Monday, June 23, 2014

Me in a Nutshell

* Sometimes I write sappy love scenes just for fun.
*When I was little I used to get up early in the morning and write at my desk with a legit feather pen and ink.
*Besides home, Colonial Williamsburg is my favorite place in the world.
* Pretty things make me happy.
* I think Dr. Mike and Sully are the most romantic couple in television history.
* On that note, I know more about Jane Seymour than most people I'm related to. I've read one of her books and seen her A&E biography about seven times.
* I don't have most of what I wrote as a child, to my dismay-- I guess at some point I must have decided it wasn't any good and got rid of it, but now I really wish I hadn't. :-(
* Mark Knopfler's songs are food for the soul.
* When I was about eleven or so I thought National Treasure was the greatest movie ever made, and my favorite character was totally Ian.
* My family didn't get a computer until I was twelve.
* When I was little I wanted to be a detective like Nancy Drew.
* I've seen the Barbie Rapunzel movie probably something close to 25 times (no joke) and can still quote it almost word for word.
* I write letters with an old-fashioned nib pen and ink.
* I've been officially engaged to John-boy Walton since the age of thirteen.
* Old photographs, cemeteries, old buildings, and historical artifacts are just some of the many things that give me inspiration.
* John Steinbeck's East of Eden is the standard of excellence by which all other literary works are measured of their value.
* East of Eden is also the best and most accurate adaptation of a book that I've seen-- it ties with True Grit and Lonesome Dove.
* Old, gritty westerns are my cup of tea-- or should I say, coffee. I don't drink coffee, but it sounds more western than tea.
* I'd rather watch Lonesome Dove all in one sitting than Pride and Prejudice '95. It goes without saying that I've done both. (Not recommended, btw, unless you're sick and have nothing better to do.)
* On that note, I'd rather watch Lonesome Dove than Pride and Prejudice, period. Please don't shoot me.
* The best roles in musicals are usually the male ones. One of my dreams is to play Jean Valjean.
* I think Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler are perfect for each other.
* Up until I was nine or ten, I wore my mother's red bonnet that my Grandma made for her as a little girl everywhere I went and stuck my tongue out at people who made fun of me.
* I always go completely nuts whenever a new Christian Book Distributors catalog comes in the mail. You can find me sprawled out on the living room floor with the catalog and a pen, circling all the books I want to read. :-)
* I sing Les Mis in its entirety, switching from part to part, all around the house on a daily basis.
* One of the best ways to vent one's feelings is to go to the piano and pound out 'The Point of No Return'. Singing it while playing, loudly, is even better.
* I want to go to Highclere Castle and see the sets of Downton Abbey.
* I like some classical music, but in general it bores me.
* I can't decide if John and Abigail Adams are my favorite historical couple or if William and Barbara Wilberforce are. You might come back here one day and see the pictures of them on my sidebar switched.
* Benedict Cumberbatch is William Pitt to me, not Sherlock Holmes. (Although please understand, I would certainly not be opposed to seeing him as Sherlock Holmes.)
* I'm highly sensitive to gluten and dairy, which makes life very difficult sometimes. Very.
* I wish I could speak Gaelic, but apparently it's so hard to learn that everyone who tries gives up.
* One of my dreams is to be in Celtic Woman someday. Then I'd HAVE to learn Gaelic.
* I don't like superhero movies. The real heroes are normal folks who do what's right and stand up against what's wrong, without all the flying around and blowing up buildings and wrecking perfectly good vehicles. Atticus Finch is much more of a hero than Captain America. (Oh boy, am I ever in for it now.)
* I love books and movies about lawyers and legal cases. They fascinate me.
* There never has been and never will be anyone quite like Clark Gable.
* I would have fit in more one hundred years ago than I do now.
* I cry over fictional characters. Newt Dobbs. SOBBBBB.
* Lynn Austin's books are some of my fondest companions. Her characters are real to me: I feel with them, laugh with them, cry with them.
* The dictionary and I have a very pleasant and longstanding relationship.
* The thesaurus is my best friend when I'm writing.
* Sometimes I start to talk like Dickens characters without realizing it.
* Nobody has ever been more perfectly cast than Robert Duvall as Augustus McCrae.
* My childhood was completely unlike that of most people I know. I grew up playing barefoot in the creek and the woods, writing stories, playing Barbies and acting out dramatic stories, and listening to Mark Knopfler. I told you I would have fit in more 100 years ago. ;-P
* I have a hard time sitting still and being quiet for long periods of time, and to be honest, church is sometimes a challenge.
* If there's anyone who brings out the fangirl in me, it's John Schneider.
* I've seen every episode of Christy at least seven times.
* Quaint, old-fashioned little towns, especially by water, are some of my favorite places to visit.
* There is hardly ever a time when I'm not singing.
* I laugh. A lot.
* No one makes me laugh like my family.
* I love everything western, but I live about as far east as you can get in the U.S.
* I could go on and on, but I think I'll stop now. : )

