Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Ramblings

Photo by Emma :-)
  I tried to think of a clever name for this post, but since it's basically just a hodge-podge of my thoughts and things I wanted to share with you, I could think of nothing better. And yes, Sadie, I know you're sick of the overuse of the word 'ramblings'. You'll get over it.

  So! I hope you, my lovely readers, are all having a beautiful autumn season. Fall is, in my opinion, the most gorgeous time of year in Western New York. I dream about living in other places sometimes (such as, *ahem* the 'west'), but really, there's no place as beautiful as home. I love my little neighborhood, and I love fall. Happiness. :-)
  It's just recently turned really cold here, and some of the trees are almost completely bare, (a sure sign of Winter coming!) Here at home I've been reading lots of books, writing little snippets of stories and random things (including some blog posts in draft.....unfortunately, they're still draft, I mean), and drinking a startling amount of apple cider. I probably could set some sort of record for drinking apple cider. It's crazy.

   Last week I read True Grit for the third time (it's a tradition, you understand) in less than two days-- which is pretty good for me! All I can say is that this book is a gem. A must-read for anyone who loves westerns or adventure stories or just a good tale. It's just SO GOOD.  Now I'm reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, which, I must say, is nowhere near as good as the movie, which we just watched  recently and in my own humble estimation is SUPER SUPER good. The book is just....bleh. I'll probably be reviewing it soon.


   And speaking of books, I am pleased to announce my new book review blog, Down in the Valley, where I'll be posting more book reviews and book/movie comparisons and other fun bookish things. I'd love it if you'd stop by! I've already written reviews of some other books I've read this fall-- the Williamsburg series. Some of the best historical books you'll ever find, let me tell you. Visit the blog to read more about it!

*Insert dreamy picture of Horatio Hornblower*

    October 6th happens to be the birthday of Ioan Gruffudd! Today he turns 41. Of course I had to mention it, seeing as Ioan Gruffudd has been my favorite actor since....oh, since Amazing Grace, probably, which was several years ago. There's just no one like him. Sadie and I practically have a personal acquaintance with the man. 

  Of course my favorite of his roles are unquestionably Horatio Hornblower and William Wilberforce, but we've also seen him in LOTS of other things, some of which were really good, some of which were.....not. But in general, we really, really like him.
   Oh, and does everyone here know how to pronounce his name? It's Yo-an Griffith. Yes, it's very strange. Sadie and I didn't know how to say it for the longest time, and we called him all sorts of weird things, our favorite of which was 'what's-his-name'. In fact, we still call him that. It's kind of like a code-name; we both know exactly who the other is talking about. ;-P

We particularly like this picture. The reason should be pretty clear. Hint: THE GUY ON THE RIGHT.
   So happy birthday, Ioan Gruffudd! :-)

   Sadie and I made our annual soundtrack order a couple weeks ago! Every fall we buy four or five soundtracks off Amazon, and they always come in shifts in the mail. It's awesome. ;-) This year we bought six: The Patriot, Hidalgo, Amazing Grace, True Grit, Lonesome Dove, and the original Broadway cast recording of Shenandoah. We are in agreement that this has been our best order yet! My favorites are Lonesome Dove, True Grit, and Amazing Grace (Sadie and I really don't know why we've waited until now to get that one-- it's amazing.) Soundtracks in the mailbox= happiness. :-)

   The other day it was kind of cloudy outside and the wind was blowing strong, and leaves were flying all around everywhere. I went out to the woods to take some pictures, because the wind was so beautiful, but guess what? You can't take pictures of the wind. It just don't happen. But anyhow, here are some of the pictures I took. You can just use your imagination to picture what it was like.

  We have a few more weeks of our business being open, and then Hallowe'en is our last day at the stand. Pretty soon Mama will start counting down the days. ;-P It seems like September flew by in a windstorm, but I guess that's how it happens every year. I love October, and am enjoying almost every bit of it. There's something about autumn sunshine that just makes one feel so alive and happy, you know? It's more golden and invigorating than 'normal' sunshine. :-)

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air."  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

  Well. For once ol' Nathaniel Hawthorne has got something right.


   Later this week my sisters and cousin are going to on a trip to Indianapolis for a women's conference with my aunt. I've never been that far west, so it will be exciting. :-) I'm not crazy about leaving home or three days, but everything's always fun with my aunt, so it should be a nice time. Anybody been to Indy? What's it like?

  Also....I have something REALLY BIG to tell you all, something I think will be of great interest to many of you. Something that I'm so excited about I could just burst, and has got me practically dancing in my chair as I type this....but I think I'll save that for another post. Yes, I'm cruel. ;-) But until then, here's a little hint for you:



  1. Dear Em,

    I loved this post, author, pictures and everything. :-)

    "hodge-podge"... I like that word. I've used it before. So if you made it up it's a coincidence because then so did I.


    Sadie, I understand why you're sick of the word 'ramblings'- blogger-people use it a lot. But we will be cordial to our sister and best friend and forgive her this one time.

    Emma, you're forgiven.


    No, seriously 'ramblings' IS used a lot. But still, it's a cute word and I don't blame you for using it. I use it.

    *SIGH* Apple cider reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. What does it taste like? Is it what we Brits call Apple Juice? Or is it something different?
    (Really, being British can be quite embarrassing. Sometimes.)

