Okay, I still have 300 words to go, but that'll be done in a jiffy afterwards. Besides, it's Sunday tomorrow so I can stay up writing till late, right?

    That 'dying ain't so bad' song. I started listening it. For several seconds. Aaaand I turned it off. Just too sad, dear, just too sad. Do you ever listen to happy music, bestie? :-P
    But yes, Laura's voice is lovely. Although a little too pop-songy for my taste. No, you may not hate me. Sorry, dear. Just imagine me grinning while writing this and you'll take it better.

    Oh yes, you told me your were reading dear ol' Wonderland Creek again. I should do it soon. It would be pulchritudinous to do so. :-)
    (Our word. Right?)

    Writers are allowed to be slow now and then, dear. You shouldn't feel bad about it. It's normal.

    Haha. Emma, I cordially spank you. No, that was not a typo. I didn't mean to write Thank - I wanted to write Spank. Stop sitting on your desk, girl! Where are your manners, Epo?

    Okay, that did make me laugh. (By the way, you wrote desk without a K. But don't edit it - posts with typos have charm. I think.)

    Ah. There's a picture of my own dear Eponine. You go girl. You have such a talent. You just ARE Eponine. And I love your dirty face... (I told you that before, I know.)

    OH! POPCORN. Have fun. (And send me some:)

    Aww, shucks dear. I'm glad I make you laugh. You make me laugh too, but you knew that. :-)
    You heard that I laughed.
    "Oh really - you HEARD me?"

    And now. You're two end-of-post questions. For once I'll actually answer those.

    What have you been up to lately?
    YOU know. Writing. Blahdeblah.

    Is it snowing where you live?
    YOU know. It's no. And please excuse me when I go off to cry 'bout that.

    Okay! Swellagus, spinky post and I must be off to write my last 300 words. And then edit AoGG.

    ~ Naomi

  3. Ashley,
    YES WE HAVE SNOW!!!! I am so happy! :-)
    I know, Francis Marion is just the greatest. I love how the British referred to him as the 'swamp fox'. ;-P I haven't started the book yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Naomi dahling,
    Do I ever listen to happy music? Hmmm...*thinks hard* ....

    Uh, nope.

    Kidding. ;-P

    Yes, of course I do. I'm just drawn to sad songs for some reason, I guess. Yeah, Laura Osnes' voice is a little pop-singer-ish, especially in that musical, but I think it's very beautiful.

    Haha, I'm sitting on my desk right now. :-)

    Good for you for keeping up with your writing! And I hope it snows there soon, for your sake. Thank you for the lovely long comment! :-)


  4. Thanks for hoping that it will snow here, for me. It never helps (hoping), but it makes one feel good, anyway.

    (can you tell I'm in a teasing kind of mood?) :-)


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