(Post idea from Michaela)



  1. Oh Emma, I love you. You are such a good, lovely person with amazing... things.

    With many of your points I thought 'Yes, me to'

    But saaadly also quite a sum which made me shake my head. For example the Lonesome Dove and P&P one! OF COURSE I'm not angry or anything- in fact it made me giggle because I KNEW you were writing it to me- but I just don't understand why you don't like P&P. One day I'll make you sit down next to me and you WILL like P&P. One day you'll understand, dearie. It's the most epic love story, beautiful film evah.

    I should REALLY watch les Miz. Everyone talks about it and it makes me SO left out. I also want to see Lonesome dove now, although I'm sure I won't prefer it to P&P.

    I want to go to Highclere Castle too! And to Hyde Park whatever it's called (Pemberly, to me)

    Benedict Cumberbatch is William Pitt- quite agree, dearling. Besides, I haven't seen Sherlock, and I don't really want to because I'm not a Benedict Cumberbatch fangirl.

    The dictionary and I hate eachother because I can never find the words ;-) I use Jane's (my laptop, member?) internet for my dictionary.

    But the thesaurus is entirely another subject. It is my best friend when I writing- that YES. I am CONSTANTLY using my thesaurus. But of course it isn't MY BEST friend, because that's YOU.

    I should see Christy and all those other movies like Dr Quinn you keep on talking about. I never seem to have tiiiime for all these movies. SOB

    I cry and bawl my eyes out TOO when I'm reading a book. I once cried so much I couldn't read because of all the tears in my eyes. And when I'm in the middle of a book, I pray for the person in trouble- God always listens because the books I read (almost) always end well. I'm ridiculous, but that's how I am.

    I shouldn't write this comment- I'm embarrassing myself.

    NO Emma. You are NOT engaged to John-Boy. Please. Don't you think Matthew Crawley and Mr Knightley are MUCH nicer?

    Did I say that? Sorry.

    Sitting still in Church is sometimes a challenge too, for me. But not that much of a challenge, it's okay. I like listening to a good sermon. :-)

    You write your letters with an old-fashioned nib pen and ink? I can witness that!!! Zoweeh!

    I liked this post, VERY MUCH... but it made me a little sad because I want to see all your movies and because I want you to like P&P bettah.

    Don't worry dear- I'm not very sad- only a teensy weensy bit.

    I shall try to remain civil.

    Because I think you're just such an amazing person.

    THE END OF ANOTHER LONG COMMENT BY DIANA (a Diana with more imagination than Diana Barry, that is.)

  2. OH MY GOODNES. I could relate to so much of this, I was actually laughing-out-loud! :P Except for superhero movies. I am obsessed with them (in case you couldn't tell from my Pinterest.) Especially Captain America and Spiderman. >breathe, Michaela, breathe!> Whew. . .ok, my brain was deciding if we could still be friends. Totally kidding. :P ;)

    Yes and yes and yes on everything Les Miz! The guy characters are totally better, and I've always said I'd rather play one of the boys. The gals are just meh. Fantine is alright, I suppose. Actually I prefer male characters in general, even in books. I read and still read mostly "boy" books. Or at least, high suspense/adventure. Right now I'm really into dystopian, and I enjoy political thrillers.

    haha. . .I think I only know one other person who loves Jane Seymour that much. My good friend Ally. ;) Lemme guess. . .you also love The Scarlet Pimpernel??

    My family didn't get a computer until I was about 10. . .OR a cellphone until I was about 12-13.

