Monday, September 8, 2014

My Top Five Favorite Westerns

  Legends of Western Cinema week is here!!!!! I'm really looking forward to sharing my love of the Old West with all of you this week, and seeing what posts and reviews you come up with as well!

 To start off the week, here's a list of my personal favorite western movies. Like I've said before, I haven't seen a ton of westerns, but almost all the ones I have seen I've really loved. So here are my favorites:

#1 True Grit (2010)

     This is one of my favorite stories ever, and one of the best books ever made into one of the greatest movies. This was the first real western I saw and still remains my favorite. (Read my review here.)

#2 Lonesome Dove (1989)

    This miniseries is, in my opinion, the best western ever made. The story and the characters and actors are all brilliant, and the soundtrack is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. There are so many epic moments, so many classic lines, so many historical details. Great acting, great scenery, costumes, great everything. It's just amazing.

#3 Hidalgo (2004)
   This sort of isn't a western, but I still consider it one so I'm putting it on this list. :-) In fact, Hidalgo is the movie that first got me really interested in westerns. It's full of action and adventure, and Viggo Mortensen is brilliant as down-and-out cowboy Frank T. Hopkins. Another movie with a stellar soundtrack.

#4 Silverado (1985)
      This may be the only movie on this list that I loved from the very first time I watched it. ;-P In fact, I've only seen it once, very recently, but it was so good it's now among my favorites. The story isn't exactly epic, but the characters and the actors are great and there are so many quotable lines! The soundtrack is amazing too.
   Oh, man do I love this movie. :-)


#5 The Long Riders (1980)

   This is a movie that my parents had seen years ago, and when I became infatuated with the Old West I begged to watch it. It's about the infamous James-Younger gang-- Jesse James and his brother Frank, the Younger brothers, and the Miller boys. What's cool is that all these brothers are actually played by brothers, and what's even cooler is that the James's are play by James and Stacy Keach and the Youngers are played by the Carradines. :-) It's a classic western with excellent acting and lots of action, but it's also really sad and has a tragic ending (though epic in a quiet sort of way. That Stacy Keach. ;-P) The soundtrack is nothing to scream about, but it suits the movie well and has a charming, old-timey feel. It's a gritty old western, with some rough parts, but I love it.
   Wow, watching all these trailers makes me want to go watch the movies again. :-)


  1. I really liked the new True Grit, especially how well it matched the book.

    I haven't seen Lonesome Dove yet, which is a travesty considering I love westerns AND Tommy Lee Jones. One of these days...

    I haven't seen Hidalgo. But I LOVE Silverado. Dearly. Brilliant soundtrack, solid story, delightful characters. Good acting, lots of quotable lines, nice action, not too much romance. LOVE IT! I just bought the full soundtrack recently, and it's divine. Very inspirational for writing, too.

    And finally... I bought The Long Riders because you make it sound amazing. And I love Stacy Keach. I'll be watching it sometime soon, I hope!

  2. Say, have you ever seen the TV movie version of "The Virginian" that stars Bill Pullman? I think you would really like it! It's pretty clean (a little language and some western violence) and sticks close to the original novel. I think I may have mentioned it to you before, but just in case I haven't... now I have.

  3. Emma Jane -- I'm so enjoying reading through all your reviews (so this comment applies to all your posts :-))! You're doing a great job and I'm most definitely going to have to check some of them out!!! ;-)

    Also, here's the link for my review of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (hopefully I'm leaving it in the right place):

    Thanks so much for the loads of fun! :-)

  4. Hamlette: HAVE YOU READ TRUE GRIT?!?! I didn't know you'd read the book! Isn't it the most quietly amazing and entertaining work of literature you've ever experienced?!
    You MUST watch LD. I think it's the best western ever made-- one of the best movies ever made, period. It also has the most beautiful soundtrack I've ever heard. Sadie and I just bought it with our annual soundtrack order. :-)
    I love the Silverado soundtrack too-- I listen to it all the time while I'm doing my schoolwork.
    Yay! I think you'll really like The Long Riders. Actually I didn't like it much the first time, but that was before I knew what a good western was. Plus I may have been a little young. (There's actually a story behind when I watched it the first time...we won't go into that now.) ;-P But yeah, it's great. Stacy Keach is quiet and broody and awesome as Frank James.
    No, I haven't seen The Virginian. I started reading the book last spring but got distracted by something else....I have read that the movie is very good, though, so I'll have to look into it. Thanks!

    Heidi: Oh, thank you so much! That's very kind of you. :-)

  5. Yup, I've read True Grit. Such an original and lovely story!

    I really want to see LD, and my dad says he owns it, so maybe next time I'm visiting them, I'll finally get to see it :-)

    I'm sure I'll post a review of Long Riders as soon as I get to watch it :-)

    As for The Virginian... you'll get to see it soon ;-) Possibly as early as Tuesday! If the USPS does what it's supposed to...

  6. Nice overview of westerns.

    My favorite westerns (not in order)
    1. Silverado
    2. Conagher (with Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross)
    3. The Outlaw Josey Wales
    4. Tombstone (with Val Kilmer)
    5. True Grit (the new one, although I really like John Wayne and Robert Duvall in the original)
    6. Bad Day at Black Rock (Spencer Tracy)
    7. Blazing Saddles
    8. Shane (Alan Ladd)
    9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, etc.)
    10. El Dorado (Wayne, Ed Asner, Robert Mitchum, James Caan etc.)

    There are others, but these I would watch and re-watch. I don't care for most Eastwood westerns (the spaghetti types) but I can't recommend Josey Wales enough. The book is very good, too.


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