Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Costumes of Downton Abbey

   "Her ladyship wants the fawn skirt Lady Mary never wears. The dressmaker is going to fit it to Lady Sybil but I can't find it."    ~Miss O'Brien

    I absolutely love Downton Abbey. It's my third-favorite TV show (which is saying a lot, since I have quite a few), and in my opinion it's the best show since Dr. Quinn. "It is my third parent and my fourth child. Do I care about Downton? Yes. I do care!"

  Um, anyways. Moving on.

    One of the many things I love about Downton Abbey (besides the characters and the music and the drama and pretty much EVERYTHING) are the costumes. They're just gorgeous. They are some of the most beautiful costumes I've ever seen, and the Crawley sisters' dresses have made their way to the top of my list of favorite period drama wardrobes. From their more simple everyday dresses to their gloriously beautiful evening and dinner dresses, they're all delightful. Here are some of my favorites:

Mary's garden party dress (look at that hat!) :-)


      I love these three dresses!!!! In fact these are some of my very favorites. I love the color and the wrap-around style of Mary's. She usually seems to wear darker colors, but this is one of her lighter dresses. Normally I don't like Edith's dresses as much as the Mary's and Sybil's, but this lavendar one is gorgeous.

Sybil's blue dinner dress

     This pink one of Mary's is from later in the third season, when the styles are changing with the arrival of the 1920's and their dresses are starting to look more "flapper-ish". While I like the more Edwardian styles just a tad better, these ones are stunning as well and I especially love the color of this dress. And those shoes are adorable! :-)

Mary's blue coat

The Crawley sisters in their evening wear

    And, of course, Sybil's darling bloomers. : ) I want bloomers like those.

       The men's fashions of the period are very attractive as well. Of course, I like Matthew's outfits the best, but that may only be because he's my favorite. :-P The men basically wear only three colors: black, brown, and white, occasionally green and sometimes blue. In season 2, a lot of men are wearing World War I uniforms, which are also very attractive, although I personally don't care much for the red ones that Matthew and Lord Grantham wear for the concert. :-P
I LOVE this hat.

Yeah, I'm not too terribly fond of the red uniforms.
       The men's fashions of the period are very simple and prim compared to the ladies' dresses. Most of the time they wear suits, and they always wear tuxedos to dinner. When Matthew and Lord Grantham are out walking they wear green and brown tweed suits, which are some of my favorites. :-)


  And here are a few Downton Abbey "Keep Calm" posters I found to make you giggle. :-)


Aww! Poor Daisy! :-P



  1. This is such an you-ish post, 'm dear! I knew you would do this- I just guessed it.
    (I'm glad I decided to write my guest post about P&P, because I was thinking about doing one about Downton Abbey too)
    Yes yes, all these costumes are absolutely swellissimus!
    Oh I love Mary's garden party dress! And that hat! (Yes, I'm looking at it;)
    I like it how you put MARY'S RED DINNER DRESS in capitals- because that is certainly the most beautiful one.
    LOVE it!!!!! Oh how I envy Michelle Dockery for being able to wear such lavish and stunning stuff!
    And Oh YES, Sybil's bloomers are sweet. I really don't understand what's so shocking about it.
    OK, yes her ankles are visible.
    Lovely post!!!

  2. Great post! The outfits from Downton Abbey are soooooo lovely!



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