    John-boy. MINE.

    And lastly, I adore Colonial Williamsburg. Oh, and not a P&P fan AT ALL.

    Thanks for making my morning. ^_^

  3. One more thing Anne. You keep on talking about 'when I was a child' and 'my childhood'... Your childhood is NOW, you know. We are still girls- yes, I think I'm still a child. At least, that's what I think- you might not.

    Of course, we are BIG girls and almost young ladies- when we are sixteen.

    (Don't feel obliged to publish this, really don't, dear)

  4. pretty things make you happy? yes, yes I like you. ;)

  5. I haven't seen the Mike and Sully show you are talking about, but that just makes me think of Monsters Inc.! I'm sorry :D

    I love National Treasure!! I want to see the second one sooooo bad! Is Riley the same as Ian? (I haven't seen it in a long time ;)

    I'm a pianist, and most classical music still bores me!!!

    I've read Christy (one of the greatest books ever!), but I need to see the movie!

  6. Naomi, I'm so glad I'm bit the only one who involuntarily prays while reading and watching movies!!!! :D

  7. Naomi,

    First of all, thank you darling. I love you too. :-) And I'm glad you agree with me on many things. Yes, there are some things we feel VERY differently about-- but like you once told me, it would be boring if we agreed on EVERYTHING, now wouldn't it?

    I'm sorry, but I just don't love P&P like you do. I think it's very nice, but it's just not my thing. I would LOVE to sit down next to you and have you make me like P&P. Really, I do like it, it's jut not really my cup of tea-- y'know? I hope you understand. : )

    And I really don't think you'd like Lonesome Dove, to be honest. It's old, it's rough, and it's...well, a western. I personally love it to pieces, but I don't think you would, so you don't have to feel like you need to see it. ;-P

    You don't really need to see the Les Mis movie either-- just see the stage play. The movie is not nearly as good as a well-done live version. But yes, we do need to work on your Les Mis indoctrination. : )

    I AM engaged to John-boy. Matthew and Mr. Knightley are very nice, but I've known John-boy since I was little. I've practically grown up with John-boy. I've had a crush on him for years, and I'll always love him. You know, I think if you watched more of the episodes you'd like him more-- he's really wonderful. : )

    Thank you very much for your comment, dear, and I'm sorry I made you sad, truly. But I know you're not that sad. And I think you're an amazing person too. ;-P


  8. Michaela,

    Well, I'm glad you could relate! Yeah, I've noticed that you really love superhero movies--I'm sorry, but I just don't like them. I've never been much for fantasy action, and all the flying and punching and explosions and car crashes just make me nauseous. I actually have only seen the second Captain America movie (and therefore could not appreciate it entirely without having seen the first), but by the time it was over I felt like I'd been beat up and shot at for the past three hours. Modern action is not my thing, sorry. ;-P I do hope we can still be friends though!

    Yessss, the guy's parts are so much better! Plus they have all the action...wait, I just got done explaining how I don't like action. ;-P Well, I DO like real historical action. I don't usually prefer male characters in general, but Valjean's and Marius's and Enjolras's vocal parts are so much better than the girls. I think Fantine and Eponine are amazing too, but Cosette...ehhh.
    (Btw, the Les Mis auditions were open, so I didn't audition for a specific part. I sang 'I Dreamed a Dream' and I'm hoping to get the part of Fantine, but I'd also love to play Eponine.)

    Yes, I love Jane Seymour! She's my absolute favorite actress, and between my sister Sadie and I we know pretty much everything there is to know about her. :-) I've seen her in lots of movies, but undoubtedly her best role is Dr. Mike in the TV show Dr. Quinn. Have you seen it? I grew up watching it, and it's my favorite show ever. And yesssss, I LOVE The Scarlet Pimpernel!!!!! That's another favorite. :-)

    Actually, we got a computer when I was...eleven, I think, but we didn't have internet for a while. Haha, my mom didn't get a cell phone until I was thirteen too.

