Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor!

   Today, August 28th, would have been Tasha Tudor's 99th birthday.

    Tasha Tudor has been a part of my life for as long as I can recall, and I've grown up reading her stories and wondering at her talent and charming lifestyle. She's always been one of my favorite children's authors, a great inspiration, and I know if we had ever had the chance to meet that we would have been great friends and kindred spirits.

   My first encounter with Tasha Tudor and her stories started with out mutual infatuation with dolls and everything thereby pertaining to them. I've always been rather obsessed with dolls-- when I was a little girl I used to dress my dolls every day and set up little rooms for them on the table in the hall, making little accessories for them out of all sorts of things. Anything related to dolls, I loved. So when I found the little book The Doll's Christmas at the library, I was delighted. My sister Sadie and I tried to create a dwelling for our dolls just like Pumpkin House in the story, and made an elaborate Christmas panorama just like that of the dolls Sethany Ann and Nicey Melinda. After that, I found that Tasha Tudor had written other books, not only about dolls, but about children and animals (especially her favorites, corgis :-)) and soon I had read every one of her books that the library owned, as well as several biographies and gardening books and painting books and pretty much everything I could get my hands on with the name Tasha Tudor on the cover. :-) She was my role model, my inspiration, the epitome of my little-girl dream of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember once when my mother found a sort of short documentary about Tasha's life, and I was sorely disappointed to find out that she actually drove a car. ;-P

Tasha Tudor as a young woman

    These years later, although I am not quite so obsessed as I used to be (*wink, wink*), I will always be inspired by Tasha Tudor. She was a brilliant artist, a wonderful writer, craftswoman, wife, and mother, and I will always admire her.



   I wanted desperately to go to Tasha Tudor's birthday party, but the gathering closest to me is still over three hours away (sniffle), so I will just celebrate the day at home by reading Pumpkin Moonshine and dressing my dolls and drinking tea and perhaps make something to eat from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook. :-) Read more birthday tributes and about the Tudor family and the Tasha Tudor Museum Society at:
~ Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor! ~


  1. My sister and I work at Pleasant Hill blueberry farm in Fennville,MI. The owners,John and Joan VanVoorhees, were close friends Tasha Tudor! They even have a corgi from her,Merlin. Affectionately known as 'Merley-Werley'! :-)

  2. Really! That's so neat! After reading Tasha's books, I've always wanted a corgi. :-) Working at a blueberry farm sounds like a really fun job.


  3. Lovely post, Emma Jane! Tasha Tudor's style is just gorgeous, isn't it? And I've always loved studying any books having to do with her gardens!!! :-) Some of our relatives are actually friends with one of Tasha's sons (and his family)--so I've always thought that was kind of fun and interesting... Also (mostly due to her books, I believe ;-)) our family used to own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!


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