Monday, October 27, 2014

"The time is near...."

   That's right, folks! Les Miserables opens in one week from Friday! (HOW CAN THIS BE.) Of course I am SUPER excited about it all, but as it's getting closer I am definitely starting to feel the pressure of being in such a huge production. Because it's Les Mis, people. HUGE.

  Anyway, today I am going to share some pictures that were taken at rehearsal a few weeks ago. These are just from Act I, and the people who were taking them are in the show so there couldn't be pictures of every scene, but these are the only ones I have so far and I thought you'd all like to see them. :-)

   This is our Valjean. He's really amazing.
Valjean and the Bishop
Fantine, singing I Dreamed a Dream
"You let your foreman seeennnnnnd me away! Yes, you were there, and turned aside!"
"Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading..."

I LOVE this part. It's actually really romantic, because Valjean and Fantine are married. :-)
Valjean and Javert
Javert singing Stars.
He's also really amazing. We just have a really great cast, that's what.
Thenardier, marveling about how all the bits and pieces increase. ;-P

"This weighs a ton!"

Thenardier with little Cosette. Madam Thenardier was absent from this rehearsal.

There's me! :-) Marius and Eponine in The Beggars-- and by the way, those aren't his lines, what you see there is the early stages of a prop. ;-P

"Eponine, do this for me, discover where she lives..."

"Eponine, you're the friend who has brought me here,
Thanks to you I am one with the gods and heaven is near!"

Attack on the Rue Plumet

Eponine standing alone in the shadows, while Marius and Cosette sing A Hear Full of Love.

     Those are all the pictures I have right now, but hopefully there will be more, from Act 2 and with costumes. Yikes, I can hardly believe the show is almost here! It seems like only a few days ago I found out I was cast! Being in a show like this is like nothing I've ever done before, and it hasn't been quite as I'd expected-- that is, it's more challenging than I might have thought. Acting takes some getting used to, especially for someone like me who normally just sings. But, with practice, and thanks to some other members of the cast who've taken the trouble to give me some advice, I'm getting more used to it and more confident of myself. Seriously, this show is going to be amazing. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this! :-)

  That's all for now, folks! If you think of it, I would really appreciate your prayers in the next few weeks! 



    You look so professional and lovely - You just ARE Eponine. I hope sorely that they'll record it all and put it on Youtube. GOOD LUCK! I'll be praying for you. DON'T BE NERVOUS. I'll send you a long letter if you do well. Just think of that. :-P

    Ask Mr.S :-)

  2. This is just SO amazing!!!!! I hope everything goes well with the show! It's looking fabulous! Les Mis is one of my fav musicals, hope it all comes together to be a rousing success. :D

  3. Hello Emma, I'm not sure that I've ever commented on your blog before, but I just wanted to tell you to break a leg in Les Mis! Obviously I've never heard you sing before, but you seem really passionate about it, so I'm sure you'll be good! :)

  4. This looks an absolutely thrilling thing to be part of. :D
    There's a production of Les Mis going on at my school at the moment, but I'm not a good enough singer to be in the choir, even. I envy you greatly. (And of course if I were anyone I would like to be Eponine most of all, her being my favourite heroine. Since I'm a girl I couldn't play most of my favourite parts. Heehee.)
    I think your Valjean looks quite like Alfie Boe, haha. That's a good thing because it means he looks very Valjean-ish. :P
    And everybody looks extremely good. Woah.
    I’ve only just followed and commented on your blog, but I will remember your cast in my prayers. ;)

  5. Congratulations, Emma!!! Wow, what a TREMENDOUS happening!! I'll be thinking about/praying for you -- that all goes most marvelously well....

    And eagerly awaiting further pictures!! :)

  6. WOW!!! This is absolutely spectacular, your cast looks AMAZING.
    And you as Eponine-wow. So perfect!!
    I hope you're able to upload videos! I'd love to hear you sing!
    Good luck on your show!! And congratulations again!! :)

  7. Wow, congrats! Looks like you're havin' a ball!

  8. Dear lovely readers: Thank you all so much!

    Naomi: Haha, I laughed when I read what you wrote, "just think of that", because that's actually a line from Les Mis. Bet you didn't know that. ;-P

    Sophie: I know how you feel-- the guys' parts are all the best. I would love to play Enjolras (he's my favorite character) but...y'know. ;-P I am so thrilled ad blessed to be playing Eponine!

    You're right, our Valjean does look a little like Alfie Boe! Which is a very good thing. Oh yes.

    And everybody, I'm pretty sure I will eventually be able to upload some videos of the performance. It might not be until after it's over, though, which will be almost a month, so just be patient. :-)

    Thank you all for your prayers! :-)

  9. Ahh, that looks so incredibly awesome!!! Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals, and your cast and production quality looks superb! Will you be posting YouTube videos?

    Thanks for friending me on Goodreads!

  10. I have nominated you, dear, with the Emmy-award... ahem. With the Famous-Person-Tag on me blog. Ignore if thou wishest. Of course. :-)

  11. Fab post, very interesting I really enjoyed reading :) My blog is if you fancy a look :) x

  12. Oh my gosh, that looks so fun! Hope the show goes well!


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