Monday, September 1, 2014

Announcing Legends of Western Cinema Week!

Danny Glover, Kevn Kline, Scott Glenn, and Kevin Costner in Silverado (1985)

    Alright, folks, now for an official announcement! I'll be hosting an event called 'Legends of Western Cinema Week' here at A Lantern in Her Hand on September 8th through the 13th!!!! The subject of the week, as the name suggests, will be all about western movies and western actors and everything having to do with the genre. (I got the idea for the name from an American Cowboy magazine cover. Yes, true story.)

Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove (1989)
   Anyhow. If you're an old-timer here at my blog then you probably know by now of my affinity for westerns and everything having to do with them. It started several years ago with Hidalgo, when I became interested in cowboys and western expansion history and the era in general. Then I watched True Grit (2010) a few years later, and I was officially hooked. I'm not a western expert-- far from it-- but I've seen quite a few in my day and I'm always on the look-out for more good 'uns to watch. My to-see list of westerns is really quite staggering. ;-P

Stacy and James Keach in The Long Riders (1980)

  I'd like for you all to join me! The requirements for participating in this event are really simple: all you have to do is write something about western movies, western actors, or pretty much just western anything. It can be a movie review, a post about your favorite western actor, a list of your favorite westerns-- anything you want.

What qualifies a movie as a western?
   Basically a western is any movie that takes place in the American West in the late 18th century to the early 19th century. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but most are characterized by cowboys, cattle drives, outlaws, lawmen, Indians, cavalry get the picture.

 Post your reviews (or whatever you've written) on your own blog during the week, then at the end of the week you can comment back here on this post with a link to your posts and I'll share everyone's contributions then. Sound good?

   I'll try to post a review of a western movie every day during the week, and maybe a guest post or two as well.

   Here are some buttons to get the word out!

Yes, I know this isn't really a western. I just had to make one of Mike and Sully. ;-P

    And my favorite, Newt. :-)

    I hope you decide to participate-- I think it's going to be a wild good time!


  1. I took the Mattie button. :-P

    You know I don't know anything about westerns, so you'll understand about me not writing posts or anything, will you? (I know you understand.)

    Even though westerns aren't exactly my cuppa tea, I know I will enjoy reading your reviews A LOT. Your reviews have no bounds. Heehee.

  2. Oh and by the way, laughed when you wrote that about your to-see list... and that wink-smiley thing after it... probably meant for me. ;-P
    And I'm SO pleased about Eponine. I just have to let you know once again, heehee. :-)

  3. Very exciting! I haven't seen a lot of westerns, but it's one of my favorite periods/eras! And...I've got a movie review all ready that would work perfectly for the party! :-)

    Also, one of your buttons is going up on my sidebar...

  4. Naomi,
    No, that's fine, I didn't expect you to write anything. I am glad you'll still enjoy my reviews, though. :-) And yes, I did write the *wink* with you in mind. How did you know? ;-P

    You chose the Mattie button-- good for you. :-)

    Oh yeah, and in another comment you asked what a 'moniker' was: it just means a nickname of some sort.

    Yay! I'm glad you'll be participating and I'll look forward to your review! And you took the Frank James button-- good choice. :-)

  5. My genres are pretty much Disney, Super-heroes, and children's fiction and classic literature to film adaption, I think I need to expand a little, and I am hoping I can find a western during your event to try to get me into that genre.

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  7. Thank you Sarah Grace! I will definitely check out your blog! :-)

  8. Ooh how interesting! Westerns are not that big in Aus so maybe I should put up this button to help get the word out~! :) If you have time would you like to do a guest post, I have been doing a series of them and if you wanted to you could partake? :) You don't have to of course, it is completely voluntrey, I am also hosting a competition on my blog to help design my new background and header in celebration of spring in Australia.
    Here is the link :
    Hope you have time :D


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