Friday, August 1, 2014

Extra, extra, read all about it!


 Howdy! Just popping in to let you all know that Hamlette over at her blog The Edge of the Precipice is giving away a whole bunch of wonderful books in all different genres. There's poetry, mystery, classics, writing, and even an adorable little book about famous movie couples that I'm practically drooling over. I highly recommend checking it out! But don't take my word for it-- hop on over and see for yourself!

   Some of the books Hamlette is giving away....



  1. Thanks for the great shout-out! :-D

  2. Dearest Emma, I am in a great state of shock. (Note: I am being very sarcastic. You knew? Oh.)

    Well, to start with, it started when I saw 'A Lantern in Her Hand' when I clicked on 'For the Beauty of the Earth'. I thought... is my computer not working? What's this?

    And then I saw your a teensy bit of your header- I saw enough to know it was a different one - but Jane was not being good and wouldn't load everything.

    Being the me I am, I HAD to make things clear. WHAT has my Betsie dearest done NOW?!?! I was in a heresy of shock and delighted surprised. Oh yep, I love change. But I hadn't expected it and... I am rather shocked, in a nice way.

    So, urgently and quickly, I re-clicked 'For the Beauty of the Earth' in my favourite bar again, wondering whether my eyes had played tricks on me or not. But it hadn't. You actually changed the name of your blog!

    Bravo. I wouldn't have had the courage. I love the new name, but I'll sure miss the old name. A Latern in her Hand... did you invent it, Anne? And the header... well done, very becoming. Who's the girl on it?

    And, lastly, did you... by any chance also change the name of your book? ;-)

    ~ Your best friend

    PS Tomorrow, when I wake up (I'm about to go to bed) I'll probably see a post come up explaining this all. I'm always the one who discovers things first, before people explain. Always have been.
    PSS I miss you.


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