Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Day More!

"Tomorrow we'll be far away,
 tomorrow is the judgment day,
Tomorrow we'll discover
what our God in heaven has in store....
One more dawn,
One more day,
One Day more!"

     Well, this is it, my friends. Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store. Because.....


    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this, I can't even tell you, but I'm guessing the abundance of exclamation points will probably get the message across. :-) It seems like everything for the past two months has been leading up to this, and now it's almost here!!!! Actually, we have a show tonight, but it doesn't open for 'real' until tomorrow, hence the 'one day more'.

    Sometimes, I still can hardly believe this is actually happening. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming-- I'M IN LES MISERABLES. I'm Eponine. GUYS THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!

    Being in a show of this magnitude hasn't been all fun and happy all the time-- it's work. I may not have fully realized that before, but I do now. Acting is hard. Rehearsals take a lot out of a person (especially at 11:00 PM), and sometimes it's hard to think of anything beyond the show. But I just know that it'll all be worth it when the curtain comes up tomorrow night. :-)

I LOVE this quote. *sigh* Yet another reason why I need to just sit down and read the brick.
    Really, I absolutely love playing Eponine. Back when I auditioned, I had it in my head that I wanted to play Fantine. Fantine was my favorite character, I Dreamed a Dream was my favorite song, and I was bound and determined to play Fantine or die. (That is, play Fantine and die.) But now, there's nobody I'd rather be than Eponine. Besides, I'm far to young to play Fantine anyway. As I told a dear friend, Eponine is totally the best role-- I get to sing a solo, dress up as a boy, die tragically, and then come back. I am so blessed and so excited that I get to do this!!!!


   Really, I can't calm down. ;-P

   Well, that's it for now folks! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up in the next few weeks, and possibly even some videos- we'll see. *wink* Until then, farewell!


  1. ... and, as *I* told a dear friend, I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel horrible that I'll be sleeping when your grand moment comes... I wish I could be at least awake and pray for you. :-)

    YOU'LL BE EPIC, my dearest friend. You'll be epic.

    A writer, a dancer, a singer and now an actor. Goodness, I really have the best friend ever. Love you, darling. :-)

  2. Yay!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! So exciting!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Good luck! Have fun! that's such a dream-role! You'll do amazingly, i'm so excited for you! Make sure somebody gets pictures. :D



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