Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome {1}

  Hey y'all! I've seen these 'Awkward and Awesome' posts floating around the blogosphere for a while, and since I personally think they're so much fun and (since I am notorious for getting myself into awkward situations, which you've no doubt figured out if you know me very sisters know better than anyone :-)), I've decided to do a semi-weekly, actually-scheduled-for-once post series. I'm thinking of doing an 'awkward and awesome' post every other week, or whenever I can. (It probably won't always be on the same day of the week, just sayin'.)

    So here are some of the awkward and awesome things that have happened to me in the last two weeks.

~ Sitting in the treehouse writing for most of the afternoon and being off on cloud nine somewhere, then going down to the stand to help close up and realizing your dress looks sloppy, you haven't brushed your hair all day and you pretty much look like a frumpy writer person. Yep.
~ Pitting cherries with a bobby pin because your cherry pitter is on loan out.
~ Carrying a cutting board piled with watermelon rinds out to the deck while trying not to let any of the juice run off onto the floor. Kids, this is something you should never try at home.
~ Giving the lady at the check-out five more dollars than you needed to because you thoughtshe said 48 instead of 43. "Oh, you've got too much here. I'll give this back to you." "What?"
~ Having your money all crumpled up in a tiny change purse so that whenever you go to buy something you spend literally minutes trying to untangle the whole mess. My mom: "Emma, you're going to have to get a wallet if you want to keep buying things."
~ Practicing the Whitney Houston song 'I Believe in You and Me' that you're going to sing at a wedding ( in TWO DAYS) and realizing that you kind of have to be black to sing it like she does. Hey, it's the truth, people.
~ Sorting through quarts of disgusting strawberries and feeling like you never want to see another strawberry in your life.
~ Being disappointed when strawberry season is over.
~ Trying to train your cat not to climb on your dresser and make dirty footprints while messing up everything, knocking over objects and generally being a pest. An all this at six in the morning. That cat could try the patience of Job.
~ Sitting in a car with your mom and sister in a church parking lot, waiting for someone your sister was supposed to practice and wondering if he didn't get your message. (He did, eventually. Me: (lying crossways on the back seat) "I don't have time for this!"
~ Rambling on and on about western movie stars and western cinema and then realizing.....yeah, no one really cares what you're saying. Heh.
~ Singing "send lawyers, guns, and money!" loudly around your house while you're cleaning, over and over, just 'cause you don't know any more of lyrics. Molly: "Emma, can you please sing something else?"
~ Laughing at depressing farmer jokes. Farmers are not exactly famous for being optimistic. "Due to increased electrical costs, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned out." That's just sad, people.

~ When your aunt describes True Grit as 'horrific' and it's all you can do to just keep....your....mouth....shut. I love you, auntie.
~ Using a wrench to open an ancient jar of nail polish.
~ Warming up leftover couscous and having absolutely no idea what you're doing. I added wayyyyy too much butter and it ended up looking like something they'd eat on the ship in Hornblower. I totally planned it that way. 
~ When you have to delete a picture on your camera every time you want to take one, because the memory's crammed full of pictures of your cat. Like my sister said, one of these days our camera is just going to blow up because it won't be able to handle all the cuteness.
~ Sitting down in your sister's violin teacher's backyard and realizing you just sat in a mud puddle. Well, how was I supposed to know. It hadn't rained for at least three hours.
~ Climbing a mountain with your cousins. Wow.
~ Watching fireworks from your cousins' backyard on the 4th of July.
~ Singing your amazingly talented sister's arrangement of 'Danny Boy' for three voices with your sister and your cousin in the van on the way to dance class.
~ Sitting on the couch eating popcorn and listening to Mark Knopfler while your sister braids your hair. It doesn't get much better than that.
~ When you finish the first two chapters of your novel.
~ Finding a gorgeous dress to wear to the wedding this Saturday.
~ Looking forward to your first issue of American Cowboy magazine. Which, uh, probably won't come for another month at least.
~ Taking pictures of the beautiful pink sky just after it rains.