    AUTUMN, dear. Huh, fall... *mumbles*

    True Grit sounds dashed good. Wow! You've read it less than two days! I really should read more- I've been neglecting books for the last weeks. Badly.

    Oh so that movie's called 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Shop Café', is it? I say, dashed long title, eh? The movie sounds good, as you told me it reminded you of Lynn Austin. The book... bleh. Heeehee... enjoy writing that review. :-) 'Cos I know you will. :-) 'Bleh'-books are nice to review.

    Happy birthday Yo-an Gruffudd! Hey, he's got the same birthday as Benjamin. I'll tell him. He won't listen though- he's too busy playing with his new things.

    Haha. Can I just tell you how YOU that is?

    Soundtracks in the mailbox equals happiness. Quite right. Talking about mailboxes, your letter didn't arrive today. Bleee. Tomorrow, hopefully.
    And talking about soundtracks, I listened to the complete soundtrack of Little Women today. It's ADORABLENESS. You'd love it.

    I love your pictures... I love autumn too. So goldy and frangrancy and cosy and homey and guey and happy and ... yesyesyes.

    You have something REALLY BIG to tell me? Thank goodness I know it already. Because you know I couldn't have borne the wait of it, haha. You're not THAT cruel.

    Actually, that really big news is rather old news for me now. Heehee.

    But I'm still really excited about it, of course. :-)

    Lots of love,

    PS That sounded like an email.

  2. Oh and Violet, how do you make it that one does not have to prove that one is not a robot?

  3. Alice dear,
    First let me say that I enjoyed your comment immensely-- even more than usual, which is considerable, you must know. :-) And yes, it did kind of sound like an email, but I have no problem with that.

    'Hodge-podge is quite a popular expression where I come didn't make it up. Neither did I, come to think of it. ;-P

    I know, 'ramblings' is's just such a fitting word! Sadie says that bloggers use it WAY too much, on headers and profiles and stuff, but I couldn't think of a word to substitute it with (unless it was 'blatherings', and that kind of sounds like something you'd spread on toast to me), so I just went ahead and used it. You will forgive me. Oh, you already have. Thank you.

    Apple cider is like apple juice, only better because it's made of just apples. "Being British can be quite embarrassing." HAHA. Don't be embarrassed, dear. ;-P

    I KNOW it's Autumn. I can call it fall if I want to. *Emma sticks her nose up in the air* People around me call it both all the time, but I've always tended towards calling it 'fall'.

    Actually, the movie is just called 'Fried Green Tomatoes'. The book has the longer name. The movie is SO MUCH BETTER. Sheesh.

    Oh, he DOES have the same birthday as Benjamin! I didn't even think of that! Sadie and I listened to the Amazing Grace soundtrack in his honor. It was so epic we ended up standing on the dining room chairs. *cough* We're immature.

    I LOVE the Little Women soundtrack! I own it, remember Or maybe you didn't know that. Talking about the 1994 version, right? I haven't seen any others.

    I know you wouldn't be able to stand it. In fact, when I was writing that I was thinking, "thank goodness Naomi already knows or she'd have a heart attack from the suspense!" You're not exactly famous for your patience, dear. :-)
    As Mr. Bucket in Bleak House says, "That's old news, that is." ;-P

    And about the robot thing: go to 'setting', then 'posts and comments', and then where it says 'show word verification' you change it t 'no'. I just figured out how to do it, and I think it's SO much nicer when you don't have to prove you're not a robot every time you want to comment.

    Email headed your way soon....(and my letter should be there today...if it's not, I may have to take it up with the Belgian postal service...)


  4. Reading over my comment, I am absolutely appalled at all the typing errors. I think you'll be able to figure out what I'm trying to say...well, do your best, Naomi. :-)

  5. Em,

    Don't worry, there weren't half as many typing errors as I sometimes do. I didn't even notice, actually, until you mentioned it and I went back to find them. You could have passed. :-)

    Oh! I've drank apple cider- in Switserland. My mum's uncle who lives there makes really good ones. :-) Don't worry, I'm rather proud of my British nationality. You knew that, didn't you? :-P

    Haha. You and Sadie like "whats-his-name" wayyy to much. Standing on chairs. I like you. You aren't normal. I don't like normal people.

    Oh yes, I knew you had Little Women soundtrack- I realised it after I had 'published' my comment. Things like that happen. :-)

    BHAHAHA. I'm not exactly famous for my patience. You! How dare you! Say. THAT. in. a. comment. for. everyone. to. see.
    But seeing as you're my best friend, I'll forgive you. No seriously, that made me laugh so. You always make my days. :-)

    Letter did not arrive today. Saaaad me.

    Oh well... it's something to look forward to tomorrow.


    Thank you for telling me about the 'robot thing'- you're right, having to prove you're not a robot is a dashed nuisance. You won't have to do it again on my blogs.


  6. Happy birthday, dear Ioan! :-D I'm actually planning to introduce a friend to Amazing Grace this weekend.

    The soundtrack for The Patriot is one of my most favorite. Haunting and lovely.

    Kind of totally unrelated, but I tagged you with The Janeite Tag. Play if you want to!

  7. Hey! Congrats on landing that role! I'm so envious it's not even funny. One of my favorite roles - in my favorite musical?! But I'm sure you'll be great! Will you be able to post pictures?

  8. Yay for some Ioan shout-outs - he IS an awesome actor. :)

    Love anything and everything fall so thanks for these lovely ramblings, Emma Jane. :)


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