    You love John-boy! *high-five*

    Aww, you're welcome! Thanks so much for commenting! :-)

    Dr. Mike and Sully are from the TV show Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. I know, it's funny that they have the same names in Monsters Inc.! I think they probably got them from the show. :-P

    I love National Treasure, but in my opinion, the second movie isn't nearly as good. Ian is the villain, played by Sean Bean-- I always thought he was so awesome. :-) He's not in the second movie, though. Yes, I like Riley too. :-)

    I totally agree with you on Christy! It's one of the most powerful books I've ever read. They made a television series in the '90s, which is really good and mostly accurate to the book, but it only aired for a short while and there are only 18 episodes. I'd highly recommend watching it. :-)

    And Naomi,
    Yes, you're right, we are still girls. Although I do feel like my childhood has passed...somehow I don't feel like a child anymore. It's actually kind of sad. ;-(

  9. I'm going to be writing about Colonial Williamsburg for the next issue of Femnista -- might I call on you for aid if I get stuck? I've been there many times, but most of those times were 15-20 years ago, so it would be amazingly helpful if you would even read over the article before I submit it to make sure I haven't made any horrible gaffes. Please let me know!

    I bet you'd love Agent Coulson in The Avengers. He's not super, but he's definitely a hero!

  10. Emma,
    Yes I sometimes feel like that as well.. that my childhood is over. :-( But I will officially think it when I'm sixteen. :-P
    I understand my dear, and I don't mind that you don't love P&P as much as I do. Oh, I'm glad you said Lonesome Dove is not my thing. :-) That made me feel better :)
    I have to go now....

  11. Hamlette,
    Ooooh, I can't wait to read your article! Certainly I'd love to help you out. I've only been there twice and haven't seen the entire town, but both times were rather recently, and I also read a lot about it. Thank you for asking me! :-)
    Actually the only superhero movie I've seen (in recent memory) is The Winter Soldier, and I just really didn't like it. In general I don't care for the genre, but I'm sure there are some characters I would like. :-)

  12. *Scrolls to top of page and prepares for a long comment :)*

    *Evie looks sheepish* I sometimes still do...

    You had a feather pen!!!! so jelous :P

    Mark Knopfler.. the guy who composed the music for local hero?.. THE MAN IS GENIUS! (sorry about the caps lock in advance)

    Wow.. I think the age I got first use of a computer was 9?

    Nancy Drew.. hmm I prefer Trixie Belden :D

    Oooh I would love to recive a letter written that way.. sadly my friends only write emails... :(

    Barbie Repunzel.. that movie actually scared me.. but I loved the music

    Historical fans unite!

    East of Eden.. hmm must read that?

    Male roles yes!! I want to play the Phantom.. or Curley in Oklahoma or Raoul.. or Jarvet or or Mr Banks or Bert.. aaaaaaaaand I'll shut up now ;)

    If only I recived book catalogs

    Ooooone daaaaaaay morrreeeeee *changes voice key* Watch em run amouck catch them as they fall heheh

    Downton Abbey Yes!!

    I've always wanted to speak Gaelic after seeing Riverdance..

    Atticus! I love that man.. cough and Gregory Peck.. coughcough well the character.. :P

    Aaand I think I will break here as I have to have a meal.. Thanks for the lovely post Emma! :)

  13. I think some of my sisters fancy Ian too (or just Sean Bean in general). I am more of a Riley girl myself.
    I hope some people learn Gaelic because I just wiped out all the non-duplicate items in our Half-Price (a grand total of three and one was Scotch Gaelic, so I suppose I will be learning two languages; I don't know how similar the Scotch and Irish are, not very if they are specified I suppose).
    I have sometimes liked to think that I would fit well in the past; and then I remember how much cleaner and easier to be clean it is now).
    I am really going to have to try some of these films and television shows and movies you mentioned to branch out a bit.
    I love superhero movies and some of them are REAL type heroes anyway . . . and the other side is just for fun anyway. I do agree about the unnecessary violence but they are not all like that (The Amazing Spider Man is the sweetest, bestest ever).

  14. You have a beautiful blog!!! :) Great post!

  15. I wish I had a quill pen! But aren't they a little hard to write with?

    Yes, as 9-year-old history fanatic, National Treasure was my favorite movie too.

    As for the part about superheroes, FINALLY someone agrees with me! It's so funny, as I was reading that paragraph, I was thinking "Atticus Finch is the REAL hero." And then I read the last sentence of the paragraph and find out that you were thinking the same thing!



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