~ Sitting around your grandparents' table hulling strawberries and talking about local personalities of
the past.
~ When you FINALLY figure out how to put a playlist on your sidebar. Not that you ever really tried before. (Do check it out! :-))
~ Getting your own laptop after you've been planning and saving for months! Naming him Cal...because laptops need names, y'know.
~ Sitting on your deck writing this post on the first sunny day in over a week. And it's NOT raining! Praise God! :-)
~ Getting ready for a week at music camp at a Christian college.....which means a week away from home. Yikes. It's awesome, but it's also scary. But we do have two hours of free time in the afternoons, so I'll still be able to write.
~ Picking daisies growing by the edge of the oat field.
~ When you read a book that brings the past to life so vividly that you feel you feel you're actually there, living with he characters, experiencing their troubles and joys. It's an indescribable feeling.
What's been awkward and awesome in your life lately?
I hope you're all having a beautiful week! God bless! : )


  1. You got a swing picture too! Very nice post.:)

  2. Very nice post! I so enjoyed reading about the different awkward and awesome things in your life :-) And also, your blog is amazing!!! I'll look forward to more posts. Have a blessed day!

  3. Ha, I love this!

    Heehee, you and your awkward situations, Anne! You do have a knack of getting yourself into awkward situations. Okay that was a quote from Marilla, but then changed a little.

    Hhhhahahaha.... 'I'll give this back to you.' Bwhaha.

    Hehe, I used to do EXACTLY the same... stuff change and money in something small. I have a real wallet now though... and yes, it was my mothers idea. Mothers are such good things, aren't they?

    You didn't tell me you were going to a wedding! Well you couldn't because I was in England. Who's getting married?

    Sitting in a puddle... *disapproving voice* Eeeemma.

    The awesome ones are awesome. Your talented sister... Sadie, right? I'm sure Molly is talented too, but I know Sadie is particular amazing when it comes to music.

    SEND ME THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OF YOUR NOVEL. Go. Now. I don't care if I'm bossy.

    Oops, that wasn't very kind. Sorry hon.

    And please send me a picture of the dress. I love dresses.
    Yep, laptops DO need names. Cal sounds old-fashioned but yet laptop-y. CONGRATS again on your laptop. I remember having mine for the first time. I LURVED it and I still do.

    Lots of love,

  4. Hi Kimberlynne!
    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think your blog is amazing too! Thanks for commenting! (Wow, it seems strange to be talking to you on the internet. :-P) I hope you have a blessed day as well.

  5. Naomi,
    Yes, I sure do have a knack. You're right about that.

    YES, mothers are just the best. What would we do without them? Really, Alice, can you imagine where we'd be? :-P

    Yes, I'm going to a wedding! Actually, I'm singing for the wedding. One of the girls who's worked at our stand for many years, Danielle, is getting married. The wedding is outside at a lovely old Victorian house, and the reception is in a big old barn. It's very pretty-- I'll send you pictures. Danielle is very nice-- she likes John Steinbeck and Downton Abbey. :-P

    Well, I didn't know it was a mud puddle! It didn't look like the grass was muddy.

    Yes, Sadie arranged it. It really is amazing. I wish you could hear it.

    I thought Cal sounded laptop-y too. I was originally going to call it Alice Grace after a certain someone, but then I decided Cal was more fitting for a laptop. It's old-fashioned and practical.

    Now, Naomi, don't be bossy. I will tell you about my novel when I'm good and ready. :-) You MUST be patient, dear.

    It's so nice to have you commenting again! :-)

  6. This is a great post, and reminds me of... me. That watermelon juice thing? Realizing you look like a frumpy writer person because you forgot you were supposed to pay attention to what you look like? Rambling about westerns when no one cares? Been there, and recently.

    :-D I hope you love music camp!


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