Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Fashion Chat With Sadie

    Hello everyone! Today I am going to interview my own dear sister Sadie! Sadie is my fellow period drama nut and fashion fanatic, and she is also an historical hairstyle expert. She knows a lot about the hairstyles and general hair care of the past, and she always has new information to divulge because she is always learning new things. :-)

   Sadie is also the Lady Sybil Crawley to my Lady Mary. And no, I'm not obsessed with Downton Abbey. Whatever made you think that?

  So anyways, without further blah-de-blah-ing from me, please welcome Sadie!
Welcome, Sadie! Tell us a little bit about yourself-- your age, your favorite TV show,  your favorite pastimes,  the longest book you've ever read, your favorite kind of tea, and how often you wash your hair. Ready, set, go!

     Hello everyone! My name is Sadie, as you might have guessed. I have a blog called Birdie's Perch, on which I've posted a few simple hair tutorials, and hope to post a few more. I'm 13 years old, and therefore am not very knowledgeable about hairstyles, but I am thrilled to pieces to share a little of what I do know with you all. My favorite TV show is Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, but I also loooove Downton Abbey, The Waltons, and Christy to name a few. The longest book I've ever read is probably Great Expectations, and I confess I might not have understood every word, but I enjoyed it excessively. I like almost any kind of tea (as long as it's natural), but my favorite is green tea. Green tea is very good for the hair, both internally and externally. Speaking of hair, I only wash mine every four days, and I'm on my way down to once a week. I have tried going no poo twice, and I might go again in the summer, but I decided it would be too hard in the winter when I'm trying to keep my hair moist.

What exactly does "no-poo" mean? It sounds kind of scary.

     To go no-poo means to stop using shampoo. Most people who go no-poo use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash their hair. I did that for a little while, but then I found out that baking soda is a bit harsh on hair, so I used a solution of honey and water for a little while. I liked that alright, but it didn't like me. Just kidding. I didn't really do it long enough to know if it would work well, but raw honey is a bit expensive, so I probably won't use that again any time soon.

Would you consider yourself an expert on historical hairstyles?

     Certainly not! I only know a bit about historical hairstyles, but I'm learning more all the time.

Tell us your favorite fashion era, and what you love about it.

     Right now I'd have to say the Colonial period. I love the men's clothing, especially the capes. Oh, the capes. The women had gorgeous dresses, too. I especially love this period of hairstyles. Not only did the women have lovely hair, but so did some of the men!

What are some products or treatments you recommend for healthy hair? (We won't mention the bananas.)

    My favorite hair treatments right now are olive oil, coconut oil, and emu oil. When my hair needs a lot of moisture, I comb oil through it from root to tip, let it soak for a few hours, and then wash it out. But when I'm not taking a shower any time soon and my hair is looking pretty dry, I just take a tiny amount of oil on my fingers and run it through the length of my hair. I also put apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle with water and use it as conditioner sometimes. They're are tons of DIY natural hair care treatments out there, and most of them work wonders. I can only name a few, but they're all over the internet if you're interested. Just whatever you do, NEVER put bananas in your hair without putting them through a blender and mixing them with some kind of oil. NEVER.

 You did mention the bananas! :-) Haha. What is one of your very favorite dresses from a period drama?

     Emma's dark green dress. That's such a beautiful color, and the dress is simply lovely.

  You've mentioned before your various hair inspirations from period dramas. Who would you say is your greatest hair inspiration?

     Oh, probably Dr. Mike. I love how she does her hair a little bit differently every day. Even though it's not always very accurate-ahem- it always looks beautiful.

 That's funny, because mine's Sully. Okay, name three dresses off the top of your head from period dramas that you'd most like to have in your wardrobe.

     Let's see...

                                       Rosa's blue dress in The Mystery of Edwin Drood,

                               Peggy Bell's green dress (formerly Mary Smith's ) in Cranford,

                                               and Ada's pale green dress in Bleak house.

What is your most-worn garment?

     Probably my new denim skirt that I just made.

If you could be the hairstylist on the set of any period drama, what would you pick?

     Could be or could have been? Probably either Little Dorrit or Bleak House. They some very pretty hairstyles, and some very interesting ones.

What eras of fashion are you most knowledgeable about?

     Probably the Colonial and Civil War eras.


     Well, thank you Sadie! This has been most enlightening! :-)


  1. I also wash my hair about every three days. I haven't tried bananas but I did try avocados on my face and my hair without using a blender . . . avocado got all over the bathroom.

  2. Sadie, you ARE an expert! Why did you say 'certainly not'? I think you have such a talent in hair styling!

    Emma, you AREN'T obsessed by Downton Abbey? Was that a misprint? (I'm teasing you:)
    My dear, you write about Downton Abbey in about every post, that is why we think you are pretty much obsessed.

  3. Naomi,
    Well, I guess I might be a little obsessed. :-) Just a little. And I have mentioned DA quite a bit this week, I admit. :-P But that's mostly because of the gorgeous costumes; I don't normally write about it so much.


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